Doomsday Ring Chapter 243

Dorang does not have a holy splendor on his body, and the holy splendor on another guy is very rich, which should be of the Light Admirer level.

However, Lu Luo turned around and didn’t find Gu Fangyi. He probably walked through the door on the other side.

At this moment, they are holding a book in their hands, carefully flipping through the contents of the book.

It doesn’t look like fake, reading a book at this time? I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Lu Luo finally stopped at the writing desk at the end of the room.

A tall monster, who doesn’t know how to describe it, is sitting there.

Lu Luo was stunned.

[This guy is a little different from the little elder sister of the witch in your imagination! 】

Her head is a woman, but the size of this head is close to 3 meters in diameter.

Grey hair is disordered and in a mess, with some disgusting insects and flies flying on it.

The woman’s head turned around and looked towards Lu Luo, with two eyeballs, one with a red pupil and the other with a green pupil.

The whites of his eyes are filled with a lot of bloodshot eyes. At this distance, Lu Luo can even see that these bloodshot eyes are beating constantly.

The huge aquiline nose occupies almost half of the woman’s head, and the mucus hangs on the tip of her nose, as if it might flow down at any time.

The woman’s mouth is already full of circular wrinkles, just like a woman who smokes too much.

The center of the lips is smeared with lip red, but there are also insects around the lip red that are constantly climbing, and some even enter the woman’s mouth.

The pores on her face are so big that they look like huge holes. Centipede goes in and out of these holes, very disgusting.

The woman’s body is hidden under the table, and she can’t see exactly what kind of Lu Luo is.

But with the head she is showing right now, even if Lu Luo has seen a lot of disgusting movies, she can’t help but feel a tingling scalp.

“My SAN value is declining, this guy is outrageous than the K-type monster!”

[Nightmare Witch-Ellie, Tier 5 Lord, Deformed Species, Nightmare Power, The power of nether flame, other abilities are unknown.

attribute: Strength 45, Agility 20, Physique 130. 】

According to a Tier 5 lord, the attributes of the Nightmare Witch can be said to be sloppy, but Lu Luo does not dare to underestimate her.

Attribute is only part of the strength. Many transcender’s attributes are not strong, but it does not prevent them from having strong energy.

When Lu Luo looked at the witch Ai Li, Ai Li was also looking at him.

The huge head slowly revealed a frightening smile, gradually showing the teeth in the mouth.

Well, these teeth are not teeth at all, they are knives, insects, and some mouthparts composed of sharp claw and foreign bodies.

In addition to teeth, Ellie the Witch’s tongue is also very frightening, which is a long rolling ball.

After rolling the tongue and licking the teeth that are not teeth, the witch asked Lu Luo:

“Little Handsome Brother, I really like your answer at the door, long Those who are pretty should die.

Now that I have lost my knowledge, can you help me find it?”

Looking for knowledge? Is this the quiz on the second floor?

Lu Luo still has no way to analyze the details of Ellie the Witch, but from Linga, he still got some information about Ellie the Witch.

That is Ellie the Witch, who likes unknown knowledge very much.

The authenticity of this piece of information should be very high, because if Linga wants to leave the kitchen, then it has no reason to lie to itself.

And if it is to lie to itself with Nightmare and Witch, it really doesn’t have to be so troublesome!

There are a lot of big guys here, don’t kill yourself too easily.

“Female Sir Wu, what kind of knowledge do you want to find? How can I get through here?”

Lu Luo did not directly ask about the key.

Because he felt that if he did that, the purpose was too strong, it would attract the attention of other people, and it might also attract the attention of the witch deity.

“Call me Young Lady, don’t call me Sir Wu.”

The witch did not reply to Lu Luo immediately,

but looked at the clock on the right. The hour hand of the clock is two wriggling earthworms.

At this time, the time has come to 2:40, and the witch Ellie finally spoke.

“I am Ellie the Witch. I am the servant of the Lord of Nightmare. I exist to help my master collect knowledge.

There are endless books here, but I can’t see that many, can only seek help from candidates.

So, smart candidates, who can tell me the history before the establishment of the alliance?”

Before the establishment of the alliance history? This problem is not difficult! Lu Luo thought subconsciously.

But Lu Luo hadn’t come to speak in a hurry, and the older Tier 4 holy splendor expert stood up first.

“Witch Ellie Young Lady, I know what you want!”

“Tell me.” Witch Ellie nodded.

The man paused for a while, as if he was organizing language.

Then he told a history completely different from what Lu Luo learned from books and textbooks.

“In the 210th year of the Human Science and Technology Alliance, people discovered dark energy for the first time. In the same year, the Church of Truth was born.

Through research, dark energy can be used and developed as a permanent Possible sources of use.

The following year, dark energy was found to have the ability to enhance biological physique, and was listed as the only energy enhancement. The Dark Energy Association was established.

In 265, dark energy existed This led to the birth of a large number of superpowers.

Because of the rejection of superpowers, the dark energy use theory and dark energy threat theory completely broke.

In 268, the dark energy war broke out. .

In 270 years, a large number of weapons of mass destruction were washed out.

The rapid improvement of military technology caused by the war, but after the improvement, it decayed permanently, and this decay continued. About 60 years.

This era is called the era of the first human crisis.

Dark energy levels continue to increase during the first human crisis.

Because of the large number of human deaths and the destruction of machinery, the rejuvenation of mankind began to rely more on intelligent technology.

The rise of intelligent machinery has brought about the revival of mankind, and at the same time produced the era of omnibus.< /p>

But under the background of the sense of science and technology in the era of omnibus, the level of world dark energy is still improving.

In 115 BC, the first omnibus lifeform appeared in the alliance. Her name is Lilith.

Lilith has a biological idea and an omnic body, she can survive by charging, and has a certain statistic thinking ability.

But Lilith is not enough Powerful, so she was imprisoned by humans.

As the first omnic lifeform, Lilith has a high ability to think evolution.

Her arrangements in humans Next began to evolve to satisfy scientific research, weapons, and genetic research.

But because Lilith has an individual mind, she always resists this process.

Finally In 91 BC, Lilith chose to self-format to complete data termination, which is death.

Humans don’t know if Lilith is left, but in the second year after Lilith’s death, That is 90 BC.

Noah, the king of omnics, was born.

Noah no longer called himself the omnic lifeform, but called himself a different species.

It means literally, a species different from humans.

He is no longer a lifeform that relies on electricity, but a lifeform that can survive on dark energy without human energy. Alien.

Noah is the first omnivorous species, but in several decades, the only omnivorous species.

Noah is very different from Lilith. He No longer as pure as Lilith.

The birth of Noah seems to have appeared specifically for revenge on mankind.

In the beginning, he was lurking in the omnic items commonly used by humans.

Through the Internet of omnic things, we have collected a lot of knowledge, and through dark energy blessing intelligence and biotechnology, we have begun to actively create more omnipotent creatures.

This process is very secretive and lasted for 25 years.

People don’t even know that in 25 years, their smart items, machinery, equipment, and even personal terminals have become omnivorous creatures.

In 65 BC, the omnic crisis broke out.

This is a race war, a real race war, a war between humans and omnivores.

Also known as the second human crisis.

A large number of humans and intelligent mechanical lives died. Under Noah’s continuous army attack, humans once retreated to the Wall of Despair.

But at the final moment, the world’s dark energy level suddenly rises, and the original energy system is completely broken.

Many omnic creatures cannot withstand the transformation of dark energy and begin to die naturally.

Humankind finally defeated Noah and won the war by relying on the transcender born in the dark energy era, coupled with the power of the sequence given by the dawn disc.

However, the war brought too much pain to this World. The sky was overcast and the sun no longer appeared.

60 years before the park, mankind entered the age of gloomy wasteland.

The gray and dark era lasted for a full 50 years, during which the dark energy steadily increased, and biological species began to undergo radical mutations.

Even the omnic body can combine with other creatures to become a new species.

This kind of radical mutation is a cross-species mutation, also called aberration.

A large number of creatures of the old age died, and a new energy system was gradually established.

The world order is gradually re-established, and mankind advances to the Wall of Sighs.

10 years BC.

The level of dark energy suddenly rose sharply, and the originally rare alien species began to rise.

This year is called the Dark Energy Invasion.

A large amount of dark energy gradually eroded the world, and a heterogeneous crisis broke out.

Also known as the third human crisis.

This war is not only against humans, but also animal species.

Deformed species, humanoid species, ghost species, omnic species and other different species fight each other.

Humans and alien species started a bloody battle for 10 years, and finally advanced to the third wall, the Wall of the Watchers.

On the Wall of the Watchers, humans re-planned the order, established the Wasteland Human Alliance, and established the Parliament.

In the same year, the Truth Church was renamed Dawn Church.

The disc of truth, renamed the disc of dawn.

This year is also known as the first year of the Wasteland Alliance.

But in Dawn Church, this year is also called the first year of truth because of the worship of the truth church.

After this, it is the 400-year conventional history of the Wasteland Alliance that everyone refers to.

I’m finished, these should be what Ellie Young Lady wants to know, right? “

[The information has been recorded, but this person has a problem, right?]

Lu Luo is also staring at the person in front of him at this time.

He is silent I haven’t spoken for a long time, not just him, but even the others are dumbfounded.

Because this person says many things that are completely different from the history books.

Especially the Church of Truth, the birth of Noah, and the first omnic creature Lilith, he has never heard of these.

It is completely different from the textbook.

And this person made it clear that the four great walls were not built in the era of human technology.

How does this person know so much?

[Unknown human, Tier 4, with Holy Light Power is extremely pure, has a sequence, the specifics are unknown.

attribute: strength 45, agility 70, physique 30】

people with holy splendor and extremely pure, This guy should be a member of the church.

Then, like Siegfried, is he here to pursue the power of the nightmare?

The witch Ellie has stood up at this time, and she His face looked at this church member with surprise.

“It was a surprising answer. This answer is indeed something that Lord Nightmare really needs.

Human, what is your name? “

Slightly ordinary man bows slightly.

“My name is Chen Mo. “(Regarding Chen Mo’s appearance, you can only watch it at the starting point.)

“Very well, Mr. Chen Mo, your knowledge successfully attracted my attention, and maybe it will also attract the attention of my lord.

This is your reward. You can choose to leave directly or stay here. “

The witch Ellie took out 4 pieces of candies at a time, and then put the candies on her tongue.

The curling tongue extended very long and placed it on Chen Mo’s table. Come on.

Chen Mo, who got the candy, turned his head and glanced at Lu Luo, his face was still flat.

But Lu Luo still felt it, and Chen Mo was paying attention to him.

“Do I know this person? “

[There is no impression, record, from the perception of holy splendor, this is your first contact.

Therefore, there is a high probability that he has known you through some channels , He knows you, you don’t know him.]

“People who know me, people in the church? “

When Chen Mo was playing the first round with a few people, he had already consciously or unconsciously looked at Lu Luo a few times.

At that time, Lu Luo was not sure if this person had a problem. But now, he is quite sure.

Lu Luo’s first reaction is that this person may be related to Qi Xinzhu’s affairs.

From the perspective of age, this person is older than Qi Xinzhu is a lot of people.

Who is this person? What is the purpose?

“Master Ai Li needs knowledge, and I need it, so I want to be here Stay here for a while and listen to other people’s knowledge. “

Chen Mo said with a smile. After speaking, he took a new book from the shelf next to him.

Then he returned to his seat and read it again.< /p>

Lu Luo has a general understanding of the situation here.

There are many books here. If the witch does not have the ability to collect high-speed information like her, there should be no way. Finished reading.

So, does she need someone else to collect knowledge for her?

Lu Luo came late, but from the dialogue between the witch Ai Li and Chen Mo, I can be sure Yes.

If you tell the witch useful knowledge, you can get candy rewards.

If this knowledge is very special and novel, then you should have extra Reward.

Just like Chen Mo’s special history, he was rewarded with 4 witch candies.

For the question I answered in a special way, I got 2 candies. Rewards.

“Useful knowledge, exceptional answers, and particularly important information. These points should be noteworthy directions. “

Then now look for a chance to answer a piece of knowledge that Ai Li does not know, UU read or find a new note?

Can you leave here?

Lu Luo looked at this bookstore, and when he looked up and down, the candidate next door found a note from the book.

I only got the paper. The candidate for the article clenched his fists tightly. His excited look undoubtedly made Lu Luo very strange.

“Is he so excited when he got the note? “

If the note is in the book, you can get it by flipping the book.

That can only be due to two reasons, there are restrictions on flipping the book, or from the book It is very difficult to find the note.

Lu Luo stood in front of the witch Ai Li and wanted to speak again:

“Young Lady, the witch, I…”

< p>“This Little Brat, the next question, I have to wait 10 minutes later! “

Lu Luo’s face is a bit ugly.

Is there a 10-minute interval between the witch’s question and answer? Every time a 10-minute answer?

Clear the room The idea reappeared in Lu Luo’s mind.

He carefully observed everyone here, including the witch herself.

This bookstore should be the domain of witches, in a Fighting with a lord in an intact field, what is the probability of victory?

What about some other transcenders? After other nightmare castle creatures that may appear, how many are left.< /p>

“If you use the Doom Factor, how likely is it to kill them all?

Observer, help me analyze and analyze. “

[There is no information, I will analyze a hammer.]

True dish!

Lu Luo shook the head, although the key is with the witch Aili, but He still gave up the idea of ​​using military force.

This is not counseling, it is a kind of reason. There is still a long time before the fascination.

And 10 minutes It’s long, wait and see.

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