Doomsday Ring Chapter 242

Fourth Ring.

Bai Yuetong turned to look at the smoke giant and the dark horse in the sky, with a solemn expression.

Lu Mengna’s message is not wrong, Dark Tide, it is indeed here!

“Sister Na, you are a different species. I can’t take you to the third ring road, so you can only find a place to hide first.

When this wave passes, I will Find you again!”

The red Nether Ghost-like Lu Mengna turned towards the nodded and quickly flew into a house and hid.

It was originally a ghost species without entities. It is relatively easy to survive in this chaotic Fourth Ring.

To solve the problem of Lu Mengna, Bai Yuetong began to dock with the guard of the third wall.

“Hello, my name is Bai Yuetong. I am now applying for entry into the wall as a design engineer for the Alliance’s body armor.”

The wall guard looked at the very young dumb hair, He wanted to say nonsense subconsciously, but looking at Bai Yuetong who looked steadily forward, he held back again.

“There are too many applications for entering the wall, just a moment please.”


Not long after, the wall guard ran away Come out, respectfully nodded and said to Bai Yuetong:

“Bai Yuetong Academician, now you can enter the wall, but they…”

“They are my research team, very important , So I have to bring them into the wall together.

My highest authority is 50 people. There shouldn’t be 50 people here, right?”

Bai Yuetong is very strong at this time. The wallman wanted to explain something, but eventually gave up.

“Okay, do you want to enter the wall now?”

Bai Yuetong looked at the time, and then at the chaotic Fourth Ring behind him.

“Wait a moment, one of my researchers has gone away and has not arrived yet.”

“Then please as soon as possible. You should also be aware of the current Fourth Ring situation. .
we did not mean to embarrass you but I hope we do not let Bai Yuetong Academician difficult. ”
defensive wall people has made it very plain, but did not seem to Bai Yuetong Understand the meaning.

In other words, she understood, but she didn’t want to do what the wall guard said.

“Just do your own thing.”

The face of the wall guard is a bit ugly, although he also knows that scientific researchers are very unsympathetic.

But if you don’t agree with others, you have to divide the situation, right?

It’s just a researcher. If you give up, you give up. Are you still waiting here? Really sick.

Some members of Ring Studio also heard the conversation between the wall guard and Bai Yuetong.

Especially these new members since the sudden change of Fourth Ring, after they learned that Bai Yuetong has the right to directly enter the wall.

Be eager to have a try, get up, inner ring! That’s a place I’ve never been to before.

The inner ring means wealth and power. It is a place that all Fourth Ring people yearn for.

In this kind of crisis, the inner ring also means safety.

“Sister Bai, what shall we do now? Do you want to enter the wall.”

“Wait for Zhou Kai.” Bai Yuetong’s face was slightly cold.

“How long will you wait for this situation?” Another person couldn’t help asking.

When he asked, many people’s minds began to change.

Actually, they can’t be blamed. The giant smoke giants covering the sky and the nightmare’s almost close-to-the-sky body gave them too much shock.

Moreover, once these ordinary persons are looked towards the nightmare,

their mental state will quickly become unstable and even have hallucinations.

Bai Yuetong feels a little uncomfortable with their performance.

Human nature is selfish, she can understand, but sometimes, a bottom line is required.

Once the bottom line is lost, there is no difference between the person and the wild beast.

“I will judge how long I will wait, and I don’t need to remind you.”

Seeing Bai Yuetong seems a little unhappy, and the others shut their mouths.

They are upset and worried. Isn’t Bai Yuetong himself?

Lu Luo is not here, Gu Fangyi is not here, Zhou Kai is not here, not even Qi Xinzhu is here.

Now she must be responsible for the people in the circle.

Zhou Kai is a very good friend of Lu Luo, so she does not want to give up Zhou Kai anyway.

Take out the phone again, Bai Yuetong dials Zhou Kai’s number.

No one answered the previous two times, but this time, she got through.

“Where did you go, Zhou Kai?”

As soon as the call was made, Bai Yuetong began to roar, but the sound of explosions and gunshots came from the other side. When the shooting was over, Zhou Kai’s voice came:

“I killed 80 alien species, shit, I’ve never killed so many.

Don’t rush? I’m too It’s difficult!”

“Is that so? Then you… be careful.”

Bai Yuetong originally wanted to urge Zhou Kai as soon as possible, but after thinking about it, he chose to tell Zhou Kai Forget it carefully.

“This guy,
Dumbao , is still a bit human, he didn’t rush me!”

Zhou Kai cautiously put the phone in his pocket, his left hand is already bloody, right The branches of hand are already burnt.

In this state, the phone will accidentally fall, and when the time comes, there will be no way to contact Daomao.

ka ka!

The rifle was reloaded, and Zhou Kai looked at the Tier 3 deformity blocking the road.


“If you meet on a narrow road, the brave wins, unlucky will eventually meet in Europe!

I’m going to break through!

This wave, rush!”

in the sky.

Lu Di has been fighting the nightmare for a long time!

The previous white clouds have completely turned into red clouds. These are all Lu Di’s blood!

Normally, his blood is not that many.

But Lu Di is very smart. He puts blood into the mist and then mixes it with a lot of qi fuse to create a large red mist.

Because he is more or less mixed with his own blood, his control over the red mist can bring it up a level.

In this way, he has the capital to fight the nightmare!

The disaster is a disaster after all, it is too powerful!

Every second of confronting the nightmare, Lu Di felt that he was experiencing a torture of the soul.

[Have you ever thought that it is your child? ]

Have you thought about it [sex it? ]

[you have thought about it and solitary battle Qiu Ling’s feelings? ]

Have you ever thought to see [solitary Qiu Ling it? ]

[you thought he was dead after a lone Qiu Ling will be sad? ]

This strange atmosphere of doubt in the mind Lu Di, constantly disrupting Lu Di thoughts.

Sometimes there will even be a situation where the battle is distracted.

Fortunately, Lu Di’s willpower is very powerful. He knows that these thoughts are his own, and he also knows that these thoughts are not normal now.

But he didn’t shake the idea of ​​fighting the nightmare because of these thoughts.

This time, he won’t compromise anymore!

On the other side, the nether flame around the nightmare began to disperse the mist of Lu Di.

Nightmare stared at Lu Di, letting out a dull roar.

“The people in the inner ring will not come, how long do you think you can hold on?”

“I can probably hold on until the moment you fall.”

“If you give up now, you have a chance to meet my mother.”

The nightmare’s words are very plain, but they give Lu Di a great spiritual shock.

I have to say, Lu Di’s heart is moved!

He really wants to see Qiu Guling again.

Lu Di’s eyes gradually blurred, and a touch of purple lit up from his pupils.

The power of the nightmare was implanted in his mind, and he began to drift towards the nightmare gradually.

The corners of Nightmare’s mouth raised slightly, but soon, it stopped laughing.

I don’t know if it’s close enough, or the surrounding blood energy is getting stronger.

The red mist around him began to condense on its body like thick plasma.

The nether flame and the red mist began to collide continuously, more and more, and more and more entangled.

Nightmare kept twisting its body, but the power of the red mist seemed to be far more powerful than it imagined.

“What the hell is this?”

When Nightmare looked towards Lu Di again, he found that Lu Di was staring at it intently.

That kind of look should be called nostalgia, right?

What is Lu Di’s nostalgia for? Nightmare can’t think of it.

But it is certain that the purple in Lu Di’s eyes at this time has completely disappeared.

“Are you not controlled by the power of nightmare?”

Lu Di shook his head.

“The effect of the power of the nightmare is to distort the minds of others.

But have you ever thought that in the past seven years, my mind may have been distorted countless times. Is it extreme?

I’m not crazy, just because I don’t want to be crazy.”

Lu Di, standing in the clouds, took a deep breath, folded his hands together, and a lot of blood began to spill from the corners of his mouth. .

“Except for Qiu Guling, I have never exposed my sequence in front of anyone!

Judging from the fact that you have fought with me for so long, there is no defense.

Qiu Guling probably didn’t tell you my sequence.”

A large number of nether flames began to explode in the nightmare. It seems not to the power of sequence this thing. How do I care

“What can I do if I don’t know?

Even if the S-Rank sequence is not developed to the extreme, it doesn’t make any sense to me. ”

Lu Di nodded, smiling.

“Really? But my sequence is called energy!”

Sequence A-3-energy

Effect 1-energy: extracted from non-life To “energy”, when the “energy” of the item is extracted, the object still retains its original properties.

Effect 2-Energy Storage: It can store “energy” in itself within the body, the total amount of storage is physique *100* time limit.

Effect 3-Note Energy: Input any amount of “energy” into the object within the body to split the particles.

Introduction: Inject yourself, gain strength, inject enemies, and destroy heaven.

The nightmare looked at Lu Di, and its eyes, nostrils, and mouth were full of nether flames.

These nether flames are obviously much stronger than those before, and can easily tear apart the blood mist arranged by Lu Di.

However, Lu Di is already not in at this moment.

He stretched out his fingers and his eyes became firmer than ever.

“From the moment I failed, to the moment I returned to the wall, I never used my own sequence again.

I’m always there, taking power, Energy storage is always ready.

Prepare to have a means to contend when I encounter an enemy I cannot contend again!

I originally thought this The trick will be used to deal with a certain boss in the inner ring.

But I didn’t expect that they would be so cruel!

In order to kill a Tier 7 , they would actually use so much I even sacrifice the entire Eastern Ring!

I can’t do what they do, so this trick can only be used here.

Sorry, I am a human! ”

Note energy – blood burst.


The red mist in the sky completely obscured the vision, and the nether flame and blood mist began to spread and entangle in the sky.

Gradually extend to every corner of the world!

The original white moon has completely turned red.

No one knows what happened to Nightmare and Lu Di.

Looking at the huge gap in the Wall of Explorers, many people can guess.

What will happen to the Fourth Ring next!


Avoiding the eagle-body Banshee in the corridor, Lu Luo returned to the hall.

After some simple tests, Lu Luo can basically determine that the Red Bai City Fort will be roughly divided into 3 types of areas.

Safety Sector, as long as you don’t damage it, no one cares what you do, such as a restaurant.

In the prompt area, after entering, the patrolling 110 may appear to warn you.

If you enter the danger zone rashly, you will be attacked by guards, but after using the nether flame, you can give yourself a safe identity.

Of course, this security identity is only valid for stupid or low-level alien species.

Lu Luo hasn’t tried it in front of the lord class, and Lu Luo doesn’t want to try it. That would be too risky.

Safety Sector is very safe, the prompt area is dangerous, and the dangerous area is profitable.

This should be one of the hidden game rules of Red Bai City Fort.

How to safely enter the danger zone and get benefits from the danger zone requires a lot of thinking and experimentation.

Fortunately, Lu Luo has a problem, and the problem is not big.

“There are still 6 and a half hours to 9 o’clock, I have to speed up.”

At this time, the restaurant is no longer empty. Lu Luo walks between the 1st and 2nd floors. On the steps between, began to ponder the judgment just now.

It took that many’s energy to design the castle of that many ingenious mechanism. Why should it be abandoned?

With the power of the nightmare and its rising speed, it is not a problem at all to become a top alien king like Noah.

Lu Luo even feels that the potential of Nightmare is much higher than that of Noah and Stone Mother.

It took only more than 7 years from birth to awakening, and then to becoming a region’s Overlord.

In 7 years, a hazy distortion has become an 8th-order disaster.

It definitely requires a lot of ambition and motivation, so what is the ambition of Nightmare?

“Lack of information, the purpose of the nightmare to make this fascination is temporarily impossible to judge!

Destroy the world or something, I will not rain it!

I am here It’s to save Qi Xinzhu and save the world. Let’s leave it to the big brothers in the inner ring!”

Lu Luo maintained an optimistic attitude and walked to the bifurcation of the stairs on the second floor, two bifurcations The mouth leads to two completely different doors.

The door on the left is the intersection of mechanized and hand-made wood, full of a sense of the intersection of antiquity and cyberpunk.

The door on the right is a sliding bookshelf, like a mixture of magic bookshelves and sliding doors.

“Witch, it should be on the bookshelf side!”

As Lu Luo approached, a parrot suddenly popped up from the clock next to the bookshelf, and the parrot pointed to the position of the bookshelf.

“If you want to go in, please answer a question from Ellie Young Lady first.”

Ellie Young Lady? Linga said that the witch’s name was Ellie.

Witch, this thing, should be a pretty little elder sister with a hood, right?

There were a lot of paper strips on the bookshelf. These paper strips were sorted by different colors. Lu Luo took a pink paper strip with some scribbles on it.

【Pink, really ambiguous color. ]

[if a heavy rain in the evening, you see in the school playground a helpless beautiful girl sitting on a playground bench in the rain.

What would you do?

A: Take off her clothes to protect her from the rain.

B: Bring an umbrella for her.

C: Leave without doing anything. 】

Hehe, this kind of mentally handicapped problem, generally speaking, can only be imagined by women who have drunk too much chicken soup.

At this time, he had already hit hard, and Fang showed his true qualities as a man.

Lu Luo said nothing, picked up the pen and paper on the bookshelf, and wrote crookedly under the note:

【D: I will take Brother Kai, Brother Kai, stay Mao, Qi Xinzhu are all here.

Then bet 10 yuan with them on whether this woman is a different species. ]

Lu Luo put the note back after writing it.

The parrot next to him called “ga ga” strangely, and then took two pieces of candy from his nest.

“Your answer is very interesting. Allie Young Lady will like this answer and reward you with two pieces of candy.”

Lu Luo picked up the candy that the parrot gave him. This It is a candy wrapped in colored paper, one red and one yellow, with bright colors and sparkles.

[Witch’s Candy-Red]

Class: Rare

Effect: After eating, your power +1. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

Introduction: You can’t eat more than 99 pieces of candy at most, you can use it to exchange something with the witch.

[Witch’s Candy-Yellow]

Class: Rare

Effect: After eating, your physique +1.

Introduction: You can’t eat more than 99 pieces of candy at most, you can use it to exchange something with the witch.

“The attribute of this candy is a bit strong! If the rewards of witches are so strong, what about the rewards of linga?”

Lu Luo definitely can’t eat candy at this time Now, holding the candy, he walked into the right room on the second floor.

Passing around a long corridor, Lu Luo came to the so-called witch’s room.

This is probably a huge library, the room is very high, there are many books, brooms, and debris floating.

Lu Luo’s arrival attracted the attention of others in the room. Many of the previous groom candidates are here.

The two Tier 4 winners that impressed Lu Luo the most.

Lu Luo remembered that one of them was called Duorang, and the other one did not know the name yet.

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