Doomsday Ring Chapter 222

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Lu Luo came to the hospital quickly, and the scattered screaming crowd made him understand that distortion must have occurred here, and there might even be an accident of a different kind of attack.

Looking at the door of the hospital, Lu Luo narrowed his eyes and did not speak, and did not choose to take the stairs.

He retreated directly, grabbed the wall suddenly, and jumped to the 4th floor, where Bai Yuetong was.

Looking through the window, the ward was empty and there was no one, which made Lu Luo a little worried.

“Did something happen?”

Lu Luo didn’t stop and jumped directly to the ward on the other side, where Zhou Kai was located, but there was still no one.

“These distortions are very low-level, and most of them do not even reach the level of 1st order.

Bai Yuetong is protected by Lu Mena by his side. Brother Kai is pretty good. It’s okay.”

Although Lu Luo said so, Lu Luo’s heart couldn’t settle down.

He broke the glass and broke into the room.

After entering the corridor, Lu Luo began to rush in the corridor on the fourth floor of the hospital.

“There are traces of battle, guns and branches on Brother Kai’s body!”

[The direction at the end of the corridor should be in the operating room. 】

“Operating room?”

Lu Luo directly turned on the jet, accelerated to the door of the operating room, kicked open the door of the operating room.

Seeing this, Lu Luo is slightly relaxed, Bai Yuetong and Zhou Kai are here at this time.

“Brother Luo?”

“Lu Luo, why are you here? Is there nothing else?”

The sudden appearance of Lu Luo made Bai Yuetong And Zhou Kai was a little surprised.

Lu Luo stood there and didn’t move. He just watched them quietly for a long time.

Dai Mao and Zhou Kai also noticed that Lu Luo was emotionally wrong. Zhou Kai pointed to a pile of alien corpses behind them and said:

“Brother Luo, these, you still Would you like? These all are we killed, and the corpse was specially kept for you.

I was about to call you, didn’t expect you to come in advance.”

[You brothers, all are good! 】

Lu Luo took the initiative to step forward and hug Bai Yuetong, patted the dull back.

“It’s okay!”

Fourth Ring’s current environment makes him really afraid of losing some brothers and friends.

Well, as long as you are not married, you are all friends.

“What are you doing!” Daomao blushed, and put his head on Lu Luo’s chest, his voice so small that he could hardly hear him.

But she still leaned against Lu Luo obediently and honestly, in front of Zhou Kai, and enjoyed the time between them.

The two of them hugged for a while, until Zhou Kai kicked the water bottle next to him a little boredly, and muttered in his mouth:

“Really treat me not Exist? Don’t you Lu Luo know that I’m three rounds of 8 kills in a row?

Anyone on the entertainment street doesn’t know my name as Zhou Kai and wants to feed me dog food. This life is impossible!”

[He has been muttering for a long time, don’t you want to comfort me? 】

Actually, Lu Luo heard Zhou Kai’s muttering too. He burst into laughter, let go of his dumb hair and walked in front of Zhou Kai, extend the hand, and hug Zhou Kai.

At this moment, Zhou Kai, who was still stubborn just now, was immediately moved.

“Wu wu, Brother Luo, let’s bleed together!”

“Well, let’s bleed together, let’s go Brother Kai, let’s go home.”

[Someone is coming! 】


The door was suddenly knocked open, and the fully armed Gu Fangyi arrived in time.

Then, his eyes looked strangely at Zhou Kai and Lu Luo who were hugging.

Zhou Kai pushed Lu Luo away.

“Brother Gu, listen to my explanation.”

“No need to explain.”

“Don’t, Brother Gu, you really have to listen to me explain , Things are not what you think…”

The three of them looked at the door, waiting for Lu Luo to absorb the alien species in the room.

“Okay, let’s go!”

The four have returned to Ring Studio together!

Along the way, they encountered a total of 4 heterogeneous distortion incidents. The current situation of Eastern Ring is really not optimistic.

Currently, I don’t know whether this dark energy enhancement is the whole Fourth Ring or the Eastern Ring alone.

“Brother Luo, if the Fourth Ring becomes a situation similar to that outside the wall, will the ordinary person also be dangerous?”


The three of Lu Luo looked at Bai Yuetong together, and Bai Yuetong immediately understood what they meant.

“Why do you guys look at me? I tell you Lu Luo, I won’t go back to the inner ring.

My physique is special, although it is an ordinary person, it will not be distorted. Don’t worry!”

“Are you sure?” Lu Luo didn’t believe it.

“I’m sure, and I didn’t lie to you. Although I am tough, I still care about my own life.

Although I am weak, my physique is really Very special.

I will never be distorted, but the dark energy is still harmful to me, so you have to protect me!”

Bai Yuetong emphasized the protection, but Lu Luo pretended not to hear.

“That’s good.”

Hearing Bai Yuetong’s certain tone, Lu Luo felt a little relieved. If she can’t maintain the safety of the Fourth Ring, then he Bai Yuetong is about to be sent home.

Fourth Ring is already insecure, but the inner ring is relatively safe. He can’t let Bai Yuetong risk distortion at any time here.

For now, Lu Luo is pessimistic about the future of Fourth Ring.

This is just the first wave of distortion caused by dark energy enhancement.

If the dark energy level does not continue to decrease, there will definitely be new distortions in the Fourth Ring in the future.

There are strong and weak, until everyone is fully adapted to the new dark energy level.

“Let’s go, go back to the company first.”


The changes that the dark energy promotion brings to the people of Fourth Ring are huge.

In the next few days, Fourth Ring continued to experience similar situations.

Rainstorm night.

In a house in the villa area, the house is dark.

A little Zhengtai was holding a man’s arm and shouted pitifully:

“Big brother, big brother, there is thunder outside, I’m so scared!”

The man took out the cigarette case with trembling fingers, trying to light a cigarette for himself, but the lighter didn’t strike after several times.

His mouth also began to tremble, reflected in the fire, and it took a long time before I lighted it on myself.

“My kid, I am more scared than you!

Do I remember that this house is here alone. Where did you come from?”

“Big brother, have you forgotten to demolish an old house here?”

The man’s hand trembled even more.


A company.

Wu Wei is working overtime at the company. Although the situation in Fourth Ring is very bad now, Boss still asks him to work overtime, otherwise he won’t be paid.

Wu Wei, who had been working overtime until late at night, suddenly received a call.

“This number is very unfamiliar. Hey, this is Wu Wei from Demen Paint. Who is it?”

A somewhat hoarse voice came from the phone:< /p>

“Wu Wei, you lost something at home.”

“I lost something? Who are you and what did I lose? Hey hey hey?”

Wu Wei held the phone in a weird manner. After making such a fuss, he had no intention to continue working overtime.

I can only go home. After returning home, Wu Wei rummaged through the boxes and searched for a long time, ID card, bank card, mobile phone, wallet… there was nothing left.

He began to suspect that the previous call was a prank, so he simply lay down to sleep.

That night, when he slept into the middle of the night, someone said something sullenly in Wu Wei’s ear.

“Have you not found me yet? I am your key!”


A certain food market.

The pork guy is cutting the meat on the chopping board one blade after another, but there is no one in the whole vegetable market.

A lot of blood ran down from the cutting board, it was very oozing, and it would make people wonder, didn’t the pork guy bleed the pig?

Only when you go to the front will you find that the pork guy is not cutting pork…

It’s a chicken that hasn’t been plucked yet!

“Damn it, the food market is empty, and I don’t know why I came here to kill a few chickens. It’s really fucking, damn girl.”

Blade Technique is very skillful. It cuts down, bleeds the blood, then spins off the chicken feathers, and then continues to chop the chicken.

Just as the pork guy was killing the chicken angrily, a figure came to him faintly.

The pork guy thought that the other party was a customer buying meat, so he hooked the head.

“There is no pork today, come back another day.”

After he said something, the other party did not leave, but continued to stand there.

This made the pork guy frowned.

“I said there is no pork today…”

The pork guy stopped halfway through his words, because the man standing in front of him has no face.

“Fuck! What is it!”

The pork guy slashed past, and the huge power even brought out Blade Qi, and the monster in front of him was smashed by him. Two cuts.

The seemingly terrifying monster did not even block his move, which made the pork guy very surprised.

Looking at a large amount of black water flowing from the faceless monster in front of him, the pork guy confirmed that the thing in front of him was a monster, or a different species.

And at this time, the pork guy realized that something was wrong with his situation.

“I know that I usually have a lot of strength, but the current strength is obviously not right!”

The pork guy played a few tricks and suddenly grabbed the one next to him. Chopping board, raised the chopping board with one hand.

Be aware that the cutting boards of butchers are very different from those in people’s homes, almost several times or even 10 times the difference.

A heavy cutting board weighs at least 100-200 jin, but with this weight, the pork guy can lift it with one hand.

“Hey, I really became a Hercules?”

The situation similar to that of the pork guy is still happening in the Fourth Ring continuously. Some people are distorted, but some people have gained the power of dark energy. .

Benign distortion, attribute enhancement, sequence awakening.

Various things are happening, and Fourth Ring is also undergoing unprecedented changes.

There is no way to explain whether this change is good or bad for the time being, but one thing for sure is that the rule of the inner ring may be shaken as a result.

The high-level dark energy that the inner ring until now is proud of has now been completely leveled by the Fourth Ring.

Maybe the environment of Fourth Ring is not pure enough, but this thing about the purity of dark energy can be adapted through time.

With the population of Fourth Ring, once it adapts to the new dark energy environment, the previous advantages of the inner ring will disappear.

Transcender does not need to stay in the inner ring to seek peaceful cultivation, the number of experts will be greatly increased.

Although distorted alien species may also appear here, after all, the Wall of Explorers is still there. Even if alien species appear, the rank will not be very high.

Moreover, the transformation of the dark energy on the people of Fourth Ring can also allow them to quickly have the ability to deal with Tier 1-2 alien species.

Not only the ordinary person, but also Zhou Kai and Gu Fangyi, they have very obvious feelings.

The most direct manifestation is that Gu Fangyi does not need to go outside the wall for cultivation.

As for Zhou Kai, it is already possible to hunt other alien species inside the wall.


Of course, all this has nothing to do with Lu Luo, because he has already got Titan’s Blood from Grand Prospects Armed Forces.

Titan’s Blood is a key item to promote the unbelievers. Lu Luo can’t figure out how critical it is.

Anyway, the observer gives a hint, he can just do it himself.

The Titan’s Blood in front of me is sealed in a very special constant temperature hydraulic bottle.

This can keep Titan’s Blood active for a long time. According to Li Tanya, such a bottle of Titan’s Blood costs 710,000 per kg.

It is more than 160,000 more expensive than the previous Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals’ 550,000 price.

This price sounds outrageous, but fortunately, Grand Prospects Armed Forces did not continue to increase the price.

Li Tanya’s meaning is also very clear, as long as he brings back 4 pieces of alien meat and completes 6 equipment tests in accordance with the requirements of the previous contract.

At this time, Lu Luo naturally readily agreed. Now Titan’s Blood is too important for him.

“Will you drink this stuff directly?”

[Don’t you know that Devourer is such a powerful sequence, you don’t know how to use it actively? 】

“That’s it!”

Lu Luo stretched out his Devourer tentacles. These tentacles tightly wound the hydraulic bottle and gradually tightened.

In fact, Devourer’s tentacles have already possessed the power of Lu Luo, but he has never used it in battle.

The main reason is that some psychological obstacles are difficult to overcome, and the tentacles are strange, so I just have fun while watching the film.

Fighting or something, unless you happen to encounter an enemy that needs tentacles to solve, otherwise, forget it!

He still likes to be human!


Devourer pierced the bottle and pushed the tentacles into the bottle.

Titan’s Blood gradually flows into Lu Luo’s within the body as Devourer’s tentacles are absorbed.

【Devourer is absorbing Titan’s Blood. 】

[The Fusion is fusing Titan’s Blood and Sequence Chain B-00 unbelievers for you, please wait…]

Lu Luo quietly feels Titan’s Blood in his own Flowing through the body, after a period of time, Titan’s Blood will decrease.

Lu Luo knows that this is because his body is gradually absorbing these Titan’s Blood.

Soon, Lu Luo felt a turbulent force exploding in his core position.


Lu Luo knelt on the ground with a sullen expression. His clothes were crumbling because of his growing size.

2 meters 5, 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters…

Lu Luo even needs to squat on the ground so as not to squeeze the roof, and the explosive power fills Inside his body.

This process lasted for more than 2 hours.

Others in Ring Studio also heard the movement in Lu Luo’s office, but because Lu Luo had reminded them before, no one would bother him at this time.

Two hours later, Lu Luo’s body shape gradually began to fall, and the huge body gradually began to shrink.

It didn’t take long for me to regain my previous body shape, but my muscles are stronger than before.

【Titan’s Blood has been absorbed. ]

[Sequence chain B-00-Unbeliever’s sequence level is upgraded to A. 】

Sequence Chain A-00-Faithless

Effect 1-Armor: Reduce all damage by 40%, stack with any other damage reduction, all damage Eventually -25.

Effect 2-Swiftness: Increases full speed by 35%, reduces damage from high-altitude drops, and improves jumping ability.

Effect 3-military force: Increases physical damage by 35%, and physical damage penetrates 15%.

Effect 4-Strength: Increase life force by 60% and increase physical damage by 30%.

Effect 5-Superstition: You are very superstitious.

You don’t believe in the power of other people, so you ignore 40% of attribute energy damage other than yourself.

You only believe in your own power, so when you cause harm to other people, occasionally there will be additional effects.

You do not believe in fate, so any control and mental effects are reduced by 60%.

Introduction 1: An unbeliever who insists on Ji Realm can become a person who crosses life and death.

Introduction 2: You need 22 kinds of lords’ pride.

Introduction 3: You need the heart of disaster.

The difference from before is that the tenacious effect has become armor.

This damage reduction ability really smells of a strong inner core armor.

But this introduction!

“22 kinds of lords’ pride? Heart of disaster, why don’t you let me die?”

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