Doomsday Ring Chapter 218

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Two spheres of dark fire sprang from the nightmare’s nostrils, stepped on his own hooves, and then looked up and down Qi Xinzhu in front of him.

“You are really beautiful! But it’s a pity that you didn’t wear a wedding dress, hehe.”

The sound of the nightmare is a bit indescribable. Every time it says a word, Qi Xinzhu felt that his spirit was shocked by some kind of force once.

“What do you want to do to me?” Qi Xinzhu clutched his head, and began to reluctantly speak.

“You don’t think a horse will do to you, do you? And I’m… forget it.

Lu Luo likes you so much, so of course he wants you to be a bride It’s a son, I’ve been preparing for this faint ceremony for a long time!”

Although Lu Luo likes you and I’m very happy to hear it from others, Qi Xinzhu still expresses himself clearly. Position.

“I won’t let you use me to threaten Lu Luo.”

“Why should I threaten Lu Luo? You people, you have to fight all day long. It’s boring to kill!”

Nightmare twitched his lips to Qi Xinzhu very boringly, but such a silent look made Qi Xinzhu almost unable to stand firm.

Looking at the monster in front of her, Qi Xinzhu began to feel a strong sense of dizziness. She didn’t last long before she fell straight down.

“In front of me, why do you hold on?”

After Qi Xinzhu fell, Nightmare slowly walked to her side and rubbed Qi Xinzhu’s forehead a few times.

“You all go out!”

After hearing the nightmare’s command, Qin Wanyu, Da Tian, ​​and two unknown creatures in the shadows naturally Went out.

There are only Nightmare and Qiu Guling left in the room, and Qi Xinzhu lying on the ground.

Qiu Guling looked deeply nightmare after everyone left.

“If you want to activate Dark Tide, the following alien species are enough. What do you want to do?”

Nether flame knocked on his hoof, remaining unmoved It was raging in the room, but Qi Xinzhu was not burned.

“As a mother, I don’t know anything about my children. Should you examine yourself? Qiu Guling.”

After Nightmare said this, Hong Bai Around the city fort, those alien species who crawled on the ground to worship have rioted.

At a glance, it is a sea of ​​alien species, with no edge in sight.

The number of alien species here, even if it is not as good as when Dark Tide was launched, is probably not much worse.

If you directly launch an attack on Eastern Ring, it will undoubtedly bring a huge disaster to the entire Eastern Ring.

Currently, Eastern Ring does not have a level 7, which is surprisingly weak.

These alien species have been crawling around the Red Bai City Fort, constantly calling out the name of the nightmare in their own words.

Their eyes have completely shown the state of heterogeneous purple, and at first glance they are dominated by the power of the nightmare.

The nightmare at this time, for the control of other alien species alone, has a tendency to surpass the other 8th-level calamities.

The power of nightmares can not only distort human minds and control humans, but also alien species, they are even easier to control than humans.

At this time, these alien species have become devotees of nightmare madness.

If Dark Tide does happen, these alien species creeping around the Red Bai City Fort are the pioneers of the nightmare.

Looking at the outrageous number of alien species at his feet, Qiu Guling had a strong sense of strangeness to the behavior of the nightmare.

She stroked Nightmare’s back slightly.

“I know that I can no longer restrain you, but I still don’t want you to have an accident.”

For the nightmare, Qiu Guling still retains some love as a mother, this is her The few remaining humanity.

But even so, Qiu Guling can’t understand what Nightmare is going to do.

If you just want to activate Dark Tide, it doesn’t need to be so troublesome.

Qin Wanyu has also told her about Faunli.

But Qin Wanyu’s own business,

is already a year ago.

Has the nightmare been planning this year? What does it want?

“Mother, don’t think about that many. In fact, you just have to wait quietly for me to arrange the ceremony for you.

Soon, soon, he will Come to you, when the time comes, our family is reunited, isn’t it?”

The sound of the nightmare is full of seductiveness. It is an energy that can interfere with the spirit.

Even Qi Xinzhu, who was lying on the ground in a coma at this time, was disturbed by the spirit of the nightmare.

Qiu Guling, who was the first to bear the brunt, was naturally the one who was most seriously interfered with by Nightmare.

The pupils under the mask are a bit blurred, and even the 7th-order ghost species seem to be unable to escape the control of the nightmare.

“Will you kill him?”

“Of course not. I don’t like this kind of thing.”

Nightmare laughed , Returned to Qi Xinzhu’s side again, and began to beat his hoofs rhythmically.

Da! clatter! clatter!

After beating for a while, Da Tian’s figure suddenly appeared in front of it and Qiu Guling, grabbed Qi Xinzhu, and then disappeared again.

Qiu Guling looked at the leaving figure of Da Tian, ​​and looked at the nightmare suspiciously.

“If I’m not mistaken, this little girl is human, right? How did she appear here?”

Nightmare rubbed Qiu Guling with her head.

“You can guess, my lord mother.”


In the wall, Lu Luo is recording a statement from the Security Bureau, so he is also A Fourth Ring person, these most basic things are still to be done.

The person who recorded his confession was Yang Liya, and her condition was not very good either, her whole body was wrapped in bandages, and some of the bandages had blood stains on them.

He was seriously injured, but he was struggling in the frontline position, so hardworking!

“How did Zhuang Yanshan die?”

[This is the sixth time she has asked this question. 】

“I have said many times that she died suddenly by herself. It really has nothing to do with me.

That pool is so evil, what can I know as a rookie?

No way, No way! No one really thinks that I killed Zhuang Yanshan?”

Lu Luo’s expression is very exaggerated. Yang Liya has already asked the same question. 6 times.

Every time it’s halfway through asking another question, I insert it abruptly.

Yang Liya is also very helpless, Lu Luo is not slippery, there is no omission, and the answer given has no substantive content.

After asking for so long, she could only give up.

“Well, if you pass this time, thank you for the polluter.

If it weren’t for you, those rich masters might cry at this time.”

Lu Luo twitched his lips.

“If you become a different species, you will cry? Is there any substantial reward?

Rather than thanking me so meaninglessly, it’s better to have something substantial.


For example, I saved 300 rich people, and each rich person gave me 30,000, that’s 10 million.”

Yang Liya was silent for 2 seconds.

“You are good at math!”

“That’s right, 9 million is rounded to the nearest 10 million!”

“In fact, what you want is substantive There is no reward.”

Lu Luo was surprised.

“How much is it?”

“The Security Bureau is going to award you a good citizen medal, which can give you a lot of convenience in life.”

Yes, it is a good citizen.

“Good citizen! Then I really want to thank the Security Bureau, he he he.”

Lu Luo’s smile is not smiling, Yang Liya didn’t care. She is very optimistic about Lu Luo’s ability.

“Lu Luo, how did you think about the things I asked you before?

You should also feel that you are inadequate? Your identity is the process of your development The biggest obstacle.

Join our hunter 2 team, and you can make up for the biggest shortcoming of your identity.”

Lu Luo knocked on the table slightly, in fact, Yang Liya was right. , But he still has other ideas.

“I don’t actually have any interest in the cakes painted by Yang Captain. If I want to join the organization, the church or the gendarmerie is actually very suitable for me.

My current ability and strength are actually All are okay. If you join them, they should welcome them with both hands.”

Actually, Lu Luo really considered the gendarmerie and the church during this time.

As for the church, he has Qi Xinzhu, Han Shiyu, and Qiao Xing channels, especially Han Shiyu has invited himself to join the church many times, so naturally it goes without saying.

Speaking of the gendarmerie, now it is also taken care of by the big brother Luo Shan. If you want to join, there is no difficulty.

So the hunter is not his only choice.

Before I got close to the hunter, only because Lu Di was a hunter.

Lu Di works in the hunter, and the hunter has also given enough Fourth Ring intelligence advantages, so he has always been biased towards the hunter.

But now Lu Di has gone, and is wanted by the hunter and the security bureau.

For Lu Luo, hunter has no emotional advantage.

In addition to the current dark energy level changes, and the behavior of the two 8th-order aliens begin to stir, what will become of the Fourth Ring in the future is still unknown.

So, without sufficient reasonable demand and enough benefits, he would not join the hunter rashly.

“Although the hunter is inferior to the church and the gendarmerie in many aspects, the hunter can give you what you want most, freedom.”


< p>“Freely enter and exit the wall, isn’t this the advantage of the hunter?”

Lu Luo’s eyes narrowed by Yang Liya’s words, and he even wondered if the woman knew him What is the sequence?

But after a little thought, he determined that it was impossible.

Perhaps many people have seen Lu Luo use his own sequence, but Lu Luo has never actively exposed what his sequence is.

So these people have always been just guessing, absolutely impossible to know their specific abilities.

“Although I like freedom very much, yes, this kind of freedom inside and outside the walls, I don’t know how long it will last.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Liya was a little confused.

Lu Luo’s gaze swept to the direction outside the Eastern Ring wall.

“If one day the situation of the 4th ring is similar to the current outside the wall, it will fall into chaos again.

Part of the 4th ring area is dominated by the 8th level disaster, then the wall Is there any difference between inside and outside?”

“How is it possible?”

“Yang Liya, Captain, you are in a high position. You should be aware of the Southern Ring playground incident Huh?

Now Southern Ring has nothing to do with that playground, and it doesn’t even dare to fight directly, don’t you feel ridiculous?”

Yang Liya paused.

“There was no war because there was no Dark Tide. The Alliance did not want to have too large casualties.”

“Do not want to have too large casualties? This is also true. I just lied to the little child. I feel that I have a 15-year-old IQ who will not believe it.”

Yang Liya herself actually didn’t understand some of the actions of the alliance. Is the current alliance lost and two 8s at the same time? Preparations for the first-order war?

“The alliance should have its own ideas.”

“When the frog is boiled in warm water, the frog thinks that it will not die.”

“What about you What do you mean?”

“I mean, the lords of the alliance can be not good, not motivated, not smart, or even stupid.

But, I can’t!”< /p>


Yang Liya obviously has not adapted to Lu Luo’s eccentric way of speaking. She still has hope for the alliance.

“Lu Luo, you have a deep prejudice against the alliance?”

“This is not a prejudice, this is what I see and hear, I am a nobody anyway, You can only take care of your own feelings.

The day when the nightmare comes is December 19, when the time comes, Yang Captain, you have to be careful.”

“What did you say? The nightmare will come on December 19th, how did you know?”

Since Lu Luo entered the security bureau, he has been talking about unnutritious topics.

But now he is leaving, he suddenly burst into a big thunder, what does this mean?

“Zhuang Yanshan told me before she died, it is her awakening before she died.”

Lu Luo lied again, and Yang Liya has not been able to expose Lu Luo’s lies. .

“Is this news credible? What about your judgment?”

“But untrustworthy is your business, I have reminded you anyway.

Okay, I’m almost done talking about mine. When can I leave?”

Lu Luo looked unlovable and didn’t cooperate, Yang Liya could only frown.

“I will report your information truthfully, but the specific arrangements still have to wait for the results of the above discussion.

You can go now, but you’d better keep the phone open , We may contact you at any time.”

Will the report be sent to the 7th level? Who dares to bet on this kind of thing!

“I know, then goodbye, Yang Captain.”

Lu Luo got up, but Yang Liya followed him out.

“Why did Yang Captain follow me?”

Yang Liya hesitated a little, and finally asked what she wanted to know.

“Lu Luo, has Lu Di contacted you? I know you two have a good relationship.”

“Lu Di? No, don’t I want to live a good life? Why do I, a good citizen, contact the wanted criminal?”

[When a person speaks well, this woman should care about Lu Di. 】

Yang Liya’s expression is a bit sad, UU reading Lu Luo’s tone is not good, but she can’t help it. Although she is already the Captain of the 2nd team, but some things are still not She can choose.

“Lu Luo, after Lu Di left, no one will host the hunter 13 team.

Although his 13 team has many people, many of them are Lu Di himself People who have been cultivated.”

“Oh, what then?”

“The former 13 team was the work of Lu Di. The former me was also one of the members of the 13 team. I also don’t want to watch the 13 team be cancelled and reorganized like this.

Lu Luo, have you ever thought of becoming the Captain of the hunter 13 team instead of Lu Di?”

Yang Liya This statement is very bold, even a little beyond Lu Luo’s imagination.

In fact, even Yang Liya has not reported this matter herself, she just doesn’t want the hunter 13 team to disappear that’s all.

However, according to Lu Luo, Yang Liya’s behavior is purely to move herself, not Lu Di.

Hearing these words, Lu Luo has been walking very fast, and finally stopped at this time.

In fact, Yang Liya’s request is not excessive, and it can even be said that there is some human touch in it, but in the end Lu Luo still shook the head.

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