Doomsday Ring Chapter 221

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The thunder and lightning gradually extinguished around Lu Luo. I don’t know what happened. Lu Luo just seemed a bit too violent.

Although Li Tanya and Lu Luo don’t have much contact, they still have some feelings about Lu Luo’s character.

Such a violent action is somewhat inconsistent with Lu Luo’s usual style! This person usually puts interests first.

Lu Luo sighed, he also felt the problem of his behavior and mentality.

Fisting is cool for a while, and then…

[Do you want to lose money? Do you fight like this? 】

“Um, I don’t know that your company’s bio mecha is so crisp, I’m sorry.

It’s just you who let me fight, so I don’t have to lose money, right?”


“hahaha, it’s good, I was going to test the strength of mecha, you can break it, but it also showed me its shortcomings.

Why, Mr. Lu Luo recently Is it depressing? If you need to have fun, our company can’t arrange it!”

“No, no, thank Academician Li for your kindness, I’m fine.”

Lu Luo waved his hand quickly, indicating that he was okay.

While Li Tanya’s eyes flickered, she had already investigated Lu Luo’s identity very clearly. What kind of potential does this age mean?

Only the strongest body can control the strongest mecha!

Level 3 energy response, but Lu Luo’s physical quality, even the Hunter’s Strength Path transcender, is impossible to compare.

No, not incomparable, but the difference between Heaven and Earth!

Such talents should use the company’s most cutting-edge results, and only such people can exert the formidable power of a real bio-mecha.


“Academician, G1-Very Toxic Test Type was broken, will the company blame it?”

Interrupted by the assistant Li Tanya’s thoughts also made her a little unhappy.

“Such a guy, it’s a pity that he is not a member of the company!”

Li Tanya ignored the assistant, she just continued to look at Lu Luo below.

Compared with Lu Luo, the company’s Level 3 tester is like a waste, which is really boring.

“Academician?” The assistant thought Li Tanya was still shocked by the damage Lu Luo caused, and reminded again.

“I said it’s okay.”

Li Tanya is a little annoyed, her thinking is not as simple as an ordinary researcher.

She has new ideas for the 6 physical function tests signed by Lu Luo.

“But the cost of mecha is very high. After spending that many money, the company really won’t blame it?”

“Money? Do you think the company’s Will you be short of money? Everyone is thinking of ways to spend money, whether it’s us or Blue Heavens.

As for the blame? It was originally an experimental body. If you report to the company, you will say that you have obtained excellent experimental data and obtained Excellent experimenter materials.

The research project has a substantial breakthrough, and the company will only praise us vigorously. Why do you blame it?

Xiao Liu, there is a problem with your idea. Do you know?”

The researcher Xiao Liu who was scolded quickly nodded.

“I know, I will pay attention to it in the future.”

Li Tanya looked at Lu Luo on the ground and actively applauded Lu Luo.

“Lu Luo, you have such strength at a young age. It’s incredible.

According to the requirements of our contract, we will purchase Titan’s Blood for you today. You will be purchasing Titan’s Blood for you tomorrow morning. When the time comes, you can come and get it.

But I also hope that Mr. Lu Luo can fulfill his contractual requirements and bring us at least 4 pieces of Lord-level alien meat within 18 months.

As well as 6 additional test data tests, if there is no problem, Mr. Lu Luo can go back to rest now.”

Lu Luo’s previous agreement with Li Tanya is to use 4 pieces of lord alien meat, plus 6 actual combat machine experiments, plus Bai Yuetong’s construction theory, in exchange for Titan’s Blood.

It looks like a lot of things he paid, but in fact, the real value is the meat of four lord alien species.

Dig 4 pieces of meat from 4 different lord-level alien species.

In fact, it is not much different from the difficulty of killing 4 lord.

Because even if you stealth to a lord’s side, dig a piece of meat, and then run away, it will chase you to death.

So it is still very difficult to hunt down 4 lord alien species.

The 6+1 experiment cooperation is also part of the sales contract.

Six times is the formal experimental cooperation. As for the experimental test just now, it was actually sent for nothing, which means the inspection.

As for Bai Yuetong’s construction theory, Lu Luo actually released it to Grand Prospects Armed Forces on purpose.

The main reason is that the current Ring Studio, no matter whether it is funding or strength, is not enough to support Bai Yuetong to complete such a project.

Since Ring Studio cannot do it independently, seeking cooperation is naturally the best choice.

Among the three strongest companies in the Wasteland Alliance, only Grand Prospects Armed Forces has the most appropriate weapon research and development capabilities.

They prefer machinery, and their financial strength is also the strongest, even stronger than Blue Heavens Biotechnology.

Also, Li Tanya is currently studying biological armor. If we can cooperate, there must be some substantial breakthroughs in the constructs.

Before Bai Yuetong was also limited by financial and family troubles. Cooperating with Grand Prospects Armed Forces is already the best choice Lu Luo can think of.

The innate talent of Bai Yuetong should not be wasted, with Grand Prospects Armed Forces funding, technology, and personnel support.

Her ideas have the probability of being realized.

As for a bottle of Titan’s Blood, it’s just an incidental accessory. Well, he is so selfless.

“Then I will go back and wait for the good news, Academician Li.”

“Go, the company is very busy these days, I have to find time to buy Titan’s Blood for you, goal It’s Blue Heavens Biotechnology, it’s really unnerving!”

Li Tanya’s tone was more teasing, but Lu Luo did not respond to Li Tanya’s teasing.

In addition to work and cooperation, he really does not want to have too much contact with this shrewd woman.

This woman is not easy to deal with. After several encounters, the two of them actually win each other.

Moreover, he killed Young Master Lin Zhiming, the family of Grand Prospects Armed Forces. Whether this matter will be investigated, he doesn’t know.

So, reasonable in every circumstance, he didn’t want to have too much in-depth contact with the people of Grand Prospects Armed Forces.

“Then I’ll go first, Academician Li.”

“Well, keep the phone open tomorrow. I will let someone notify you when things arrive.”


Lu Luo left after speaking. Assistant Liu looked towards Li Tanya next to him, and still didn’t quite understand why Li Tanya gave Lu Luo that many preferential treatment.

In his opinion, Li Tanya’s behavior at this time is a little different from her usual, but now he dare not ask any more.

Li Tanya felt the assistant’s gaze.

“Stop thinking about it. This person seems to be very talkative. That’s because he wants to ask us now.

If he has the initiative, we will lose at least a piece of meat. “

“Academician, the cultivation of biological mecha?”

“Gaum’s meat is not strong enough. We now need new alien meat, high-physique alien meat.”

“We don’t have any alien meat that is stronger than Gaum meat. If you need a higher level, you can only apply to hunter or church.”

“In fact, there is, the previous Eastern Ring The parish, a major event just happened.”

“You mean…the nightmare centipede? But the company said, that thing was dominated by nightmare, and it is extremely dangerous!”

< p>“I know it is extremely dangerous, but the experiment this thing was originally carried out in danger!”

Li Tanya laughed, but this kind of smile in the eyes of the assistant is simply Like a lunatic.

For his own experiment, desperate lunatic.


After Lu Luo left Grand Prospects Armed Forces, he moved towards the hospital and hurried away.

Although Lu Yu has been sent back to school, Zhou Kai and Bai Yuetong are still recovering from their injuries in the hospital. He wants to go and see the situation of these two people.

I have already greeted the Wasteland Security Bureau before. If there is no physical problem, you can take the two of them back to rest.

But before he got on the rail train, Lu Luo felt something was wrong.

【Dark energy level is rapidly increasing, 85% higher than before, compared with the most primordial state of Fourth Ring.

The total value of dark energy has increased by about 4 times. 】

“Increase 4 times? This dark energy level almost exceeds the original wall!

How about the nature of these dark energy?”

[The nature of dark energy is chaotic and distorted, and its nature is very similar to the dark energy attribute outside the wall, and it does not have stability. 】

Lu Luo brows tightly frowns, if the wall cannot maintain a low dark energy level, it cannot maintain the purity of dark energy like the inner ring.

Then there is only one result of Fourth Ring, which is survival of the fittest, which produces distortion!

Moreover, the first wave of distortion will happen quickly in a short time!

“The overall dark energy level of the world has improved. This change cannot be done even with Tier 8 disasters. What is the reason?”

Lu Luo did not take the rail train anymore. Kind of slow transportation.

He ran quickly, and with the help of a jet belt, he started to dash and glide on the streets of Eastern Ring.

During the run, Lu Luo personally saw an old lady distorting in front of him, but the intensity of the distortion was not high, not even the first order.

Fortunately, there were guards patrolling around. They killed the temporarily deformed old lady on the spot.

But the aberration kills quickly, and it also caused a certain amount of chaos in the crowd.

This change in the environment made Lu Luo frown deeply.

“I hope that Bai Yuetong and the others will not have an accident!”


In the hospital, Zhou Kai smiled and took the food brought by the nurse. There was meat. , There are dishes.

He seldom eats such expensive meals, but since he is all hospitalized, he will naturally let himself go.

“Sister Wang is getting more and more beautiful!”

Zhou Kai teased the female nurse. This nurse is named Wang, and she has been very familiar with Zhou Kai in a few days.

Sister Wang is not married, and she is very open, making a joke of a certain color with Zhou Kai, and she doesn’t care at all.

But today, she doesn’t seem to want to pay attention to Zhou Kai, she just put down the dinner plate and hurried out.

“Sister Wang is so cold today!”

Zhou Kai said in surprise, he didn’t have much doubt about Nurse Wang’s performance today.

Every woman has a few days every month! Everyone can understand.

Picking up the dinner plate, Zhou Kai took a bite, then narrowed his eyes.

“This smell is not right! The person just had a problem.”

Zhou Kai opened the dinner plate, and a large amount of food was scattered on the ground.

Look again at this time, there are actually many twisted insects crawling on the ground.

“It’s disgusting!”

Although Zhou Kai said so, his actions were not what he did.

The right hand stretched out more than a dozen branches, directly crushed these insects to the ground, and then rolled them up and retracted them into the sleeves of the hospital gown.

It is still very difficult to obtain high-end ingredients such as alien species in the wall, and it should not be wasted at this time.

“Let’s find Dumao first, if something happens to her, Brother Luo will be angry.”

Zhou Kai opened the hospital bed and taped a large diameter under the bed. Rifle.

The people of Zhou Kai have already walked out the door, but the branch behind him brought the rifle into his hand.

Among the passing pedestrians, Zhou Kai spotted Nurse Wang who was standing in front of the nurse’s desk at a glance. He did not hesitate, so he raised his gun and shot again.


Nurse Wang, who was face to face, was shot headshot by Zhou Kai.

“Ah! ~ Murder!”

The crowd fled away screaming, and the security guards downstairs quickly surrounded Zhou Kai, and the guard pointed his gun at Zhou Kai.

“What are you doing?”

But he walked away without rushing, and pointed to the ground.

“I’m Zhou Kai, a senior investigator of Ring Hunter, and we have some hunter titles in Ring Studio.

Holding a gun is legal. Before you ask me, you’d better see See what she is!”

After hearing Zhou Kai’s words, the surrounding security guards realized that there was something wrong with Nurse Wang’s appearance.

Nurse Wang on the ground has no head at all. Her head is made up of a large number of insects.

At this moment, these insects are scattered all over the place, and they don’t look like a human figure at all.

“This is, distortion? Mr. Zhou Kai, what should I do now?”

“Call the police and say that there is a different species, let the hunter handle it.”

Zhou Kai looked at this scene with a pity, because he was going to find Bai Yuetong and there were many people around him.

With so many insects, he can’t sit down and eat slowly.

I don’t know when to start, and eating insects is not unacceptable.

On the other side, Bai Yuetong is writing and drawing in the room. The paper is messy, and most people can’t understand what she is writing.

Boom! A gunshot appeared outside the door, and Bai Yuetong was slightly frowned upon hearing the gunshot.

“It should be the C39 Peace Envoy, the modified one. There should be this kind of gun here. It should be Zhou Kai only?

Is he in danger?”

Bai Yuetong got out of bed and walked towards the door, and when she saw a nurse who was administering some drips to the old man, she stopped and suddenly said to herself:

“Sister Na, are you sure about this? Okay!”

Bai Yuetong squinted at the nurse and suddenly stepped forward and asked:

“What kind of alien are you “

“en?” The old man at the side was taken aback, alien? What do you mean?

Why does this dumb hair disturb her chat with the nurse little elder sister?

Before the old man could react, Bai Yuetong, who was opposite, took out his pistol.


Bai Yuetong retracted his large-caliber pistol, and the nurse in front of him had his head blown to reveal its original appearance.

“How do you feel like an owl? But Sister Na, they are so weak, they don’t even have the strength of level 1.”

Beside Bai Yuetong, there is a bunch of red The shadow is constantly floating, it is the ghost species Lu Mengna.

It also reminded Bai Yuetong that the nurse just now is no longer human.

Because it was not the first gunshot, although the crowd was also rioting, it was not as serious as before.

The old man opposite Bai Yuetong was scared to death. This kind of face-to-face shooting is still quite outrageous.

Bai Yuetong now has weapons and the protection of Tier 3 ghost Lu Mengna, so she is not very afraid of the unexpected situation here.

As soon as she walked not far, she saw Zhou Kai shooting with a gun!

Pedestrians fleeing in the hospital corridor kept passing by the two, but they did not look away from each other. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

Because of the distortion of the alien species, both of them have doubts about the identity of each other.

“Are you really Zhou Kai?”

“Are you really Bai Yuetong?” The two asked at the same time.

Zhou Kai looked at Dumbledore with a skeptical look. At this time, it is better to confirm the identity of the other party.

“Prove your identity.”

Bai Yuetong is not the kind of passive person.

“Why didn’t you prove your identity yourself? Before asking someone else’s identity, should you speak first?”

Zhou Kai hesitated a little bit, Bai Yuetong said something like Reason, so he took the lead to speak.

“I shed blood with Lu Luo.”

“che, bleeding is a fart, I even kissed Lu Luo!”

< p>Kissing this kind of thing is so natural, it should be dumbfounded, Zhou Kai nodded.

“There seems to be some distortion here, and some nurses have become heterogeneous.”

“Not only nurses, some patients are also distorted! Look at the previous one!”


The up ahead of the two, a fat woman with a bottle, is deforming in front of them.

Zhou Kai looked at this scene with some doubts.

“Is the distortion so easy now? This is still not inside the wall?”

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