Doomsday Ring Chapter 226

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. The quasi-standard baptismal plate Yuanming Li has reached the level of being able to reach enough people, and less and more people are pure enough to believe in it, and I have never lived a few years ago.

Jingchun and Da impose more strength and self-containment, Huisheng’s self-purification and obedience, and the baptism of the round Mingli will meet and unify.

The body and body and the sage of Hui Sheng are capable enough, Ming Li serves to pay attention to the specialization and the ability, and the pure and pure needs of the faith are the first to be admired by the true.”

I came out to tell the truth and know everything about it, and it looks like a peas, so hesitated and hesitated. Have you ever lost this feather?

“? The strength of the battle is strong enough to volatility. Ming Li serves, believes in the pure and self-sufficient, and only admires those who don’t.

? Why do you want to be the one who loves you? How can you be like a human? You are so straightforward to me

? You just want to be one of you, you have to remember me for everything. “

: Daowen continued, nodded and nodded!

Have you ever said that he has all come from the bamboo heart? The female saint who inherited the strength of power

“. She is also in favor of valuable meritorious deeds. The long-term trial of her children is her, sister Xiaotong Yuebai Yuzhi

. The great strength is often not a kind of one. This is the female saint who inherits the strength, and the female saint of the name must miss me.

The judgement of whether or not there is a legal action is to just click here. The female saint’s tacit understanding is to be together.

The relationship between the bamboo and the heart is together, Hitomi Yuebai and you have a return, you next understand it and hope that it is only me. “

. I started to lower my mouth, and then I doubted. Wait a minute for her

. Feeling the love, knowing, and telling him that Luo Lu is going to plant it, it’s time to confuse her in my heart

. Come out. When she talks, she can’t end up with her. Luo Lu’s front is looking at her, and she can see her if she wants to.

“? What is the purpose of the investigation? Hitomi Yuebai and Zhuxin have paid back together, I am checking if you “

“? Huh “

“? Falling feathers”

. After I stepped up to get it, I can continue to grow it for a long time, and the source of weakness and strength is Ming’s self-knowledge, and the upper body falls in the misty light of Lu Zaikao. Eye drop feather

. Daoqu’s first heart core will teach you how to contact yourself, the value of rewards is true, and the front eyes of drop feather

. The value is all cut one, whether the relationship is over

. I feel tired when I feel tired, and I feel that I am very tired. After the nightmare dream-the source of power, I can use it, Divine Eyes are one thing only though

“. If you feel tired, have you ever used it? Is it strong? This is the dream of grasping the palm of your strength.”

. After accomplishing her own work, the Daozhi Luolu let Zi like this

. She is now outstanding. The purple wisps are the same, and Luolu looks dazedly at some of the feathers

】. Nightmare dream-the source of power will move you, and the fire source will give birth to the 20-S column. Preface you [

. It’s easy to move, and it’s falling feathers in an instant, and the color purple’s awareness is nothing more than a blink of an eye.

The fall of the feathers is as if it’s true, and the light purpose is sincere to plant this, and every one of them is always here

. It seems good to pretend if there is any thread, sincerely, it’s true to plant it. , Sincerely, Luo Yu looks straight at him with a full-bodied purpose

. The effect is the same, and it is said that Luo Lu Yu will meet the opportunity, but the opportunity Luo Lu is so enchanted to find Luo Yu


. The one thing is true, it is true that everyone is right, and the good is the ambiguous atmosphere

]. There is no way of effective production. The charm of power, the fan is very you, the actor believes in you without A-chain sequence. [

What’s more, he is so beautiful that he is always in the beauty of women. The experience of dreams and nightmares in the realm, the common one of men and women is not to be left.

! Let’s be happy and go together

. The peach honey meal can be as beautiful as it is. In front of the Wanren woman, Jian Zhiyi dreamed of being placed in the Buddha, imitating Luolu, Jian Shunyi

. Charm, the capital of the lower skirt, she is worshipping the number of men and women who have no support and support. , The bamboo heart is not all face each other, although the feathers fall is just this

. I refuse to say whether there is any kind of light or not, the color of the light and pink is moving. The flashing purpose of falling feathers

】. The charm-B column sequence is used to make your opponent face each other, the sequence of dynamic wave force [

. The use of the hand is often the best for yourself Use her to take the lead in doing what she has done,

the opportunity to abandon her will not fall from the feathers

. The heavy breathing is left, whether the language is there or not, after turning around and turning around, hands double An impatient, she hurriedly rushed to Lulu

. Go to touch down Xiang, heavy and gradually breathe in, Lulu clinging to her chest tightly behind

. Luolu hugged the main land again and again, and the feeling of lying in the room is golden and full of time.

. There is no need to come and go, and people come in for the reason. Yes, come in and dare not to wander around

. It’s just one thing, it’s true that there are different kinds of things, it’s really him who is there in practice, and it’s half-truth. The Luo Lu

“. Here, the people who are close to each other wander around, and those who let go, go out and secretly steal one’s own self, and dissipate the difference

. After that, I’m the capital of the static and dynamic practice practice. A few times ago, what’s the difference? “

Therefore, the number of Light Admirers also began to decrease.

But the church must have Light Admirer. This is an eternal requirement.

So, the presiding judge arranged a group of new members to become Light Admirer.”

< p>Wait a minute, Lu Luo hesitated for a while, as if something was wrong.

“Become a Light Admirer under the presiding judge’s arrangement? Doesn’t Light Admirer need the shining of the dawn disc?

This should be the natural Innate Ability, right? The presiding judge’s arrangement is What do you mean?”

This has already involved some of the secrets of the current church. When Yuluo was thinking about these issues, her mental state was obviously fluctuating.

The speed of getting out of the nightmare is also increasing, but Lu Luo knows it in his heart.

If the power of nightmare is really so easy to get rid of, then Wu En and Zhuang Yanshan will not fall so easily.

So after Yuluo dulled a bit, he still told the reason.

“Lord Judge, she already has the power to drive the Dawn Disc.”

“The power to drive the Dawn Disc!” Lu Luo’s pupils shrink slightly.

“Yes, the presiding judge is the only person who can directly touch and drive the dawn disc for more than 100 years.

She can increase the ordinary holy light dear through the dawn disc. The power of the peacemaker gives us the holy splendor ability that is very close to Light Admirer.

This process is now called the Blessing of Dawn in the court.

I am the presiding judge. Adults took a fancy to it, and then received the blessing of dawn to become Light Admirer.”

Lu Luo narrowed his eyes. It seems that this woman may become his mother-in-law in the future. It seems not easy!

Multiple battle sequences are added, and S-09 Judge is also available, and now it has the ability to drive the disc of dawn.

Be aware that the power that the Dawn Disc now possesses is already outrageous.

For example, illuminate the transcender of the holy light affinity sequence, make it a Light Admirer, actively release the doom factor, and so on.

If such an item is really mastered by the individual, then the opponent’s power will increase to an unpredictable state, even much higher than Lu Luo’s original maximum value.

“I heard from Qi Xinzhu before that the original Light Admirer was the Pope lineage, now?”

Speaking of Qi Xinzhu, Yu Luo paused again, it seems Qi Xinzhu’s position in Yu Luo’s heart is really big enough.

“The original Light Admirer is almost gone.”

“It’s almost gone? What do you mean?”

“The Pope has already gone I fell ill, the so-called Pope’s lineage is no longer supported, so the original Light Admirer is gone.

The current Light Admirer is already under the control of the presiding judge.”

Wo said, Lu Luo originally thought that the Pope could still deal with Bai Yuetong and her mother, but didn’t expect them to be this way.

This doesn’t just break when you touch it, it just breaks before you touch it.

No wonder, the Pope is more than 200 years old, this advanced age, even Fruit of Life may not be able to save.

even more how If the pope is really the kind of righteous and kind person, then he is likely to reject Fruit of Life.

“Then what now means is that the entire church has been ruled by judgment?

Has Bai Qingshuang become the leader of the church in the actual sense?

Since Bai Qingshuang The power of the church has reached the point where the church has centralized power. Then she should know what happened to the Fourth Ring?

Fourth Ring’s dark energy has increased by 4 times and has reached the same standard as outside the wall. Why the In the past few days, the inner ring still didn’t move at all?”

This question of Lu Luo, Yu Luo could not answer a little, she lifted the head a little bit distressed.

Thinking about Time Acceleration that will make her escape from the nightmare.

Lu Luo also noticed her hesitation, and immediately guessed that she might not understand very well, so she changed her words:

“You just need to tell what you know. “

Yuluo is nodded. At this time, she is already a little sober. The purple in her eyes has begun to fade, but she still says what she knows.

“Yes, the presiding judge knows everything that happened to Fourth Ring, but why she didn’t act on Fourth Ring’s situation, I’m not very clear.

The current presiding judge, should It was the day waiting for the death of the pope.

She also gave the order before the death of the pope, to shrink all her strength.”

Lu Luo narrowed his eyes.

“Is the death of the pope important to the presiding judge?

Or does the identity of the pope have any special meaning?”

< p>this time, Lu Luo didn’t get the answer he wanted, because the other person’s expression was confused, and he should be about to wake up.

Yu Luo held his head, shook his head, and then looked at Lu Luo with blurred eyes.

“Why are we still standing here, shouldn’t we continue with some things that men and women should do?


[Her status Already half awake, can’t continue to ask. 】

Lu Luo feels a little pity! But today’s harvest is enough.

Looking at each other again, Yu Luo’s eyes became blurred again, and Lu Luo’s whispers sounded in her ears.

“We started to linger, you can’t wait to climb on top of me, twisting your body frantically!

We continuously change our positions, continuously bump, again and again…”


While Lu Luo whispered, his palm was unconsciously pressed against Yu Luo’s neck.



A thumb penetrating shock completely stunned the blurred feathers.

2nd day.

Yu Luo woke up in a daze, and when she looked towards the surroundings, she found that she was not in the former Blue Heavens pharmaceutical industry’s abandoned base.

In an ordinary hotel in Eastern Ring.

Yu Luo lifted the quilt, barely wearing anything.

Clothes were randomly thrown aside, the room was full of fishy smell and desire, leaving traces in many places.

The body is very sore, as if a very fierce battle did happen last night.

Yu Luo held his head and wanted to recall the details of last night, but apart from a few short clips with Lu Luo, he couldn’t remember anything.

This situation is obviously not right.

“What happened last night? Didn’t my charm not work?

No, my appearance, it shouldn’t be the way the charm didn’t work, but I can’t think of any details. Are you up?

And why the body hurts so much! A man, isn’t it?”

Lu Luo has disappeared, and there is still a note on the bedside table.

[Yu Luo, after thinking hard, I found that I still can’t accept you, so just treat it as a good memory last night! ――Lu Luo. 】

Good memories? God’s good memories, do I want good memories?

Lu Luo, this bastard, actually wants to have sex?

She has been mixing for so many years and has experienced countless men. No man has ever escaped the palm of her hand.

Yu Luo stood up a little angrily, but found that with his physique, she stood up in a trance, and her feet trembled.

“How…how is it possible? What happened last night?”

While Yu Luo was shaking her legs and shaking, on the edge of the slum, a homeless leader was giving Twenty homeless people give out money.

“I did a good job last night, but if I don’t want to attract a killing disaster, what happened last night is rotten in my heart, do you know?”

“I know the boss, there will be For such a good thing, please contact us again!”

“Don’t think about good things all day long, if good things happen every day, I will become a tramp?”

“Big brother said yes! “

On the other side, Lu Luo is already standing on the edge of the high wall, accepting the security check of the guards.

Because of the Noah star ring, Lu Luo looks like he has nothing.

The wall guard who checked was a little confused.

“If you don’t bring anything, just go out of the wall?”

Lu Luo looked at the distance of Eastern Ring, he seemed to feel another nether flame’s will. .

When the wall guard saw Lu Luo not speaking, his expression became even stranger.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m distracted, my strength is not bad, this time I go outside the wall to temper myself, so I don’t need to bring anything “

“Train yourself?”

“Have you checked?”

“Well, it’s all right, but I advise you…”< /p>

Before the wall guard finished speaking, Lu Luo had already jumped back, jumped, and fell down.

This is a leap of faith!

The wall guard looked at Lu Luo who jumped directly over the wall with some horror.

He originally wanted to call for help, but when he saw Lu Luo landing steadily, his heart became more shocked.

“So there is such a way of acting!”


In the Red Bai City Fort at this time, Qi Xinzhu looked helplessly The sweetness in front of me.

This strange little girl has always pestered her recently, and even made her unable to cultivation properly.

At this meeting, Da Tian brought a deck of playing cards, and UU Reading asked herself to teach her the size of playing cards.

Qi Xinzhu was so entangled by her that she just started to talk about the rules of poker in detail.

“The biggest is the king of big and small, put together is the king of bombing.

The second is four. In the usual Doudizhu rules, four 2 is the biggest four, and some cards For the game, 4 A is the biggest 4.”

When Qi Xinzhu talked about these rules, Da Tian suddenly interrupted.

“That’s not right, aren’t there 5 more? This is 5!”

Then she put a ghost card and four aces together.

Qi Xinzhu just wanted to say that this was wrong, but she suddenly felt something was wrong, she lifted the head and looked at Da Tian with a puzzled look.

“Datian, where did you know the 5 articles?”

“? I think what will happen to you here, I have received nothing, how many times have I checked Tiaoyeren hunts and hunts, and the different kinds of differences appear in the meeting. “

. Some of the weird ones are still falling feathers, and here comes Lu Yudui with himself.

If you bother someone, you can take care of yourself if you move around. There is only a reason for this.

The staff room in the room is one of the best in the room until you bring the feathers down. The living staff and people in the room are very good, and the room test has the addition of the room.

. Lijiji’s abandoned medicine, Tianlan, has come to the two people

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