Doomsday Ring Chapter 247

He was just about to grab the key with his hand, and the nether flame on the key broke out instantly, igniting Lu Luo’s finger.

Fortunately, Lu Luo immediately activated his own Nether Flame, which absorbed this nether flame!

“This key needs to be held by Hellfire, that is, if you can’t get the reward of Hellfire.

Even if you find the key, you can’t get it. It’s really One by one!

Okay, let’s go find Linga now!”

Lu Luo walked up to Gaum and saw that it was continuously pulling things on the bookshelf Filled in the mouth, walked over and exhorted.

“Stay here for yourself, don’t run around, the situation in Nightmare Castle is unknown now.

If you leave the Safety Sector domain, you may be attacked, understand? “

Gaum is a bit cumbersome and nodded, and I don’t know if it understands it.

Then continue to eat the bookshelf again, this IQ, hey!

Lu Luo is a little helpless, he doesn’t know what is the condition for Gaum to become that kind of girly form.

But looking at the look in front of me, it is impossible to become a girlish form.

The environment in the Nightmare Castle is too unpredictable.

Although Tier 5 lord is very powerful, in the castle of Nightmare, it is not enough to see, Lu Luo can not guarantee the safety of Gaum.

After the 19th, Gaum is likely to be abandoned here by Lu Luo.

Although it is a pity to discard a doom factor, Lu Luo has nothing to do.

At least Gaum is alive now, if he needs to fight again, it should be able to help.

When Lu Luo returned to the first floor, he found old Lizardmen Kuding sitting at the main table of the restaurant, pouring himself glass by glass.

When he saw Lu Luo for the first time, Kuding said with a smile:

“Oh, our warrior who defeated the evil witch is back.”

Lu Luo hesitated for a while. It was already obvious from Kuding that he knew that he had killed the witch Ai Li on the second floor.

But Kuding did not attack him for this, which is a bit intriguing.

How is the relationship between the lords in the castle calculated?

“Does Mr. Kuding have anything to say to me?”

“Ah, there is something I want to say to Mr. Lu Luo.

< p>It is indeed possible to kill the lord in the castle, but this is the place of Lord Nightmare after all.

Too much killing, be careful to attract the attention of Lord Nightmare!

Mr. Lu Luo Don’t forget what your original intention is here, don’t forget.

If you forget your original intention, then what you have to face is not that simple.”


Is Kuding’s reminder to make Lu Luo reduce the killing?

No, it should not be that simple, there should be other meanings.

“If someone else killed the witch Ally, will Mr. Kuding remind me?”

“Of course, it is my responsibility to remind the candidates!”

Sure enough, Kuding’s reminder here should be caused by his killing of the first lord.

In other words, killing the lord is allowed, but there will be other situations when the lord is killed?

Lu Luo nodded.

“My original intention has always been for the bride-Qi Xinzhu.”

“That’s fine, after all, this is a nightmare castle. What will happen in the end, everyone I don’t know!

Is that right? Mr. Lu Luo.”

I don’t know if this tone is a warning or something else.

Lu Luo looked at Kuding for a while, but in the end he was nodded.

“Thank you Mr. Kuding for the reminder, I will remember it.

But I have to repeat it again, my purpose here is Qi Xinzhu, anyway!”


“Anyway! What a firm will!” Kuding laughed and did not continue to speak.

Lu Luo turned and walked towards the kitchen corridor, but Kuding did not stop him.

However, after this conversation, Lu Luo crossed Kuding’s name from his list of kills.

The identity of this Kuding may be a little different from other lords.

If you rashly deal with it, something bad may happen.

“It doesn’t matter, go to the kitchen to find linga and talk.”


Lu Lu once again carded her vision + stealth and came to the deepest part of the corridor. , Which is where the kitchen is located.

To reignite the nether flame, Lu Luo came to the front of Linga.

“Linga, the key you want, is this this?”

Lu Luo stretched out his fingers, the fingertips are hanging from the same material as the shackles on Linga’s neck Of a key.

[Be careful, the other party has a desire to attack. 】

When Linga saw Lu Luo’s key the first time, his body moved instantly.

395 the extreme speed of agility, coupled with the special strength emission skill and body structure of the different species.

To some extent, the speed of Linga can even reach the point where it can completely crush Lu Luo thunder fourth gear.


fast as lightning, fleeting.

But the shackles are shackles after all, and Lu Luo himself has never been trifled with.

The steam and thunder have spread on his body, and the attack speed may not be as fast as the Linga.

But the condescending defense is with no difficulty.

Lu Luo’s hand grasped the linga’s fingers.

The key has been received by him in the Noah star, at this time a man and a beast are facing each other.

“Sure enough! Not one of the clever alien species is obediently and honestly.

You all feel that you are amazing and that you can control everything.

When the deal is concluded, dare to rush to me!

But have you ever thought that human beings are far inferior to alien species, but they can be entangled with alien species for that many years. ?

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It is the wisdom of mankind far surpassing alien species Ah!

Those of your careful thoughts and sorrow thoughts have appeared countless times in the human world!”


Lu Luo snapped off Linga’s finger. Although the opponent’s speed was outrageous and powerful, his physique was only a few dozen.

A monkey is a monkey, and Lu Luo in fourth gear is not as fast as his opponent.

But in terms of damage, it can already cause permanent damage to the naughty monkey Linga.

Ah! ~

The linga’s finger was broken in Lu Luo’s hand, and it kept screaming, but Lu Luo did not let go.

Instead, he kicked it directly with a kick filled with thunder.


This foot really kicked on the belly of Linga, and the monkey vomited a big mouthful of blood and knelt in front of Lu Luo.

The chefs around looked at each other in blank dismay.

As humanoids, at this time there is already some not quite clear because of the fight between Lu Luo and Linga.

A chef saw that Linga was miserable, and under the push of other chefs, he walked up to Lu Luo’s face.

“My lord, Master Linga’s body has been very weak. It hasn’t eaten for a long time.

If you continue to fight like this, Master Linga will die, it’s dead. The owner will be unhappy.”

The racial chef said it very seriously, and Lu Luo also felt a little strange.

It calls itself an adult! Can I get the approval of the servant of nightmare by controlling the nether flame?

Lu Luo did not let go of the linga, but directly asked the chef:

“Why didn’t the linga eat anything? If it doesn’t eat, won’t you feed it?”

“Linga-sama is not allowed to eat, another adult, the witch Ellie’s order.”

Lu Luo nodded, these 5th-order alien species are only in front of him. , It’s really strange!

However, his attitude towards Linga really needs to be re-examined.

The transaction will continue, but he has to abolish the linga first, so as not to cause trouble for himself at this time.

Lu Luo grabbed the linga’s fingers and threw the linga to the ground heavily.


The nether flame on the shackles began to burn slowly, the linga twisted his body in pain, and the nether flame kept burning on its body

As the nether flame burned, the spirit Jia’s vitality is getting weaker and weaker, and she feels that she might die anytime.

At this time, it really looks like a rickety monkey, and it is the kind that is about to die.

“Is it bad to exchange things obediently and honestly? Why do such stupid things?

If you give me what I want…”

Just halfway through Lu Luo’s words, Linga had already endured the pain and interrupted him.

“If I give you what you want, you will kill everything here!

You think I can’t see the killing intent in your eyes Is it?

Boy, only humans will kill alien species for no reason. You think of yourself as a human!”

Lu Luo squinted his eyes, but Linga didn’t say anything. Wrong, his original idea was after getting something.

Promote to Tier 4 and kill all the chefs here.

After all, Tier 5 ordinary alien species also have 2000 energy, which is a great energy supplement for him.

It’s even more cost-effective than killing the lord-level alien species!

But Lu Luo always thinks that he has converged very well, because he did not show any killing intent at all.

Didn’t expect to converge in this way, but the linga saw the clues.

The old monkey is really keen enough!

Lu Luo pondered for a while, at this time the importance of being promoted to Tier 4 is far higher than the benefits of killing the Linga and the others.

So, if the linga can bring enough benefits to him, then Lu Luo can indeed use the linga.

“I don’t need to kill you, but you also have to tell me everything you know, such as the purpose of the nightmare.”

Linga frowned slightly, a little bit I didn’t believe what Lu Luo said.

“How can I believe you in the way I am now?

Believe in a guy who thinks he is human?”

Is there anything wrong with human beings?

Lu Luo thought about it carefully. If you stand from the perspective of a different species, humans are really not good at it.

“I can let you go first, and then we can trade.”

“Let me go first?”

“Of course!”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will run away?”

[Just as it is now, hey, is there such a self-confidence guy in the alien species? 】

Lu Luo has the same idea, but he certainly can’t say that.

“Kuding is at the door, do you feel that if you escape here, you can escape the castle?

Linga, you are also a Tier 6 lord anyway, don’t be so naive .

The only way for you to go out is me. Only I can lead you to freedom.”

Lu Luo did not even continue to discuss with Linga or give The space where the linga was thinking, he took out the key directly.

Opened the yoke of Linga’s nether flame!


The billowing nether flame broke out suddenly, but all these nether flames were absorbed by Lu Luo’s left hand Nether Source Fire.

Although the linga has been burned bald by the nether flame.

But it got rid of the shackles of the nether flame, and jumped up excitedly.

“You really let me go? I finally, I’m really free!”


Linga suddenly showed a fierce look to Lu Luo, but Lu Luo didn’t move in front of it, and his face was indifferent.

If Linga really dares to run, then he really dares to kill!

If you can’t get what you want, it’s good to start with a sixth-order doom factor!

“Before doing something, think about it, Linga, think about the name of your alien wise man.

If you attack me now, let’s not say whether you can fight in this situation. You can pass me.

Even if you can escape from my hand, the Kuding and endless soldiers at the door should be enough for you to drink a pot.”

Gradually he condensed his bad face and turned to a smile.

“Don’t take it seriously, don’t take it seriously, I have been trapped for too long, and I feel depressed.

I just felt the air of freedom just now.

I won’t do the kind of stupid thing you said, after all, Linga is a wise man, a wise man in a different species!”

Lu Luo looked at Linga with a smile, and Linga also looked at him with a smile.

In fact, Lu Luo is quite sure that if the Linga were not too weak, a Tier 6 Alien would be impossible to compromise so easily.

But it’s okay. Taking advantage of the monkey’s danger, you don’t feel guilty.

“Well, I want something like the tears of a bride, which can greatly enhance the dark energy, can you give it to me now?”

Linga looked again A glance at Lu Luo.

It never understood that Lu Luo only had level 3, why the power of level 3 creatures is so outrageous.

But now that the decision has been made, there is no need to think about it at this time.

If you don’t do it, Lu Luo will definitely kill it.

And will kill these dozen chefs!

Although these chefs are not good, but Linga has gotten along with them, and it doesn’t want these guys to die because of themselves.

“I hope you can abide by the agreement.”


“You wait for me for a while.”

From the materials stored in the nightmare kitchen, he took out some treasures that he treasured.

Then he ordered the chef on the side to make a fire for him.

And it itself, holding a stick, stood in front of a stone pot.

Lu Luo looked at the stone pot in Lingjia’s hand with a strange expression!

“This shouldn’t be cooking, right?”

[This is alien alchemy, and some alien races do possess such abilities.

They can refine different types of dissimilar materials into new items.

This item may be stronger or weaker. 】

Lingjia continuously moved towards Rubbing his fingers in the pot, this kind of behavior is undoubtedly rubbing dust in Lu Luo’s eyes.

“Is it rubbing dust? I’m going to eat this thing later.”

[In order to become stronger, bear with me. 】


The rubbing of the ash is only light, Lu Luo even saw Lingjia throw a snout into the stone pot, and a lot of monkey hair.

Lu Luo can’t help it anymore. Is this stuff really eaten by humans?

While the linga was cooking the food, he started chatting with Lu Luo.

“Okay, now it will take a long time for this thing to get through.

Let’s say, what do you want to know? I will definitely tell you what I can say, no If you say it, don’t ask.”

What can and cannot be said? This is the time, there are still things that can’t be said?

While Lu Luo was puzzled, he also asked what he most wanted to know.

“You said I don’t know what nightmare wants?

Then tell me, what does nightmare want?”

Linga looked at Lu Luo, grinned, showed his rotten teeth.

“When I saw the nightmare for the first time, it was clear that it is not a normal alien species.

Its thinking, its thinking, and alien species are different.

How to say it, its thinking is similar to yours, it looks down on us.

Nightmare always thinks that we are wild beasts, and it is itself a species of aloof and remote.”

Linga’s statement made Lu Luo feel a little interested.

“You said Nightmare thinks it is a species of aloof and remote?”

“Yes, Nightmare has never regarded itself as a pure alien species, UU reading www.uukanshu. com has never accepted the saying of alien species in his heart.”

“How do you know these things? Are you familiar with it?”

Linga rolled the eyes, contempt Looked at Lu Luo for a while.

“I am not familiar with you, but when I contact you, I can feel that you want to kill us and kill all the alien species here.”

” Uh… that’s all from the past.”

Looking at the suspicious eyes of the chefs around, Lu Luo didn’t want a fight at this time.

I have reached this step. If the stone pot is broken, the gain will not be worth the loss.

Linga continued:

“Nightmare’s thinking is very close to humans, and its purpose is also very strange, as if it were building this castle.

Normal In other words, a foreign king builds a castle just because he wants to enjoy it.

Or as his own base camp, operate it well.

But the nightmare is different. It seems to build this castle Just to understand the concept through this process of building the castle.

Understand the craftsman, understand the etiquette of the soldiers, understand the mentality of the superiors.

Every setting of the castle is It was thought by the nightmare.

It enjoys food, acquires knowledge, understands the structure of human society, and tries to understand the interaction between humans.

The whole castle is to make it understand These exist.

Like the witch Ellie on the second floor, her role is to help the nightmare collect enough human knowledge.

The nightmare can use her own power, To get the knowledge she has collected.

to get closer to humans.

We don’t understand what it means to do so, but the old Linga’s intentions towards nightmares have already Some guesses.”

Lu Luo narrowed his eyes.

“What is your guess?”

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