Doomsday Ring Chapter 231

The transcender named Wang Qiang slowly approached the red skin corpse. After approaching the corpse, he dragged one of the corpses out with an extended crowbar.

But after doing this, Wang Qiang suddenly covered his nose and mouth.

“Master, poisonous! And it has a certain volatility, it is extremely poisonous!”

Hearing the poisonous, Shi Tian Ma gave orders.

“Go back and wear all mechanical gas masks.”

When going out, excellent anti-virus equipment is naturally a necessity. It is common sense that alien species are poisonous.

This team of transcenders has extraordinary strength and is well-equipped. Naturally, there will be no shortage of anti-virus supplies.

Their anti-virus equipment is not the simple gas mask that Lu Luo bought before, but the mechanical gas mask recently produced by Grand Prospects Armed Forces.

This kind of mechanical gas mask was designed by Li Tanya after experiencing the Battle of Gaum.

Not only can it defend against poison qi, but it can also isolate the smell, so that the transcender can maintain a relatively normal breathing state, and can speak normally, which is very easy to use.

Wearing a mask, these transcenders feel a little safer.

Wang Qiang picked up his crowbar again and began to look at the corpse here.

“Master, there are not only red skins here, but also a lot of rank 1-2 heterogeneous corpses, it seems that there are still rank 3!

Although his body is poisoned, but use a protective bag It should be no problem to install it. We took down the materials and it is estimated to be a good income.”

Wang Qiang seemed very happy, and many other team members were also very happy at this time.

But if Lu Luo is awake, there will be a weird feeling.

These people are well equipped and not weak, but their behavior has always revealed a strange sense of strangeness.

This is because this team is really the first team to enter the wall.

Their identity is a private soldier of Seastar people’s livelihood, and all team members are transcenders trained by Seastar people’s livelihood.

Although these people are just military force units trained, they are indigenous people in the inner ring.

Compared to the Fourth Ring people, they can’t overemphasize the last sentence that is delicate and expensive.

As one of the three major wasteland companies, Seastar has always mastered the livelihood production.

This time because of the changes in Fourth Ring and the emergence of disasters, they have a certain sense of crisis, have the idea of ​​exploring outside the wall, and have formed some private teams.

Shi Tian’s team is one of them.

At this time Shi Tian heard the words of the discipline, and was slightly nodded with satisfaction.

Although I don’t know how these red-skinned corpses came from, such a situation may be dangerous, and it may also be an opportunity.

If a large amount of alien materials can be obtained for nothing, it would be very encouraging for them to come to the outside of the wall for the first time.

“Let the team members start collecting dissimilar materials with protective bags. Remember to protect yourself and try not to have direct contact with the corpse.

If you are poisoned, you need to report it immediately, and Use antidote.”

speaking of which Ashamed, Shi Tian is the only member of this team who has been outside the wall.

Leading a group of people who have no experience outside the wall, he feels pressured.

Because of the previous changes in Fourth Ring,

Seastar Minsheng found that it was unconsciously left behind by Grand Prospects and Blue Heavens.

And if there is no other way, the gap will get bigger and bigger.

If Fourth Ring becomes the kind of energy intensity outside the wall, then drug and weapon companies will naturally develop vigorously.

The Minsheng Company will definitely be greatly affected, because the increase in dark energy is likely to cause a wide range of plants to appear in the Fourth Ring.

And after long-term adaptation to Fourth Ring dark energy, humans are likely to be like ordinary aliens, eating some relatively clean alien meat.

These seemingly unremarkable changes will have a huge impact on the people’s livelihood of Seastar.

At this time, they have been relying on the people’s livelihood. Naturally, they can no longer wait to die. They want to reconnect with the wall, explore resources, and develop new people’s livelihood businesses.

Although these are still empty words for the time being, the assumptions are always good.

So Seastar sent a total of 4 teams outside the wall, namely East, South, West, North Fourth Ring, to conduct the first wave of exploration outside the wall.

This kind of exploration has no substantive purpose, it is to explore the environment, collect resources, and understand the transcender needs outside the wall.

Feel the battle, kill some alien species, and bring the alien materials back.

Not to make money, but to have a clear understanding of the environment and living conditions outside the wall, so as to adapt to the new rhythm of Fourth Ring.

Through our own needs, we can understand the needs of other transcenders for living items outside the wall.

Only by understanding the needs of customers can Seastar be able to transform in this huge change.

Shi Tian’s squad came with this glorious mission.

In fact, during the entire march, they were very nervous and terrible. Two of the 20 players died before they came to the Rift Valley.

In addition to killing some ordinary alien species, the team has almost no substantial gains.

There is no reconnaissance sequence, no Dark Spirit Stone, no eclipse item, no useful materials.

It’s simply a three-no team.

In this situation, even Shi Tian, ​​who led the team, was confused.

But it’s fine now. They found a large number of alien corpses, red skins, and various alien species, many of which are rare.

With the most basic gains, you can gradually build confidence in your team.

However, just when these Seastar people’s livelihood players searched for materials.

A certain sequence is calling its host, and its host sleeps in a pile of corpses so deadly, and the surrounding is still filled with poison.

[Host, wake up, there are people around you, hurry up. ]

[Hey, Lu Luo, can’t you get up at all? You sleep like a dead pig. Others are looking for the door. ]

[Okay, you don’t care if others steal your money. You are no longer the Little Lu you used to be. 】

Lu Luo sat up after hearing someone rob his own money.

“Who robbed me of my money? Tired of living?”

Lu Luo, who was awakened, found that there were about a dozen people around who were stripping away the corpses of the alien species, cautiously handling the alien species. Materials, some people are surprised.

Such a scene made Lu Luo’s expression start to become a little confused.

“This? What’s the situation?”

At this moment, Luo Ya walked up to Lu Luo and looked at Lu Luo who was sitting on the ground.

Her expression also became strange.

“Why don’t you wear a gas mask? You are still dirty, you are contaminated with toxins from corpses, right?

Hey, why don’t you speak? Poisoned?”

Lu Luo looked at the young woman in front of him, and didn’t know what to say for a while.

He stood up and scanned the surroundings. These people also looked at him. Seeing Lu Luo and Luo Ya Senior Sister standing together, they stopped talking.

It seems that I don’t even understand the most basic wasteland protection against the enemy.

Are these people all stupid?


Lu Luo just wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Luo Ya on the other side.

“Wait, you are not from our company, are you? Who are you? What is your purpose here?”

[Did this woman find out? Are you weird, or are these people weird? Why do I feel so wrong? 】

Lu Luo also feels that something is wrong. It is obviously that you are robbing me. Why did you ask me in turn?

People from the company? What kind of company is it that can send a bunch of waste like you!

And in this dangerous environment outside the wall, there is no trust between people.

Even if you want to question me, at least you have to raise your weapon and point it at me with a sword or firearm to show hostility. This is the most basic respect for me!

You look like you are going to quarrel with me, I am embarrassed to shoot.

“Hey, forget it!”

“Why don’t you talk? Who the hell are you? Ah!~”

Luo Ya hasn’t figured it out yet In the event, Lu Luo grabbed his neck and put it on his hand.

Her scream naturally attracted the attention of the other Seastar players. At this time, even if they were dull, they knew that they were in a situation.

As Captain, Shi Tian raised his gun at Lu Luo, this man standing in the corpse, covered in blood, gave him a very dangerous feeling.

“What do you do?”

“I should ask you about this, right?”

“What do you mean?”< /p>

Lu Luo glanced around, he hates others for stealing his money the most.

“You guys, why do you want to move my things?”

Shi Tian showed a puzzled expression, your things? What did we touch about you?

He took a subconsciously glance at the alien corpses around him, as well as the members who were just collecting alien materials.

An idea that he thought was unlikely came out of his mind.

“These alien species, aren’t they all killed by him? How could it be?”

At this time, Lu Luo is also frowning slightly. These people are very strong, most of them are 2-3 steps.

Such strength is likely to hurt him if he is capable of shooting.

So he doesn’t like human beings holding a gun at him like this, even more how, this is outside the wall.

“You robbed me and pointed your guns at me, and put on a look like I didn’t know anything, that’s all right!”

Lu Luo’s tone barely fell, and his body burst out suddenly. The thief must be captured first, and the leader on the other side must be resolved first.

The hot steam made Luo Ya in Lu Luo’s hand a little uncomfortable. She suddenly felt a gust of wind because of Lu Luo’s sudden acceleration.

Before Shi Tian spoke, Lu Luo bumped his knee on his stomach.


The same is Tier 3. Today’s Lu Luo’s strength is no longer what Tier 3 can describe.

He is now the ceiling of the ultimate biological state!

Shi Tian spit out a big mouthful of blood, flew out instantly, and knocked down another member.

This sudden shot made others a little astonished. When they looked towards Lu Luo’s position, Lu Luo’s figure was no longer there.


Boom! boom! boom! boom!

The bullet couldn’t touch Lu Luo at all. It was not that Lu Luo was faster than the bullet, but the reaction speed of these people was too slow.

Lu Luo cannot be captured by their field of view, shooting speed, angle.

So this battle can only be a unilateral beating.

Lu Luo’s momentum is big, power is deep. He kicked a transcender with a riot shield in his hand. Lu Luo kicked and bends the strong explosion-proof shield.

The whole person also flew upside down.

Lu Luo felt his own strength, and began to shuttle in this group of people.

The gunshots continued to sound, the crowd was chaotic, and there was nothing to say about the ability to collaborate.

Although the personal strength of these people is quite strong, in terms of combat experience, Lu Luo has only one feeling, and that is Caiji.

“Why is it so weak? A 2-3 level transcender shouldn’t be so weak.

Is it because I have become too strong? No, this team itself There is a problem. They have no coordination ability and no actual combat experience.”

Lu Luo punched one, and each blow would abolish one of the team’s battle strengths, but he did not kill these people.

Because he faintly felt something wrong, this team was very strange.

A team of this level, sent outside the wall, walked here, hasn’t the group killed yet?

Is there anything stranger than this? Looking at the bunch of people lying on the ground, Lu Luo was lost in thought.

Seeing that his team had been destroyed, I thought Lu Luo was going to kill him.

Luo Ya, who was still being held in his hand, endured the hurried neck and shouted:

“Wait a minute, we have no intention of offending. It was a misunderstanding just now. We didn’t look at it.

It’s you, that’s why I picked up your things.

We are people of Seastar Minsheng, please let us go, and we will compensate you for your loss at the price!”

“Seastar people’s livelihood people?”

For this company with the same name as Grand Prospects Armed Forces and Blue Heavens Biotechnology, Lu Luo’s first impression is a bit bad.

How did such a company survive?

“Compensation? Okay, let’s talk about compensation!”

[As expected of you, when it comes to losing money, I’ll be refreshed. ! 】

He was naked and standing in front of Luo Ya. His fair hair and skin were very impactful.

Luo Ya looked at Lu Luo in front of him, swallowing subconsciously, this person is really strong!

Lu Luo asked Seastar’s people to open all their backpacks, and then poured out all the foreign materials.

There are all kinds of materials for levels 1-3, but the quantity is actually not a lot, because these people don’t have much time to search.

Lu Luo glanced roughly, and the observer had already given a rough price analysis.

[There are 53 kinds of dissimilar materials, the price ranges from 300-4000, and the total price is about 41,000 yuan. 】

“The pile of almost here, including the things on the ground, I won’t cheat you, just give it 100,000.”

“100,000? How about you Don’t grab it? And there are some things here, obviously our own.”

“What did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly!”

Luo Ya wants to argue with Lu Luo Fan, but when she and Lu Luo looked at each other, they inexplicably persuaded.

“Then, can it be cheaper?”


“Good sir.”

Go outside the wall , Need to bring a certain amount of funds, this is what many large companies will do.

Because no one knows what will happen outside the wall, save some money or Dark Spirit Stone and exchange things with those scavengers. Now it is a common occurrence outside the wall.

Although the people at Seastar are inexperienced, they still know this.

They already have money. Although 100,000 yuan is quite a lot, there is no pressure for them.

After getting the money, Lu Luo was ready to leave, but Luo Ya stopped him again.

“We are the off-wall exploration team of Seastar, UU Reading I would like to hire you as our off-wall activity guide to teach me some knowledge outside the wall.

< p> Is it okay?”

“Not interested.”

[Don’t you ask how much? 】

The observer is worthy of the S-Rank sequence, and can always find the key points of things.

So Lu Luo turned his head again and looked at Luo Ya who was the only one in front of him.

“How much can you pay?”


“Only 100,000, no interest.”

“100,000 a day! We only need 3 days, and all the alien harvests in these three days belong to you.

But in these three days, I hope you can do your best to make us useful.”

300,000 yuan in 3 days, this money is really a lot! But the real value is the heterogeneous harvest within 3 days.

Originally, Lu Luo wanted to refuse, but after he glanced at the configuration of the team, there were 5 Tier 3 and 13 Tier 2, Lu Luo hesitated.

The strength of these people is quite strong, and it is not just a matter of strength. Their equipment is still very advanced, and the only drawback is that they have no combat experience.

Suddenly he has an angry thought.

If you count him as a real Tier 4 level, a Tier 4 expert with an elite team, can you try to attack the lord?

Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon! Just by the side!

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