Doomsday Ring Chapter 249

Back to the library on the second floor, Gaum has eaten up half of the bookshelf here.

He patted Gaum’s ass.

“Hey, Gaum, during my breakthrough, you have to protect me!”


Except for Gaum , Lu Luo summoned 3 butchers of rank 5.

Although this requires 12,000 energy, for the current Lu Luo, this expenditure is inevitable.

This is the Nightmare Castle after all, except here, he can’t find a suitable place for breakthrough.

Gaum is too big to get out, and he may be attacked if he goes out.

So this is the most reasonable breakthrough place. In case someone comes back, Gaum’s strength is very reliable in this narrow environment.

Four trolls almost blocked the two doors of the room.

As guards, they should be qualified.

After Lu Luo arranged everything, he returned to the center of the room.

“Then, let’s start!”

He drank the tears of the bride in his hand.

The chaotic and indescribable taste fills Lu Luo’s mouth, like shit mixed with jam.

Fortunately, after entering the throat, Devourer will strike hard and swallow all these things.

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[Devourer is absorbing dark energy, the current Devourer level is 3, and the innate talent efficiency is 160%]

[Dark energy reserves are already sufficient, the fusionists are drawing up advanced plans, please wait Waiting. 】

After drinking the bride’s tears, Lu Luo’s dark energy reserves are sufficient.

Now, you can officially break through.

【The first plan: energy type advancement, choose the direction of thunder and lightning, nether flame, highly toxic, and strengthen the specialization.

After advanced, a single qi fuse has a passive energy attribute. ]

[Second plan: Continue to strengthen the qi pocket plan and maintain the original state. 】

Lu Luo has nothing to hesitate, the attribute of energy has never been his main force, perhaps the thunder and lightning nether flame is very toxic.

But his essence is still a stronger, bigger, and higher quality policy.

Lu Luo has always believed that as long as there is sufficient quality, other problems are not a problem.

“Choose the second plan.”

[The second plan has been selected: Qi pocket continues to strengthen. ]

[Life Advancement Method, Two Paths.

[The Fusion has been activated, and all preparation conditions have been tested. ]

[Preparation condition 1: Single attribute exceeds 100 points, detection power, agility, and physique, all reach 100 points, which is in line with the perfect transformation. ]

[Preparation condition 2: The first six qi pockets have reached 100 points, and the detection qi pockets have been reached, and the purity is perfect, which is in line with the perfect transformation. ]

[All preparation conditions are in place, level of transformation: perfect. 】

【The fusion person is fusing the qi fuse with the power core, preparing for the mutation of the life essence feature, please wait a moment. ]

[Friendly reminder from observers: This breakthrough will speed up the progress, and the process may cause so much pain. Please be mentally prepared for the host. 】

“A hundred million a little bit of pain? How painful!”




Lu Luo directly vomited out old blood. The breakthrough of 100 full attribute measurements was already a breakthrough that completely changed the nature of the body.

At this time, he has completely no relationship with human beings, and the structure of power and qi fuse has completely changed to a new species.

Strong pain appeared all over Lu Luo’s body.

The core position is even more intensely squeezed.

Lu Luo’s steam is natural, second gear, third gear, fourth gear!

Thunder and lightning began to spread densely in every corner of Lu Luo’s body. Venom erupted with his pores, and the nether flame burned at the same time.

The formidable power of the qi fuse made the four alien species guarding Lu Luo a little frightened. They had retreated to the door, but the energy erupting from Lu Luo still did not stop.

The three butchers are the first to bear the brunt.

The spreading energy begins to invade their bodies. .

Thunder and lightning paralyzed them, the poison invaded their bodies, and finally the nether flame burned them all out.

Lu Luo’s more than 10,000 points of energy are so wasted!

As time passed by, Lu Luo’s state became stronger and stronger.

At this time, pain is nothing.

Only indifferent is left in his eyes!

“No one, the woman who can move me!”

[Life essence has been upgraded to: Level 4]

[Doomsday Disc world number of entries 1, Doomsday Disc rotation times 1]

Host: Lu Luo

Occupation: Two Paths.

Strength: 105

Agility: 102

Physique: 103

Energy: 34132

Sequence value: 341

qi pocket: 9

innate talent:

Sequence s-02Devourer lv3

Sequence s-04 Fusion lv2< /p>

Sequence s-07summon lv1

Sequence s-11 Observer lv2

Sequence a-00 Unbeliever

Sequence b-yan Curse

sequence c-seed

sequence d-light affinity.

“Huh! Perfect state.”

Lu Luo clenched his fist tightly and felt his power.

Qifuse of Tier 4, in perfect state, allows him to truly possess the strength of individual ability to single out the lord.

And this kind of heads-up is sure to win directly.

All we have to do now is to find Qi Xinzhu!

Of course, killing other grooms is not just nothing serious!

looked towards the time, at 8:03, there is still 1 hour left from 9 o’clock.

Lu Luo took out the meatballs given to him by Lingjia and ate them bite by bite.

The things here are very useful. After eating all the food in the Linga, Lu Luo took out all the witch candies.

Poke them one by one and fill them in your mouth.

[Linga’s meatballs, let your strength 1 agility 1 physique 1]

[Red candy let your power 1]

[blue candy let Your agility 1]

[yellow candy makes your physique 1]

In this way, after Lu Luo ate a wildly, the attribute came to strength 143, agility 140, physique 141 Level.

Although he can keep these candies, he can eat them later.

However, Lu Luo still gave up this idea. Now that he has more strength, he has more grasp.

If you are not sure, you can’t do it, it’s the same all the time!


On the other side, Qi Xinzhu is running wildly along the corridor of the Red Bai City Fort.

She doesn’t know why the corridor of the Red Bai City Fort is so long.

But it was very close, and she could already see the stairs in the distance.

She was wearing a red gauze and wearing the headgear of a faint bride, killing a guard again.

The weapon in his hand changed from the original brick to a long sword snatched from the guard.

“hu~ huh! It’s finally here.”

The footsteps stopped, in front of Qi Xinzhu, there was a staircase leading downstairs!

When she was standing at the door, Da Tian appeared behind her and stopped her.

“Lu Luo is also working hard to find you. If you are separated or in danger at this time, what should he do if he can’t find you?”

Qi Xinzhu first After a pause, he turned his head and looked towards Da Tian.

“No, Lu Luo will definitely find me, and I will definitely find him.”

This is too ridiculous, with a sweet face of disbelief.

“What’s the reason?”

“Because we have a strong heart!”

Qi Xinzhu opened the door of the stairs and walked down the circular stairs.

Datian who stayed in place was stunned.

“Here is the heart? How could she have this ability, she is lying to me?”

Da Tian was silent for a while, this time she did not follow Qi Xinzhu again, but Turned and walked in the other direction.


While Qi Xinzhu ran towards Lu Luo, Lu Luo was still gesturing at the small door behind the witch library.

This door is too small, it is too small for Gaum’s size.

He turned his head and looked towards Gaum and asked again.

“Gaum, can you become a girl?”


Gaum looked at Lu Luo dumbly, with big eyes There are all questions.

Lu Luo knows that by looking at it, this guy’s IQ is hard to surpass those butchers, let him transform into something or something. too difficult.

“Hey, forget it, you stay here and wait for me first, if someone attacks you, you will fight back.”

“Got it.”

After telling Gaum, Lu Luo walked to the stairway on the 2-3 floor, which is also a double-layer connecting staircase.

The opposite direction should be the mechanized room on the second floor.

“If it was Brother Gu, he would choose the opposite room! I don’t know where Brother Gu went now.”

Lu Luo continued to walk upstairs Go, choose one of the black and white rooms.

As soon as he walked in, Lu Luo found something wrong here.

[There has been a battle here, with holy splendor burn marks and sword wounds. The battle should have lasted many times. ]

“It lasted many times?”

[Well, there should be many battles in the same place. 】

Lu Luo saw the black and white grid at the foot of the room. Although there was nothing, he had already thought about what might happen here.

“Chess? Is it black and white chess?”

Because time has passed for a long time, the traces of battle here have begun to fade partly with the power of the nightmare.

The chess pieces here have also completely disappeared. Lu Luo can’t judge what happened before with the current traces.

“There is nothing here, there are no chess pieces, and there is no defending lord.

It should have been broken!

Is that Chen Mo? “

Lu Luo is not sure if Chen Mo solved this, but in terms of previous benefits.

Chen Mo got 1-2 tokens on the first floor, because Duo Rang who teamed with him also got one.

If the resources of two people can be concentrated, then there are two.

Chen Mo didn’t get a token on the second floor, but Duo Rang who teamed up with him didn’t show up. It is possible that he went to the opposite side.

In other words, the income of the two of them on the second floor should be 0-1 tokens.

This black and white room on the 3rd floor has been broken, so I must have obtained at least one token or even more.

If the fascination token is something like a ring, dress, wine glass, then it is very likely that Chen Mo and Duo let the two of them have enough things in their hands.

This has to consider a question, is the matter of becoming a groom itself a reward?

If it is regarded as a reward, what is the content and nature of the reward?

“No, these two people, I have to kill one first.”

Lu Luo didn’t stay in the black and white room for too long, so he moved towards the 4th floor.


The environment on the fourth floor is very different from the first 3-floors. There are separate rooms here.

Some candidates walked out immediately after entering a room.

But there were some candidates who never came out after entering the room.

The doors of the room are all locked, so no one knows what’s inside.

At this time, Gu Fangyi is staying in a room, and opposite him is sitting a woman with red gauze wearing the same phoenix crown and hazel.

Yes, the person who Kuding said about collecting all the tokens is not Chen Mo, nor is it too much, nor is it Siegfried.

Gu Fangyi is weaker than the three of them!

In the mechanical room on the second floor, the game rules are precision gears. This is a very eye-testing game.

Gu Fangyi relied on his excellent behavior planning and the strong vision of the Eagle Eye sequence to win the championship here.

He obtained a token and the nightmare power of the winner-Nightmare.

But Gu Fangyi has always been concerned about Lu Luo, and he also knows that Lu Luo’s purpose here is to take Qi Xinzhu away.

So, Gu Fangyi didn’t want the power of nightmare, but used the power of nightmare and Siegfried in exchange for another token of the groom, the dress.

After that, Gu Fangyi’s only recreational activity in the orphanage since childhood was black and white chess.

In the chess room on the 3rd floor, he even completed the lore and defeated Chen Mo by the rules.

Obtained a token again. UU Reading

Gu Fangyi didn’t know how many tokens it would take to become a bridegroom, so he went to the 4th floor again.

I want to help Lu Luo get more things before the morning tea.

What didn’t expect was that after he brought three items to the room on the 4th floor, there was actually a bride sitting here.

A bride wearing a green gauze and a green gaixia.

This situation has obviously exceeded Gu Fangyi’s expectations.

However, the bride in front of me does not seem to be Qi Xinzhu!

“Since you are here, why not sit down? Haven’t you found three fascination tokens?

Since you have found three fascination tokens, then You are eligible to become a groom!

Furthermore, in the process of becoming a groom, the bride is actually choosing you!

You behaved very well, my Mr. Groom.”

The woman spoke slowly, her voice very pure.

Although he said very touching words, his tone was as plain as water, and there was not a trace of waves at all.

To put it simply, there is no speech and no emotion.

The groom? Gu Fangyi looked a little ugly at the three things in his hand.

“These things are for a friend of mine! Not for my own use.”

At this time, Gu Fangyi’s current feelings for emotions are still in New Hope’s place. On a bowl of flour.

As for women, he has been pedaling with Brother Kai many times.

Anyway, Brother Luo has Bai Yuetong and Qi Xinzhu, so you don’t need to bring Brother Luo, so there are so many things.

Go if you want, 150 times, women, that’s what Gu Fangyi sees.

A beautiful, considerate woman who will massage you and will not annoy you, as long as 150.

What kind of wife are you looking for? Is he the one who is short of 150 now?

But if you send him a wife directly now!

This is…

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