Doomsday Ring Chapter 245

Lu Luo ignores the observers, time is precious, he has already started to flip the book quickly.

It is still speeding to read. Lu Luo even turned on the overclocking mode this time to stabilize the speed and the accuracy of the book.

Then in the room, there was only the sound of Lu Luo flipping through the book quickly.

Sha Sha Sha!

“This is so special, is he still human? If this goes on, there is no chance at all.”

The guy sitting next to Lu Luo can’t calm down anymore, he I feel I can’t stay here and compete with Lu Luo anymore.

The rest of the situation is unknown, so I just stay here without any need.

There are a few others who have the same idea as him.

They got up at almost the same moment and came to the witch Ellie.

“Ellie Young Lady, I am willing to use 2 candies in exchange for the chance to leave here.”

The witch Allie’s curling tongue suddenly sprang out, and all of a sudden Candies in human hands are rolled away.

Then opened his huge mouth, smiled and said to the three of them:


At this time, there is only one left in the house. 3 people and 4 toads were dropped.

If the toad can become human again, it means there are 7 people left in the room.

Lu Luo’s men did not stop, flipping through the books one by one.

The note of the problem was also found out by him one by one.

[What should I do if I encounter a disaster? ]

[What is the smell of foreign feces? ]

[Will there be different kinds of calls without frequency? 】


The previous questions Lu Luo answered were all familiar with the road, but when he saw the following question.

Even if Lu Luo’s brain is really big, he can’t help but start to hesitate.

[If there are aliens in this World, will killing aliens be sentenced? 】

Lu Luo is a bit entangled. Are aliens considered human?

But soon, the observer gave a hint.

[Low EQ = Alien, High EQ = Race.

It is a talking alien. Can killing aliens be illegal? 】

Awesome! The observer is indeed an S-Rank sequence.

【Will not be sentenced, because the opponent is a humanoid, this World has no aliens at all. 】

Lu Luo shua shua wrote his own answer, another ten minutes, it’s time!


After a burst of white smoke, a frog turned into a human form, and it seemed to be restored!

Lu Luo glanced at the time, and it can be changed back at this time, so the time for them to deform is likely to be 30-40 minutes.

This time does not seem to be very long, but the time for morning tea is 7 hours in total.

If it is deformed 2-3 times, it will collapse.

I don’t know what are the conditions for the wrong answer, and I have answered that many questions myself, whether there are any wrong answers.

Lu Luo has no time to think too much.

At this time, Ellie the Witch had stood up again, repeating the words just now.

“I am Ellie the Witch. I am the servant of the Lord of Nightmare. I exist to help my master collect knowledge.

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There are endless books here, but I can’t see that many, I can only seek help from candidates.

< p>Then, a keen candidate, my question is like this.

There is a lawn between a man’s house and a neighbor’s couple’s house.

In the middle of the night, the man is next door He was awakened by the quarrel, and then he heard the sound of falling objects, chopping axes, and cows eating grass.

After a while, he heard the sound of someone hitting his door.

But he ignored it and fell asleep again.

2nd day, he found that the hostess next door died tragically at his door.

You can tell me what happened. Process?”

As a top detective in the national service, such a problem naturally does not bother Lu Luo, but he has also noticed.

When the witch asked a question last time, she was a profound candidate, this time, she was a keen candidate.

It seems that the type of question is different every time!

And these problems seem to belong to the problems of human society.

Does a different species need to know that many knowledge and problems of human society? Obviously it is not needed.

Then why did Ellie the Witch do this? Just because of the game set by Nightmare?

Lu Luo doesn’t think it is that simple. Looking at the ghost species in this room, you can understand.

This bookstore is probably the killing of thousands of humans.

Lu Luo was thinking, what would happen if no one answered the witch’s question?

But Lu Luo doesn’t want to try. This question is purely a question of thinking in his mind that is not difficult. Even if he does not answer, others should be able to figure it out.

While others are still thinking, Lu Luo has stood up.

“Allie Young Lady, I know this problem.”

“Then tell me about it!”

“The quarrel is the quarrel of the couple next door. Things are quarreling and escalation. When cutting things, the husband cuts off his wife’s limbs.

Cow eating grass is when the wife bites the grass on the lawn to move her body, hitting the door is when the wife finally arrives at the door of the man’s house. .

She hit the door with her head to ask for help, but the man in question did not open the door, so the wife died.”

“Very accurate answer, also very fast, the master will definitely Very happy.

Oh! Unexpectedly, you found so many notes, the answer is also very interesting, really an excellent candidate!

Now, this is your reward !”

Ellie rolled over 16 candies! Put it on Lu Luo’s table.

This benefit undoubtedly made others look at him for a while, even Chen Mo, who had been calm, raised his eyebrows at this time.

“Lu Luo’s intelligence gathering ability is really amazing!

I can’t stay here anymore.”

I saw Lu Luo. After being strong in memory and observation, Chen Mo’s plan has changed.

His original idea was to obtain enough candy through a lot of knowledge.

In exchange for the power of a nightmare.

But with the arrival of Lu Luo, it is not easy to do this.

So he must leave here, go to the next area, try to avoid competition with Lu Luo.

And what he can be sure of is that since Lu Luo has a huge profit here, he will definitely stay here for a long time.

This is called the law of returns!

Since Lu Luo will stay in this area for a long time, it means that there will be fewer strong competitors in the next area.

In that case, he will have enough time to get the nightmare power reward in the next area, and this is the correct strategy.

Chen Mo is not afraid of competing with others, but he feels that competition will only prolong the time to get rewards.

The purpose of his coming here is the power of nightmare!

For him, delaying time is undoubtedly a loss.

In this wedding game, apart from Lu Luo, few people are his opponents.

He was at the front and Lu Luo was at the back. He got 2 tokens, but Lu Luo didn’t.

Now it is a big advantage. There is no need to stand in a stalemate with Lu Luo in the witch’s room.

“Allie Young Lady, I want to leave!”

“Me too, Allie Young Lady!”

“Me too.”

They all felt Lu Luo’s threat, so like Chen Mo, they left one after another.

This situation is undoubtedly the best result for Lu Luo.

“Okay! People walked almost, now I’m probably in my rhythm!”

Lu Luo didn’t pause, and continued to spend about 10-15 candies in 10 minutes Efficiency continues to search through the notes and answer questions.

Such a large quantity of candies made the remaining competitors feel desperate.

Time has come unconsciously to 4:10.

During the period, the three guys who turned into toads also found the notes, or answered the questions, and left here some way.

The only person left in the witch’s room at this time is Lu Luo.

As the number of candies in Lu Luo’s hand continues to increase, the observer also gives new hints.

[Her expression is changing, the color of her eyeballs and skin tone are darkening, the specific situation is unknown, but pay attention. 】

“Hidden BOSS battle? He he he, I know!”

What kind of changes will Lu Luo not quite clear next, but collecting candy? He didn’t intend to stop the matter.

And the witch herself, he does have some ideas!

Finally, there are 99 candies in Lu Luo’s hand!

The witch Ai Li also stood up after giving Lu Luo 99 candies.

“Amazing guy, you have got too many rewards from me.

I have no candy for you now.

So, what else do you want to get from the hands of Ellie the Witch or Lord Nightmare?”

Lu Luo glanced at the 99 candies in his hand.

To be honest, he has no idea of ​​redeeming these candies.

His original plan was to get the key through quests or answer questions, and then break through the 4th level from the Linga.

Add all the remaining energy, then eat the linga’s attribute food to improve the attribute, and finally eat the candy to improve the attribute.

In this way, his attributes will have an explosive promotion.

The measurements may even approach 150, or even higher.

When the time comes, he went back to the second floor and killed the witch and got all the things on the witch.

But after thinking about the relationship between witch and candy, Lu Luo’s thoughts have changed.

It doesn’t matter if there is no reward, and it doesn’t matter if there is no breakthrough 4 levels.

The really important thing is the doomsday factor of Ellie the Witch.

As long as she can really make witch candy and bring back the Doom Factor, Lu Luo can recreate a new witch.

So, the witch must die!

“Ali Young Lady, I heard that you have a key to the kitchen on the first floor.”

“Yes, I do have a key to the first floor. , But that is the key used to imprison the Linga, what do you want to change?”

At this time, the witch Ellie finally stood up, and she finally showed her lower body. .

It’s not a physical body or a human-like body at all, there are just knitted stitching monsters hovering together!

I’m like your lungs! This guy, I thought he only had an ugly face.

The witch’s getting up gave Lu Luo a great oppression, and he felt something wrong.

[She is hostile to you, get ready! 】

Got it!

Lu Luo looked at the witch Ai Li in silence, and his body began to recede.

While stepping back, I did not forget to continue talking to the witch Ellie.

“What does Ai Li Young Lady want now? What are you doing so close to me? I have something to say!”

As Lu Luo retreated, the bookshelf beside him A book on the book fell down and opened automatically.

Many characters on the page began to twist and connect until they caught Lu Luo’s calf.

Lu Luo slashed the book with a sword, but his body stopped at the same time.

Because he found that there were many feather pens behind him, the kind he used before.

Now these feather pens are flapping their wings.

Pu chi!

The fine hairs like needles and silks are dotted on Lu Luo’s body.

[Your Faithless-Armor effect, you are immune to these attacks. 】

The needles touched Lu Luo’s body and kept making the sound of da da da, although there was no way to cause substantial harm to him.

But it interfered with his actions, which was very annoying.

“This place is the witch’s territory, which is where her realm is.

There is no help from others in such a place.

Then I will kill her What is the probability that it will be?”

Lu Luo smiled and questioned himself.

The witch Ai Li, already holding the broom beside her, twisting her terrifying body, moved towards Lu Luo and strode forward.

“Your name is Lu Luo, right? I just said that all beautiful things deserve to die!

You are also beautiful, so you must die too!”


Lu Luo pulled out Fenrir, and a sword qi slashed towards the witch, but the visible sword qi was blocked by Lu Luo with a light wave of his hand.

A light blue energy shield appeared in front of Ai Li, and easily blocked Lu Luo’s slash.

“What’s Allie Young Lady talking about? I came here to be a groom!”

“Groom? Everyone wants to be a groom, but can really How many people have become bridegrooms?

And don’t you know that all the witches in fairy tales will kill children?

Lu Luo children!”

Children? hehe.

“The top hunters will always pretend to be prey in front of their prey.

Ali Young Lady, when you want to kill me, have you ever thought about me? Thinking how to kill you?”

The witch Ai Li looked at Lu Luo with contempt and laughed at Lu Luo loudly.

“hahaha, you don’t understand what kind of existence I am in this place!

Myriad souls.”

With the voice of the witch Ally Roaring, a large number of books all floated up. UU Reading www.uukanshu.cOM

There are countless ghost species emerging from these books. These ghost species float densely in every corner of the room, and then begin to perform collective spells on Lu Luo.


The obscure incantation came directly into Lu Luo’s mind, but for Lu Luo, this level of attack is almost like a drizzle.

【You are very superstitious, so the other person’s mental incantion can’t work on you. ]

[Your armor is immune to mental shock damage. 】

Lu Luo glanced at the time, he didn’t want to entangle the witch Ai Li for too long.

Moreover, such a Tier 5 lord is indeed very troublesome to deal with.

So, it’s time to show them some of the remaining cards!


Lu Luo’s big sword was nailed to the ground, his hands were put together, and a purple black disc suddenly appeared behind Lu Luo.

“Well, this is the end of the game.”

[The Doom Factor is being mobilized. ]

[Sequence S-07-summon has been activated]

[Effect 1-primordial summon: Consume energy, use life form, summon to get out of the different species in the specimen room. 】

[Selected specimen: Gaum-King of Decay

summon Method 1: Consume 1 Doom Factor, 9100 energy points.

summon method 2: consumes 27,300 points of energy.

[Use the doom factor summon. ]

[Using the doom factor summon, consumes Level 1 Doom factor: the king of decay-Gaum, consumes 9100 energy points. 】

【Summon King of Decay-Gaum】

The Doom Factor is the core of the Lord Alien Species. It can be self-born, but it can also be made from the Dawn Disc.

With the doom factor as the core, violent dark energy began to gather around the factor.

Reshape the skeleton, flesh and blood, and energy!

The King of Decay-Gaum.


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