Doomsday Ring Chapter 237

The question is over, and the 60-second countdown begins. Old Lizardmen Kuding is standing next to him holding a pocket watch, he should be watching the time.

Lu Luo squinted slightly, and Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai stood beside him, subconsciously looking towards him.

“Just tell me the answer you think in your heart.”

“I am!” Gu Fangyi frowned slightly.

“Me too.” Zhou Kai also followed.

After Lu Luo pondered for a while, he opened the mouth and said:

“You choose not, I choose yes.”

“Hey? Why did you choose Something different?” Zhou Kai didn’t quite understand.

However, Gu Fangyi is a little bit aware, but the specific situation is a little unclear.

Old Lizardmen Kuding walked to the main table with a smile.

Soon, the results will be announced.

“1 person asked questions, 61 people answered, 44 of them chose yes, 17 people chose no, and 17 people who chose no, won.

Let’s first congratulate that choice is not Of the 17 bridegroom candidates, you won this competition, and there will be waiters who will come over to give you rewards.

The rewards are the delicious food prepared by Lord Nightmare for you. These foods are all rich in powerful power. I’ll like it.

It’s a pity that the other 44 choices are candidates for the groom. Although it’s midnight dining time, you don’t have a waiter to entertain you.

You can only choose your own food. This is a kingdom of alien species, the great source of disaster, be careful, don’t choose the wrong one!


Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai are safe to advance, but Lu Luo is about to enter the loser group and accept punishment.

“Brother Luo!”

“I have no problem, stay calm, and enjoy your supper. This is one of the few opportunities to come into contact with advanced purification alien food.”< /p>

Lu Luo’s face is calm, but Zhou Kai still can’t understand why Lu Luo chose the wrong one.

“Brother Luo, what’s the matter? Now that you know the answer, why did you choose to lose?”

Gu Fangyi pushed Zhou Kai directly away, and knocked his head by the way child.

“Brother Kai, you are so stupid, Brother Luo is helping us with trial and error.”

“Um? Trial and error?”

Gu Fangyi guessed part of it , But I didn’t guess all Lu Luo’s thoughts.

This topic seems simple, but it is actually very complicated.

“It’s not that simple. In addition to trial and error, I’m also testing people’s hearts.

If only 17 people choose not, then I am sure about the next question. “

Lu Luo’s words made Zhou Kai more and more confused.

“Uh, Brother Luo, you should make it clear. You always talk like this, it will make me look dumb.”

[This guy only found out that he was dumb today. ? 】

Lu Luo simply wrote out the current situation and reasons on the paper.

“The original idea of ​​you two was to choose yes, that is, 17-2 is equal to 15 choose no.

Among these 15 people, there must be someone who didn’t want to participate in the ceremony. Yes.

Assuming that the number of people who don’t want to participate is N, so, the people who are really aware of the problem of this question are 15-N.

The number of people who reacted is not many. It means that there are not many thinkers and not many thinkers, so the controllability of the second question is very strong.”

Zhou Kai took out a note and wrote down the rules that Kuding said before. .

After a long time of study, the foreheads are all screwed together.

“Brother Luo, but I still feel that this multiple-choice question is pure luck!”

Lu Luo shook his head and briefly analyzed the question for the two of them.

“This question is not pure luck. What the responder needs to do is to answer takes part or not.

The point is that you need to answer, not that you must answer correctly. In other words, you can give the wrong answer.”

“Wrong answer?”

Lu Luo nodded.

“Yes, for example, the questioner can ask, are you a woman?

For such questions, you only need to answer yes or no, and you don’t need to answer correctly.

In other words, you can answer, I am a woman.”

Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai are not stupid,

immediately realized the key to this question.

“That’s okay?”

“Yes, the difficulty of this question lies here, the first question is very short for everyone, only 60 seconds of thinking time.

In the 60’s time, fewer people can respond, so the first choice is called subconsciously choice.

The next Two Paths topic, everyone has the first The experience of the question will change the situation.

Their high probability choice will become the first reaction, or I think it should be like this.”

“I think It should be like this, or the first reaction?”

It can be seen that Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai have understood what they mean, Lu Luo nodded.

“Well, this topic is really troublesome. This kind of non-combat selective topic cannot reflect the advantage of strength.

Because of the particularity of the topic, the intelligence cannot be highlighted. , So it’s very difficult.

The real test of this topic is the grasp of human nature.

The so-called herd psychology.

But human nature It’s very complicated, even I can’t talk about controlling people’s hearts.

Existences that can really control people’s hearts are terrifying monsters!”

Lu Luo said To be honest, he can only grasp the first two questions at most.

Because the first two questions should be subconsciously and first reaction respectively, subconsciously and first reaction are both easier to ponder.

But after experiencing two questions, the complex changes in people’s minds will become difficult to control.

Unless you have a mind-reading sequence.

Otherwise, there is no way to determine the answers of the people next.

But as long as he can win 2 times in a row, he will have a 100% way to send someone away for the third time.

“Everyone, start eating? Don’t let me wait for a long time, and don’t let my master wait for a long time.” Kuding said with a smile.

The losers looked at each other in blank dismay, all waiting for each other to eat their first bite, because before Lu Luo and a candidate had eaten a dish of food.

But one of them became a heterogeneous directly, so the 44 people who failed are panicked now.

Of course, the only person who doesn’t panic is Lu Luo.

While walking, he lightly touched the food in the bowl, and used the observer to check the errors for Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai.

【The bone of rinderpest, the dark energy is extremely high, and it will die if eaten. Well, you are stronger and your life is hard. You may not die if you eat. ]

[Tiankui, eating will increase your height, but Dingding will shorten it by 5 cm.

This thing is amazing, so the question is, if someone is less than 5 cm, will the sun shrink into the abdomen? 】

Lu Luo is also a bit speechless, focusing on remembering Tiankui. Although it’s not much shorter than 5 cm, it’s better to keep it as it is.

【Spore mushroom spores are naturally poisonous plant species, but its spores have a strong detoxification effect and enhance poison resistance. 】

Lu Luo didn’t check too much, and didn’t hesitate for too long.

Because he knows that if he walks back and forth here, he will inevitably attract the attention of others.

He checked a total of 15 kinds of food, 10 of which are harmful and 5 are beneficial, which is a 2:1 ratio.

“Nightmare is this food. I wish people would die!”

Although Lu Luo can resist the problematic food, why doesn’t he choose it at this time? More beneficial food too!

So he chose two foods, “bride’s tears” and “spores of mushrooms”.

[The tears of the bride, after drinking it, you will get a lot of dark energy, safe. 】

Dark energy is a very real improvement. In addition, anti-toxicity is also something Lu Luo needs, which can make him go further on the road of toxin immunity.

After Lu Lu Luo ate the food in the plate, other people started to eat, and some stood still and waited!

The atmosphere in the restaurant began to become depressed, and the people who ate the food were a little nervous and a little excited.

roar! A candidate who has eaten food is suddenly distorted, not far from Lu Luo, the distance is up to 10 meters.

His body grew rapidly, and a large number of muscular faces and prosthetic limbs appeared on the back, waist, and thighs.


He was killed by Lu Luo in seconds!

“Do you all watch a fart? Don’t take advantage of his illness, kill him, what to look at? See him grow into a flower?”

Although Lu Luo’s words are a bit rough, But it also reminded the people here.

More candidates who have not changed have begun to be wary of the candidates around them, especially those who have already eaten the food on the table.

The second distorted person has appeared!

Just like what Lu Luo did just now, this time, the aberrant had not yet completed the aberration, and was surrounded and killed by a group of candidates.

Then came the third, the fourth, and more and more…

The remaining few people who hadn’t eaten the leftover food began to panic, they were safe The candidates were surrounded by groups.

Lu Luo noticed that the Nightmare’s rules did not state that other candidates could not be attacked, but it did not state that they could attack.

This brings great uncertainty to the process of the game.

The few people surrounded did not resist the ideas of dozens of other candidates, and ate the food on the plate obediently.

4 people have 3 people aberrations, the one that survived, was heavily relaxed.

Zhou Kai and Gu Fangyi looked at Lu Luo. Lu Luo quietly told them about the three safe foods they had just found.

“The third in the first row, the second in the second rank, and the first in the third row. These three foods are safe.

The second round game will most likely not There is an accident, but if there is an accident, you shouldn’t have an accident.

If there is an accident, just choose to give up, don’t be arrogant, you know?”

“Understood. “

Kuding looked at his watch and slowly walked forward.

“Well, the candidate bridegrooms, 44 people ate the food, and 24 of them were directly deformed and died. This is a regrettable thing.

But it’s okay. , The remaining 20 people ate the food and it was fine, 12 people gave up, but they did not choose to leave.

There were also 8 warriors who ate 2 foods, and they all chose to continue the game! ”

Listening to Kuding’s words, Lu Luo looked towards the other people who ate 2 servings of food but were fine. One of them had a sequence fluctuation just now.

[Sequence particles are being detected, and sequence D-143 food sensation is sensed. Effect: You can roughly perceive whether food is beneficial or harmful. ]

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“A D-class sequence played a decisive role here.

The personnel with the battle sequence were all distorted and died. This thing is really fateful. Unpredictable!”

The Kuding at the main table knocked on the table again, and the remaining 25 people started the second round to grab the lead.

This time, Siegfried headed directly to open the evil sacred seal form, and the powerful purple black holy splendor directly squeezed the people around.

During the scramble, one person was directly knocked out by Siegfried, crushing a pile of food.

Although Siegfried grabbed the main spot, he was a little bit astonished. He didn’t know whether he would be punished or what kind of punishment he would suffer.

Kuding walked slowly to the person on the ground, said with a smile:

“I said to be careful not to break things on the table. The host has a temper. Very bad! So…”


His head suddenly grew longer, and his teeth directly bit through the skull of the candidate on the ground, sending him directly to the west.

Kuding’s move made the candidates here understand one thing, that is, the attacker will not be the final person to be punished.

Only the person who contacts the item last will be punished. This is a very delicate rule.

“Okay, this Mr. Siegfried has gained the right to speak, then, what is your question?”

Siegfried looked at Kuding, then looked here again The rest of the people slowly closed their eyes and opened them suddenly:

“Do you…Do you want to gain the power of nightmare?”

The 60-second countdown begins, and the pain on the side Ding has taken out the pocket watch in his hand.

When Lu Luo heard this question from Qi Gefei, Lu Luo was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately fell into contemplation.

Not only him, but other people are also in deep thought!

The question in front of me is tantamount to completely disrupting Lu Luo’s plan.

Because this question is not like the previous question, this question needs their thinking.

Once a question needs to be considered, the proportion of human nature will be greatly reduced.

Is the purpose of coming here to gain the power of nightmare?

Lu Luo’s inner answer is no. He is very satisfied with his strength, four S-Rank sequences, and an A-Rank sequence unbeliever that is stronger than the S-Rank sequence.

It can be said that I only need to grow up steadily without considering the power of nightmare.

The purpose of his coming here is very simple, to take Qi Xinzhu away.

Well, now there are two more goals, to send Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai safely.

Lu Luo doesn’t want his brothers to have trouble, so he must make a correct enough choice here.

In the previous situation, according to the inertia of thinking, you only need to choose no, then Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai still have a high probability of winning.

But now this problem makes him have to change this strategy.

Lu Luo is certain that most people who come here want to gain the power of a nightmare.

This is understandable, because the power of the 8th rank alien is too strong and too superior.

In many cases, the power of the nightmare is even more attractive than the dawn disc. Because the dawn disc is controlled by the church, it is too illusory.

The nightmare is different. The nightmare is right in front of you, just like the playground of the Southern Ring. Many people have also gained the power of Noah.

The nightmare now has the same opportunity!

So Lu Luo is sure, the answer in many people’s hearts is yes.

Then their choice, affirmation and denial, depends on whether their self-judgment is correct!

“If you think too much, there is no way to analyze it based on human nature.

This round, Brother Gu, you choose yes, and Brother Kai and I choose no.”


Gu Fangyi immediately understood what Lu Luo meant. One of the two sides always wins. The person led by Lu Luo doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses.

For a single loser, Lu Luo’s previous trial and error food is enough.

But this situation is still a bit bad!

“Brother Luo, is there no way to make sure?”

“I can’t make sure now. If Brother Kai and I lose, that is the best situation.

But if you lose, you will immediately eat 2 dishes and choose to leave, understand?”

“I Got it!” Gu Fangyi nodded, and Lu Luo shouldn’t be messed up at this time.

They squeezed the candidate hand in their hands and waited quietly for the final result.

At this time, the smile on Kuding’s face became more intense, and it looked towards Lu Luo as if it was specifically speaking to Lu Luo.

“1 person asked a question, 24 people answered, 19 people answered yes, and 5 people answered no, no victory!”

Hearing this result, Lu Luo suddenly Frozen, the gap in the number of people was a little beyond his imagination.

Because it involves thinking, according to his inference, it should be that the people on both sides are similar.

But why do so many people choose yes?

“No, what is wrong?”

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