Doomsday Ring Chapter 229

2nd day, Lu Luo refers to the early morning, which is probably what it looks like at 5 o’clock in the night.

If it is dragged to 6 o’clock, those redskins may be awake in a large area. Now is the best time to carry out a raid.

Lu Luo lowered his body slightly and pinched his finger to keep his attention focused.

“Turn on overclocking mode!”

[Overclocking mode is turned on. 】


Lu Luo instantly accelerated, passing through the woods, and smashed a watchful red skin with a sword.

He has been observing here for a long time, knowing that this redskin is on guard, and the other two will return to the jungle after being attacked.

What he has to do now is to lock these two redskins!

The scenery in the jungle leaped quickly in front of Lu Luo. He ran continuously among the trees, but always kept a distance from the red ghost.

“zhi zhi!”

In this slow chase for Lu Luo, he found that the two red skins were actually communicating with some simple gestures and body language .

Then separate in a denser wooded area.

Lu Luo didn’t hesitate to find one of them and followed along.

After entering this dense area, Lu Luo found that when the surrounding leaves slipped inadvertently, they could cut his clothes.

This shows that these leaves already have very powerful attack attributes.

“These leaves are not only harmful, but also poisonous! Are they manipulated?

If transcender came here, I am afraid these leaves are enough to drink a pot! “

Lu Luo made a decisive decision.

Steam, first gear.

A faint steam began to emanate from Lu Luo’s body, and the sprayed steam could bounce the surrounding leaves away, maintaining his speed and the integrity of his clothes.

Although this is a waste of qi fuse,

but in order not to burst clothes, it is better to continue for a while.

[The air flow in front is not right! 】


hua! After drilling out of a jungle, Lu Luo suddenly stepped on the air and fell into the cliff.

“Fuck! ~ Ah!”

Seeing Lu Luo’s situation, a large number of red skins screamed on the surrounding cliffs on the opposite side, seeming to be about Lu Luo’s fall from the cliff. very happy.

However, this level of falling off the cliff is meaningless to Lu Luo. He can solve it without even using a jet belt.


Lu Luo adjusted his position and punched the wall with a punch, forcibly stopping the downward trend.

Then both feet squatted on the wall in a posture that violated gravity, and the veins on the forehead gradually rose.

Steam, second gear.

Lu Luo, who turned on the second gear, began to run on the cliff ignoring the rules. This behavior was very exaggerated in Redskin’s eyes.

Some Redskins have already taken out the weapons they had raided from humans and aimed them at Lu Luo at this time.

peng peng peng!

The sound of gunshots continued. Some bullets did not hit Lu Luo because of no evasion. However, some bullets still hit Lu Luo.

But after these bullets hit Lu Luo’s body, only a dull sound was bounced off, and there was almost no real effect.

After discovering that the gun attack was not effective on Lu Luo, the two redskins actually fought the rockets out.


The missile was chasing Lu Luo’s back with a long thin smoke. This attack was heat-locked, and it was difficult for Lu Luo to escape.

Lu Luo looked back towards the missile, and the Grand Prospects Armed Forces logo on the warhead was clearly visible. At first glance, it was a high-quality high-end product.

“It’s the weapon of Grand Prospects Armed Forces. Grand Prospects Armed Forces is not a son of man!”

Lu Luo turned around and punched while complaining.

Lu Luo is not sure about the formidable power of this missile, but his current physique has reached 100, coupled with the powerful armor characteristics, so he wanted to give it a try.

Malicious Explosive Punch.


The fist collided with the missile, and the explosion engulfed Lu Luo’s body in an instant.

The strong shock wave exploded a huge pothole behind Lu Luo.

[Obviously you can avoid it, you have to use your fist to pretend B, now it’s broken, doesn’t it hurt? 】

It hurts! But it hurts a bit!

Lu Luo was a little surprised at his defensive power. Under the protection of 2 steam qi fuse and armor special effects, he fisted the missile, but it was only a little broken.

The more powerful defensive power makes Lu Luo more unscrupulous.

He feels that as long as he continuously finds a way to increase his defense, it is not impossible to pick up the dark energy particle sniper rifle with one hand in the future.

As for stronger weapons, Lu Luo still doesn’t know enough about it.

Now he doesn’t know whether this World has a nuclear bomb or this thing.

There is no explanation in the textbook, but this thing in the textbook, you know everything you know, if you take it all seriously, then hehe.

The textbook also says that mankind defeated Noah, and Noah dare not attack mankind anymore!

What about now? Noah ran to the Southern Ring for tea, but none of the big guys in the inner ring fart.

“Hey! Fighting on the street can only survive in the cracks!”

With the help of the shock wave brought by the explosion, Lu Luo leaped into the air for a certain distance, and then continued to run up.

With 20 meters left from the top of the cliff, both feet stepped on the cliff and jumped.


The rock under your feet was instantly shattered by this wave of stepping on the ground. The powerful impact made Lu Luo completely nailed to the opposite cliff.

Then turn around, jump back like a cannonball, and go straight to the densest place of red skin.

Among these red skins, a red skin with a crown on its head and human clothes, and a red skin with a human cane standing abruptly in the center.

This style of style makes it difficult for people not to associate it with the leader of the Redskins.

“It’s you! Cub!”

Lu Luo of in midair has taken out Fenrir’s great sword.

You can block the horizontal cut, but what about the vertical cut?

Lu Luo maintained the second gear form, swinging more than a dozen slashes in a row.

Even if the battle strength of these redskins is amazing, he does not believe that the opponent can block his slashing so many.

And his own eyes have locked on the red skin in human clothes.

[Red Pisen ghost, Tier 4, elite race, unknown ability.

Attribute: Strength 30, physique 20, Agility 65]

All the elites of Tier 4, just this attribute? So weak!

If the attribute cannot be regarded as a strong point, then its strong point is probably in the ability.

Lu Luo’s body has fallen, and a sword is pointed at the opponent. With this sword, he is not going to kill the redskin leader, but at least he has to completely lose his battle strength.

The red-skin leader did not dodge, looking directly at Lu Luo’s sword edge, and folded his hands.

I read a foreign language that Lu Luo can understand.

“Mountain ghost!”

hong long long!

The huge rock arm broke out of the soil and directly stood in front of Lu Luo and the red leather leader.

[Mountain ghost, an elite grade 4 deformity, a subordinate of the redskin leader, with high physical resistance, other abilities are unknown.

Attribute: Strength 99, Agility 25, Physique 120. 】

The foot of the mountain ghost is nearly 20 meters high, and its huge body is full of oppression.

“Good guy, is the ability summon? The summon items are all elite level 4, which is really outrageous!”

Lu Luo has a very idea of ​​killing the white snake summon. It is a pity that the white snake was left in the crypt of the base.

Shangui’s palm swept towards Lu Luo, but he opened the jet belt and avoided it. With the power of 99, he didn’t dare to resist.

With a backhand sword on the mountain ghost, the sword edge just sinks tens of centimeters, which is meaningless for the huge size of the mountain ghost.

“The physique of 120, coupled with high physical resistance, is really troublesome!”

The 4th-level elite attribute is already not just in name only, but also Powerful in reality!

Lu Luo lowered his body slightly and adjusted his posture.

The defensive power brought by 120physique made him a little strenuous, but now he is not that absolutely does not have a way.

Shangui hit Lu Luo with a punch, but Lu Luo used his jet belt to avoid him again.

The fourth steam gear, Rachel.

Lu Luo’s body swelled instantly, and more violent currents appeared around his body.

Bai Lei brings electric shock and sharpness to the weapon, which greatly increases the cutting ability of the weapon!

Lowering his body in the posture of drawing a sword, Lu Luo slightly exhaled a breath of electrical energy.

Ha! ~

The breath of thunder flashes.


in a flash, a sword light has pierced the sky at a speed that the naked eye cannot catch.

The clear bird song followed, Tyrant’s slash penetrated the mountain ghost’s body, and the mountain ghost’s huge torso was chopped into two in an instant.

Dianhua continued to destroy the body made of stone and soil. Lu Luo broke out of the ground and grabbed the red-skin leader who was hiding behind the mountain ghost!

“I surrender, don’t kill me!”

Lu Luo ignored such screams at all.

He drew a dagger from Fenrir’s Six Forms and pierced it into the redskin leader’s within the body to bleed, making it completely lose the probability of struggling.

Then Lu Luo took out the shock bomb he bought before and threw it around.

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~!

The flashing light and the sonic boom made the surrounding red skins stunned. They bumped into each other chaotically, without a nodded thread.

Lu Luo waved the big sword again, drove the surrounding red skin back, and ran straight towards the Rift Valley.

The red skin covering the mountains and plains saw his leader being caught, scratching his ears and cheeks anxiously, and rushed towards Lu Luo one after another.

“Have the bait!”

Lu Luo’s mouth is slightly upturned. If this wave can be eaten, then his 80,000 energy gap will have to complete at least half of it, even It is completely completed.

Lu Luo hasn’t been running all the time. At his speed, he must run and stop before these redskins can catch up.

These redskins keep firing at the back, which makes Lu Luo a little puzzled. With the physique of the redskin leader, firearms are completely capable of causing damage to it.

Is there any kind of red skin that you want to be on top?

The leader of the redskins is naturally aware of this, and he keeps yelling at the redskins behind Lu Luo.

“Don’t use human weapons, it’s dangerous!

I will kill you when I go back, and you and you!”

The leader was yelling frantically, but the redskins at the back continued to use the guns they picked up to shoot Lu Luo.

They seem to have their own set of rules and need to protect the leader, but if the leader dies, the race will have a new leader.

As for who the new leader is, it depends on the new selection of the redskins.

These redskins with guns actually have a certain chance!

Lu Luo didn’t care about the red-skin leader’s roar at all. It didn’t take long for him to bring the red-skinned ghost to the depths of the Rift Valley.


A burrowing ground swallow suddenly broke through the wall, and the huge circular mouthpart seemed to swallow Lu Luo and the red-skin leader together in one bite.

But what it bit was not a piece of meat, but a bit of cold light sprinkled by Lu Luo!

The flesh and blood are separated, and the six blades are reunited and fall into the hands.

Lu Luo rampaged in this section of the road in Rift Valley, gods block then kill gods.

A large number of alien species were killed by Lu Luo along the way, but he did not have time to stop and slowly devour those alien species that he killed.

Looking at these alien corpses, Lu Luo also thought secretly, it’s a pity.

“A lot wasted!”

Finally, Lu Luo stopped at the bottom of the Rift Valley. There was no road ahead, and behind him, there were endless red Pisen ghost!

“This position is just right!”

Lu Luo just stood still, there was a crypt spider probe. He still raised the sword with his hand and cut it off as before. Up the head of the spider.

He interrupted the limbs of the redskin leader casually, and after ensuring that the opponent could no longer release summon’s ability, he threw it behind him.

Then he raised his big sword and pointed at the Red Pisen ghost on the opposite side!

“Your leader is behind me. Whether you want to save it or become a new leader, you can’t get past it this step, right?

Come and kill Damn me, you are the new leader.”

The redskin ghosts are a little restless, but their eyes are more excited rays of light.

Some mountain ghosts with weapons have started moving towards Lu Luo and shooting.

But with this position and angle, Lu Luo doesn’t care about this frontal attack at all.

All he needs to stop is weapons like rockets.

A touch of color flows along the entrance of Lu Luo’s blood vessels. This is the effect that Lu Luo is slowly stimulating the poisonous seeds.

Three gears of steam, toxic fog.

Ha! ~

Mixed colors of venom flowed out of his mouth. After the venom hits the ground, it immediately evaporates into gas.

Mixing with the steam from Lu Luo’s body, it drifts towards these red-skinned ghosts unconsciously.


A rocket appeared as Lu Luo thought.

Rockets should be the most formidable power human individual weapons that these redskins can master.

If the weapons are more complex, they should not work well.

With the previous experience, Lu Luo does not plan to use his hands to harden the rocket this time.

Although the explosion was very violent, as long as it is not in direct contact, it can no longer hurt him now.

As the jet accelerated, Lu Luo rushed towards the missile, and then kicked it under the missile.

The missile deviated from its orbit, but it also exploded due to violent shocks.


Lu Luo was blown out again, but once he was unharmed.

The rockets were ineffective against Lu Luo, and many redskins began to hesitate. They began to wonder if they could kill Lu Luo after they rushed up.

Although their thinking ability is relatively poor, but poor does not mean there is no.

Their cooperative combat capabilities themselves require extremely excellent intelligent attributes.

“Come on? What are you waiting for?

Don’t forget, you are a group that even Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon can retreat.

How? Seeing me as a human being, I didn’t dare to step forward?”

Lu Luo didn’t know if the other party could understand it. Anyway, as long as he didn’t let these red skins go, he would be considered successful.

Sure enough, after listening to Lu Luo’s words, the redskins began to stir again.

They have a desire to become a new leader.

So after a Tier 3 redskin suddenly burst, a large number of redskin ghosts flooded like a tide.

Looking at the red tide in front of him, Lu Luo even had a feeling of enthusiasm.

He held the big sword excitedly and swung his first slash to the sky.

“Just so, let’s test my own physical strength!”

Lu Luo stood motionless in front of the Redskin leader, with one sword, two swords, and three swords.

He kept swinging his sword, and the blood, ground meat, and torso of the alien species were also continuously scattered around him.

5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, the range of highly poisonous has long been enough, but Lu Luo still did not use the poisonous explosion.

He is still swinging his sword continuously, UU reading in this pure battle, honing his combat skills and will.

The corpses have been piled up into a hill, and Lu Luo stood still on the top of this hill. No red skin can cross his high mountain.

With the killing of Lu Luo, the spirit willpower of the Redskins finally collapsed. They pushed me and let us not move forward.

Obviously, the fear of death and Lu Luo at this time is greater than the desire for the position of leader.

And Lu Luo is also breathing heavily at this time!

“Isn’t it coming! It’s really enjoyable.

But if you don’t come, it doesn’t make sense to keep it.


Lu Luo raised his left hand slightly tired, and then snapped his fingers.

Poisonous explosion!


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