Doomsday Ring Chapter 233

Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon burrowed through the ground, while Lu Luo jumped high.

When Aquatic Lemon drilled out of the swamp, Lu Luo also used the jet belt to fall rapidly.

“Use frozen bombs.”


Dozens of cryobombs flew over under Lu Luo’s order. These cryobombs are very expensive, and Lu Luo can’t afford it anyway.

But for the people’s livelihood of Seastar, this kind of consumption is basically not a matter.

The cold air erupting from the freezing bomb quickly freezes the surrounding swamp. As long as the swamp freezes, the effectiveness of Aquatic Lemon will be greatly reduced.

And it can effectively block its ability to control mud.

The sword and sharp claw kept colliding, making the sound of metal clashing. After a dozen consecutive collisions, Lu Luo flew high and hovered in midair.

Lu Luo held the Fenrir Six Form high, and the big sword suddenly split into six and spread out.

He only picked up the main weapon in the middle, and the other five daggers were connected with steel wires.

The qi fuse controls these separated blades along the steel wire and dances with Lu Luo’s actions.

Lu Luo held the main sword of Fenrir and pierced Aquatic Lemon straightly. The other five blades were also scattered to the other five different directions, and the six blades came out all at once.


Lu Luo himself was knocked away by Aquatic Lemon, but he stopped his figure with a jet belt and let the other 5 sharp blades pierce Aquatic Lemon’s body at the same time.

However, Aquatic Lemon’s rage obviously surpassed Lu Luo’s imagination. It grabbed the wire and threw Lu Luo to the ground!


Lu Luo lying on the ground spit out a large mouthful of blood.

But this fall also threw his temper up, and Lu Luo, who fell to the ground, ran away in an instant.

Steam, fourth gear.

Lu Luo’s body finally couldn’t suppress the power of steam, and his body swelled and enlarged in an instant.

The fair skin broke through the original clothes, revealing a healthy body.

Without additional lightning, the fourth gear this time is simply an increase in power and speed by steam.

At this time, Lu Luo’s power has surpassed Aquatic Lemon. He suddenly pulled and forcibly dragged Aquatic Lemon onto the ice, throwing his sword away.

Six seals.

ding ding ding ding ding Ding!

Fenrir’s six blades pierced into the ground, and the strong qi fuse mixed into Aquatic Lemon’s body, making him temporarily impossible to move .

This is just Lu Luo’s 1st Step.


The steel wire he originally carried was not enough at this time.

However, Lu Luo has a lot of energy in his hand at this time, which means that he can use the Fusion to make steel wires almost unlimitedly.

Moreover, every steel wire he makes is attached with his steam qi fuse.

One steel wire is not strong enough, so ten, thirty.

Plus Fenrir’s six-style suppression, Lu Luo just nailed Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon to the ground, unable to move.

“Hit its right hind leg!”

On the other side, Luo Ya and 5 other team members each picked up a particle sniper rifle and aimed at Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon’s Right hind leg.

For Lu Luo, as long as the mobility of Aquatic Lemon can be reduced to a point where it cannot be repaired in a short time, his combat advantage will be very large.


At the same time that Lu Luo was kicked by Aquatic Lemon, the six sniper rifles with energy burst out of their bullets instantly.

All these bullets hit Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon’s right hind leg.

A lot of blood splashed, and the formidable power of the sniper rifle is so big that even the lord alien cannot resist.

zhi zhi zhi! ~

Aquatic Lemon screamed, and the pain caused it to break free of a large number of steel wires and blades in an instant.

But when it stood up again, Lu Luo arrived at the same time.

Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon felt the danger, but under the influence of the power of the nightmare, he had fallen into a violent state and ignored it at all.

Without any defensive reflex, it is a claw, which is a dark claw with a lot of dark energy.

However, Lu Luo’s sword also pierced into Aquatic Lemon’s forehead at the same time.

One type of sword heart, spiral sword!

Aquatic Lemon’s sharp claw is comparable to the sharpest sword. The intense dark energy attached directly to Lu Luo’s abdomen.

At the same time,

Aquatic Lemon’s forehead was instantly pierced by the spiral sword qi, bursting out!

Lu Luo flew out dozens of people, then quickly got up and rushed forward again.

Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon also shook the bare head here, screamed at Lu Luo, and bit it.

The members of the Seastar company on the side stared at the a man and a beast battle, hard to describe.

Luo Ya moved her mouth, she didn’t know how to describe this kind of battle.

“This is simply not a human battle, this is a monster battle!

Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon is a monster, and so is Lu Luo!”

Lu Luo It only took ten seconds for her abdomen to bleed rapidly from the beginning to the wound gradually stopped bleeding.

His body structure is very different from ordinary people, although it does not have the regenerative effect of rapid healing.

But the high recovery ability brought by high physique has been highlighted at this time.

Although the power of the fourth gear is very powerful, the advantage of Lu Luo at this time is actually not the strength, but the high mobility brought by the fourth gear with the jet belt.

This kind of maneuverability is not only speed, acceleration is important, but in close combat, the ability to decelerate is also important.

Lu Luo instantly accelerated, stopped, turned back, accelerated again, and so on, began to walk around Aquatic Lemon.

As for Aquatic Lemon, because of the hind legs, I couldn’t run, so I could only yell at Lu Luo frantically.

“You can attack! Use a huge might weapon.”


Getting Lu Luo’s order, the members of Seastar appeared one after another , Began to attack with individual rocket launchers and grenade guns.

Lu Luo fights with Aquatic Lemon close to him, replacing his injuries with injuries, consuming Aquatic Lemon’s physical strength as much as possible.

The Seastar players, relying on the powerful firepower net, began to cover Lu Luo and Aquatic Lemon.

This is the battle plan they have already thought of before.

When Luo Ya heard about this plan at the time, he also questioned whether Lu Luo’s battle method would harm him.

And Lu Luo’s answer is:

“I want to know too!”

bang bang bang!

Grenade and rocket launcher Constantly exploding around Lu Luo and Aquatic Lemon, members who do not have these weapons will also throw a few energy grenades from time to time.

Explosive scrubbing is actually the oldest and most effective battle method. The only drawback is that it costs money.

Wave after wave of shock tore the body of Aquatic Lemon and the steam of Lu Luo fuse.

Like Lu Luo himself said, he also wants to know whether he can survive the bombing of such thermal weapons.

He has the answer now.


Although the continuous bombing did not hurt him, the consumption speed of qi fuse far exceeded his imagination.

If the explosion continues like this, he will inevitably exhaust his qi fuse and break the defense.

One hack, one stab, one chop.

Aquatic Lemon has more and more wounds, and Lu Luo’s steam qi fuse is getting darker.

The life intensity of the lord alien species has far exceeded his imagination.

The total amount of their dark energy is very large, which will give them continuous recovery capabilities.

If it weren’t for Seastar’s firepower suppression, Lu Luo really had nothing to do with such a monster. Maybe it could be stalemate, but it would definitely not kill.

Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon was so entangled by Lu Luo, and the surrounding explosions continued to damage its body, it finally couldn’t help it.


A large number of swamp breakthrough ice, gathered in the direction moved towards Lu Luo, these mud swamps began to mix and condense, becoming several with the same appearance as Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon The mud giant beast.

But after Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon used this ability, its body became extremely weak.

“This ability? It’s not the same as the rebirth of the legendary son and mother?”

The four mud beasts have already pounced on Lu Luo, but Lu Luo is faster, he It flashed directly past the mud beast and came to the body of Aquatic Lemon.

Sword Heart Four Styles -Soul Breaking Slash.

The giant slash that Soul Breaking Slash slashed out instantly shreds Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon, leaving only a few broken skins in the huge body of Aquatic Lemon.

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The Seastar members who were watching the game were overjoyed.

“Successful? We killed the lord?”

“Why is it so simple.”

Lu Luo is quite sure that Aquatic Lemon is not dead, because he Did not receive the kill prompt from the observer!

For such an advanced lord alien species, if it dies, the observer will definitely give a kill prompt.

[The breath is hidden, but the four mud beasts have the breath of Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon, so they should be hiding inside. 】

Looking at the four mud beasts surrounding him, Lu Luo looking thoughtful.

“Has the rebirth ability of the son and mother been strengthened? It seems that Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon has also been continuously cultivated over the years!

Let the ability of the son and mother rebirth blend into their own In the controlled mud, the rebirth effect is completely concealed by the mud.

Did the transcender quietly complete the body regeneration when entangled with the mud monster!

If I didn’t guess Wrong, this kind of ability is really a genius-like idea.”

Lu Luo’s praise is not exaggerated at all. It can regenerate the mother-child and mix the mud field, the ability of Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon. Using innate talent, you can really be called a genius.

“Normally, even if there is a problem with the mud beast, it will judge the true and false, distinguish, and then kill one by one.

But if the judgment is wrong, or Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon has the ability to transform in mud, so it will inevitably be delayed for a lot of time.

So, a one-time solution is needed!”

Lu Luo turned and looked towards the team behind him, pointing to the surrounding area.

“Suppress its movement with firepower and cover it all!”

Luo Ya was taken aback for a while, but she immediately nodded.

“Know it, keep the firepower fully covered, don’t save ammunition, now should be the last critical moment!”

Grenades and rocket missiles are bombed without money, and grenade is nothing. Not stingy.

bang bang bang!

Under the bombing of Seastar’s money, the scope of the explosion gradually narrowed, and then began to suppress the mud beast’s range of action.

And the mud beast didn’t even dare to approach Lu Luo at this time, because the electric current on Lu Luo’s body was too dangerous.

Tzzzzzzz ~!

Fourth steam gear, Rachel.

The blue and white lightning began to permeate, Lu Luo jumped up suddenly and hovered over the heads of the four mud beasts.

This is the first time he has incorporated strength of Thunder into Jianxin 2nd Style Overturning Rain. This is also the decisive blow to whether Aquatic Lemon can be completely killed.

Ha! ~

The breath of thunder, thunderstorm.


A thunder blasted from Lu Luo’s body, followed by a violent thunderstorm.

But these raindrops are not water, but the sword qi that Lu Luo pierced in an instant.

These sword qi are filled with steam qi fuse, and then mixed with thunder and lightning, falling like dense raindrops.

Every drop of rain is a drop-shaped sword qi.

Shock, paralysis!

The limbs of the four mud beasts are rigidly fixed in place, they are fundamentally unable to move, and the mud on their bodies is continuously degrading.

Following Lu Luo’s sword rain, the four mud beasts gradually showed their original shape and restored the original mud swamp state.

One of the mud beasts’ legs suddenly jumped out of a monkey-sized monster.

It is calling “zhi zhi”, which is the main body of Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon, which is also the child Aquatic Lemon.

Because of the numbing effect of the sword rain, the body of Aquatic Lemon has been unable to move until now.

Lu Luo closed his sword and sprinted, and the Fenrir Six Form in his hand broke into six again.

Using his own moves, the electric cutting sword, six blades.

Move at high speed and cut six swords in a row. At the last sword, the six blades are unified, nailing Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon to a dry swamp tree trunk.

[You killed the 5th lord-level alien, Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon! 】

“Finally dead!”

Lu Luo stood on the ground somewhat prostration.

This time has a completely different meaning from the previous few killings of the Lord Alien Species.

The first few times were either using rules, nether flame, or Doomsday Disc, and this time, it was his real personal kill, relying on his own hard power to eat it!

Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon is the first lord alien he has ever seen. Although it is not the strongest lord alien, its degree of difficulty is definitely high enough.

In a sense, Lu Luo feels that Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon is more powerful than Gaum.

Such a powerful monster, being forcibly killed by Lu Luo, is enough to reflect his progress over the past period of time.

But today’s Lu Luo is not what it used to be.

“Resolved?” Luo Ya asked from a distance.

“Solved.” Lu Luo nodded.

“Yeah!” A group of Seastar people from the people’s livelihood jumped up happily because they defeated a well-known lord-level alien.

It is still the famous Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon, UU reading www.uukanshu. com this is more worthy of joy.

Although they were only Lu Luo’s support before, they also defeated Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon together.

This gives them a feeling of “we are really good”.

Although this kill cost too much money, the people at Seastar really don’t care about the money.

They are very different from Grand Prospects Armed Forces and Blue Heavens Biotechnology. Their funds come more from the people’s livelihood industry.

Luo Ya and several people slowly walked to Lu Luo’s side and looked at the puppy-sized Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon in Lu Luo’s hand.

“This is the main body of Aquatic Lemon? It’s quite small!”

Lu Luo nodded, pointing to the fur and fur that Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon first shed over there Minions.

“I know you have tools. I’m in trouble. Help me cut off the minions and I’ll take them away.

The one with the fur Aquatic Lemon is your spoils of war, give it away Okay. After you go back, you can also bossing with others and kill the lord-level alien.

In addition, I will settle the three-day salary at night, and I am leaving.”

Luo Ya’s expression is a bit awkward, because she feels that she can’t find a common topic in front of Lu Luo.

She is immature and useless in front of Lu Luo, and Lu Luo itself does not seem to be interested in talking with her.

Perhaps as Lu Luo said, he doesn’t care at all.

Thinking of this, Luo Ya could only walk away.

“Uh! Okay, let’s do it now.”


[Swallowing Tier 5, Lord-level alien species, Mother- Child Aquatic Lemon. ]

[You have gained 6103 energy points. ]

[You got 55 points in the serial value. ]

[You have obtained Level 1 Doom Factor: Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon. 】

hehehe! It is said that I am not for money, and if you save a little energy and doomsday factor, the value of the summoner will be fully reflected!

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