Doomsday Ring Chapter 240

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Siegfried is quite speechless, you eat as you eat! What are you doing to scare me? My justice Knight is scared?

This guy, after a few months of absence, his strength is getting more and more outrageous.

“Wait, Lu Luo, did you come here to gain the power of a nightmare?”

Lu Luo stopped, turned around and stretched out a finger.

This action of his is a bit unclear, so just when Siegfried was a little confused.


The purple nether flame lights up at Lu Luo’s fingertips. This nether flame is pure and stable, not the state of chaos like the fire before.

Siegfried’s eyes seemed to be suppressed by the source of fire, and his expression was very complicated.

“Have you got it?”

Lu Luo shook his head.

“Siegfried, I am not quite clear. Now you have abandoned your faith, or what is the situation.

But don’t think of me too low. Many times, you want For me, these things are fundamentally insignificant.”

Siegfried frowned slightly.

“I did not betray my beliefs, I just need stronger power that’s all.

Since you don’t need to pursue the power of nightmare, why are you here?”< /p>

“Do you still have to ask? Here is the evening gift, I am here, of course, to be the groom.”

“Become the groom?”

Siegfried’s expression It was a little weird. During the sword technique course, he clearly remembered that Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu were a pair.

Why come here to be the bridegroom again, then Qi Xinzhu…wait.

“Qi Xinzhu is here?” Siegfried asked suddenly.

“Yes, Qi Xinzhu is here.”

“Why do you say that?”

Lu Luo’s expression is slightly exaggerated, but his A trace of purple flashed through his pupils. This was the second time he used the power of nightmare.

Although Mingyuan’s power is used very little, the effect is very significant.

Siegfried showed a slight smile, he felt that he had discovered Lu Luo’s weakness.

Or it cannot be said to be a weakness, but a point that can be traded, and that is the bride Qi Xinzhu.

But what he didn’t notice was that he had been silently affected by the power of nightmare in the process of his thinking.

“Lu Luo, since you are unwilling to cooperate with me, it does not matter, we can each look at our own opportunities.

My purpose is the power of nightmare.


Now I have a fascination item in my hand, and I may get more fascination items later.

How about not equal to me if we make a transaction?”< /p>

Looking at Siegfried step by step entering his own rhythm, Lu Luo hesitated pretendingly.

“Deal? What kind of deal do you want?”

“If you get the nether flame, or other nightmare powers, I can exchange the bridegroom’s things with you!

I have no interest in brides, and I am willing to let you and Qi Xinzhu eventually become family members.

You also said that you are dismissive of the power of nightmare, this deal It’s fair.”

Lu Luo stared at Siegfried for a while, as if confirming the authenticity of his words. After a long time, Lu Luo nodded.

“Okay, I promise your deal, I will find a way to get the source of the nightmare’s power.

I also hope you don’t die. In that case, our deal will be It’s meaningless.”

Siegfried laughed after hearing Lu Luo’s words and pointed to his head.

“In the castle of the nightmare, I rely on wisdom instead of military force. I will live very well.

Although your strength is very strong, you are often here. Strength is useless.

I also hope that I can see you at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning!”

Siegfried left after saying these words, Lu Luo stayed there for a while meeting.

[Hey, Little Lu, do you feel that he is pointing to his head and saying that he is very stupid because of wisdom? 】

“Be a human and stay on the sidelines, so we can meet each other in the future.

Stupid things like this, let’s see through it and don’t say it!”

Siegfried’s words, Lu Luo is still relatively I agree,

Wisdom is really important here.

But military force is equally important! Lu Luo is very sure about this.

Nightmare is Tier 8, which does not mean that all his subordinates are Tier 8, Kuding is just a stronger Tier 5.

If he can advance to Tier 4, then he is sure to wrestle with the managers of these games without using any extra power!

This is very important.

So the kitchen is his 1st Step!


Because the plate on the table will be taken away by the hawk Banshee, Lu Luo only needs to follow the hawk Banshee to find a place to wash the plate.

When you get here, you should not be too far away from the real kitchen!

[gu lu, 1st order malformation species, abilities and attributes are not necessary to mention. 】

Looking at these gu lu washing the dishes, Lu Luo set his eyes on the invisible Banshee who came out.

They won’t go back immediately, but walked towards the innermost room, took out some new food, moved towards the hall, and replaced them.

[A creature is approaching quickly, the channel is unknown, anyway, it is not a place that can be observed by the naked eye. 】

Huh! A black shadow stood behind Lu Luo, this is a very large invisible Banshee.

When Lu Luo turned around, his face was facing her three 柰子.

Heavens! She has three scorpions, which are deformed and a bit scary!

“Sir, this is not the place you should come. If you want, let’s change to a separate location!”

[Hawkkin Demoness, Tier 4 race… …]

The observer’s prompt is not over yet, Lu Luo’s Fenrir has been out of the sheath!


The magnificent sword qi directly shattered this very weak Tier 4 race, but it also destroyed some decorations in the corridor.

The fluctuation of the battle immediately attracted the attention of the castle soldiers and other invisible Banshee.

Soon, a wave of alien species appeared where Lu Luo originally shot.

At this time, Lu Luo himself was stuck on the pillar in the corner. With the help of the observer’s extreme visual field survey, he stuck a position so that he would not be exposed.

“Nightmare once said that it particularly likes to play games, and its castle is also designed for games.

Since the game, it can be assumed that the castle is a copy of the game. .

Then the invisible Banshee should be a fixed mobile NPC mob.

The lord of Kuding should be the boss, and each area should have such an area type BOSS. .

The invisible Demoness just now should belong to the patrol monster, which is the 110 that caused the accident.

There are BOSS, there are mobs, there are 110, attacks and killings may attract strangers. If caught, more and stronger alien species may appear.

This mechanism is a bit troublesome!”

[The alien species has left, the duration is exactly 10 minutes . 】

“10 minutes of safe time! I know.”

Lu Luo slid down from the pillar, holding the gap of the dinner plate by the eagle Banshee.

Walking to the door of the penultimate room, the smell of blood in this room is quite strong.

Before entering the door, a huge machete flew out of it.


This is not a kitchen knife at all, but a Bone Cleaver Blade. The knife is still covered with nether flame.

It’s exactly the same as the aberrant chef Lu Luo met in school before.

“Standing at the door will be attacked. This kind of power and attack speed is very strong. Is this the place to cut vegetables?”

Lu Luo did not leave, but used it directly. He held the flying Bone Cleaver Blade in his hand.

The nether flame on the knife gradually merged into Lu Luo’s palm, restoring the giant machete to its original shape.

“Nether flame!”

Lu Luo held the Bone Cleaver Blade and walked into the vegetable cutting room. The nether flame was also lit on his body.

And his nether flame is more pure.

This time, the butcher in the kitchen did not continue to attack him.

Rather, staring at Lu Luo nervously, to be precise, staring at the nether flame on Lu Luo’s body, in a low, muffled voice, and said:

“You take I lost my knife.”

It turns out that nether flame can represent the identity of Nightmare Castle! This is Interesting.

[The things on the butcher’s desk are all Interesting, you can touch it to see what it is! 】

There are 3 butchers in the room, but with the observer’s prompt, Lu Luo directly fixed his eyes on the butcher in front of him.

Lu Luo looked at the butcher. They were monsters with huge bodies but small heads.

It’s not ugly, but it’s definitely not good-looking.

[Butcher, Tier 5 race, with nightmare ability.

attribute: Strength 190, Agility 65, Physique 120. 】

Not the lord’s 5th order! Obviously, it is a bit weaker than the lord level.

No, there is more than one gap, this kind of strength may be crushed by the old Lizardmen Kuding!

And if there is only this attribute, Lu Luo will not be afraid of it at all!

But having said that, I’m not afraid to return, but to deal with 3 ordinary Tier 5s at the same time, it may take an instant burst of power.

After hearing the butcher’s question, Lu Luo did not directly hand over the Bone Cleaver Blade to the other party, but instead asked:

“How can you prove that this knife is yours? “

After Lu Luo asked, the sound of cutting vegetables and meat in the restaurant stopped, and the other two butchers also looked towards Lu Luo.

They are also thinking about how to prove that this knife is a butcher.

The butcher thought for a while, this question seemed a bit difficult for him.

After a while, it was a little surprised to think of something, and then said with certainty to Lu Luo:

“They are all butchers, so do I. They have knives. I should have it too!”

[This answer is justified and well-founded! 】

Lu Luo almost laughed. If it were not for the lord, the Tier 5 Alien had only this level of IQ, which is really not good.

“They all have their knives in their own hands, but this one is in my hand.

If you want, just use the meat on your table in exchange !”

The butcher glanced at the meat on his table, and without hesitation, he directly agreed to Lu Luo.


It threw a huge piece of meat to Lu Luo, and Lu Luo also threw the Bone Cleaver Blade to the butcher.

Lu Luo knows very well that when negotiating with this kind of non-brained alien, it is best not to make bells and whistles.

They have no brains, but they can chop.

If it is one, Lu Luo will definitely do it directly, but it is too risky to deal with three at the same time.

Since it can be traded, it must be more effective than fighting.

【Long spine meat! This should be the flesh of a red dragon. Dragons are already a perfect distortion of animal species.

They are usually derived from animal distortions such as lizards and have high nutritional value, which can enhance strength and physique. 】

Lu Luo, without saying a word, stretched out the Devourer in front of the three butchers and swallowed the dragon’s spine meat directly.

[The first time you use Dragon Spine Flesh, your strength increases by 2.2, and your physique increases by 1.4. 】

“The effect of this meat! It’s amazing!”

While Lu Luo was emotional, he looked towards the second butcher and spoke directly.

“I want something on your cutting board.”

“I have a knife, so I won’t exchange it with you.”

“That’s really What a pity!”

The butcher ignored Lu Luo, and Lu Luo didn’t look for any weak spot anymore.

He walked to the door and closed the door of the vegetable cutting room.

This action attracted the attention of the three butchers, but their brains were not good. After a glance, they turned their heads.

Lu Luo calmly walked to the middle of the three butchers, and gradually began to spread blazing steam on his body.

“What are you doing?” One of the butchers turned his head.

Faced with the butcher’s question, Lu Luo said naturally:

“I didn’t affect you here, right?”

The butcher turned around again Ended up.

“Really not.”

Lu Luo looked at three butchers laughing and sneaking with their backs to him. It is not only the villain who can do things like sneak attacks.

When the butcher tone barely fell, he suddenly shot.

Fourth steam gear, Rachel.

Thunder’s Breath-Annular Slash.

The ring-shaped Thunder Sword Qi burst out instantly.

pu chi pu chi Pu chi!

Three butchers were cut into two pieces by Lu Luo with a single sword, and Lu Luo’s movements did not stop because of this.

Fenrir’s Six Forms broke open directly, and the steel wire dragged the short blade through the heads of two butchers.

And Lu Luo himself used the main sword to split the head of the last butcher.

The killing broke out in an instant, and ended in an instant. The entire battle took less than 5 seconds.

Lu Luo hid on the roof of the room for a full 1 minute, and did not wait for the reinforcements of the castle to appear, which gave him a new judgment on the castle’s defense mechanism.

“Sound and vision will affect the triggering of defense.

I closed the door, blocking the sound and vision, and because the vegetable cutting room should have been very noisy. That’s why no one appeared?

Then the question is, if I kill all the witnesses, is it a perfect sneak in?”

Lu Luo thought, while Stretch out Devourer’s tentacles.

[You swallowed a 5th-level alien butcher and gained 2000 energy. 】

Three butchers brought 6000 energy to Lu Luo, which is equivalent to the energy of a 5th-level lord.

“Sure enough, for leveling, it’s never as fast to hit the BOSS as to brush the mobs.”

Lu Luo got an extra piece of vegetables and a piece of fruit.

He directly absorbs everything with Devourer, and the attribute has reached the level of strength 105, agility 102, and physique 103.

To be honest, it’s a pity to eat these things now, because when he breaks through the 4th level, he can use the energy value to top the attribute.

When he waits for 200 measurements, the benefits of eating these things are the biggest.

However, Lu Luo is a practical school. He has always believed that only the early stage is strong enough to talk about the later stage.

Now that you can improve some attributes, you can be more sure about attributes, and there will be some in the future.


After cleaning the vegetable cutting room, Lu Luo opened the door and cautiously observed it before walking out of the room.

Then moved towards the deepest part of the corridor, which is the real kitchen.

As soon as he walked in, Lu Luo saw many chefs wearing white hats and white aprons.

【Cook, Tier 5 race, with nightmare ability.

attribute: Strength 155, Agility 75, Physique 120. 】

These chefs are the same as the previous butchers. UU Reading are all Tier 5, and their attributes are even weaker than the butchers.

But it seems that the brain should be better than the butcher.

Because their heads are a lap bigger than the butcher, they are probably as big as a melon.

At this time, there are no more dishes in the kitchen. It seems that the dishes that the restaurant needs to supplement before have been supplemented.

The chefs here are all standing in their seats, not talking or resting.

The nether flame enveloped Lu Luo, giving Lu Luo a special identity, allowing him to move towards the depths of the kitchen without any scruples.

When we arrived at the back hall, a group of chefs were surrounded by a monkey-like monster, beating their backs and pinching their feet, nodded and bowed.

When Lu Luo saw the monkey for the first time, he discovered the difference between this monkey and other creatures.

There is no nether flame on this monkey!

【Nightmare Chef-Linga, 6th-level lord, unknown ability.

attribute: Strength 220, Agility 395, Physique 65. 】

At the same time Lu Luo entered the back hall, Lingga instantly looked towards Lu Luo.

“Aha, another guy cursed by the nether flame!

What do you want from the linga, the trash dominated by the nightmare?

Secret? Knowledge? Or a method?”

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