Doomsday Ring Chapter 235

Hearing Qi Xinzhu’s words, Da Tian’s face suddenly became a little cold.

“Is it useful to believe? Even more how is to believe in a man.

I know a woman who has always believed in a man. For this, she gave everything she has .

But it’s useless. The pain will continue. She has been entangled all her life until she died!” They are all happily sweet, how can the emotions be so intense when this question is mentioned.

“Datian, are you okay? Who are you talking about?”

“Um, it’s okay, how can I be wrong! Okay.

As for what I said just now, it was just a character in a novel! Hehe!”

Da Tian disappeared after speaking.

The Qi Xin group was slightly sighed and returned to the dressing table in his room.

There is a copper yellow ring on the table. It looks a bit old. If you look carefully, you will find that this is a men’s ring, which is relatively thick.

This old brass ring has a certain power. Although Qi Xinzhu can’t use it, this feeling is still very obvious.

Da Tian told her that this is the bridegroom’s wedding ring, which must be preserved.

When she sees her groom, she has to exchange wedding rings with the groom before the wedding is truly completed.

Qi Xinzhu is not stupid. She knows that this ring may represent some form of meaning, so she has kept it cautiously.

Qi Xinzhu picked up the ring, put it on his ring finger, and took it off again.

“It’s too big to carry, but it should be very suitable for Lu Luo!”

She was also full of resistance to nightmare manipulation.

But when Da Tian told her that the bridegroom would be Lu Luo, Qi Xinzhu didn’t resist that much anymore, instead she had some faint expectations.

If it’s normal, you have to wait until Lu Luo proposes to her. I don’t know when.

Will someone with his personality really propose marriage? Maybe in a lifetime will not have it!

In the wall, she wants to be with Lu Luo, it will be difficult.

Family opposition, church interference, wanting to get married easier said than done.

It is different in the world of nightmare, she can do what she wants, and she can release her own nature to her heart’s content.

There will be no worldly restraints, and no social responsibilities imposed on her.

She just simply wants to be with Lu Luo.

Playing with the wedding ring, Qi Xinzhu sneered on the table.

“I’m such a superficial woman!”


In Ring Studio, everyone quietly waited for the arrival of 12 o’clock.

When the twelve o’clock bell rang, the people in Ring Studio looked at each other, as if nothing happened.

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“It seems okay? Is it really okay?”

Zhou Kai looked towards Lu Luo suspiciously.

“Brother Luo, it seems that nothing happened?”

[The moon has changed, and this change is sudden. 】


“Uh, what happened?”

“The moon has become beautiful.”

Lu Luo pointed to the moon in the sky. The disc, which was pitted and bumpy before, has now become the same color as white jade in the previous life.

Huge and bright, it almost illuminates the night.

“You are the moonlight in the sky, I am the young official here, so beautiful!”

Lu Luo did not feel sleepy, but when he looked towards other Ring Studios When I was a member, I found that most of them were actually asleep.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you? Brother Kai, wake him up.”

No one spoke, and even Zhou Kai did not respond to him. Lu Luo looked surprised. towards Zhou Kai.

[They are asleep, hurry up and wake them up. 】

“Brother Kai? Dumb hair?”

Zhou Kai and Bai Yuetong have fallen asleep at this time, not just them,

all the other members of the circle are Sleepy, even Gu Fangyi has entered a state of confusion!

“Brother Gu!”

Lu Luo directly threw out his hook and hooked Gu Fangyi’s finger. The pain caused Gu Fangyi to be witty and woke up suddenly.

Then Lu Luo grabbed Zhou Kai, injected a burst of life energy, and broke off a small branch to make Zhou Kai sober.

“Fuck, it hurts me to death! What’s wrong, I was very sleepy just now.”

Gu Fangyi also looked around with alertness and spoke slowly:< /p>

“Brother Luo, are you okay? We should be caught…”

Lu Luo could see Gu Fangyi talking, but his voice became increasingly unclear. Farther and farther away.

In Lu Luo’s vision, the bodies of Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai are constantly twisting and folding in front of him.

Lu Luo saw that the situation was far from good, the first reaction was to turn around and grab Daomao’s hand, but Daomao was like a twisting blue wave in front of him, and began to circle around. Rippling.

With this rippling ripple, everything around Lu Luo has gradually changed!

A dark room with a slightly shiny door.

Others, nothing.

Lu Luo stood in place, slightly sighed.

“I originally thought it was necessary to find the entrance to the castle, but now it shouldn’t be used anymore!

The same ability as Noah, completely use his own domain to influence Is it the entire Eastern Ring? Or is it only our studio?”

Lu Luo didn’t panic too much. He always believed that Nightmare’s doing this must be purposeful!

Although I don’t know what its purpose is, as long as you follow this place, there should be an answer.


At this time, in Ring Studio, Duan Mao is constantly dangling Lu Luo’s body!

“Lu Luo? Hey! Don’t sleep, Lu Luo!”

Bai Yuetong wanted to catch Lu Luo, but Lu Luo disappeared completely like a ripple in front of her. in the air.

“Gu Brother, Brother Kai!” Several members of the circle also encountered the same situation.

Not only Lu Luo disappeared at the same time, but also Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai disappeared.

At this time, the Ring Studio members looked at each other in blank dismay and didn’t know what to do for a while!

“Sister Bai! What should I do now?”

Bai Yuetong didn’t answer yet, Lu Mengna floated over and said abruptly.

“Dark Tide of the nightmare, here comes!”

“Dark Tide? It hasn’t happened in more than 100 years, how could it be this time?”

The hunter group headed by You Xiaoqi also couldn’t believe it.

Many people have heard of what Dark Tide means, but no one knows how outrageous the real Dark Tide is!

“Bai Yuetong, is your news reliable? I mean it’s about Dark Tide.”

Although Fat Ding is confused, he is one of the few who really knows Dark Tide. One of the people with meaning, this point, even Yu Xiaoqi and him have a gap.

Bai Yuetong hesitated for a few seconds, and after communicating with Lu Mengna, nodded.

“Sister Na is a very special ghost species, she has some long-distance detection capabilities.

Most of the time, her news should be correct. If it is true Dark Tide has happened, what do you plan to do?”

The members of hunter looked towards Fat Ding, seeming to be waiting for Fat Ding’s choice.

The choice of Fat Ding is also very simple. He took out the armband that used to be very indifferent. It was the armband of the hunter 13 team.

“We are hunters, no matter the past, present, or future, we are all hunters, so we will go to the Wall of Explorers.

Although we have left the hunter camp, but If it’s the Dark Tide moment.

Then our role, the vows we have made, are still valid.

It is our duty to guard the glory of the Fourth Ring!”

With the declaration of Fat Ding, other hunter members including Yu Xiaoqi also shouted in unison:

“It is incumbent upon us to guard the glory of the Fourth Ring!”

Somewhat unspeakably looked at these hunter members, although she often heard Zhou Kai or Lu Luo jokingly say this.

But when they truly fulfilled their previous vows, even a woman, Bai Yuetong, felt the blood.

“Ge Ding, Brother Qi, I…”

“Xiaobai, don’t worry! When this event is over, I invite you to a wedding wine!”

“Wedding wine?”

“Me and Fat Ding.”

“Then, you must come back!”

“Definitely.”< /p>

You Xiaoqi hugged Bai Yuetong, and then left with Fat Ding and the members of the hunter.

Other members looked towards Bai Yuetong.

“Sister Bai, what do we do now? Are we going to the fourth tallest wall to prepare?”

Many members were stimulated by the words of the previous fat Ding and their blood energy surged, and their hearts were also Both gave birth to a will to fight for Fourth Ring.

However, Bai Yuetong directly poured cold water on them.

“Not going, prepare to evacuate.”


“Now Lu Luo, Gu Fangyi, and Zhou Kai are not there. The major shareholder is me, so I have the right to refuse.”

“Ding Ge and they all went to fight for the Fourth Ring, I think we should go too.”

“Our I’m not strong enough, why did you go?”

“Fighting for the Fourth Ring is what we should do.”

“I don’t want to go anyway.”

Don’t know what, the members of the circle started arguing.

The people in Yuanhuan had disagreements at this time. This is what Bai Yuetong doesn’t want to see.

Looking at the other members who looked confused, Bai Yuetong looked at the bright moonlight above his head, his face looked like frost.

She stepped on the table, loudly said:

“Enough, I am Lu Luo’s woman, Lu Luo is now unclear about life and death, if he dies, I will be the biggest circle Beneficiaries and shareholders.

Yuanhuan is likely to become my private property, so no one is allowed to go in order to protect my personal interests from infringement.”

Bai Yuetong’s The voice suppressed the arguing crowd, and everyone gradually became quiet.

Some members are aware of the reason Bai Yuetong said so, but also feel a little regretful, and want to explain to Bai Yuetong.

However, Bai Yuetong was interrupted by Bai Yuetong’s action. She turned to the other members of the circle and said:

“Now, everyone prepares weapons, food, water, and prepares to evacuate from this place.

If you have family, take your family and move towards the third wall, which is the Wall of the Watchers!

If you don’t have family, they are the same as Lu Luo. Orphan, then follow me.”

“What? Go to the third wall now? Isn’t the fourth wall still in a hurry?”

“Yes, and We don’t have the qualifications to enter the third wall now!”

“Go first, I will figure out the rest!”

Bai Yuetong has turned to the machine room and stretched out his hand Quickly jumped onto his white mecha.

This rack is no longer brand new, there are many repair marks on it, but these all are battle marks belong to Bai Yuetong’s own honor.

She tied her white hair that she usually strayed with her hair rope, and started mecha.

“Go and go to the Wall of the Watchers!”


Lu Luo opened the door of his dark room and appeared behind him It is the tall Red Bai City Fort!

Blocked in front of him is a row of black fences, and under his feet is the Fourth Ring like ruins.

The dead are everywhere, and the grief is everywhere.

The Red Bai City Fort actually appeared on the fourth tallest wall, becoming a half-Floating Void City Fort with one corner attached to the wall, but mostly floating in the air.

At the end of the left and right vision, there is the fourth wall in dilapidated condition.

“This is what the Fourth Ring in the nightmare’s imagination should look like, a completely broken world?”

Lu Luo walked around the wall and found that there were some more Normal humans like him, moved towards the castle.

Well, he is a normal human, Lu Luo always thinks so.

They also had some short-term eye contact, but they didn’t speak, because the world in front of them was really weird!

“The complete Red Bai City Fort should still be the nightmare space of the nightmare!”

[The nature of the space should be the same as the last time, and it belongs to the domain power of the 8th-order alien species.

I just don’t know if it’s space transfer or you are being pulled by the nightmare force. 】

“There is no difference, I can’t beat it anyway.”

Lu Luo walked towards the castle, and the first thing he entered into the field of vision was the long red carpet stairs.

Every three floors on both sides of the stairs will stand a fully armed soldier. Lu Luo has also seen and even walked through the costumes of these soldiers.

[Marsh Ding, Tier 3 animal species. 】

【Red deer, Tier 3 animal species. 】

Lu Luo walked up the stairs. They were all Tier 3 animals. They had regular shapes and uniform expressions. At first glance, they had undergone an unknown number of training sessions.

An old lizardmen in a suit is standing at the gate of the castle, entertaining everyone who enters the castle.

“Hello sir, please show your invitation card!”

When Lu Luo walked to the gate of the castle, he found that everyone who entered had an invitation card.

But he doesn’t seem to have this thing in invitations, and he doesn’t know what the content of these invitations is.

The red envelope before, he also put it in his bedroom without bringing it.

“This is over! Can’t get in the door?”

[It should not be that simple, and some people don’t have invitations. 】

Lu Luo saw some people who did not have invitations. After a conversation with the old lizardmen, he can let him go.

【A Poison Lord, a 5th-level lord, his ability is unknown.

attribute: Strength 215, Agility 140, Physique 220. 】

If you weren’t an observer, who would have thought that a guardian who receives invitations is a lord?

And he is a Tier 5 lord who is much stronger than Mother-Child Aquatic Lemon.

After observing for a while, Lu Luo also walked up.

“Hello sir, please show your invitation card!” The old lizardmen Atox smiled back.

“I have no invitations.” Lu Luo speak frankly.

The old lizardmen spit out his letter and drew three patterns in the air.

“Although the visitors are all guests, the nightmare-sama prepared for the mother is not so easy to enter.

Since Mr. has no invitations, he can only show himself His talents have won the favor of my lord.

Are you a smart wise man, a keen detective, or a brave warrior?”

Lu Luo ponder a little bit, intelligence, observation , Three options for fighting?

Lu Luo subconsciously wanted to choose one of them, but when he wanted to speak, he suddenly stopped.

Since it’s a choice, the other party didn’t say that it must be a single choice, so why can’t you choose all?

“I am all!”

The old Lizardmen glanced at Lu Luo with a little surprise.

“Very bold choice!”

tone barely fell, the old Lizardmen suddenly shot, pointing towards Lu Luo, very fast.

Steam erupted from Lu Luo’s body, causing him to shoot at a faster speed, and a finger was placed against the ring on the opponent’s finger.

With a slight force, he took off the ring on the fingertips of the old lizardmen, then leaned back and stood in an exaggerated half-suspended manner.

The whole process did not fall down, nor moved.

The whole process of removing the ring, Lu Luo didn’t even touch the old Lizardmen’s finger.

[Funli’s token-wedding ring (female)]

“This sir, you have shown me your talents, and you already have the faint’s token, You can go in.”

Lu Luo’s wisdom is to express his omnipotence, Lu Luo’s observation is to discover the existence of the ring, and Lu Luo’s bravery is to snatch the ring from the lizardmen.

He showed these characteristics perfectly, so he could pass the old lizardmen’s choice perfectly.

“Many thanks, Mr. Lizardmen.”

The old Lizardmen smiled and bowed to Lu Luo, and Lu Luo responded with the same gesture.

Looking at Lu Luo bowing and politely, A Dujun stopped him again.

“Wait a minute, I like people calling me Kuding, I am the most loyal servant of Lord Nightmare.

Although you have passed the test, I am still very curious, you How did you realize that the ring is a token?”

[Because he has me! 】

“Hello Mr. Kuding, my name is Lu Luo.

When I walked up the stairs, UU reading found out that every person you received When it is time, it will rub the ring in your hand.

And your ring is only worn on the second knuckle, not the Third Finger knuckle, which means that the ring is not taken at all. Come on.

The most important point, this ring is a women’s ring, it shouldn’t be Mr. Kuding’s ring.

You hope others will discover this detail, but many people have also found out I just thought it was your habitual action.

In addition to the choice of questions, most people will choose 1 from 3, so it is even more impossible to take the ring from your hand.

Only those who choose all three options have a real chance to seize the ring from your hands.”

“A smart wise man, a keen detective, and a brave warrior are perfect.

Since Mr. Lu Luo is here to participate in the Wuli, he must be more prepared.

Although there is still a long time before the beginning of the Wuli, there are times when time passes. Hurry up.”

The reminder from Kuding made Lu Luo immediately aware of the time of the faint ceremony.

He once explained to Nightmare the content of Faintly.

【Evening ceremony, the time should be determined at dusk.

When a woman gets married, she must walk towards happiness in the evening by the bright moonlight.

Twilight refers to twilight, female refers to bride.

The connection between the female and the faint means that I returned home in the twilight, as if walking on the path of light, which is happy and auspicious. 】

If the nightmare is arranged according to what he said, it means that everything now is just a prelude to the fascination.

The real time for the salvation should be at dusk on the 19th. If the dusk time is around 5 o’clock, it is 17 o’clock in the afternoon.

It’s only the early morning of the 19th, and it’s about 16 hours before 17:00.

So everything is just beginning.

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