Doomsday Ring Chapter 227

When I heard Qi Xinzhu’s question, Da Tian suddenly lags. Five of this thing is really not a good explanation.

She replied after thinking about the reasons:

“This, I have seen people play, so I will ask you!”

“Look People have played it? Who do you see played a poker game with five cards, that is, 4+1?”

Qi Xinzhu obviously didn’t want to let this problem go. When he came back from the playground before, Lu Luo released it. Report on his and Bai Yuetong’s actions.

At that time, all the senior members of the circle had read their action report, and Qi Xinzhu was naturally among them.

Lu Luo and Bai Yuetong had a 17-card game process, which impressed Qi Xinzhu.

After all, the ultimate comeback is the most exciting thing.

But although the poker game was very exciting, it was a game set by Noah after all.

Under normal circumstances, no one in the wall would play 17 cards, so when Datian talked about five, Qi Xinzhu obviously felt something was wrong.

Qi Xinzhu’s reasoning ability at this time actually has several points of Lu Luo.

For a while, I really stopped asking Datian.

“Ah, this…I forgot.”

Looking at Da Tian’s face with a guilty conscience, Qi Xinzhu’s doubts deepened.

“The poker game in our wall does not say that 4+1 counts as five.

As far as I know, five games can be used, only Noah’s playground There is.

So, either you have entered Noah’s playground to show it to you, or you have entered Noah’s playground poker hall.

Which one are you? Kind of? Datian.”

Datian scratched her head, she didn’t understand why a single sentence could reveal so much.

Such a question is so difficult, how should I answer it?

“Qi Xinzhu, I really forgot, don’t you ask, okay?”

Datian obviously doesn’t want to talk about it, but Qi Xinzhu obviously doesn’t want to end this topic.

She squatted down, letting some tightened cheongsam squeeze out her very hot curve, holding Datian’s arms, and said earnestly:

“Datian, You said before that you want to enter the human world, but have you ever thought about your current situation?

Listening to your tone, you should have entered Noah’s playground, right?

You are a human, but you live in a different kind of world, which is very similar to those in the Noah game.

But once you become a Noah gamer, you bring the different kind of attributes.< /p>

Datian, the people in the wall can never accept alien species!

So, if you want to join the wall, you must never become alien species.”

< p>Da Tian raised her pretty eyebrows. She didn’t expect Qi Xinzhu to say such a thing to her.

Furthermore, she remembered the desire to return to the human world that she said casually before.

Da Tian’s eyebrows moved a few times, and Qi Xinzhu’s expression became more complicated.

“This woman is really gentle!”

Big sweetheart sighed slightly, but in the end she still showed an indifferent look.

“You guessed my identity as a Noah player, Qi Xinzhu, you are so smart!

It’s okay, anyway, there are many people like me, more me One is not more, one is less than me and the other is a lot.”

Qi Xinzhu’s face is bitter by the words of sweetness. Is she still guessing wrong with her exaggerated performance?

It would be great if Lu Luo were here, he would surely be able to guess the identity of Da Tian soon.

Without waiting for Qi Xinzhu to continue to ask, Da Tian took the initiative to change the topic.

“Well, today’s poker study is here, Qi Xinzhu, do you want to see the cultivation method of heterogeneity?”

“There are also methods of cultivation for heterogeneity?”< /p>

“Of course, some alien species are stupid, and they can’t control the domain after reaching level 5, so they can only be ordinary level 5 alien species.

And some alien species are very smart, they After reaching level 5, you will think about your own abilities to form a domain.

This is the cultivation method that belongs to the alien species.”

“How do you treat the alien abilities so much? Clear?”

Datian’s eyes lit up,

pointed to her nose and said:

“Of course, I am the villager here!”

“Then, good!”

Qi Xinzhu is not really interested in this kind of thing, but she is still ready to listen carefully.

Because even if she is not interested, Lu Luo will be very interested. After I have seen it, I can tell Lu Luo about it in the future.

Thinking of this, Qi Xinzhu’s mood suddenly became a little lost.

“Oh, I don’t know if there is any chance to meet again.”

“Don’t worry, you will see it.” Da Tian said with certainty.


On the other side, Lu Luo has already come to the S-11 area, which is the original C13 area.

A few months have passed, and there is no obvious change in all the buildings here.

The first area through the jungle of exiles is still those buildings that look like third-tier cities.

Lu Luo even found the supermarket where he killed Wu Sen, as well as the apartment building opposite that impressed him.

Although these buildings have not changed in any way, Lu Luo still feels the difference here from before.

“The level of dark energy has risen so much. Is this because of the influence of nightmare?”

[The disaster itself does have the effect of inducing dark energy changes. They are originally dark energy. One of the sources of energy pollution. 】

There is an endless stream of pedestrians, which simply brings some urban color to this place.

Lu Luo even wondered, if the Fourth Ring is no different from here, will it become a place of residence for humans?

[Not for the time being, because every year after the disk rotates, the area outside the wall will also change. ]

That’s true, but the changes in the area outside the wall still have no reason to explain.

“That many people are more than before. It seems that people are not wary of S-Rank!”

What Lu Luo didn’t know was that C13 used to be, now The S11 people have become that many, in fact, it is not only the change of the region itself.

Because of the nightmare, there will be more eclipse items, Dark Spirit Stone.

In addition, the hunter and the Security Bureau offer a reward for the new changes in the S11 area.

That’s why this area that used to have no who becomes this lively look.

In just one morning, Lu Luo has seen countless waves of scavengers.

Moreover, the quality of scavengers here is very different from before. Their strength is obviously stronger and their equipment items are also very good.

According to the statement in the wall, if the location of the nightmare can be determined, and there are photos and detailed route information maps, there will be a 200,000 yuan reward.

So most of the scavengers here are not just scavenging waste.

A nobody also has dreams. What if they discover the true location of the nightmare?

Of course, Lu Luo feels that this is just a hunter’s method to determine the new dangerous area of ​​S11, release a large number of scavengers, and test the end of the S11 area and the real dangerous area as much as possible.

If you can find the location of the nightmare, that’s great, but if you don’t find it, then it doesn’t matter.

These people can just mark all the most dangerous places, so that the hunter or the church can conduct more detailed explorations in the future.

Lu Luo went all the way, because of the relatively large flow of people, there are almost no living alien species here.

[It’s cleaner than a dog’s lick, it’s so miserable for a different species! 】

This is the manifestation of the collective power that belongs to mankind, although these people who go out are not united.

But in fact, they are already united in a sense.

Because no matter who it is, the first reaction after seeing the alien species outside the wall is to kill.

If there are more people, more people will be killed. If there are too many people, there will be no alien species.

There are no alien species in the urban area, so Lu Luo can only keep walking. When he stopped in the gravel wasteland, Lu Luo found that there were more people here than alien species.

So his low-level alien hunting plan can only be temporarily shelved.

“Forget it, it won’t work here either.”

Lu Luo can only cross the gravel wasteland again and stop in the mother-son swamp.

Sure enough, because of the environmental problems of the mother-son swamp, there are very few humans here, and they can’t see it.

“There should be no problem here, maybe I can get some blood sacs to make some money.”

Lu Luo sat down to rest, took out the food and water he prepared before, Get ready to replenish it, and then go to the Son-Mother Swamp in the afternoon.

During the meal, a few people carrying large bags came to him.

Lu Luo originally thought that these people were scavengers or robbers looking for things, but their subsequent performance made Lu Luo dispel this idea.

Two of the backpackers sat down far away and started cooking on the spot. Only one of them slowly approached him.

For help, [Mimi Reading app] can steal book tickets like stealing food. Come steal your friends’ book tickets and vote for my book.

And he walked over with his own hands, showing sufficient safety and goodwill.

“Hello, little brother!”

The other party moved towards Lu Luo nodded, Lu Luo will naturally respond.


The backpacker did not sit down, but still raised his hands.

“little brother! Uh, are you alone?”

“Yes, alone, what’s the matter?”

I heard that Lu Luo is one Man, the other party sat down with a smile hehe, put his backpack in front of Lu Luo, and searched for it.

“My name is Yao Kong, from the wilderness, would you like to have some weapons for self-protection?

We have a large number of high-quality weapons from Grand Prospects Armed Forces, which is 50% off today .

Look, the Desert Falcon is 90% new and can be taken away as long as 2000. I will also give you two additional magazines.

And this HBK The -42 semi-automatic rifle, as long as 6900, the price of an innocent young man, the old lady will cry.

The last S311 grenade gun can kill even Tier 3 aliens.”

[This person has a lot of blood on his body, but there is no murderous aura. 】

Yao Kong’s browful explanation made Lu Luo know the identity of the other party.

A vendor who looks like a second-hand weapon but is actually a corpse licker.

The term corpse licker is a new profession that has recently emerged outside the waste wall.

Because of the recent changes in the Fourth Ring, the overall number of transcenders has risen, and there has been an increase in the number of people coming out of the wall.

Some second-hand weapon vendors began to be active in the 2-3 dangerous area outside the wall.

They usually don’t do things like killing people and getting rid of goods, but and the others die in dangerous areas, search corpses, and lick bags.

These are mostly former scavengers who have a certain understanding of the outside of the wall, and they generally know the dangerous area outside the wall.

If a weak team is found to enter the danger zone, they will linger behind the opposing team.

After the opponent’s group is destroyed, they will search for the corpse and lick the bag and make a lot of money.

Lu Luo has also done things like killing people and licking bags. In fact, it belongs to the normal rules outside the wall.

How do you say that you can lick a bag like a corpse man?

There is no morality outside the wall, let alone crime, but it is very offensive, so many people will resist vendors who refuse to lick the corpse.

Lu Luo is actually okay. He doesn’t have any special feelings about this behavior.

He thinks that since it exists, there is reason for him to recycle equipment and reduce waste of resources.

And wandering in the 2-3 level area, it was originally a very dangerous thing.

They are all hard work, there is no need to embarrass the other party too much, but if you buy second-hand guns or something, forget it.

“No, I rarely use a gun.”

Lu Luo said something pretentious, but Yao Kong’s old greasy oil immediately reflected its meaning.

He put away his legs, knelt down and sat beside him and looked at Lu Luo, his eyes gradually showing respect.

“It seems that I am blind, my brother should be an expert, right?

Experts like you, should also come to find the nightmare location?

There is a saying One, big brother, the nightmare thing, outsiders like us are going to fill in the gaps.

Brothers are young and have extraordinary strengths. Listen to the big brother’s advice, it’s better not to participate in this matter. “

[Don’t tell me, this person speaks quite sincerely, and if you don’t buy things, you will be forced to rely on you so much, that’s okay. 】

Lu Luo feels very problematic when he uses the adjective observer. How can he be forced to rely on him?

Lu Luo shook his head to Yao Kong and denied it:

“I didn’t come to find a nightmare.”

Yao Kong shook his head to express his disbelief.

“Big brothers don’t have to deny it, none of the people who really came to find the nightmare said that they came to find the nightmare.

Since it’s also fate to run into, I’ll send my brother to you.

A piece of information is ready.”

“Information? Let’s listen.”

“Behind the mother-child swamp is the Rift Valley, and on the left is the red-skinned forest. Swamp.

At the junction of these three areas, a large number of red skins gather.

If you go inside, don’t go in that direction. The amount is real. There are too many teams of experts.

And these red-skinned ghosts are very strange, some of them will be used after they get human weapons.

Anyway. It’s just that the intelligence is much better than before. Anyway, just don’t go.”

Lu Luo’s eyes suddenly lit up with rays of light, a lot of red skin? Gathering appears? Too many?

There is such a good thing?

The happiness came too suddenly, which made Lu Luo a little not knowing what to do.

“Redskins use human weapons? Are you talking about guns? How many are these redskins?”

“That’s right, UU reading It’s firearms. They have even rushed to the letter swamp. They are very fierce.

As for the number, there is no way to count them. No one knows whether it is thousands or tens of thousands.< /p>

But there is one record that can be determined, that is, Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon was driven away by this group of red skins.”

“Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon was driven away. Is it so outrageous? Then there are a lot of them!”

Lu Luo couldn’t help but laugh.

Redskin’s full name is Red Pisen Ghost, and his body is similar to the lowest goblin in many games.

But their destructiveness, collectiveness, and cruelty are far more ridiculous than goblins.

At least in the hands of the Red Pisen ghost, there will never be that kind of situation where a beautiful girl is caught and locked up, and then not killed, waiting for you to be rescued to charge up the money.

They hunt and kill all other races, whether human or other alien species, after they see it, they will attack in an organized manner.

Kill all creatures outside of your own group.

Normally, Redskins are generally heterogeneous of rank 1-3, and a small number of mutant leaders can reach rank 4.

But even so, there is still a huge gap between them and the lord alien like Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon.

Relying on a red-skinned race to push back the lord alien, how much does it take?

Thinking of this, Lu Luo’s eyes couldn’t help getting brighter and brighter.

“This news is very important and very valuable. Many thanks.”

Lu Luo took out a concealed coin from his pocket and threw it to Yao Kong , Is about to leave.

Yao Kong was taken aback when he saw the direction Lu Luo was heading.

“Hey? Brother, did you go the wrong way? The redskins gathering place I said is over there!

You still go there, don’t you die! ”

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