Doomsday Ring Chapter 244

Although there is a direct idea to do it, there are too many candidates at this time.

The uncontrollability of human beings is much higher than that of heterogeneous. In many cases, the level of transcender of Tier 4 is as difficult as Tier 5 lords.

With so many transcenders there, Lu Luo’s mood gradually calmed down.

Let’s talk about the sweets from the witch, not to mention whether you can play it. Lu Luo feels it is necessary to start first.

Witch candy can directly improve his strength, which is very important to him now!

Stay steady, don’t wave!

Lu Luo turned around and came to an unmanned bookshelf, and took out a book at random.

The cover of this book is handwritten, called “Luo Family Notes”.

After opening the book, Lu Luo discovered that the book was actually a complete handwritten book.

Although the above handwriting is very scribble, it can be described as a flameboyant.

How long does it take to write such a heavy handwritten book with a quill pen!

Lu Luo flips through books quickly. His reading speed is very fast, like a ruthless book flipping machine.

This kind of action has undoubtedly attracted the attention of others.

In the eyes of many people, Lu Luo’s approach is very stupid, so they look at Lu Luo only contemptuously.

Because finding a note is not so easy, the whole process needs to be very focused and careful.

After finding the note, you still need to answer cautiously. If you make a mistake, you will be turned into a frog.

So Lu Luo’s behavior, in their view, is death.

“I don’t understand the rules, just read the book like this, naive guy.”

A voice rang beside Lu Luo. This person is obviously the kind of slow reading by himself, but very The kind that is not convinced.

But Lu Luo doesn’t care, because all the content in the book has been recorded by his observers.

No matter what happens, the observer can give him feedback immediately.

There are also smart people in this group, such as Chen Mo.

At this moment, Chen Mo looked at Lu Luo with doubts in his eyes, whispering in a low voice.

“Do you have a sequence of observation or memory?

If there is, then the environment here is really suitable for him to play.”

Chen Mo has paid attention to it. Lu Luo was a little bit, but soon, he withdrew his gaze.

The rewards of witches are very attractive. Naturally, everyone is for strength, so naturally they cannot stop at this time.

Soon, Lu Luo’s finger stopped on one of the pages of “Luo Family Notes”.

Because the observer has given a hint.

[The handwriting on this page is obviously different. 】

Lu Luo began to slowly touch the paper on this page, and one area was indeed thicker than the surrounding areas.

At the beginning of this area, there is a problem.

[In Luo Family’s notes, how many people are mentioned in total, and what are their names and identities? 】

“Who can remember this fuck? No wonder those people used that contemptuous look at me.

But it’s okay, brother has a hang!”

< p>[In the Luo Family notes, there are a total of 7 people mentioned, namely patriarch Luo Cheng, mother Qiu Shan, eldest son Luo Feng, second son Luo Yun…]

Listen to the observer’s prompts , Lu Luo picked up the feather pen next to him and started to write.

But when he touched the quill pen, he realized that this thing was alive!

【Human Dream Feather, special creature, not in grade. 】

Even a quill pen is alive. This place feels very strange.

Lu Luo quickly wrote down the names and identities of several people, and then waited quietly.

Then, a ghostly silhouette appeared in front of him!

[Unknown ghost species, level 1, unknown ability, no need to mention attribute. 】

The appearance of this ghost species is very sudden, but it does not seem to be hostile to Lu Luo.

Just touched Lu Luo with my finger to find the problem.

Soon, the thicker part of this page began to melt like slurry, and slowly opened, revealing a piece of paper.

This kind of paper,

is the colored paper of the witch!

However, Lu Luo did not look at the colored paper, but looked towards the ghost species in front of him.

What he looks like…

Lu Luo tilted his head somewhat uncertain, and asked the ghost species:

“Luo Family’s Young Master , Luo Ning?”

The ghost species laughed at Lu Luo, and then inadvertently nodded, disappeared in front of him.

Lu Luo moved his finger and wanted to say something, but the other party did not give him this opportunity.

[Looking at the dress and description, they are very similar. 】

Lu Luo nodded, casually glanced at the books here.

By this look, he confirmed what he had just guessed.

All the books here are handwritten! All the books are very scribbled!

“Huh, although I want to kill this witch Ellie more and more!

But my reason tells me that it is better not to do this now!”

[One thing to say, one thing, indeed. 】

The scene where Lu Luo found the note was seen by many people, including the guy who mocked Lu Luo just now.

“I really let him find it? How is this possible?

I haven’t found it after 20 minutes. This guy is very lucky, right?”

The person looked at the book in his hand, began to doubt his reading comprehension ability, and fell into contemplation.

Lu Luo’s note is still very scribbled, but this time there are very few words, only a few words.

[What is a dream? 】

“Dreams? Of course people have to have dreams, otherwise, what is the difference with salted fish.”

This time the question is not a multiple choice, so Lu Luo quickly put it on paper I wrote the answer in my heart.

[I don’t know what a dream is, but I know my own dream.

My dream is probably to find a few wives and give birth to more than 20 children.

Then find a world peaceful place where you can buy food at half price and live a happy life. 】

Lu Luo’s dream is full of simplicity. He doesn’t know if he will get the extra reward from the witch this time.

But when he finished the last stroke, new words appeared on the note.

[Your dream is really simple, and speaking of which wants to come true, it is quite difficult! 】

Fuck! What does it mean?

Did the note talk to me?

Lu Luo looked up towards the witch at the end of the room, only to see the witch dozing off, and did not look up at him at all.

There was no movement in the witch’s hands.

Then what’s the matter with this note?

Lu Luo hesitated a bit and continued to write.

[Who are you? What is your aspiration? ]

[It doesn’t matter who I am. As for my dreams, I used to dream of being able to be with them happily.

But I later discovered, what dreams are not dreams, what is the meaning of dreams? It is more important to live. 】

Looking at the other person, Lu Luo suddenly felt like “So you are also surfing the Internet”!

“A short-term pen pal? It seems to be interesting.”

Lu Luo continued to write:

[No money, no strength, of course Not happy, there is no dream.

The folk songs are very good, but the wine in the tavern is not cheap. It seems that if you don’t work hard, you can’t even support your feelings.

If you have money and strength, you can control your own destiny and talk about your dreams. ]

[That’s right, there is no power, how can you talk about dreams?

Do you know what I am most saddened about?

【What is it? 】Lu Luo is really curious.

[It was when I watched them snuggle up in the arms of their parents and grow up slowly, and watched them listen to the teacher’s instruction, and I realized it.

When I watched them get excited because of their strength, my heart moved! ]

This description, is the other party a transcender? Young transcender lacking parents?

[This World is inherently unfair, all continents are connected to the inner ring, but some people are born in the inner ring.

There are certain things that cannot be achieved by hard work.

The only fair thing about this World is that everyone will die… well, it seems that some people will not die. 】

At the end of writing, Lu Luo reluctantly added that sentence.

Because of Fruit of Life, some people really won’t die!

The people in the church are too bad, um, except for the ones I know.

【This World is no longer fair, I don’t want to be a loser, I don’t want to try nothing and accomplish nothing like them.

When I die, I don’t even have one thing worth remembering.

I want to change, I want to change all of this, I want to change this World.

I am a person who stood on the top of the mountain since I was born, and it is my privilege to be satisfied with everything.

This World exists just to welcome my arrival. 】

Looking at the sudden change of this guy’s context and style of painting, Lu Luo already felt something wrong.

This guy! Did your thinking go wrong when you were growing up?

This time he thought for a long time, and finally only wrote a tentative sentence.

[Everyone is a nobody, what are you talking about! ]

[hehe! 】

Lu Luo is a little unhappy, everyone has a good conversation, what do you mean by hehe?

[Since you are so good, what do you want to do? ]

[Guess what? ]

[What you said, then I will ask you what is the name of Lao Wang’s wife next door, you don’t know! ]

[Originally I wanted this World to feel pain, because they brought me pain.

But when I grew up, I found that this approach was too low-level and boring. I already had a higher pursuit.

Now I just want to break free from the shackles of this World, because I have found a way forward. 】

Lu Luo narrowed his eyes and found the way forward?

Can the road ahead and the goal be equated?

[What do you mean by the way forward? ]

[If you are like-minded, I hope we are matched evenly. 】

Lu Luo narrowed his eyes, the other party knew who he was!

However, Lu Luo also has a guess about the identity of the other party!

When Lu Luo wanted to write again, all the other party’s handwriting on this piece of paper disappeared, leaving only his own handwriting.

Looking at the note, Lu Luo fell silent again.

“Is it an illusion just now?”

[According to the principle of double sense determination, you read it, you thought, you wrote it, and you didn’t enter the illusion.

So what happened just now, what I saw, must be true. 】

Lu Luo nodded, if it is true just now, then the identity of the other party…

“Do you call yourself a person?”

Lu Luo is still there When thinking, the witch Ellie had already stood up and stretched out her long curly tongue.

Extended to several other people who also found the note.

She first took away the notes from several other people and gave some sweets.

Some people did not choose candy, but walked directly behind the witch and chose to leave the bookstore.

Some people found the note, but they did not answer the question on the note.

These people are obviously the kind who don’t have any innate talent for reading, commonly known as parenting.

After arguing with the witch Ellie, she was transformed by the witch and turned into a toad.

But these people who became toads are not dead, there should be a chance!

After solving the other people, the witch Ai Li finally put her tongue out to Lu Luo.

“This candidate, you have already answered the note, why don’t you take the initiative to raise your hand and give it to me?”

[The witch is here, don’t think about it! 】

Lu Luo came back to his senses.

However, the witch Ai Li in front of him seems to know nothing about what happened to him just now.

“Sorry Ellie Young Lady, I was thinking about something in the book just now, and I lost my mind.”

“It doesn’t matter, oh, it’s a simple answer.

Although there is nothing new, it is considered an answer.

So, do you want to go over or stay here?”

The key has not been obtained yet, I’m still waiting for the breakthrough level 4, and then kill you all, how can I leave this time?

Lu Luo directly nodded.

“I want to stay here.”

He is staying here not just because of the key. From the book just now, he already knows how to get the note method.

Normally, it is indeed very difficult to obtain a note.

You need to read a book carefully before you can find the problem.

After you find the question and answer it correctly, you can get a witch’s note.

After you get the note, you have to answer the questions on the note to get the candy.

The overall rhythm is one link after another, and one of them cannot be wrong.

Of course, it is also possible to become a toad!

In short, getting witch’s candy is really difficult.

But these difficulties are not a problem for Lu Luo, who has an observer.

What he needs to do now is to quickly flip through the books and collect the witch’s notes as he once did in the school library.

Then answer the questions and get witch candies in batches.

The witch’s candy can be exchanged for rewards.

However, Lu Luo is not clear about the specific exchange ratio.

A 10-minute question and answer, a total of 7 hours, plus the efficiency of normal people’s reading.

Combining these points, Lu Luo can determine that the number of candies needed to redeem fascination tokens should be about 20, and normally no more than 20.

In addition to faint gifts, there should be higher-level items, such as the nether flame on these lords.

Like the glass of wine on the first floor, this thing should also be redeemable.

The price is difficult to estimate, Lu Luo estimates it is about 30!

In addition to tokens and nether flame, candy should also be redeemable for some small items, just like food rewards on the first floor.

Finally, there is the candy itself. A piece of candy can increase the attribute value by 1 point.

You can eat up to 99 tablets, this effect is too ridiculous!

99attribute value! If all 99 candies are of the same color, it is equivalent to 150,000 energy for Lu Luo.

If your attribute reaches 200 before eating these candies, the effect will be the rhythm of heaven!

“Fuck, if you count it like this, this witch has something!”

This is the first time Lu Luo talked about fucking today!

But this is really too much, so he decided on the witch’s wool.

As for Linga’s shackle key!

Lu Luo doesn’t know if this thing can be exchanged. If it can’t be exchanged, what conditions are needed to get it?

Kill? task? Solve the puzzle?

These three options are all acceptable to Lu Luo today.

In fact, Lu Luo still has a question in his mind, and a very bold idea.

The question is whether the witch’s candy was made by the witch himself or with the help of nightmare power.

If a witch did it, then the very bold idea in Lu Luo’s mind might be implemented.

That is to kill the witch now, collect the witch’s doom factor, just in case.

Then release the witch and let her make witch candy for herself.

And it must be killed now!

Because in case the witch leaves the restaurant like Kuding after they all leave.

Then Lu Luo missed an opportunity to let everyone take off.

99 witches’ candies!

This means 99-point attribute.

You can eat not only for yourself, but also for brothers!

If Qi Xinzhu has 99 witch candies per capita, how much improvement is that?

Under normal circumstances, this is basically impossible.

But Lu Luo has a summoner who only kills the witch, so all he needs to pay is only a part of his energy!

Killing witches + producing candies + heterogeneous physique per capita = take off!

【The host is dreaming again! Why didn’t anyone wake him up with urine? 】

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