Doomsday Ring Chapter 239

He knows that he is not good at general planning, although he does not know whether Bai Yuetong has this ability.

But since Lu Luo said, then he must follow Lu Luo’s meaning.

In fact, the reason Lu Luo decided to let Bai Yuetong lead the team is very simple, because Bai Yuetong has a high enough IQ and a strong background.

When doing a lot of things, Bai Yuetong may be uncomfortable.

But her choice is definitely the most sensible.

In times of crisis, reason is far more important than human affection and sophistication.

Zhou Kai is too emotional and the only one who can direct him is himself, so you have to inform him in advance and don’t make rash actions.

“Okay, the Fourth Ring does not know the specifics yet. After eating, go back!”


Zhou Kai After eating two plates of food quickly, he raised the sign in his hand.

“I finished two dishes, I chose to quit and leave the Red Bai City Fort.”

Kuding looked at Zhou Kai a little unexpectedly, and then looked at Zhou with a thoughtful look Lu Luo next to Kai.

Lu Luo has the ability to identify food, many people have guessed it, and Kuding is naturally the same.

However, in the present situation, it is obvious that Lu Luo gave up the winner option before he had the chance to send Zhou Kai out.

For the so-called friend, a friend who is not very strong, is it worth it?

This is not a question that Kuding needs to think about, it only needs to be the result.

“Very well, our first quitter appeared.

Lord Nightmare is a trustworthy powerhouse, then Mr. Zhou Kai, you put your candidate hand in On the table, you can leave.”

Zhou Kai and Lu Luo looked at each other and did the same.

When he put his hand on the table, Kuding tapped the table lightly, and Zhou Kai’s hand disappeared.

Then a circle of ripples began to ripple on him, just like when Lu Luo came, Zhou Kai just broke away from this World.

Looking at the disappearing Zhou Kai, Lu Luo finally relaxed.

“Give away one! So the pressure is much less.”


In the real world, Zhou Kai slowly appeared in his seat Above, there are no more members of Ring Studio around.

This situation made him a little surprised. There was some noise and noise outside the window, and even some screams and fighting sounds.

Zhou Kai, who is no longer the first brother of the wasteland, quickly realized that some accidents may have occurred in Fourth Ring.

It may even be a major accident.

He walked straight to his bedroom and took out a rifle from the secret compartment of the cabinet.

Then dig out a row of rifle grenades, and finally took out a large-caliber pistol and a lot of grenades from under the bedside table.

These all are spoils of war given to him by Lu Luo, he is usually reluctant to use it.

But now, it’s not time to save money.


Zhou Kai kicked open the door, a crow-like alien assaults the senses.

It is really similar to the crow, the only difference is that it is ten times, or even dozens of times larger than the crow.

After opening the wings, it can almost obscure the entrance door of Ring Studio to accommodate mecha.



As soon as the crow called twice, Zhou Kai blasted the broken bird with a grenade.

ka ka! The bullet is loaded again.

Zhou Kai shook his leather jacket, put on his night vision goggles, and walked to the chaotic Fourth Ring street.

This is a change!

The screams continued to sound from my ears, and a large number of flying alien species crossed the high wall and made waves inside the Fourth Ring.

Zhou Kai glanced around, shot and killed an alien bird, then picked up his mobile phone.

“Hey, Bai Yuetong, where are you?”

“Zhou Kai? Are you back? We are now at the bottom of the third wall, where is Lu Luo?”

bang! One shot smashed a flying species, Zhou Kai continued to answer.

“The third wall? I know, I will go to you now. Brother Luo and they are very good.

Other things, I will talk about it when we meet.”

Although Zhou Kai is also a little surprised why Bai Yuetong will take others to the third wall.

But what he has to do now is how to safely walk to the third wall.

Because at this time, in front of Zhou Kai, a very huge big-bellied strange bird is slowly flying towards him.


The belly of the strange bird suddenly burst, and a large number of spiders, cockroaches, and various poison insects crawled out of it.

Zhou Kai stopped and raised his arm, a large number of branches began to grow and spread!

His cheeks and eyes are full of green, each branch controls the weapon in his hand, and then suddenly stretches out his right hand.


Countless vines pierced into the bodies of these insects, and the leaves of plants wrapped these insects, hanging them little by little, and finally absorbed them as juice.

After a wave of killings, Zhou Kai took out his cigarette case with his left hand and lit a cigarette for himself.

“Is there a cigarette? I’m out of smoking.”

A familiar but strange voice appeared behind Zhou Kai.

“You are, Lu Di!”


“Lu Di, why are you here?”


Lu Di smiled freely, took the cigarette from Zhou Kai’s hand, and lit it for himself.

Huh! ~

After taking a bite of elated, Lu Di sighed slowly said:

“The inner ring person has given up the Eastern Ring, but I can’t. I am a hunter or a hunter. Team 13 Captain.

It is my duty to protect the glory of the Fourth Ring.”

Lu Di’s body suddenly swelled.

The violent steam mixed with a huge amount of thick smoke instantly obscured the sky.

The moon night without a trace of dark clouds, under the smoke and dust of Lu Di, became half-concealed.

At this time, Lu Di’s state can’t be described as obscuring the sky.

On the other side of him, there are a group of dark horses, dream weavers, nightmare kings, nether flame lord, 8th-order calamity, and nightmare.

Looking at Lu Di, the nightmare’s eyes flashed with purple rays of light.

“You finally have level 7! hehehehe!”

“Yes, level 7 is now.”

After Lu Di finished speaking, a lot of The smoke and dust began to gather, and the smoke billowed like Dust Demon.

Dust Demon punched out and collided with the doom-like nether flame released by the dark horse.


The wall of the tall explorer burst instantly, and a huge gap appeared on the fourth wall.

Zhou Kai watched this scene dumbfounded!

“The fourth wall is broken, the end of Fourth Ring, is it coming?”

In the nightmare castle.

Another Tier 4 loser easily found two safe foods. After eating, he laughed at Lu Luo.

Lu Luo’s mood at this time is not very good, but he didn’t mean to act rashly.

The game finally ended, and the old lizard Kuding began to summarize the minority game this time.

“12 losers in the first round, 7 losers in the second round, 2 losers in the third round, 3 winners, and 24 candidates left!

The following is the moment of the winner. The three winners can each get a faint token.

They may have nothing common with each other, or they may be exactly the same!”

The patted hand of Kuding, the hawk-body Banshee waiter, put the 3 boxes in the hands of the 3 winners.

The names of the three were also revealed at the same time, Siegfried, Duorang, Jiang Cheng.

Duran is one of the two 4th orders.

Lu Luo turned his head and looked towards the other people who came to the competition, taking their strength into the entire scene.

He now has a question. If he lifts the table by himself, he will kill everyone here.

So what will the final result be?

Lu Luo calculated his total amount of dark energy, the previous more than 400,000 have been replaced by Dark Spirit Stone.

With the bride’s tears from the previous bowl, his dark energy reserve is already high enough!

But the distance to breakthrough 4th level is still so missing.

Although the dark energy level in the Nightmare Castle is very high, even if the 4th ring has been increased by 5 times, the Nightmare Castle still has a dark energy level 20 times higher than the Fourth Ring.

Unfortunately, he can’t sit here for a long-term cultivation. He only has more than ten hours now.

What he is not sure now is whether he can break through the 4th order.

If you can really reach Tier 4 strength, coupled with desperate use of summon to release the doom factor.

Then he is sure to clean it up alone.

Kill everyone, and there will be no candidates for the groom. Without the candidates, isn’t he a proper groom?

When the time comes, find all the brides, and if you share a point with Brother Gu, will you be done?

This seemingly absurd idea is actually very feasible in Lu Luo’s mind.

Because of the previous battles, Kuding never reminded the groom candidates that they could not fight each other.

So, the crux of the problem now is the dark energy that I have poor, how can I quickly accumulate a wave of dark energy?

“It would be great if I had another bowl of bride’s tears.”

[When you said this, have you ever thought about how long a bride has to cry before she can cry? Tears come out of the bowl? 】

“Qi Xinzhu is also a bride now, can you let her cry?”

【I don’t think it will work, because some people killed you. ]

“Uh, that’s right.”

[The bride’s tears are food, why don’t you think about where the food is made? One year, you are still so stupid. 】

“Where is the food made… the kitchen!”

Lu Luo understood, he glanced at these candidates again, and gradually let go of his murderous intention.

At this time, Kuding and a few more powerful candidates glanced at Lu Luo inexplicably. The killing intent on Lu Luo just now had no meaning at all.

The few of them naturally felt it too.

Lu Luo is not alone in the idea of ​​tearing his face and lifting the table.

But everyone’s situation is actually the same, not sure.

They are not sure to kill everyone.

Lu Luo is not sure, he is not sure whether Nightmare will interfere with his killing.

If Nightmare takes the initiative to intervene, then everything will be lost.

After 24 people returned to their positions, Kuding laughed again.

“After eating the main course, I believe everyone has gained something, so the next period of time will be your free time for candidates.

In the Nightmare Castle There are many dangers and many opportunities.

Here is the home of nightmares and the beginning of dreams. You can find everything you want from here.

No matter It’s the nether flame, energy, physique, or you can find the bride directly here.

It’s 1:55, and you have about 7 hours of free time.

At 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, there will be morning tea here, I hope you don’t miss it!

Oh yes, this is a nightmare castle after all, so the night is still a bit strange!

For example, haunted? You have to be careful.”

After Kuding finished speaking, he shook his clothes and moved towards the Steward Lounge on the first floor.

Lu Luo squinted slightly, is it time for free activities?

He likes this kind of free movement opportunity, because in this way he can maximize his strength.

The only thing to worry about is Gu Fangyi.

The place where I set foot in may be very dangerous, because I have the confidence to go alone, but if I can’t, I can release the doomsday factor and fight a shot.

But it is different with Gu Fangyi. The small environment is not suitable for Gu Fangyi’s performance, and it may even accidentally hurt him.


Gu Fangyi laughed.

“Brother Luo, I know what you think, really don’t worry about me too much, I am not a waste.

You protect us too well, but it is not conducive to my development. .

Have you forgotten? In the orphanage, I am also a genius!”

[Wow, Gu Fangyi said a lot to you again, he is really different to you. ! 】

Lu Luo’s expression is a bit surprised, but Gu Fangyi is right.

If you have been developing under your own wings, neither Gu Fangyi nor Zhou Kai can grow into a unique character.

In fact, they all have innate talents. In the last Blue Heavens pharmaceutical incident, Zhou Kai performed far beyond normal.

Although he failed and was caught in the end, Zhou Kai is really not to blame for that situation, it is not a question of strength at all.

Gu Fangyi now faces the same situation.

“Brother Gu is right, you are also a genius, and geniuses naturally have their own way.

This is the castle of nightmare, and Brother Gu may have his own opportunities. Maybe, anyway, be careful.”

“Well, you are the same.”

Lu Luo took a rough look at the overall environment on the first floor. The Red Bai City Fort is too big, 7 Hours of exploration time is definitely not enough.

Then you must plan well and not waste this time.

If Qi Xinzhu can be found directly in these 7 hours, it is naturally the best.

If you can’t find it, then his secondary purpose needs to be clear.

Level 4 strength, fascination token, and groom’s item!

[Normally, if the restaurant is on the first floor, UU reading, the kitchen must also be on the first floor.

If you can go deep into the kitchen, you should have a chance to find food and the like.

Food that directly enhances dark energy may also be encountered. 】

The food provided by Nightmare is very special, and he has the ability to distinguish the characteristics of the food, then it is very possible to find food that directly raises the dark energy level in the kitchen, so as to break through the 4th level in one fell swoop.

Lu Luo suddenly felt that the observer’s recent prompts were particularly useful. Each prompt pointed to the core of the problem.

“Are you self-awakening? Why do you suddenly have an IQ?”

[Understood, I immediately entered autistic mode. 】

“I was wrong!”

According to the Level 3 Devourer effect, as well as the life promotion efficiency of Level 2 Fusion, plus Lu Luo’s current dark energy reserve.

If the dark energy reserves are sufficient, he can complete the advancement in about 2 hours.

“Let’s find the kitchen first!”

At this time, a group of people moved towards upstairs, and Lu Luo walked towards a corner on the first floor.

Siegfried stopped him when he left.

“Hey, Lu Luo, do you want to join forces?”

Lu Luo’s footsteps stopped for a while.

“No need.”

Siegfried was reluctant to give up when Lu Luo refused, because he knew how strong Lu Luo was.

If you can join forces with Lu Luo, then the next opportunity will undoubtedly be much greater.

“I can tell you clearly that I have a groom’s dress in my hand.”

When Siegfried said that he had a dress, the killing intent on Lu Luo suddenly With a surge, Siegfried took a few steps back subconsciously.

“Lu Luo, what do you…want to do?”

The amazing killing intent made Siegfried, the melee powerhouse, couldn’t help keeping a distance from Lu Luo.

“I want to go to the kitchen to find something to eat!”

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