Doomsday Ring Chapter 230


Violent poisonous explosions occur in each red skin’s body, mixing, gathering, and bursting.

Almost all red skins spit out a large amount of mixed-colored blood and even internal organs in an instant.

Their pupils changed color in a short time and then lost their original color.

Pieces of red skin fell down and became Lu Luo’s dead soul!

It took less than 3 seconds for the entire valley to go from the crowded hustle and bustle of countless red skins to the lifeless secretive suppression.

The scene full of Death Aura at this time not only shocked the red leather leader behind Lu Luo.

Even some alien species hidden within the valley dare not come up at this time.

Lu Luo suddenly remembered something, looking back with a sword, and directly chopped off the head of the Redskin leader.

He has already given up on a Tier 4 elite species of mountain ghost, and now another Tier 4 elite species must be fresh and cannot be wasted.

[It is devouring Tier 4 elite humanoids, the Red Pisen ghost-leader, gaining 1500 energy. ]

[You have obtained a 9-point sequence value through swallowing. 】

After devouring the red-skin leader, Lu Luo did not stop, and continued to stretch out his 8 Devourer tentacles, and began to quickly harvest the red-skinned corpses here.

The alien life energy of death will be lost quickly, and there are too many red skins here.

He knew that he might have swallowed it impossible, but as much as he could swallow, 1 second was a waste.

“It must be as soon as possible!”

[You swallowed Tier 1 Red Pisen ghost and gained 12 energy. ]

[You swallowed Tier 2 Red Pisen ghost and gained 59 energy. 】

Such prompts light up continuously, and Lu Luo’s keeps his own rhythm, quickly devouring.

The efficiency of Level 3 Devourer is already high enough and enough to do as one pleases, so Lu Luo is slowly calculating his own gains while devouring it.

Although the energy income of Redskins fluctuates, generally speaking will not appear a very outrageous gap.

The red skin of Tier 1 is about 10-14, and Lu Luo calculates 12 based on the average value.

The red skin of Tier 2 is around 51-65, and the average is 57.

There are about 200-300 for the 3rd order, but the 3rd order is too few, so it can hardly be calculated actively.

At this time, the number of red skins in front of him is tens of thousands, so Lu Luo can already be sure that if he swallows all the red skins completely.

Then his energy income will definitely be more than 100,000, or even around 150,000.

But these all are his ideal state, the speed of devouring is not so fast, the devouring time of tens of thousands of alien species far exceeds his killing time.

Lu Luo is still not sure how many alien species can be swallowed before the life energy is lost. He can only say that he can take one step at a time.

“Forget it, I don’t want that many anymore, go ahead!”

Lu Luo repeated his actions, and the surrounding corpses began to decrease continuously.

It took Lu Luo nearly 2 hours to devour 1100 red skins.

About 17,000 energy was harvested.

This efficiency is actually very, very amazing,

But Lu Luo is still not satisfied!

“Devourer did not continue to upgrade. I don’t know what the conditions of Level 4 Devourer are.”

Lu Luo is pretty sure that Devourer must have Level 4, because he feels that Devourer is still very big The potential can be developed.

Just like S-09 judges have Level 5, after Devourer is upgraded, there should be a bigger improvement in effect.

Lu Luo guessed that Devourer’s continued improvement may have something to do with his rank strength and even the observer level.

The problem now is that after the observer is upgraded to Level 2, there is no prompt to continue the upgrade, which makes Lu Luo very distressed.

[All your worries are due to your own shortcomings, hurry up and go dry, dry the boy. 】

“Yes, people who work on food, people who work on food, and people who work on food. Chong.”

When Devourer reached 4 hours, the energy of Lu Luo’s income had already come. At 32,000, plus the previous total energy is about 35,000.

Because of the ebbing of time, the life energy of these red skins has begun to decay, and the rate of decay is getting faster.

More than that, Lu Luo’s own phagocytic efficiency is also decreasing.

Because he felt a feeling that he hadn’t seen for a long time, it was a feeling of fullness that was so strong that it was unacceptable, commonly known as eating and holding.

Although he can continue to hold on now, the feeling of supporting himself is really uncomfortable.

“It’s so supportive, no, you will never yield!”

Two more hours have passed, and only 14,000 of the profits in these two hours are left.

There are still a lot of corpses around. Lu Luo estimates that his small goal of 80,000 is stable, but he doesn’t know the energy value of these corpses and what was the final value.

In this way, after 10 hours, Lu Luo’s total energy value has reached 71,000, which is not far from 80,000.

The speed at which the corpse’s energy decays has been greatly accelerated.

At this time, the sky is already a bit dark. After so long observation of the alien species in the Rift Valley, it has been confirmed that Lu Luo, a terrifying guy, should be eating.

Although the way Lu Luo eats is a bit outrageous, they found that when Lu Luo eats, they don’t seem to attack them.

So some hungry alien species began to come out, wandering around the edge of the red skin corpses, quietly dragging away some of the red ghost corpses, and some even gnawed on the spot.

This scene makes Lu Luo a little happy! Good thing!

Because although these red ghosts are dead, the poison within the body will not evaporate in a short period of time.

These alien species that swallow the corpse of a red-skinned ghost, unless they have a strong poison resistance, are likely to be poisoned to death by their own extended toxins.

When the time comes, Lu Luo can get a fresher batch of alien corpses.

How could Lu Luo stop such a sustainable development path? Therefore, he completely turned a blind eye to these alien species that secretly gnawed on the red skin, each minding their own business devouring those around him.

0, Lu Luo’s final energy value is fixed at 94000.

Going to devour the red-skinned corpse again, the hint has changed.

[The life energy of this alien species within the body has been lost. 】

“94, far more than the small goal, and these in front of you, you can harvest a wave.”

Although there are still a lot of red skin on the ground at this time Ghost corpses, but these corpses have meaning to him.

At the edge of the corpse, some of the alien species who were biting the corpse have died of poison, but these poisonous methods are generally very weak ones.

More alien species are still swallowing, biting red-skinned corpses.

Birds, Insects, deformities, and all kinds of alien species are sharing the feast brought to them by Lu Luo.

But what they don’t know is that the end of this feast is a new round of death that’s all.

In the dark night, Lu Luo slowly walked towards these alien species, he suddenly raised his hand and snapped his fingers for the second time.

Poisonous explosion!


All kinds of corpses fell down in an instant, of course, a large number of alien species screamed and fled.

The formidable power of toxins will decay, and some alien species eat fewer corpses, or their strength is strong enough, and their poison resistance is strong enough.

It is not an accident to resist Lu Luo’s poisonous explosion.

Lu Luo is very, very satisfied with such a new harvest. This is only the third day he came outside the wall.

His energy gain is close to his original goal of going out, what else is more happier than this?

“Although I am going to die, I feel that I can continue to eat.”

The satiety that Devourer brings is not actually eating food, but gaining energy The kind of fullness.

Lu Luo gained that many energy in one day. This sense of fullness is too strong, so I have this feeling of support.

Harvesting a wave of these scattered alien corpses again, Lu Luo’s energy is finally fixed on this number.

100,000 energy, this figure has far exceeded Lu Luo’s expectations.

Outside the wall, strength is everything and the foundation of everything, so Lu Luo did not delay, and directly began to choose to strengthen his attributes.

“Strengthen agility.”

[It is consuming 37750 energy points to enhance agility. ]

[Your agility attribute has reached 100, and your sequence chain A-00 unbelievers has been enhanced. ]

“Strengthen strength.”

[It is consuming 37550 energy points to increase strength. ]

[Your power’s attributes have reached 100, and your sequence chain A-00 unbelievers has been enhanced. ]

[Your strength, agility, and physique have reached 100 points, and your Faithless Sequence has reached A-Rank, you have activated the new Faithless Effect-Ji Realm. ]

Sequence Chain A-00-Faithless

Effect 1-Armor: Reduce 40% of all damage, stack with any other damage reduction, and all damage will eventually be -25.

Effect 2-Swiftness: Increases full speed by 40%, reduces damage from high-altitude drops, and improves jumping ability.

Effect 3-military force: Increase physical damage by 40%, and physical damage penetrates 15%.

Effect 4-Strong: Increase life force by 80%, increase physical damage by 20%.

Effect 5-Superstition: You are very superstitious.

You don’t believe in the power of other people, so you ignore 40% of attribute energy damage other than yourself.

You only believe in your own power, so when you cause harm to other people, occasionally there will be additional effects.

You do not believe in fate, so any control and mental effects are reduced by 60%.

Effect 6-Ji Realm: Enter the ultimate moment, consume a doomsday factor, and the corresponding energy.

Introduction 1: An unbeliever who insists on Ji Realm can become a person who crosses life and death.

Introduction 2: You need 22 kinds of lords’ pride.

Introduction 3: You need the heart of disaster.

With full attribute 100, plus the unbelievers sequence strengthened to the extreme, Lu Luo’s current battle strength can no longer be calculated by simply using the rank position.

Now if he breaks out with all his strength, maybe he really has the probability of fighting with the lord alien species.

However, it still depends on the domain ability of the lord’s alien species. If it is too troublesome, Lu Luo still doesn’t want to provoke it.

“What is the effect of Ji Realm? Why is the consumption so large?”

Lu Luo did not complain about it, because generally speaking, high consumption means high formidable power.

However, the introduction of Ji Realm’s effect is too general.

[Ji Realm is currently the strongest biological state that Doomsday Disc can infer for you.

Entering Ji Realm is the ultimate moment to enter the strongest biological state. 】

Lu Luo immediately perceives the meaning in the observer’s prompt, the strongest biological state instead of the strongest person state.

In other words, this Ji Realm state is likely to be similar to transformation, runaway and other skills.

It is very likely that it will not be able to maintain the human form after use, and it is more likely that it will develop into a different form.

To be honest, Lu Luo really wants to try the effect of the ultimate moment, so that he will know this new ability well.

But the consumption is too big, so poor, think about it, forget it!

“Hey, why just swallowed 100,000 energy and disappeared in a blink of an eye? It’s too difficult.”

Lu Luo sat quietly in the center of the corpse, surrounded by red The skin corpse has no value.

In the corpses of some other alien species, occasionally there are valuable materials, such as advanced alien protrusions, eyeballs, sharp claw, cores and so on.

But now that it’s dark, Lu Luo decides to take a good rest tonight and come back tomorrow morning to continue collecting the materials here.

Collecting materials is a very necessary job, because his improvement requires not only energy, but also dark energy.

After having Devourer, the fastest way to improve dark energy is money!

Lu Luo didn’t have a cultivation that night, but took a good rest here.

The continuous fighting made his body a little tired. A good night’s sleep will give him a better spirit to hunt the alien species tomorrow.

In the middle of the night, Lu Luo lay on the ground without any protection.

But even so, the surrounding alien species still dare not approach him.

Lu Luo’s actions have been completely imprinted in the hearts of these alien species, many of which are still carrying Lu Luo’s mixed toxins at this time, but they have not been poisoned to death. UU reading

This person is too terrifying!

In the early morning of 2nd day, a team of excellent and well-equipped transcenders crossed the Rift Valley and reached the bottom of the valley.

As soon as they entered the bottom of the valley, they saw this amazing picture full of corpses!

“Master! In front of…”

Looking at the corpse in one place, Luo Ya’s expression was a little frightened.

And her Master Shi Tian also revealed a hint of horror at this time.

“I saw it.”

At this time, other team members also walked into the depths of the valley one after another. The scene before us is undoubtedly full of visual shock.

“These red skins, this amount! Master (Captain), what do you do now?”

Shi Tian didn’t speak, he just wandered around to observe carefully.

However, the more he watched, the more shocked he became. Is there any lord-level alien war happening here? How could you die that many at once?

In fact, what he didn’t know was that more of the red skin had been swallowed by Lu Luo. At this time, the remaining red skin was just one third.

“Alert, stay alert.”

Other transcenders of the same trade hesitantly took out their own weapons. After all, this kind of alien mass death situation, generally speaking will Means danger.

“Master, let me go and see?” A young transcender stepped forward and applied for probing.

“Okay, but Wang Qiang be careful.”

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