Doomsday Ring Chapter 236

After Lu Luo got the female wedding ring, he moved towards the castle hall.

As soon as he entered the door, the soldier handed him a hand card with the words “candidate” on it.

When I looked towards the castle again, the Red Bai City Fort at midnight, like a, all recovered from the silence.

The hall of the castle is very huge, with gorgeous candlesticks, flickering candles, warm fireplaces, and silver light sparkling tableware.

Everything seems to be waiting for the arrival of Lu Luo.

At this time, the banquet hall is full of exquisite dishes. Although I haven’t seen most of them, Lu Luo can still see how much effort has been taken.

“The scale of this banquet hall!”

[These foods, there is a problem, not sure if it is a good problem or a bad problem. 】

Seeing this prompt, Lu Luo frowned slightly, but did not speak.

Besides him, there are some other people standing here.

These people are not very old, most of them are about his age, and most of them are about 30 years old.

These people, like Lu Luo, are constantly observing the surrounding environment.

I observe other people by the way, because these people may become their own future competitors.

Yes, when entering this hall, Lu Luo has already confirmed that these people are competitors.

Some people are at ease, some are nervous, and some are confident.

Looking at these different expressions, Lu Luo did not enter the banquet hall in a hurry, but chose to stand at the door and think quietly for a while.

Old Lizardmen Kuding said just now, I don’t know if it is a reminder.

If it’s a reminder, then in addition to the time reminder, Kuding also asked him to prepare more.

This time nightmare prepared for its mother Qiu Guling, so the main bride must be Qiu Guling, which is inevitable.

Because of Qiu Guling’s entanglement with Lu Di, it lasted for 7 years, this time it should be time to break.

But Lu Luo also clearly remembers that Nightmare said in the letter that Qi Xinzhu would also become one of the brides.

Since it is one of them, if Qi Xinzhu is arranged as a bride, is it possible to guess that besides Qi Xinzhu, there will be other brides appearing?

Furthermore, if you want to follow the evening ceremony, then the bride and groom must have it.

The bride is a determined candidate, and the men who appear in the castle of the nightmare should be the bridegroom.

Lu Luo himself, one of the candidates for the groom.

The next 16 hours should be the key to becoming a groom.

Go back to the original question, how to become a groom.

One thing Lu Luo can be sure of now is that the groom needs a wedding ring! And the dress! Most likely you need a wine glass!

Thinking of this, Lu Luo took out the brass ring he just got.

“Female ring, one of the tokens of marriage, as soon as I entered the door, am I already one step ahead? Huh!”

Lu Luo smiled while scanning the bridegroom candidates here Man, he found Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai in the corner!

However, the distance between the two sides is too far, Lu Luo walks through the observer, observing everyone here.

What surprised Lu Luo was that he did not find Lu Di among these people.

This is actually expected, because most of the people present are in the same age group.

It should be a nightmare deliberately. Lu Luo is not very clear about the specific purpose.

But what is certain is that there should be no existence that can break the rules by brute force. If Lu Di appeared here, it would be too unconventional.

Thinking of this, Lu Luo laughed self-deprecatingly. To Nightmare, they may be just a bunch of toys, so you don’t really need to take yourself seriously.

“Lu Di is the bride who is fixed by Qiu Guling. This wedding game was originally held for him and Qiu Guling.

That’s why they are the protagonists of Qiu Li, Maybe they have already met somewhere in the castle!”

Close to the table again,

the observer gave another prompt.

【These foods are very special and don’t feel like ordinary things in texture. You can try to touch them. 】

“Special material! I reminded twice in a row.”

With the observer’s prompt, Lu Luo moved towards the dining table, and the fragrant food made him index his finger Big move.

He looked at the waiters here, they were all very gorgeous Banshee class 3 hawks.

All these eagle-body Banshees are not wearing clothes, and only a thin layer of feathers cover the whole body, which is full of temptation.

Although the groom candidates around are calm, some people can’t help but have some simple interactions with these Banshees.

Then in the darkness, she secretly bit the man’s neck in front of her.

[This person is dead. 】

“I know.”

Lu Yeluo stopped one of them, and the eagle-body Banshee immediately twisted his chest and body against Lu Luo.

Let a group of twin peaks rub against Lu Luo’s arm, as if trying to seduce him.

【This scale is about the same as Qi Xinzhu. 】

However, Lu Luo is not very interested in this hairy creature, and his girls are of relatively high quality.

“Hey, Young Lady, Birdman, I’m awkward and disgusting.

I want to ask you something, can the rice be eaten here?”

< p>Disgusting? The waiter of the Eagle Banshee obviously did not expect Lu Luo to say such a thing.

This waiter is a little angry, is this man a man?

Although she was angry, she still gave Lu Luo a charming smile.

“Don’t you want me, sir? As long as you go to a place with no one, you can do anything!”

Lu Luo looked up and down the eagle-body Banshee, CP He also played things like that in his previous life, and to be honest, it was just a stimulus.

Forget this life, this life is white, he is a serious person, he still needs to save the wasteland and so on, the alien~ Get out of it!

“Thank you, no, I have a hirsutism phobia. You have too much hair or chicken feathers. This is even more unbearable.”

“I am the feather of an eagle!” The waitress angered.

“It’s almost the same, you can tell me if the food here can be eaten.”

“These were originally prepared for you. Of course you can eat them, but you can only try them. One of them.

And when you eat it, you’d better be careful!”

Be careful? That is, there is a problem in the food, it is poisonous and harmful? Is there still a nether flame?

To be honest, Lu Luo is not very afraid of these situations.

Maybe he still can’t do toxin immunity, but even if it is not immunity, it should be no problem to avoid 95%.

The observer reminded him twice that there was a food condition, which means that there is a real condition.

“Then I will eat!”

Lu Luo’s finger touched one of the plates of food, and the observer’s prompt appeared.

【The meat of the Sky-Swallowing Snake, the 7th rank pure alien meat, the use can greatly increase the strength. 】

Fuck! Are there no side effects?

Lu Luo directly picked up the chopsticks and fork on the table, poked a piece of meat from the sky swallowing snake and moved towards the mouth.

But before he could chew, Devourer took the first step and broke down the meat directly, perfectly decomposing it.

[You swallow the flesh of the sky-swallowing snake, your strength increases by 0.1. 】


Lu Luo can no longer describe shock in his heart. He knows that Tier 8 disasters are very powerful, but he did not expect Tier 8 disasters. Such a lavish.

How to entertain them with this kind of food that can directly enhance their strength?

“There is only one chance, you can’t waste it!”

Apart from anything else, Lu Luo started eating frantically when he picked up the plate, which attracted the attention of the people around him.

Does this guy have any mental abilities? This is something that many people are thinking about.

In this kind of unknown environment, few of them dare to eat the unidentified food on the table.

However, Lu Luo did not show any abnormalities after eating, which aroused some people’s curiosity.

Since Lu Luo has nothing to eat like this, can they try it too?

Do these foods have any special effects?

One of them cut off a small piece of cabbage-like plant and put it in his mouth.

His expression was strange at first, and then began to twist, his body was tight and his clothes were split instantly!


In just a few breaths, this person has changed from a normal human to a complete giant humanoid.

Fortunately, the strength of the people who came here is not weak, and a few transcenders can join hands to easily kill him.

holy splendor, qi fuse, the impact of dark energy, constantly strikes on the deformer.

Soon, this aberration fell heavily to the ground, completely disintegrated by energy.

People have gradually arrived. When Lu Luo was stealing food, the observers did not stop collecting intelligence on the people here.

There are a total of 62 people left. Except for Zhou Kai, all of them have extraordinary strengths. They have few ranks 2, 3 are the most, and rank 4 also have them.

One of them is still a guy Lu Luo knows.

Member of the Knights of Justice, Siegfried!

But Lu Luo didn’t go to say hello to Siegfried. Everyone is not familiar with him, and he has done a few fights. There is really no need to set this up.

Before meeting with Gu Fangyi and the others, the gate of the castle has been slowly closed.

The old lizard Kuding who had greeted them walked to the center of the hall.

Moved towards Lu Luo slightly, they bowed, and then dragged their hands in the direction of the steps on the second floor.

A dark horse is coming!


People who came here were amazed. Although the nightmare appeared not long ago, its popularity in Eastern Ring is the highest.

The previous confrontation with Qiao Xing also allowed Nightmare to earn enough attention in Eastern Ring.

There are even nightmare figures circulating in the shop. Many people make nightmare dolls and put them in their rooms.

Nightmare is powerful and beautiful, and it is the existence that many Eastern Ring transcenders want to defeat and conquer.

The people here are mostly 2-4 ranks. Under normal circumstances, they can only admire the nightmare from a distance and look up.

But it’s different now. They saw the nightmare deity. This meeting brought a violent shock to their minds.

【Don’t look at it! It is using power. 】

Lu Luo’s lips trembled a little.

“I don’t want to look either, but this guy is poisonous!

I took a subconsciously look, and I couldn’t move my eyes. What should I do now?”

Lu Luo is a little flustered now, not only is his eyes unable to move, but his body has also become stiff.

His heart jumps with the pace of the nightmare, and his breathing rhythms with the nether flame of the nightmare.

At this moment, Lu Luo felt the power coming from his core, helping him resist the nightmare power.

[Your sequence A-00 Unbelievers is working, you are very superstitious, so the power of nightmare cannot seduce you. 】

Lu Luo’s scalp is numb, but his eyes gradually become fierce.

The body, which was originally unable to move, was already able to move unconsciously, and he gritted his teeth slightly.

“It’s just a horse, it won’t be…”

Lu Luo finally turned away his gaze, returned his gaze to the food in front of him, and continued Eat it up.

This seemingly ordinary behavior is very abrupt in the banquet hall at this time.

Nightmare naturally saw Lu Luo eating. He stepped on his hoof and made a noise.

“Welcome everyone to my mother’s fascination. This will be a moment worth remembering in our lifetime.

The aliens and humans of the entire Eastern Ring will witness them The fascination.

In order to celebrate this great moment, we need to bring some preludes to this fascination, and some interesting things.

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For example, I chose some beautiful brides for you, and you need to…grab it!”

More than 60 people in the audience watched the nightmare intently, only Lu Luo lowered his head and continued to eat.

The nightmare laughed at Lu Luo’s act of burying his head in eating, looking straight at Lu Luo opened the mouth and said:

“My brides are the best and most beautiful beings.

But they are so beautiful and excellent, what kind of people do they need to be worthy of them?

So, I came to you, you are all carefully selected by me Eastern Ring is the elite, and I also particularly admire and like the talent.

All the games, clues, I put in the castle, the person who finds the token will become the bridegroom that matches the bride!


While holding a beautiful person, you can also get a little gift from me.

For example, nether flame? Or nightmare, who knows! He he he.

Good Now, the banquet begins, Kuding, leave it to you.”

After Nightmare finished speaking, he left with a big laugh.

“Follow your will, my master.”

Kuding bowed towards the nightmare, and then looked towards the 63 groom candidates here.

“I am the host of this evening ceremony, my name is Kuding.

Since everyone is the winner of the game, then we will play a fun winner The game is over.

This is the banquet hall. If you say it’s a banquet, then you have to eat.

There is a lot of food on the table, and they are all very valuable things. There are already two candidates who have tried it, so naturally they can’t be wasted.

The content of the game is very simple, the majority obey the minority.

There are currently 62 people here, the first one to grab the master The person at the table has the right to ask questions.

The questioner can ask a question whether the answer is yes or not, and other people answer.

If you choose yes, put the candidate’s brand Put it on the left hand, choose no, put it on the right hand, don’t let others see it!

The answer to the minority is victory, the answer to the majority is defeat, and the tie is invalid.

Victory The winner will be rewarded with a piece of food, which is carefully prepared by the nightmare master for you. You can eat it with confidence.

The questioner is directly counted as the winner, enjoy the food, and enter the next round.

The person who destroys the item in the house will automatically be considered as a failure.

The loser will eat a stack of food on the dining table.

The loser wants to participate again and needs to eat two stacks of the dining table The food on the table.

The loser needs to eat two stacks of food on the table if he wants to leave the fascination.

The answer time is 60 seconds each time, after each question is over , There is a 20-minute rest time to eat.

When there are 5 people left, the game is over and the winner can get a gift.”

< p>Lu Luo and the others were still digesting the rules of the game, Lizardmen Kuding had knocked on the table.

“Now, the game begins!”

Is this the beginning?

Several candidates with relatively strong strength and quicker response rushed straight to the main table, and in the process of moving fast, some people had already started to fight.

But they all reasonably controlled the Strength Path, because no one wanted to destroy the item here and become a loser.

Lu Luo did not chase the right to speak, otherwise, with his strength, he should have a good chance to get the right to speak!

He went straight to Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai, where there is a big food problem.

If you eat it wrong, Zhou Kai is okay. He is a heterogeneous form and can survive by relying on plant forms.

But Gu Fangyi won’t work. He has a high chance of having a problem directly, so Lu Luo needs to take two-handed insurance.

Help Gu Fangyi win as much as possible, or when he loses, tell Gu Fangyi which food to eat.

“Brother Brother, Brother Kai!”

“Brother Luo!”

“Come on!”

The three were nodded to each other At this time, with Lu Luo, both Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai felt relieved.

Boom! The sound of the shaking table appeared at the end of the long table.

The dinner plate on the table swayed a bit, but fortunately it didn’t fall off and didn’t break.

Several candidates who were vying for a seat were slightly relaxed. It would be too bad if they failed to get a seat and were judged to be a failure.

The three of them looked at the main table, and a horse-faced man had already grabbed the position of the main table. He glanced at the others with his narrow eyes and started asking questions directly.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect it to be me. My first question is very simple. Are you here to participate in the ceremony?”

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