Doomsday Ring Chapter 232

Lu Luo thought, as long as we cultivate more experts who can roam outside the wall now, there will be more hope for the future of the Wasteland Alliance.

Money or not, money is a trivial matter. Does the boss of his dignified Ring Studio care about that 300,000?

It’s not for money, it’s for the wasteland tomorrow!

【Be a man! 】

Lu Luo looked up at the sky, pretending to be hesitant, and was silent for about a few seconds before responding:

“cough cough, I can promise you to lead the team. It’s not for money, but my requirements are very high!

You have seen my earning power. I make 100,000 in minutes. I don’t care about it at all.

So , 300,000 in 3 days is just to let you understand the cost of knowledge, solemnly introduce myself, my name is Lu Luo.”

Luo Ya is a little speechless in his heart, your simply is not the ability to make money, yours is false money Is your ability good?

However, the fate of the entire squad is actually in the hands of Lu Luo. At this time, she will naturally follow Lu Luo’s words.

Furthermore, Luo Ya feels that the company should get in touch with the top off-wall adventurer.

Needless to say about the strength and abilities of the top-level adventurers, what they are truly powerful is their superior vision.

For the trend of the inside and outside of the waste wall, these top adventurers will have different opinions from ordinary people. Such things are what the company needs most.

“Mr. Lu Luo, your instructions, we will obey, my name is Luo Ya.”

Lu Luo and Luo Ya shook hands, which is considered to have reached a consensus on this matter.

Then Lu Luo threw out his “teaching training plan.”

“We are going to run in and train for 2 days. I will teach you as much as possible. Some real knowledge of the earth’s survival.

And I will arrange an exam on the last day.”

【I can beautify my greed to this level, it’s really unique First gear! 】

“Examination? What test?”

“Kill the Lord-level alien species, Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon.”

Hear Lu Luo’s teaching action The plan, other members were a little surprised.

Seastar squad Captain Shi Tian, ​​who was knocked out by Lu Luo before, has already awakened and walked over.

“Kill Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon? This gentleman, you are not cracking a joke?”

Shi Tian, ​​who has recovered, hired Lu Luo for 300,000 yuan for Luo Ya The three-day behavior did not deny, but expressed a supportive attitude.

In his opinion, if Luo Ya hadn’t taken the initiative to solve Lu Luo’s problem, then they might have been killed by Lu Luo.

Now instead of killing them, Lu Luo has become their leader and guide, which is naturally a thing to be happy about.

However, Lu Luo now proposes to kill Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon in the Swamp. Isn’t this cracking a joke?

These stinky fish and shrimps are running to find the trouble of the Lord-level alien species?

It’s not like giving heads away!

“You have 5 Tier 3 and 13 Tier 2. This strength is already very powerful, even more how you still carry various individual weapons that a normal mercenary team would not carry.


With such a team configuration, plus me, why can’t you kill Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon?”

Lu Luo blew a wave of Shi Tian’s team, which made Shi Tian a little happy. But killing Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon is not nothing serious.

“That’s right, but we just entered outside the wall and are not familiar with many things outside the wall.

I think this is a gradual process. , It’s still too difficult for us to directly challenge the lord alien species.”

In fact, what Shi Tian said is correct, normal teams should grow like this.

But Lu Luo doesn’t have time to accompany them slowly like this.

Furthermore, the time of Fourth Ring does not allow Seastar to train so slowly.

“Are you from the inner ring?”

“Yes, what’s wrong, we shouldn’t show any disrespect, right?”

Generally speaking, it does appear to be expert first, which is a common problem for people in the inner ring.

However, this team of Seastar did not show too much such an attitude.

Compared to other inner circle players, they are relatively humble.

He didn’t show too much arrogance, nor did he show any disrespect in front of Lu Luo.

So, Shi Tian didn’t know why Lu Luo asked this suddenly.

“Do you guys know how many new transcenders have appeared in the current Fourth Ring in 5 days.

How many of these transcenders have awakened the sequence, their How much has the physique improved, and what level of their adaptation to dark energy have reached?”

Lu Luo’s forcing Shi Tian took a few steps back. These problems sound very serious, but they have something to do with them. what relationship?

“These have nothing to do with us, right?”

Lu Luo laughed, really ignorant.

“It turns out that not everyone in the inner ring is very clever.”

This is already a stupid sentence, Shi Tian and the other team members’ faces are a bit ugly.

However, the gap between their strength and Lu Luo’s strength is too great, and they dare not refute Lu Luo at this time.

Although a few of them do not understand, it does not mean that everyone does not understand.

The female player Luo Ya who performed outstandingly before has interrupted Shi Tian’s desire to continue speaking.

“Stop talking about Master Shi, just follow Mr. Lu Luo’s request. We will hunt Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon in 3 days.”

“Luo Ya? Okay. “

Lu Luo looked at this woman who was caught by herself as soon as they met.

To tell the truth, the level 2 strength and the lack of distinctive combat capability, such a person Lu Luo is a little bit down on now, the potential is far inferior to Brother Kai.

But he has discovered that the nominal leader of this team is Shi Tian.

But from the conversation just now, he has vaguely felt that this woman’s identity may be unusual.

If it was before, Lu Luo would definitely not say it, but at this time, he needs to save time, so he said to Luo Ya straight to the point:

“If you have The control of the team, you are the real Captain of the team.

The next thing I will ask for will be more difficult, so the team can only have one voice.”

Luo Ya’s face changed. She didn’t deliberately hide her identity, but she didn’t deliberately expose it.

Since Lu Luo has seen it, she is also generously nodded.

“Yes, only two team members knew about this, but since you have said it clearly, I will take over the authority of the team.”

“Well, give you 10 After 10 minutes of dressing, we set off to the Son-Mother Swamp.”


Standing behind the corpse pile in changed clothes, he doesn’t distinguish Qi Xinzhu’s kind of dispersal The ability of the body, so the blood stains on the body can not be removed.

You can only use the drinking water you bring, simply wipe it, take a bath or something, it is not possible for the time being.

10 minutes later, Luo Ya reappeared in front of him.

Looking at this puzzled team, Lu Luo showed a satisfied smile.

Without the mechanical gas mask, Luo Ya looked a little embarrassed when he stood in front of Lu Luo, because it was too pungent.

“You have a heavy smell of blood.”

“It’s just a smell of blood. It’s not bad if you don’t let you drink feces.

Let’s go! Now that the money is collected, the 3-day course can start!”


Actually, Lu Luo can’t teach at all, but he knows how to survive, and He has had many tactical cooperations with Gu Fangyi and Qi Xinzhu.

So I still have a deep understanding of the 3-player squad tactical mode outside the wall.

In the past 3 days, Lu Luo explained the rules outside the wall in detail with the Seastar team in terms of hunting, survival, and negotiation.

Although they could not immediately adapt to the weak are prey to the strong rule, they still remembered Lu Luo’s words.

The most important thing is one that Lu Luo has repeatedly emphasized.

Just outside the wall, everyone is your imaginary enemy, all you have to do is to think about how to guard against them, defeat them, and kill them.

When Lu Luo said this, Luo Ya expressed his doubts.

“Whether they are aliens or humans, they are all enemies? What about teammates?”

“You interrupt before I finish speaking. Of course my meaning will be misunderstood. .”

“Well, you can keep talking!” Luo Ya lowered his head.

“First of all, you have to be clear that the person standing in front of you is a person, who will have thoughts and desires.

And once there is desire, this person will have Basic threats.

Because the impossible desires are always satisfied, don’t rush to refute, listen to me.

For example, if a sex critic sees a beautiful woman, he wants this woman , And leading the team to catch this woman, which led to the destruction of the team.”

“How is this possible?”

Luo Ya thinks this kind of person is stupid and feels unbelievable.

But Lu Luo knew very well that the conflict between them and Wu Sen at that time actually started with one or two eyes looking towards Qi Xinzhu.

“Such things are everywhere outside the wall. It’s really not a minority.”

“Because of the desire of teammates, sometimes teammates will become imaginary enemies. This is what I mean. Is it?”

“Yes, first of all, everyone is your own imaginary enemy, but their identity can give them a condition of trust in your heart.

All are enemies Under the prerequisite of, each additional identity can reduce some vigilance.

For example, your teammates will also be divided into ordinary teammates, close teammates, brothers of life and death.

When a person appears as a teammate, it is naturally trustworthy.

But there will always be times when a teammate is no longer a teammate and a person cannot be counted as a person, so you cannot trust him.< /p>

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First of all, you must see the identity of your teammates, and then give your teammates trust , This is the right choice.”

Luo Ya didn’t know what Lu Luo said that teammates are no longer teammates, and people cannot be regarded as people.

But she felt that what Lu Luo said just now was a bit reasonable, and Lu Luo’s ability was trustworthy, so she showed enough trust.

“It makes sense, is there any more?”

“Another example is scavengers, such as merchants, or other hunting teams.

These people They are all human beings, but their identities have nothing common with each other. Even with the same identity, everyone’s thinking is very different.

Some scavengers will attack other humans, while others are Asking for your own blessings will not cause trouble. All of these require your own judgment.”

“I know, maybe I don’t understand it yet, but I will adapt to the environment outside the wall as soon as possible.”< /p>

Lu Luo also laughed with a grin.

[If you adapt quickly, you will die slowly. Of course this is great! 】


In the depths of the mother and child swamp, after two and a half days of rigorous training, the entire Seastar team has been completely renewed.

They are no longer as clean and tidy as before, but a bit more messy and blood energy.

The time for the hunting lord class alien that Lu Luo said before, Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon has arrived!

Luo Ya’s team was crawling in the Swamp, and they pressed their faces in the stench of the mud in the swamp.

There are many foreign species, biological feces, even if you wear a mechanical mask, but soaked in this dirty water, it is still a bit unbearable.

In fact, Luo Ya is also very disgusted with such an environment. Lu Luo said before that it would be nice not to let them drink manure water.

Didn’t expect this time, actually let them lie in the mud of the swamp.

The stench and sourness fill the nose and mouth. Apart from nausea, there is no second feeling.

Is there any difference between this and drinking manure water?

“Luo Ya, we…” Wang Qiang wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Luo Ya.

“Don’t talk!”


Lu Luo drags a ghost crab on the swamp, the ghost crab is Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon is a favorite food.

Lu Luo feels that such a blatant seduce should be more effective. It depends on when Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon will be released!

But what Lu Luo didn’t expect was that the situation this time was different from the last time.

The appearance of the nightmare affects not only ordinary alien species, even the lord is also attacked by the power of the nightmare.

Like the Red Pisen ghost before, Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon is also affected.

But it did not increase the intelligence like the red ghost, it increased the desire to kill.

As early as 10 minutes ago, UU read www. Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon has already discovered Lu Luo, but it never made a move.

The ghost crab of death is no longer attractive to it. It is Lu Luo himself who is interested in it!

[There is a dangerous atmosphere approaching, at the 36th corner of the southeast, it is suspected of being a high-order alien. It has not been determined whether it is Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon. 】

Lu Luo directly put down the ghost crab in his hand, and turned around with a sword.


Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon’s sharp claw and Lu Luo’s big sword collided, Lu Luo was invincible, and quickly retreats out.

“Hey! As long as you show up!

Prepare a particle sniper rifle and aim it at its limbs.”

Lu Luo’s voice did not respond, but he They knew Luo Ya and they had heard it. This was something they had said before.

The next thing he needs to do is to fix the position of Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon and give Luo Ya them a very good shooting angle.

【Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon, grade 5 deformed species, ability to regenerate child mother, swamp stealth, mud vortex.

Attribute: Strength 140, Agility 175, Physique 150]

The attribute of Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon is not particularly powerful, but it is a rare balanced deformity .

It has a strong melee ability, fast speed, can also burrow, manipulate mud, and regenerate.

No wonder such a monster can kill a hunter squad without intelligence.

After a blow, a huge amount of steam began to emanate from Lu Luo’s body, and his brows flashed with excitement.

Steam, third gear!

This time I used the steam in 3 gears, and the steam pressure of 2.7 times did not even deform Lu Luo’s muscles.

Although the body is bulging, there is no change in height and body shape, and it has truly reached the ideal state of steam pressure.

Lifting up Fenrir, Lu Luo opened the mouth and said arrogantly:

“Okay, let’s fight hand-to-hand!”

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