Doomsday Ring Chapter 219

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“Yang Captain, some people died at the age of 30, but they only landed at the age of 80. The same is true for the hunter 13 team.

Lu Di stayed on the hunter 13 team for 7 years. Just because he is also cherishing all about Hunter 13 team, he is also reluctant to give up.

His former lover, his friends, are all on Hunter 13 team.

It’s not that you waited. He was 7 years, but he waited for you for 7 years.

When you did not fully support him 7 years ago, the hunter 13 team has actually been disbanded.

In the future, even No matter how much remedy is done, it doesn’t make any sense.

You are just touching yourself, not him.”

Lu Luo’s words made Yang Liya a little bit at a loss, some things You can’t figure it out in a few words.

However, after Lu Luo’s words, she faintly understood why Lu Di stayed in the 13th team all these years.

“Lu Luo, you seem to have a lot of experience. That’s right. Over the years, I have really moved myself and moved him.”


Lu Luo left, leaving only Yang Liya sighing in place.

There is no absolute right or wrong in an adult’s choice, it’s nothing more than a lot of compromises that’s all.

Outside the security bureau, the observer suddenly gave a prompt.

[You and Lu Di have never talked about this! 】

“Sometimes the tacit understanding between men only needs one look.

For example, this girl is good!”



After coming out of the security bureau, Lu Luo returned to Ring Studio, ready to sort out the equipment problems.

According to what Bai Yuetong said before, Lu Luo found a big box for packaging tools in her tool room.

Open the box, there are several new equipment that have not been painted.

Air jet belt, new robotic arm, and a unique revolver.

These equipment are brand new, coated with some anti-rust oil, glowing with a touch of metallic color.

[little white flower -Jet type three-dimensional maneuvering device type II]

Grade: Epic

Effect 1-Levitation: convert dark energy or other energy into Jet power, levitation.

Effect 2-Propulsion: Convert dark energy or other energy into jet power for propulsion.

Effect 3-flight: short jet flight.

Use time: 1.4 hours.

Introduction: Bai Yuetong’s new product, the current Jet Dynamics Peak work, has a much higher propulsion power than the I type.

The biggest difference between the little white flower Type II and Type I is the flight function.

In fact, Lu Luo can barely achieve this with Type I, but it consumes too much qi fuse. I hope Type II will be better.

[little white flower -A-3 robotic arm]

Grade: Excellent

Effect 1-Powerful: Jet power increases arm strength by 5-10 points.

Effect 2-Mounting: 6 missiles are mounted on it.

Introduction: Bai Yuetong’s special encounter work has a certain defensive power and a very high increase in power.

This is very good, the increase in strength, even 1 point is fragrant.

[White Pigeon-Revolver]

Class: Epic

Damage: 5-92

Effect 1-Energy enthusiasm: Yours The bullet will change according to your attachment.

Effect 2-Aiming: This gun will attack where you are aiming.

Introduction: This is the Peak work of the pistol item. It looks like a mechanical item, but it is handmade.

Is it handmade? Looking at the three pieces of equipment in front of him, Lu Luo was lost in thought.

[The hair is pretty good, but the chest is a bit small. 】

“Bai Yuetong and I are innocent, and am I the kind of person who cares about body?”

【You are a dog! 】

Lu Luo took out all the items in the box and put them in his Noah ring.

After taking out the heaviest robotic arm, he suddenly discovered that there was a red envelope at the bottom of these items.

This envelope is exactly the same as the one given to him by the nightmare.

“Nightmare’s envelope? How could it know that I am here?”

Lu Luo opened the envelope with a look of surprise, but his expression suddenly became confused.

“This picture…”

The thing in the envelope is nothing but the faintly discernible picture of Qi Xinzhu when he changed his clothes.

Hushuaa~ More than a dozen photos, all of which were taken from the perspective of sneak shots, and the angles are very tricky.

After these photos of changing clothes, there is Qi Xinzhu wearing a cheongsam, standing with his fists ready to fight.

The figure exploded, charming and moving, but with a bit of sassyness.

There is a bit of anger between the eyebrows, this look seems to be the person who found the sneak shot.

Lu Luo looked at the photos carefully with a serious face. Well, these photos are clues. He looked at them meticulously, for fear of missing important information.

From an environmental point of view, Qi Xinzhu at this time has reached the Red Bai City Fort of Nightmare.

Except for secretly taking photos of her changing clothes, Nightmare seems to have done nothing to harm Qi Xinzhu, which makes Lu Luo a little relieved.

“It’s okay if people are okay, but the nightmare guy is a bit horrible.”

After reading the photos, he found that there was a small piece of letter paper at the end of the envelope.

[To my good friend Lu Luo:

Lu Luo, Qi Xinzhu live well with me, eat well, sleep well, and wear well.


You have already seen how well you dress, right?

This more than a month will not be wasted, I will urge her to cultivation, don’t worry.

Also, she is covered by me here, so no alien species will harm her. Don’t worry about her during this time.

――Nightmare. 】

Lu Luo looked at the letter and didn’t know what to say. Although the nightmare guy was doing too much, but these photos…

Lu Luo picked up these photos and was silent After a while, then quietly put it into his Noah star.

“This is evidence that the enemy threatened me and needs to be preserved.”

[There is no one here, just criticize it! 】

You are talking nonsense!


Packed up things, Lu Luo sat in Bai Yuetong’s seat and was ready to start adding more.

killed Zhuang Yanshan, harvested a lot of Eastern Ring’s order 1-2 alien species, Lu Luo gained more than 39,000 energy in total.

The energy is barely enough for Lu Luo to raise 1 attribute to the third-order threshold limit, 100 points.

Because it increases from 50 to 100, an attribute requires 37750 energy, which is an exaggerated number.

Even if it is a Tier 2 alien queuing to kill, you have to kill more than 300.

300 Tier 2 sounds easy, but killing alien species is not killing monsters. You will run away if you kill more alien species.

Even if they see you from a distance, they will hide. This is the most troublesome place.

Now it is getting more and more difficult to upgrade. Lu Luo has also thought about whether it is necessary to upgrade all the attributes to the extreme every time he advances.

If it is a single attribute, will the upgrade requirements be reduced a lot, which will lead to an increase in the advanced speed?

However, after considering the strength increase brought by the basic attributes and the effect brought by the unbelievers, Lu Luo decided to fight steadily.

His progress is already fast, there is no need to venture further.

Moreover, the benefits of risky advancement are not necessarily better than balanced development.

“I can’t be anxious, no matter what happens, I can’t be anxious!

I can’t change my mentality just because of the high-level aliens around me. This is not the right choice.< /p>

Devourer, strengthen physique.”

【It is consuming 37750 energy to strengthen physique. ]

80, 90, 100.

[The enhancement is completed, the physique attribute has been raised to 100. 】

Lu Luo’s physique quickly increased to 100 points as he thought. The outrageous increase in attributes made his body feel uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Lu Luo’s adaptability today is not what it used to be.

His physical fitness and mentality, as well as qi fuse, all faintly affect his adaptability.

After adjusting to the body, Lu Luo waited quietly.

30 seconds passed, Lu Luo’s expression was a bit wrong.

One minute later, Lu Luo’s expression began to be embarrassed.

Then 5 minutes passed, Lu Luo couldn’t sit still a bit.

“Why…no other tips?”

[Good guy, what tips do you want? 】

“I’m physique 100, shouldn’t the unbelievers have a guaranteed enhancement?

Every time the upper limit of the stage attribute value is reached, there will be such enhancement, precisely because of this , I have the priority to promote an attribute.”

[The unbelievers have already told you! You are blind. 】

Has the unbelievers told me? Lu Luo looked towards his innate talent sequence reminder, an introduction to the unbelievers.

[Introduction 2: You need Titan’s Blood. 】

Lu Luo is a bit speechless.

“If this is not advanced, isn’t it going to be strengthened? Isn’t this driving the poor people to a dead end?”

Titan’s Blood this thing, you can do whatever you want need? If the increase in the attribute value is not reflected to the unbelievers.

The meaning of the attribute is not as huge as before.

So now Lu Luo faces two choices.

The first is to stay inside the wall and find a way to get Titan’s Blood and upgrade the level of the unbelievers.

Second, give up the strengthening of the unbelievers temporarily, continue to go out, quickly hunt 2-3 different species, accumulate energy, and continue to upgrade all basic attributes.

The first choice is biased towards the nature of gambling, and the second choice is biased towards safety.

Because Titan’s Blood may not necessarily have it, but the heterogeneous income outside the wall is still relatively stable, and the attribute value can steadily increase the strength.

“Now there are 40 days left, how should I choose?”

Lu Luo is lost in thought, and the best way to buy Titan’s Blood is Blue Heavens Biotechnology.

Because of the R&D project, Blue Heavens Biotechnology will almost certainly have Titan’s Blood this thing.

But his current relationship with Blue Heavens Biotechnology, will he be killed if he rushes in?

But if he were to give up the strengthening of the unbelievers and go out to hunt alien species, he would be a little unwilling.

If the unbelievers are not strengthened at this time, will there be any repercussions? Observer? Give some help!

[Yes, the perfect value enhancement will only be done once, and once in each stage. 】

Seeing this prompt, Lu Luo has a decision in his mind. Since there is only one time in each stage, there is no need to choose.

“Go to Grand Prospects Armed Forces and find Li Tanya.”


Lu Luo took a car and came to Grand Prospects in Eastern Ring military force equipment company.

At this time, Grand Prospects Armed Forces was very busy. Because of the riots created by the nightmare, the sales of Grand Prospects Armed Forces skyrocketed.

All kinds of heavy weapons are almost sold out, and the rich will almost choose to spend 20% or even half of their family property to buy weapons.

Even the petty bourgeoisie and the wealthy will buy a lot of firearms and ammunition, at least the level that can deal with Tier 1-2 alien species.

Eastern Ring has been completely crazy, and the purchase of weapons is completely a trend for fear of not being able to get them.

Although after the war, items such as medicines will also rise sharply.

But when a war breaks out, or when the suspicion of war lingers, holding weapons and hoarding weapons is absolutely the first priority.

Don’t talk about private hoarding, because of the appearance of Nightmare and Noah, the entire Alliance Parliament and even the church are hoarding weapons.

No one is sure whether the war will come tomorrow.

At this time, the guards of Grand Prospects were all transcender soldiers with live ammunition, and some even patrolled in a mechanical outer skeleton.

Good business also has troubles with good business!

Lu Luo just walked forward, he was stopped by the guarded soldiers, and even pointed a gun directly at him.

“Stop, this is the headquarters of Grand Prospects Armed Forces Eastern Ring. Now military force is under martial law. No one is allowed to enter.

If you need to order weapons and equipment, you can make a reservation by phone. No matter how close you are, we will regard it as a threat.”

Lu Luo immediately raised his hand when he saw the opponent so rushing.

At this time, the entire Eastern Ring is in this atmosphere with swords drawn and bows bent. He is here for help, not for trouble.

“I’m looking for Li Tanya Academician. I’m Lu Luo. This is the last time Li Tanya Academician gave me a business card.

We have worked together in Silent Marsh before, Academician Li Tell me, if you need help, you can come to her.”

The guarding soldier glanced at Lu Luo suspiciously. Lu Luo didn’t look like he was lying, so he took the business card.

After confirming that there was no problem with the business card, he looked much better at Lu Luo nodded.

“Then you wait a moment, I’ll report.”

“Ok, trouble.”

The soldier walked aside, UU reading www. contacted the internal office of the company with the phone number in the defensive room.

Lu Luo’s identity was specifically explained by Li Tanya, because Lu Luo is very young, not only capable, but also potential.

Such talents deserve the special attention of Grand Prospects Armed Forces. Even if they can’t be recruited, it is good to make friends. There will be no harm in multiple channels in the future.

This is the case with large interest groups. There are no armed conflicts. Usually, they are all human.

So Lu Luo’s meeting request was quickly responded.

“Now there are so many people in the company, I will take you there.”

“Okay, many thanks.”

Lu Luo followed the soldiers, wearing Go through layers of weapons storage and manufacturing areas.

It can be seen that the busyness of Grand Prospects Armed Forces at this time is definitely not fake, a large number of weapons and equipment are encapsulated.

Especially the various individual howitzers and individual individual skeletons are among the best-selling ones.

mecha this thing is very strong, but it is not suitable for ordinary persons, so the things that are really good for sale are equipment that can be used by ordinary persons.

The two quickly arrived at the bottom of the Grand Prospects military force equipment, which is the test area of ​​Grand Prospects Armed Forces.

Lu Luo never visited this underground area last time.

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