Doomsday Ring Chapter 241

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The monkey’s words made Lu Luo stunned for a moment. It didn’t call the nightmare master, and it didn’t have any respect.

“The person dominated by the nightmare? Are you talking about me? The underlying meaning is that it is not dominated by the nightmare. Is it a proud thing?”

6th-level lord-level alien , Resisted the nightmare?

Lu Luo looked towards Linga, the monkey’s hands, feet and neck are all hung with very special shackles.

Purple flames continue to emerge from the shackles, which is the hallmark ability of nightmare.

[These shackles have nightmares on them, they have energy responses, they are not fakes. 】

If it is not a fake thing, it means that this monkey is really imprisoned here by a nightmare.

“It shouldn’t be. It’s not difficult to kill a Tier 6 lord with the power of nightmare?

If this monkey really resists nightmare, then it survived. The reason is that this guy has some special places.

Some special places that nightmares are reluctant to kill?”

Lu Luo thought of the food on the table, and With the identity of the Linga chef in front of him, he began to make some simple analysis of the Linga’s abilities.

“For example, it’s smart enough to make special foods with foreign materials?”

“The guy wearing the nether flame, what are you looking at?”< /p>

Lu Luo still didn’t reply, but continued to look at the other party up and down, as if to see through the Linga.

However, Lu Luo’s scrutinizing eyes clearly aroused linga’s dissatisfaction.

“Hey, boy, what do you mean by looking at your eyes?

Linga is a noble alien elder, don’t go too far.”

After Linga finished speaking, she was fierce at Lu Luo, but when he was too far away from his original position.

The nether flame chain on the neck will be tightened, and the linga will be strangled at once, and then retreat.

Lu Luo raised his eyebrows. It turned out that it was locked by a chain, so I was relieved.

He just walked to a position beyond the reach of the Linga to stop, his expression was a bit provocative.

“I am watching the monkeys in civilization!”

[Civilized Monkey Watching +1]

Linga froze, civilization watching monkeys? He said I am a monkey?

It can be imprisoned, it can be exploited, but you say I am a monkey, who can bear it?

“I am a 6th-tier lord-level alien linga, a wise man of Eastern Ring, and all alien species must be respected.

You have to figure out what you are facing now !”

Lu Luo suddenly realized that he was nodded.

“Oh, the existence that all alien species must respect. Are you imprisoned here by nightmare?

It’s so pitiful, I don’t know how you who are imprisoned here usually shit Yes, wipe it or not.

Also, you really look like a monkey.”

Linga grinned at Lu Luo, but it was trapped by the chain. Only incompetent furious.

Just when he wanted to spit on Lu Luo, the Linga stopped suddenly.

“Boy, did you just say that nightmare?”

Linga noticed, Lu Luo is wearing a nether flame.

But when describing the nightmare, he didn’t call the other person the master or the master nightmare.

This is a very important message, which means that Lu Luo is not a nightmare person.

Did you say this on purpose?

The guy sent by the nightmare to pry it up?

Lu Luo laughed, it seems that this Linga really has a problem.

At least for the time being, it doesn’t seem to be a prisoner!

“Finally found it? Claiming to be a wise man, but the reaction is so slow.”

Linga was a little angry with Lu Luo’s words, but this time it did not go to argue with Lu Luo again .

Like Lu Luo knows linga and special observation.

At this time, the Linga was also in a short conversation and discovered the specialness of Lu Luo, and re-observed Lu Luo.

“Interesting kid! Do you want to benefit from me?

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything I want. Your idea is probably not easy!”


Lu Luo glanced at the chefs around him. There are 19 chefs, all of which are level 5.

Although the attributes of these chefs are not as good as the butchers, once they have a brain, the difficulty of Lu Luo’s battle will increase exponentially.

How to kill 19 5th Tier can be impossible to kill?

Lu Luo even feels that if he is in a deadlock, he may not be able to defeat this group of chefs, after all, they are all Tier 5.

If you can’t finish killing, it will lead to other guards.

So here, military force no longer works.

If you want to get special food from Linga, this special castle NPC, you can only take it wisely.

After the outsourcing, other things will be slowly figured out…

[Outsmart food, breakthrough 4 levels, and then put them in one pot? ]

Uh, can you beautify this process?

【The warrior gained the power of the alien species through wisdom, and finally defeated the alien species through the power of alien species! ]

Well, it’s much better.

“This Tier 6 chef is imprisoned here, is it also the rules of the nightmare arrangement?”

After thinking for a while, Lu Luo condensed his playful look, solemnly He said to Linga:

“Hello Mr. Linga, I am here with a purpose, you should have guessed it.

I need food that can quickly increase dark energy. , I don’t know if there is any here?

If so, can you give it to me?”

The Linga laughed strangely.

“jié jié jié jié, yes, but why should I give it to you?”

“I can help you escape from here, is it uncomfortable to be imprisoned?

I will help you escape, and you will give me something. This is a reasonable deal.”

“Reasonable? I don’t think it’s reasonable anymore.”

Turning his head, making a dismissive look.

Its attitude Lu Luo doesn’t care, it’s just a game between the two sides of the transaction.

“A alien who claims to be a wise man, it must be very painful to be imprisoned here as a cook?

I can help you out. You shouldn’t be good when you meet an opportunity like mine. Can you hold it?

Of course, you can give me some food to enhance my dark energy first.

It is the interest paid in advance to make me stronger.

In this way, I can do things better for you.”

Lu Luo’s clever words can’t seduce Linga at all. It sneered at Lu Luo.

“Hey, I didn’t do anything, just want to take something from me?

Your saying pay a small price for big rewards in return is really shameless .

even more how, a monster dominated by the nether flame, is also worthy to talk to me about this?

Do you still have the dignity and will as a different species?

< p>As a foreign species, haven’t you ever thought that one day you can break through the limit and become the highest, just like the Skyshroud giant beast?”

[You see what it says, the host is from Thinking that it is a human being, how can it have the dignity and will of a different species?

And I think the host still prefers human sisters, and the host will definitely refuse to become a big whale. 】

Recently, observers have become more sensible!

However, these words of Linga still surprised Lu Luo.

The sky curtain giant beasts are all moved out, and the tone is really too big.

He realized that this linga might really know some useful information.

Then what it said, has several points of true, and how many points are false?

The first situation is that it is really imprisoned by the nightmare, and it is here as a chef.

second situation, it is the servant of the nightmare, it is pretending, it is lying to Lu Luo.

In the third case, it was really imprisoned, but it was also deceiving Lu Luo.

Lu Luo thought carefully about the possible consequences of these three situations, and became more inclined to first in his heart.

But these are not certain things.

The only thing that can be determined, Lu Luo wants to obtain something that can enhance dark energy, there should be only the linga channel.

Now he wants to break through Tier 4 in the Nightmare Castle, and has the strength to collide head-on with the lord-level alien species, so he must negotiate with the Linga!

[People usually use cunning to describe foxes, but sometimes monkeys are more cunning than foxes.

If the opponent is very cunning, and the true strength is far above you, then you have to show something equivalent to it. 】

“The equivalent thing!”

Lu Luo slightly nodded, directly stretched out his right hand, and controlled a pure nether flame in his own hands.

When the surrounding chefs saw the nether flame in Lu Luo’s hand, they immediately humbled their heads.


Linga also looked at Lu Luo with some doubts.

“Are you the controller of the nether flame? A new master of the source?”

To be honest, Lu Luo doesn’t know what the master of the source of mind means, observer And Devourer did not give a clear definition.

If the nether flame of the seed of the source and nightmare is the same level, why is your nether flame so weak?

If the Seed of the Underworld is controlled by the nightmare, there is no warning from the observer and the disc.

Therefore, Lu Luo guessed that the source of the nether source should be separated from the nightmare system and become an independent source of the nether flame.

My nether flame is very weak, and the main problem is that I am too disheveled.

There is no specific understanding of the power in this area.

Although Lu Luo has many speculations in his mind, he can only forcefully pretend in front of Linga.

“It seems that shackles and imprisonment did not make your brain rusty.

Monkey, I have told you what I want, don’t you want to be free? “

Linga’s eyes flickered a few times, and then sharp fangs were exposed.

Although it looks very much like a monkey, its teeth are not.

“Want to seduce me? You have no idea what the nightmare is doing.

After today, I will be free!

So, your terms For me, it doesn’t make sense!”

To be free after today? That is, after fainting, the nightmare will have a clear action?

But this is the nightmare castle, and nothing else, it’s just a different kind of kitchen.

In addition to the eagle-body Banshee that comes in and out, it is enough to drink a pot of Linga.

Not to mention that it still carries this kind of nether flame shackles that look very unusual at a glance.

Under these conditions, why would Linga dare to say that he is free?

Nightmare releases linga on its own initiative? With its kind of character, how can it be possible to let go of what is in its own hands?

Could it be…

【Exclude all impossible, even if the remaining one is unthinkable, it is still a fact. 】

The most incredible result?

“Nightmare will give up the Nightmare Castle after today?”

Lu Luo was a little surprised by this result.

Why give up such a complex castle and such a sophisticated setting?

It doesn’t make sense at all!

Although it feels very embarrassing, I can look at the Linga in front of me with confidence.

Lu Luo felt that Linga must have never experienced the language pressure of human society, so he was going to teach Linga a lesson.

“Monkey, don’t you think that the nightmare gave up the nightmare castle and you can go out safely?

I thought you were a bit brainy. I didn’t think you would have this A naive thought.

Before the nightmare is gone, just a single thought can destroy everything here.

How big is the gap between you and the nightmare, don’t you? Isn’t there any force?

So it’s not that you are free after today.

It’s your chance to be free, only today is left.

< p>In other words, you only have less than 7 hours left! The 7 hours I have been there.”

After talking, Lu Luo looked at the clock on the wall, and it was already more than 2 o’clock.

“Well, there are only 6 hours and 43 minutes left.”

In the process of speaking, Lu Luo and Linga were very close.

When the linga were so close now, if they wanted to violently attack, they could even bite Lu Luo’s neck.

In fact, Lu Luo did this deliberately, in order to show his confident imposing manner.

And even if Linga really attacks him, he doesn’t care.

The linga has only 220 power and the shackles of nightmare. In this state, it is basically impossible to kill itself.

Don’t talk about the spike, if there is no dark energy, it is a question whether the bound Linga can bite through Lu Luo’s fully defensive skin.

“Today is my last chance to escape!

Such words…boy, you really dare to say!”

Still nodded with a smile, but his eyes began to hesitate.

Lu Luo of course noticed its hesitation and continued:

“Now the nightmare’s mind is in this evening gift.

He has no time and I don’t have the energy to stare at you here, staring at everything in the castle.

So now is indeed your last chance.

Cherish this opportunity to leave, or stay where you are and wait for death. It’s your own choice.”

After Lu Luo finished speaking, he stood still and waited quietly for Linga’s answer.

Although the kitchen in Red Bai City Fort is very large, there are not many places to search.

If when the time comes, Linga is still unwilling to trade with himself, then there is nothing to stay here.

The atmosphere became a little depressed, and he counted 5 numbers silently in his heart. UU reading www.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

When the time came, Lu Luo turned around and left.

If there is no useful thing from the linga, then he does not need to continue wasting time here.

As Lu Luo was about to leave, Linga stopped him.

“Wait! If you want to let me out, you need Ellie the Witch’s key. She is on the second floor.

You get the key and I will give you what you want Something!”

Lu Luo laughed.

“What about the interest I want?”

“Don’t crack a joke, no interest, I won’t create anything for you until you bring the keys “

“Mr. Linga is really a principled monkey!

In this case, wait for my good news here! Mr. Linga.”


“Is there anything else?”

“The witch Ellie exists to collect knowledge for the nightmare.

She likes things she hasn’t seen before, so if you want to impress her, you need to let her get knowledge that she hasn’t seen before.

And this kind of knowledge requires her to be interested, or a nightmare Only those who are interested will do.”

Lu Luo frowned slightly, this information is indeed an important reminder.

“many thanks, remind me.”

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