Doomsday Ring Chapter 246


The moment Gaum appeared, the witch Ellie was still in a moment of astonishment.

I was knocked out by Gaum, and fell heavily into the wall bookshelf.

Although it is protected by an energy shield, the entire energy shield is also squeezed into a ball by the huge power of Gaum itself.

After that, Gaum made several punches at the witch in the wall, causing the energy shield to tremble.

The witch Aili saw that the situation was far from good, and immediately used the double stalker to avoid Gaum’s next attack.

“What the hell? Who are you?”

The witch Ellie waved her hand, and the surrounding ghost species immediately pounced on Gaum.

And her hand has already condensed a strong dark energy, ready to detonate the ghost seed, and take away Gaum in a wave.

But Gaum also not to be trifled with, its skin is rough, flesh is thick, and it has two attribute attacks: acid and poison qi.

In this small-scale situation, its ability can be said to be the perfect witch.


Gaum roared at the ghosts in the sky. The shocking power made a large number of First Rank ghost species the soul flew away and scattered instantly.

To deal with such a low-level alien, the high-level alien coercion has an overwhelming advantage.

Quantity is not worth mentioning in the face of quality.

Acid liquid and poison qi began to permeate the room, and all these acid liquid and poison qi were released by Gaum.

In such an environment, I can fully cooperate with it!

Lu Luo is delighted to see the situation. Brothers are the best at poisoning or something!

Three gears of steam, toxic fog.


Following Gaum, Lu Luo also vomited a big mouthful of mixed color poison.

Although the deity of Gaum will also be affected by Lu Luo’s poison.

But Gaum is known as the king of decay, and Lu Luo’s impact on basic immunity to toxins is basically negligible.

On Lu Luo’s side, relying on the characteristics of armor, and its already strong poison resistance, it can also be immune to most toxins.

So although the two sides have an influence on each other, they are all within a reasonable range.

Since the two of them have little influence, it is the others who have the influence!

After the combination of the poison qi of the two, the corrosive and destructive nature of the poison qi has reached a new level.

Those floating witch feathers and books were corroded and withered by the mixed poison qi of the two, turned into rotten pieces of paper, and could no longer fly.

Gaum constantly attacked the witch Ellie, and it was in good condition at this time.

Although the speed is not fast, but it can rely on continuously releasing poison qi to force Ellie to move.

In this case, Lu Luo hardly needs to act on his own. He just mixes up the poison qi to crack the realm of the witch.

Gaum will leave the rest, its power is a bit beyond Lu Luo’s imagination!

“Is this the feeling of rubbing the lord-level alien species?

The power of Doomsday Disc is as terrible! I love it!

Gaum, we Go!”


Gaum angry roar, moved towards the witch Ai Li again and rushed over.

Although Gaum in front of me is very fierce and full of battle strength.

But there are some places that make Lu Luo more regretful. He remembers that Gaum in Rotten Valley is the kind that has completed self-evolution.

You can also break away from the concentrated body, and become a girl, looking pretty.

Gaum in front of him seems to just yell.

And on the whole, I don’t have any brains, which is a bit regrettable.

“Hey, there are always so many unsatisfactory things in life!”

[Are you interested in different species? Be a man!


Gaum’s long tongue and the witch Ai’s long tongue are rolled together to compete for power. How could a witch be the opponent of a giant monster like Gaum.

It suddenly pulled, forcibly flying the witch Alila.

But Ellie the Witch is not a good stubborn, and here is her domain again.

Although it was jointly suppressed by Lu Luo and Gaum’s venom, it was more or less useful.

She immediately controlled the surrounding energy to form a magic shield, and then blocked Gaum’s offensive with a moving bookshelf.

But Gaum won’t stop because of this,

it suddenly opened a huge mouth, and a mouthful of dark green old sputum spurted out.

Across the bookshelf, moved towards Ellie the Witch flew away.

pu! Acid splashes.


The strong acid made a heart-trembling sound on Ellie’s magic shield.

The strength of the magic shield is beyond Lu Luo’s imagination. In the face of such outrageous acid, the magic shield is not broken?

Gaum’s ontology is also quite unexpected. This is already its strongest attack.

So, it vomited a few more mouthfuls.

pu~ pu~ pu!

The acid liquid almost drowned the witch Ellie, and the magic shield was also on the verge of collapse.

The witch Ellie finally couldn’t help it, she floated into the air angrily, raising her hands high.

The nether flame began to reverberate all over her!

“You filthy monsters, destroy my lord’s garden of knowledge, I want to…”

The roar of the witch is not over yet, her nether flame is very strange The drifting towards Lu Luo’s direction.

Lu Luo’s nether flame burned blazingly, and actually absorbed the nether flame of the witch Ai Li.

Just as she was stunned, Gaum had already punched her magic shield.


Beat, smash, spit!

Gaum’s attack is unpretentious, and the witch Ai Li also keeps trying to interfere with Gaum with things in summon’s room.

But no matter what she summon, she will be immediately beheaded by Lu Luo.


A mouthful of acid completely melted through Ellie’s magic shield, and instantly corroded her entire arm.

Gaum grabbed Ellie’s tongue and pulled her abruptly, pulling her under him.

Then break open the big mouth of the witch Ally.

pu~ pu~ pu!


The strong acid continued to dissolve the body of the witch Ai Li, Lu Luo took advantage of the scream of the witch Ai Li At that time, speed came to her and stopped Gaum.

“Well, Elle Young Lady, I said before that the real hunter will pretend to be the prey in front of the prey.

Now the outcome is divided, I want to ask Ask, where is the key of the Linga?”

The witch Ai Li looked at Lu Luo fiercely.

“The humble fellow, you can never understand the ambition of the lord, nor the strength of the lord.

Want to get the key of the lord from the witch in the center, you ……”

“Really loyal!”

Pu chi!

Lu Luo really doesn’t bother to continue to talk nonsense about the witch Ai Li.

So I could only cut off Ai Li’s head with a single sword, and Gaum bit the witch Ai Li’s lower body and threw it around.

“Okay! Gaum stop.”

Lu Luo told Gaum to stop, and Gaum turned his head angrily because he was interrupted because of playing.

However, when his eyes met Lu Luo, he suddenly persuaded him.

“Yes, I’m sorry!”

Looking at Gaum, Lu Luo frowned slightly.

“Give me a hint of Gaum’s attribute.”

[summon thing, Lord of Decay-Gaum, 5th-level lord.

summon attribute, cannot be recovered, cannot be swallowed, the doom factor has been consumed. 】

Lu Luo looked at the prompt above the observer, and felt something was wrong in his heart.

It cannot be recovered, cannot be swallowed, the doom factor has been consumed, these Lu Luo can understand.

But Gaum in front of me, it has no duration!

Not like many Summoning Spells, summon lasts for a period of time, and then “waves”, the blame is gone.

Gaum in front of him seems to be able to survive as long as he eats, and he will survive forever.

In this way, what is the difference between it and the normal alien species?

“Forget it, don’t think about these things, let’s see where the key of Linga is.

Observer, scan the whole house for me.

And you, Gaum, don’t put the poison, suck the poison qi back.”



Red Bai At the top of the City Fort, Da Tian was lying on the balcony of Qi Xinzhu’s room with a look of surprise.

Her eyes are like nothing but the laughter of “gē gē gē” in her mouth.

This kind of performance made Qi Xinzhu feel very strange. She couldn’t help asking:

“What are you laughing at?”

” Funny guy, I thought he would fight by himself, didn’t expect he would also find a helper.

For such a big guy, (^o^)/

I didn’t fight one. What a battle strength witch, this is too ridiculous.”

Da Tian made a somewhat exaggerated gesture of her own, making Qi Xinzhu a little depressed.

“What do you mean? What do you see?”

“Nothing, nothing, it’s interesting to watch others fight!”

See Datian Unwilling to elaborate, Qi Xinzhu blushed and flipped through the books in front of him.

These all are books brought by Da Tian. As for the content of the book, how can I say it? Qi Xinzhu didn’t want to read it.

But Datian said that since she wants to be a bride, she must at least have an end to what the bride needs to do.

Even for Lu Luo, these books should be read.

These books are “How to Make a Bride”, “The Wedding Night” and “The First Time”……

There are several similar books.

Qi Xinzhu’s face is red at this time, and he always feels that Datian has a problem with his brain.

Why did a little child get such a book?

“Datian, have you read all these books?”

“Of course!”

“You are so young…”

“You don’t understand this, growth is not calculated by age.

Some people are 40 years old and look like giant babies. Some people are 7-8 years old. You can be on your own.

For example, I am such a genius who can be on his own since I was young!”

That’s right, but Qi Xinzhu always feels a little weird.

Looking at the bright moon outside the window, Qi Xinzhu always feels inexplicable.

She always feels that Lu Luo is near her.

According to Dawn Church, it is Qi Xinzhu who feels Dawn is with her.

“Da Tian, ​​do you think Lu Luo will come today? I feel like he is very close to me, and far away.”

Da Tian looking thoughtful at Qi Xinzhu , Nodded.

“Lu Luo, he has come.”

“Huh? Where is he.”

“He is in the castle!”< /p>

“He is in the castle? Then what are we waiting for?”

Qi Xinzhu stood up suddenly, dragged his long skirt and headgear, and moved towards the door.

“Hey, Qi Xinzhu, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to find him!”

“Hey, fainting has not yet begun If you go like this, aren’t you afraid of causing trouble?

The nightmare angered by the stuff, that’s not so good!”

“Since he has already come to this place, then It means that he is ready.

Since he is willing to chase me, why can’t I meet him?

If you are afraid of this, even if you want to I dare not chase what I want, so how can I really become a bride?

I am the Light Admirer of press forward.”

Da Tian looked at Qi Xinzhu and was What she said moved.

“Maybe…forget it.”

Qi Xinzhu didn’t wear the bride’s shoes because they were so tall that she didn’t look good in them.

At this time, she was running barefoot on the corridor on the top floor, and the red Changsha floated with her running, just like her mood at this time, touching.

Da Tian watched Qi Xinzhu leave without stopping.

Just smiled and picked up the shoes on the floor.

“If you don’t wear shoes, you can’t do it! After all, the bride wears shoes, and they need the groom to wear them.”


In the library, Gaum squatted in the corner autistically.

On the other hand, Lu Luo directly devours the witch Ai Li.

[Your Devourer Tier 5 Lord, Witch-Ellie, you have gained 4315 energy. ]

[You have obtained 35 serial points]

[Your source of fire has been strengthened. ]

[You have obtained the Doom Factor of Ellie the Witch. 】

Looking at the prompt, Lu Luo couldn’t help clenching his fist. He consumed more than 9,000 energy and consumed Gaum’s Doom Factor.

But the harvest at this time is definitely more than what I consume.

First of all, the doom factor is 1 for 1.

The value of Ellie the Witch is definitely much higher than the value of Gaum, because Ellie the Witch is very likely to make witches’ candy.

If you have a way to get the witch’s candy later, then you will earn blood!

It can even be said that there is no edge to earn!

As long as he has enough time and resources, he can continuously give all his own +99attribute.

99attribute is not scary when placed on high-level aliens, but if it is placed on humans.

That will be an unprecedented outrageous improvement!

Even Lu Luo himself cannot refuse the temptation of 99attribute.

In addition to the doom factor, Lu Luo also obtained 35 serial values.

Sequence value can be used to start Doomsday Disc world and rotate Doomsday Disc.

This is a resource needed to use the ultimate move, no matter how many Lu Luo will not be too much.

So the actual consumption is more than 4000 energy value.

At the current value of Lu Luo, more than 4,000 energy is considered a fart, not a fart!

“Earn, earn blood!”

At this time, Lu Luo even had an idea to find and kill the entire nightmare castle.

But think about it, forget it, there will definitely be Tier 6 aliens here.

The strength of Tier 5 Alien Species can still fight, but Tier 6 Alien Species is not so easy to deal with.

Don’t talk about the sixth level, it is the lizardmen Kuding on the first floor, and Lu Luo feels that it is difficult to deal with!

“Hey, it’s obediently and honestly to find the key, and let’s break through the 4th level!”

The battle with the witch Aili has made Lu Luo determine where the lord is. It is very likely that they are all Safety Sector fields.

If this conjecture is true, then you can act wilfully in the area where the lord is located.

As long as you are strong enough, you can indeed kill all the lords you see and collect the doom factor.

But the problem Lu Luo faces now is that he is not strong enough.

“Key, key, key! What’s special, where is the key?”

Lu Luo, who had been looking for a long time, was a little irritable. The time passed by, he Very busy, there is no sign of any signs of going on like this.

The body observer and Devourer of Ellie the Witch have also been filtered, no.

The entire bookstore is so big. Under the detection of observers, there is no place to hide it. So where can the key be placed?

【There is a blind spot, you haven’t seen it yet. ]


[The former seat of the witch, she had always hidden her puppet body under the cabinet. 】


Lu Luo slapped his head and immediately came under the witch’s seat.

There is nothing empty!

Lu Luo frowned first, then grabbed the witch’s table, and forcibly tore it off.

This table is also alive, and under the poison, it still hasn’t died.

“It really is here.”

There are a lot of roots under the table, and these roots are wrapped in a box.

Lu Luo opened the box, which contained a very strange doll.

When Lu Luo held the doll, his vision suddenly connected to a scene!

That is… Qi Xinzhu?

Qi Xinzhu is sitting in a room in the Red Bai City Fort. It is very spacious and uniquely decorated.

At this time, Qi Xinzhu is already in bridal attire, with phoenix crown and rosy silk wrapped in red gauze.

The face is not as plain as before, but has been carefully embellished.

The red lips and blush are particularly attractive. The clothes selected by Nightmare are definitely of high quality and unique, which perfectly outlines the Qi Xinzhu curve.

With the book in her hand, the overall picture is even more attractive.

At this time, in Lu Luo’s sight, Qi Xinzhu is holding a copy of “The First Time” and watching it carefully.

The content inside is very explicit. Qi Xinzhu’s body twisted and twisted, and he didn’t know what he was twisting.

But when Lu Luo wants to continue viewing, the screen has ended.

Lu Luo’s sight regained, looking at the witch puppet in front of him, his expression is a little weird!

[Witch horror]

Effect: See what you want to see.

“Is the picture this thing shows me real?”

[It is impossible to judge true or false only with pure vision, so the picture just now may be true Yes, but it may be just a nightmare trap. 】

“Got it!”

After Lu Luo hesitated for a while, he installed the puppet.

Although this thing looks a bit evil, its effects are still useful.

In case the picture inside is true, it may become a clue to finding Qi Xinzhu.

Opening the hidden compartment of the base, Lu Luo finally found a key burning with the nether flame.

“Found it!”

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