Doomsday Ring Chapter 223

Chapter 225 The Ghost in the Ring (please complete the order)

Lu Luo is a bit speechless. Although he has never heard of these things, it does not prevent him from taking a look , You know this stuff is not easy to get.

“What is the pride of the lord? Don’t tell me it’s the lord alien’s body!

I can’t kill the lord alien so far, you ask me for 22 A? I’ll give you a word, hehe!”

[Lord’s pride is the most powerful position of every lord-level alien, such as Gaum’s gluttonous tongue and Nightmare messenger’s nightmare tentacles. 】

Hearing that it was really something on every lord’s body, and that he even asked for 22 at a time, Lu Luo suddenly became calm.

“Is 22 a bit too much? And the heart of calamity? Don’t tell me that it is a step 8 heart! I don’t eat this set.”

Lu Luo is a sensible person. There is nothing wrong with asking too much and it is difficult, but too many requests often mean strength!

If the innate talent is strong enough, it’s okay to draw pie. He used to wait for a few years to eat the pie.

[Heart of Calamity, not the heart of Tier 8 Calamity, but a heterogeneous core, well, it’s actually similar to the heart. 】

With such high requirements, Lu Luo probably understands one thing, that is, these conditions should be the conditions for unbelievers to be promoted to S-Rank.

So can you think that the S-Rank sequence corresponds to the 8th rank disaster?

“This requirement, the target is S-Rank?”

[It is indeed a requirement for unbelievers to be promoted to the S-Rank sequence. ]

So what about the 9th order? The wasteland world is not only capped by the Tier 8 Alien Species, but also Livitan!

The power of that thing is said to be indescribably powerful. Although Lu Luo has no idea of ​​touching it for the time being, it does not prevent him from guessing now.

“Does Leviathan also have a disc or something? It doesn’t seem to be very reliable.”

Lu Luo, who has succeeded in sequence evolution, began to let his thoughts fly continuously and think about the past. Questions that don’t think about it.

These problems are very complicated and there is no reason. Lu Luo needs to sort them out slowly.

For example, in Southern Ring,

Noah clearly mentioned the Doomsday Disc after he killed the spider queen, and confirmed that he had the Doomsday Disc on his body.

And Noah said that what the alien wants is the Dawn Disc, not the Doomsday Disc.

The Dawn Disc releases the doom factor, which is equal to the lord-level alien species.

The Dawn Disc releases the Holy Light Power, which is the standard equipment of Dawn Church.

But Holy Light Power this thing is not exclusive to humans. Alien species can also be mastered, and it can be played very costly.

So, Lu Luo is thinking about a question. Doomsday Disc borrows the name of the disc from the observer directly.

But is the thing called the dawn disc in the inner ring itself called the dawn disc?

How did the people in the inner ring know that the thing is called the Dawn Disc? Was the dawn disc telling humans about its own dream, consciousness invasion, and human beings?

Or human beings yearn for the dawn, so I gave it the name of the dawn disc?

[Are you making a brain teasing here? 】

“There is one thing to say, indeed, I feel so messy!”

Lu Luo feels the Doomsday Disc within the body.

“If I have a chance to enter the inner ring, just touch the Dawn Disc.”

Although the disc is not rated on the sequence, the Doomsday Disc may give Message from the Dawn Disc.

If you can get in touch with the Dawn Disc, you may get a lot of information and want to understand a lot of things that you didn’t understand before.


In order to adapt to the body and adjust the state, Lu Luo secluded cultivation in his office for 3 days.

Dongdong dong! A huge knock on the door interrupted Lu Luo’s thoughts.

“Lu Luo, it’s been 3 days, are you dead?”

Bai Yuetong’s roar sounded outside the door. Although the tone was a bit problematic, Lu Luo was sure she was Worrying about myself.

Well, the dull hairy roar is just worry, nothing wrong.

“I’m not dead, I’m going out!”

When Lu Luo opened the door, Bai Yuetong waited for him with a skeptical look.

“Why don’t you let others come in every time you cultivation?”

“Others are also secluded cultivation! What’s weird about this.”

“It’s not right, did you use the excuse of cultivation to secretly do something indescribable in the room by yourself?

For example, secretly watch some hidden books or discs? Then do something indescribable. Things?”

Bai Yuetong raised his eyebrows when he spoke, and who did he learn these things from? If you die, you will go to heaven.

“Cough cough! What bullshit are you talking about? I’m so handsome and I still need to watch a movie?

I hook my fingers, and the girls who posted upside down can line up at the door of the ring By the third ring, you understand?”

“Che, you have a good mouth, and you haven’t seen any actual actions.”

[Heh, she deliberately stood tall I really thought I had the size of Qi Xinzhu! 】

If Lu Luo hadn’t cared about Qi Xinzhu, he would have dealt with this item a long time ago, and spent the whole day taking advantage of Qi Xinzhu’s absence to seduce him.

Restrain your mind, Lu Luo calmly said:

“Next I will deal with some of the company’s previous problems.

After solving these problems , I may go out alone for a while.”

Go out again? Bai Yuetong pouted slightly. Although she was naughty and arrogant, she never interfered with Lu Luo on matters of principle.

If Lu Luo really wants to go out, she will definitely not object, but she will definitely be unhappy.

On the other side, Gu Fangyi, who had not received any news, also looked inquiring.

The meaning is very simple, why don’t you take me with you?

“Brother Gu, I’m afraid I can’t take you out this time. The situation is a bit different.

Now the dark energy level of Fourth Ring has fundamentally changed. You are in 4 Ring cultivation can also maintain a relatively rapid level.

And now the Fourth Ring changes have just started, the entire social environment will be unstable, uncertain, and even sudden and dramatic.

Single Relying on their strength is not necessarily safe enough, so I let you stay.

This time I went out also compelled by circumstances. As you know about December 19th, I need to accumulate strength quickly.

So this time I go out, my behavior may be more independent and more poisonous.

In addition, Fat Ding and Brother Qi will also come back. In addition to them, there are some hunter 13 teams. The members of the company will join us, when the time comes, the company’s personnel will have a brand new integration.

But you can rest assured that although these 13 teams of hunters are strong, they will still start from investigators Yes.

The veterans are still veterans, I just want to find a place to take them in that’s all.”

“Accept?” Zhou Kai didn’t quite understand what Lu Luo meant.

“Many of the members of the hunter 13 team followed Lu Di, but now Lu Di is gone.

The 13 team is also gone, and they don’t want to join anymore. Other hunter teams simply resigned and came to me.

The situation of Fourth Ring is temporarily unknown. The transcender group is the most sensible choice.”

“That way, I probably understand. .”

Lu Luo took a sip of water, and after groaning for a while, he continued to speak slowly.

“Okay, my going out will be decided for now.

And Brother Kai, the last time I arranged you to check, how did it go? If so If you have the result, you can talk to them.”

“Based on multiple investigations, evidence collection, and bank records obtained from someone, two people have obvious problems.

One of them has resigned after the Blue Heavens Pharmaceutical Incident, and his name is He Hai. This is some of his information.

But the other one has been retained.”

< p> Actually there are 2 inner ghosts? Lu Luo is frowned.

“You give me the information of the resigned person first, and then explain in detail what is the situation of the person who did not leave.”

“The person who did not leave is a A low-level female investigator named Tang Pan, she is one year older than us and is now facing graduation.

She is very different from He Hai, the inner ghost of Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals. What happened in the flow of water happened before and after the incident of Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals.

The overall time is not the same as the major event, but it is our normal period that we have activities.”< /p>

Zhou Kai took out Tang Pan’s materials. This is a very ordinary-looking woman. After she is put in the crowd, she will soon be obscured by everyone.

“Will her running water have nothing to do with us?” This is Lu Luo’s last question.

“I don’t think Tang Pan’s family is very wealthy. There is a younger brother who wants to go to school, and his parents’ work is also unstable.

And according to my survey , She doesn’t have any high-income channels.

In addition, she is quite outstanding in the company, very skilled in business, and very attentive to the company’s work.

So From a comprehensive point of view, she is very short of money.

No money, no channels, no connections.

According to the law of profit, there are many large sums of money suddenly appearing, this There must be something wrong with her.

She is the fourth batch of recruits, and the time is probably the few days after your speech.

So I am not quite clear her yet. What is the purpose of this.”

Lu Luo nodded, after the speech? A woman flashed across Lu Luo’s mind.

The woman who modified her short skirt took the initiative to seduce him. What is her name?

[Light Admirer, Yu Luo. 】

Yes, it is Yuluo, and so was the stalker last time. This Yuluo seems to be very caring for him!

“Let that Tang Pan come in.”

“Okay, Tang Pan, you come in, Boss has something to ask you.”

I heard Zhou With Kai’s call, Tang Pan came to Lu Luo’s Conference Hall somewhat restrained, stood at the door, bowed his head.

Lu Luo looked at the woman up and down with scrutinizing eyes.

I found that Tang Pan was very cautious, but after being called by Lu Luo, there was no nervousness.

This is enough to show that she has a very good psychological quality, and the restraint she showed does not seem to be true.

“Your name is Tang Pan, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Boss.”

Tang Pan twisted his hair. This action looks like As if she was being bullied by Lu Luo and the others, she seemed a bit wronged.

[Psychologically speaking, this is a weak action. Most of the time, women will reduce the vigilance of men. 】

But Lu Luo doesn’t take this set, because he himself is an undercover agent.

Who is the undercover game? He was tired of playing in his previous life, so he spoke very strongly, and then asked the wrong question.

“Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals made you a ghost?”

“Ah? Boss what are you talking about? I didn’t. I really didn’t sell the company.”

Tang Pan’s expression was a bit agitated, all of which was seen by Lu Luo.

[Her heartbeat speeds up slightly, and her breathing is also a bit rapid. This reaction is real. 】

Lu Luo wandered around Tang Pan’s side while being nodded, and began to exert invisible pressure on her.

“Since it is not Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals, it is Grand Prospects Armed Forces? Put a thigh on!”

“I really don’t!” Tang Pan was a little excited, she I did feel that Lu Luo was framing her.

However, Lu Luo doesn’t care if these problems are right or not, just continue to emphasize.

“You have it, don’t pretend it.”

“I don’t have it.”

“You have it.”

“I No.”

“You have it, I said you have it!” Lu Luo’s evil fiercely said.

“Did I tell you!”

“How much will Yu Luo give you?”

As soon as Lu Luo changed the conversation, Tang Pan said subconsciously.

“Forty thousand, uh!”

She was taken aback for a moment, but she immediately added:

“Boss, listen to my explanation, I Really didn’t sell the company, really, really didn’t.”

Lu Luo didn’t care about Tang Pan’s rhetoric at all. He just laughed casually, and then asked.

“Have she ever threatened you? For example, you tied up your family or something, and then you don’t agree to kill your whole family?”

Pan was stunned for a moment. Lu Luo’s statement was a bit exaggerated. According to Yu Luo, he was also a priest of the church.

And she is a Light Admirer, she is also very kind, how could she do such a thing.

Tang Pan, who has a good impression of Yu Luo, immediately shook his head in denial.

“No, Pastor Yu Luo has never threatened me.”

Listening to what she said, Lu Luo showed a satisfied look on his face.

“That’s right, I also think that a Light Admirer like Yuluo Young Lady, It shouldn’t be a derogatory thing.

Since you said you didn’t If you betray the company, then you can tell, what do you think the betrayal means? Tell me about it.”

Tang Pan was in a daze. In fact, she had already anticipated the situation before her. After a brief period of thought, she gradually calmed down.

“I have not given her any company information, nor have I told her any important company information, business channels, etc..

So, I think I don’t Did not sell the company.”

“Oh, this important information of our company, business channels, it is normal that a Light Admirer is not interested in others.

But since she is not interested in these things , Then what does she usually ask you?”


Tang Pan began to hesitate, and Lu Luo did not give her a chance to think.

“I will give you one last chance. If you are still here to kill time with me, I don’t recommend letting a real hunter handle you.”

“She asked me In fact, they are all gossip and personal issues.”

“Gossip and personal issues?”

“It is the relationship between Boss and Qi Xinzhu Young Lady, as well as Boss and Bai Yuetong Young Lady’s relationship.

Are there any intimate actions between you? Is there any relationship that has progressed to that point.

And I, as a woman, and Qi Xinzhu Young Lady, Bai Yuetong Young Lady’s feeling after contact.”

The purpose is Bai Yuetong and Qi Xinzhu!

Qi Xinzhu is the church Saintess and Bai Yuetong is the daughter of Bai Qingshuang.

These two people actually have a great relationship with the church. Although this Yuluo is very nasty and feels very wrong, she is a real Light Admirer.

Light Admirer lineage is normally biased towards the Pope. This woman’s problem looks very big!

Lu Luo picked up a pen and paper and quickly wrote a note.

“Call Yu Luo and tell her to go to this address. There are important things that are not convenient to talk about now. I need to tell her in person at night.”

“Boss! This…”

“Why, not willing?”


Yuluo picked up the phone and dialed the number that Yuluo had previously contacted.

“Hey, Pastor Yuluo? I have important discoveries, but it is not convenient for me to say that if you come to this address at night, I will tell you in detail!

Here, you must come tonight!”

Tang Pan finished the call obediently and honestly, and then quietly looked at Lu Luo.

But Lu Luo, who was thinking about the problem, ignored her, and at this time, there was no one around to speak.

Tang Panjian never paid attention to himself, and slightly relaxed, thinking that he was all right.

“Boss, if it’s okay, I will go to work.”

“Work?” Lu Luo lifts the head slightly surprised.

Seeing Lu Luo’s surprised gaze, Tang Pan was even more surprised.

“I still have a case in my hand, it will be closed soon…”

Lu Luo suddenly realized that it was nodded.

“Brother Kai find someone to take the case in her hand, and then send her to the security bureau.”

Zhou Kai’s expression is a little hesitant, his hesitation is not because of doubts. Lu Luo’s approach, but feels that it is useless to send it to the security bureau.

“Although she has leaked the news, it is at most a commercial leak. This little thing and evidence can’t do anything to her?

And deal with the ghost, if not A warning, it’s not easy for people in the future to take it!” Although Zhou Kai is oily, his idea of ​​dealing with inner ghosts is mainly to cut weeds and eliminate the roots.

Now in the Fourth Ring environment, it is really too easy to do this kind of thing.

But Lu Luo shook the head, and he looked at Tang Pan.

“How should I say, although she struggled a little bit, but after she was found, she was more cooperative.

And she fulfilled all my requirements, how much help It’s us.”

“Brother Luo, do you mean to let her go?”

Zhou Kai is a little unacceptable, not just him, but also the side Gu Fangyi and Bai Yuetong are also not acceptable.

This World’s attitude towards inner ghosts is many times stronger than Lu Luo.

But they decided to listen to Lu Luo’s meaning.

“Didn’t I say to send her to the Security Bureau? As for her charges…

Tang Pan colluded with extremist church personnel, leaked hunter secrets, and attempted to subvert the hunter and Ring Studio Relations, disintegrate the hunter’s organizational structure, and ask the hunter to deal with it seriously.

If these are not enough, you can add two more at will!”

Is this OK? Lu Luo’s words have a feeling that Zhou Kai suddenly enlightened.

“That’s it! Understood.”

Tang Pan on the side was already stunned. She had no such idea about disintegrating the hunter organization structure. She just wanted to make some money. It’s just money.

Just a little money, everyone in the wasteland is making money, why can’t she? This is not fair.

“Lu Luo, you can’t do this, I didn’t do those things at all, why are you doing this to me?”

Lu Luo knocked on the table while squinting at Tang Pan .

“Actually, when you are doing these things, you have already thought of various consequences in your heart?

You also said that Yu Luo did not threaten you , You just want to make money.

Don’t make excuses for your ignorance and greed. When you make a choice, certain things have already begun.”

“You What nonsense are you talking about? Lu Luo, are you crazy? I said that I have never sold the company.

I just told her your gossip. Even if I don’t say it, others will say, that Why can’t it be me?”

Lu Luo got up and walked to the door at this time. He really has no interest in a small character like Tang Pan.

“Did you have a history lesson in vain? Before the omnic crisis, mankind had a crime called espionage.

There are many crimes of espionage, and UU reading is nothing but espionage. It’s one or two seemingly insignificant photos, one or two sentences that’s all irrelevant.

In one sentence or two, what’s the crime of one or two photos, and what crime can you say?”< /p>

“No, it’s different…”

Tang Pan wanted to say something, but Gu Fangyi didn’t give her a chance at all, and a hand knife hit Tang Pan in the head. Go on, knock the woman out.

Lu Luo moved his mouth, and finally suffocated a sentence.

“Brother Gu, it’s not like that for fainting.”

“I know.” Gu Fangyi’s expression was faint.

“Then you still hit her on the head?”

“I hate the ghost, I am in a bad mood, I need to vent.”

“All right.”


(End of this chapter)

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