Doomsday Ring Chapter 250

Is it bad to send a wife? In many cases, this is not the case.

Gu Fangyi considers many things, such as what will happen after asking this woman?

Is it harmful? If it is harmful, what kind of harm will it have?

He is a human being, and these all are issues that he needs to consider.

Just when Gu Fangyi resisted, the bride slowly stood up.

“Not used by yourself? Then do you know what it means to be a bridegroom?”

This woman in a green wedding dress walked slowly on her long legs Close to Gu Fangyi.

Gu Fangyi has retreated to the corner, there is no way to retreat! Only brace oneself.

“What does it mean?”

“It means a gift from Lord Nightmare. This is something it carefully prepared!

Don’t you have what you want What do you want to pursue?

I got a gift from Master Nightmare. Many things that you could not accomplish before can now be completed.”

The green bride slowly opened Covered his head.

Dark green’s long narrow eyes, tall figure, and folded feathers behind him, the whole person is like a demon-like picture scroll.

This woman is so long!

hair is long, long eyes, long chin, long legs!

Anyway, it gives people a very long feeling, and the chest is firmer!

Although Gu Fangyi is not that many interested in women, he has to admit it.

The beauty of this woman is much better than that of 150.

At least the level of the club’s 800 top cards.

“My name is Tong Meng, my bridegroom, what is your name?”

Gu Fangyi stared at Tong Yan’s pupils, a strong eye contact made Gu Fangyi The look in his eyes became a little dazed.

Tongmeng’s nightmare power touched his mind.

In an instant, Gu Fangyi thought of many things!

For example, those things that once struggled with Lu Luo, and those things that a few people have fun together.

He wants to be a trustworthy partner. He likes Lu Luo, Zhou Kai, and the feeling that his friends trust him in the past.

But he knows that his abilities are getting insufficient!

This is where Gu Fangyi always cares and pretends not to care.

He didn’t want to catch up with Lu Luo, but he didn’t want to be a burden to Lu Luo either!

When the mind has needs, there are loopholes.

And the power of nightmare is the nemesis against the loopholes in the mind.

Gu Fangyi’s eyes gradually blurred, and the nightmare power represented by purple began to fill his eyes.

In fact, Gu Fangyi’s mental loophole is much bigger than he thought.

After all, he grew up in an orphanage and Fourth Ring.

Many times, Gu Fangyi wants power more than Siegfried.

He is cultivation all the time, constant cultivation, in terms of diligence alone,

Gu Fangyi is the person Lu Luo knows and has the most cultivation time.

And Gu Fangyi’s own innate talent is very good, his progress has actually been fast enough.

However, compared to Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu, this speed is not enough.

Even sometimes, Gu Fangyi would envy Zhou Kai.

Because of Zhou Kai’s planting, it can give him one more channel to improve his strength.

However, Gu Fangyi is also very determined. He knows that he can’t really become a different species.

If you become a different species, you can’t stay inside the wall. When the time comes, you will be separated from the brothers.

He doesn’t want that.

“My name is Gu Fangyi!”

“It turns out that my bridegroom is called Gu Fangyi!”

Tong Meng slowly walked in front of Gu Fangyi, He took out a man’s brass ring and put it on Gu Fangyi’s ring finger.

“I have put on a wedding ring for my groom.

Should my groom now put on a dress and walk into the wedding hall with me?”

Gu Fangyi’s eyes were still stiff, and he dumbly picked up the gown in his backpack.


Putting on the dress very neatly, Gu Fangyi took out the second token of the wedding, the female wedding ring, from the pocket of the dress.

Then he raised Tong Meng’s left hand and put the brass ring on Tong Meng’s ring finger.

The whole process was very natural. Tongmeng, who put on the ring, stretched out his fingers and laughed a little happily.

“Hehe, is this what Master Qiu Guling wants! The etiquette and promise of mankind.

This feeling is indeed full of ceremony!”

Tong Meng took Gu Fangyi’s hand and walked to the table in the room.

“Now, give me a glass of the bar, bridegroom!”

Gu Fangyi picked up the flask on the table, took out his own glass, and poured out a glass for Tong Meng liqueur.

Tong Meng also poured a cup for Gu Fangyi.

She took Gu Fangyi’s hand, crossed her slender arms, and raised the wine glass.

“Okay, although I am not quite clear why there is such a complicated drinking etiquette, but this should be the last step.

In Ancient Times, there is a weird such etiquette. His name is Hebujiu!

This is the etiquette that I got after reading many ancient books and information.

Human things are really complicated enough. Ah!”

The process of combining wine made Gu Fangyi instinctively resisted.

Because he saw the junction of Tong Meng’s neck and hair, those hairs are like feathers!

Is she a different species? She is a heterogeneous!

Gu Fangyi wants to decide, but his body is no longer controlled by himself.

The wine glass has been placed by the mouth.

Tons! Tons!

Tong Meng twisted Gu Fangyi’s body after a glass of wine.

His narrow eyes glanced at Gu Fangyi, and then said in a low voice:

“The spring night is worth a lot of money. At this time, should we do something?

Husband?husband? Husband? Official?”

Tong Meng’s slender fingers have been inserted into Gu Fangyi’s arms, and she pulled Gu Fangyi onto the bed with a gentle pull.

Undress and undress, in perfect harmony!

Suddenly, Tong Meng’s fingertips pierced Gu Fangyi’s chest, where his heart was.

Gu Fangyi’s eyes were sober in an instant, and the confusion in his eyes was swept away in an instant.

All that remains is the ferocity of being a soldier.

I don’t know when the large-caliber revolver was already in his hand, and it hit Tong Meng’s forehead.

The strong dark energy flashes on the gun, and it may explode at any time!

“I know I can’t beat you, but I should be able to hurt you and make your plan impossible.”

Gu Fangyi put his other hand on the Tong Meng’s chest prevented her oppression.

But Tong Meng didn’t care at all. She leaned down, pressed her tightly to Gu Fangyi’s ear and said:

“Gu Fangyi, I can read your mind , I know what you want.

My master can also give you what you want!

For example, the alien power that can roam the world, just like Lu Like Luo’s!

Will you… refuse?”

Gu Fangyi’s fingers suddenly tightened, and he felt that he had been thinking for a long time and was silent for a long time.

But in fact, his thoughts only paused for a few seconds, and after a few seconds, he put down the gun.

“Is the power of the nightmare?”

“Yes, this is the real power of the nightmare, and those superficial nether flames and nightmares are not a level thing at all. “

Tong Meng leaned aggressively on Gu Fangyi’s body.

Gu Fangyi suddenly grabbed her hair and tore Tong Meng off.

“What I want, I will take it myself!”

The two changed positions.

“hehe hahaha!”

Tong Meng let out a very attractive laugh, and then pierced his slender fingers into Gu Fangyi’s chest again.

It’s still the position of the heart.

“Although the brain is the center of thinking, the heart is the source of strength.

All your blood and driving force come from the heart.”

Gu Fangyi has some doubts, not quite clear The meaning of Tongmeng.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“If you don’t understand, it won’t work. If you want strength, you must understand the difference!”

Violent nether flame and dark energy burst out of Tong Meng’s body, instantly dragging Gu Fangyi into the Foreign Dimension of the nightmare.

Her figure is no longer what an ordinary woman looks like.

A pair of huge green feather wings appeared behind Tong Meng, and more and more feathers covered the space like scales.

These feathers gradually envelop Tong Meng and Gu Fangyi.

The screen inside is not descriptive!

Gu Fangyi just feels his body is extremely hot.

The position of the heart is changing. This kind of change is what Gu Fangyi had been looking forward to so much, and it was very strange!



As soon as Lu Luo came to the fourth floor, he saw a person standing in the corridor.

Chen Mo, a disciple of Dawn Church.

While he looked at Chen Mo, Chen Mo also looked towards him.

“Hello, Lu Luo.”

Chen Mo greeted him naturally, without hiding his knowledge of Lu Luo.

“Do we know each other?” Lu Luo squinted.

Chen Mo laughed.

“Introduce myself, my name is Chen Mo, and I am a pious Light Admirer.

Like all Light Admirers, my existence is to chase the dawn.

Like Master Qiao Xing, Qi Xinzhu and Han Shiyu, we are looking for the light all the time.

In the vast sea of ​​people, they found you. This is a lucky thing.

And now, I have reached you too. It seems that I am also lucky!”

Chen Mo moved towards Lu Luo and bowed.

In Lu Luo’s eyes, this scene has a false expression and a pretentious behavior, disgusting like a snakeskin.

Although they are all Light Admirer, the feeling that Chen Mo gives him is completely different from that of Qiao Xing.

At a glance, he knew that the other person was not a good person.

“Is there hostility?”

[Yes, very heavy hostility, it is not too much to say that it is the enemy of killing my father. ]

“It’s so hostile to me.

It’s really too much to be able to say that chasing dawn is so disgusting.”

【 Friendly reminder, Qi Xinzhu and Han Shiyu also said similar things to you, why don’t you think they are sick? 】

“Nonsense, Han Shiyu and Qi Xinzhu are women, they are beautiful, can they be the same?”

[Understood, the internationally renowned double standard. 】

Since it is an enemy, Lu Luo does not want to hide what Chen Mo is doing in this place.

“Chen Mo, right? Your hostility is almost coming out of your nostrils?

Everyone wants to be happy, why talk like this? Isn’t it tired? “

Lu Luo’s words made Chen Mo laughed.

“It’s really tired, but it doesn’t matter. As long as I can kill you, I don’t care about saying something against my heart.

And soon, I won’t be tired !”

“Should we not know each other? Where did your hostility towards me come from?

Did I kill your father or rob your wife.< /p>

This is the first time everyone has met. Are you so angry?”

Although Lu Luo said casually, Chen Mo suddenly fell silent.

The atmosphere is cold and the killing intent rises sharply!

He used to be silent, but at this moment, he doesn’t want to be silent anymore.

“Lu Luo, I really envy you! Sometimes, people’s fate is the same as heaven predestined.

If you don’t know what’s going on, you become her What you are pursuing.

And, she has given everything for you.”

Hearing this, Lu Luo has understood that Chen Mo’s reason is actually a woman.

An emotional Light Admirer?

Aren’t Light Admirer all indifferent guys?

Like Qi Xinzhu, they also experienced life and death on their own, and it took a long time to burn them.

Qi Xinzhu is very beautiful, and it is not surprising that there are people who like her.

However, the age difference between the two people is ten years younger, and the gap is a bit big.

Although the Wasteland Alliance does not have any age limit, this Chen Mo still has some suspicions of old cow eating the young grass!

Lu Luo is absolutely unacceptable to grab a woman or something.

“What she pursues is not me at all, just because I can bring her what she pursues, understand?”

Lu Luo is talking about Qi Xinzhu, And Chen Mo was talking about Han Shiyu.

But in fact, no matter what the result is, it doesn’t matter.

Because according to Lu Luo’s urination, no matter who it is, he will not let go easily!

This is called selfishness, this is called greed!

This is called, yes!

So, let Chen Mo die here first!

“I don’t understand? Huh!” Chen Mo didn’t say anything.

hu hu!

In a breeze, Chen Mo’s fingers moved, and a double-edged sword suddenly appeared on Lu Luo’s right ear!

Fortunately, Lu Luo’s reaction ability and speed are extremely fast, and this is how he avoided this blow.

[Detected the opponent’s sequence A-19, Lord of the Wind, Level LV4

Effect 1-Hurricane: The Lord of Wind Element can control some wind power and shuttle in the wind.

Effect 2-Floating: The wind hinders, but the wind will never hinder its owner.

Effect 3-Storm gathering: As the storm gathers, the power of the storm lord will gradually increase.

Effect 4-Storm is coming: The storm will finally come. 】

“Is the power of the wind? So fast!”

Lu Luo touched his cheek, it was broken, and the speed of the other party was really outrageous.

On the other side, Chen Mo is a little strange.

“Talking for so long, delaying for so long, brewing for so long a fatal blow.

No, I have already touched his face, now he It should be broken. Why the attack has no effect?

What is the white mark on Lu Luo’s face? Is it some defensive means or treasure?

Such defensive power, It shouldn’t last a few times.”

Chen Mo couldn’t figure it out, and he didn’t want to think about it.

What about defensive treasures?

As long as you attack a few more times, no matter how strong the treasure energy is, Lu Luo can only be slaughtered by him when the time comes.

“Lu Luo, you can grow very fast or strong, but I will never admit that you are the Lord of Dawn.

Dawn Church is sick, wait for me to take it When the power of the nightmare arrives, I will take Han Shiyu to settle in a place where no one is outside the wall.

I will never come back! I will let her come back to me.

She was just misled and incomplete by you, I will make her realize, UU Reading Han Shiyu will always be mine!”

Lu Luo, who was just about to shoot, was stunned, Han Shiyu?

Isn’t it Qi Xinzhu? Why don’t you play cards according to the routine?

What else is Han Shiyu misled and incomplete by me, what is this? We are innocent!

That night, the two of them also massaged and chatted for a quiet night.

Everyone is a decent person, and at midnight, a male and a female together alone will not do anything extraordinary!

“Uh, I think you are…”

Originally, Lu Luo wanted to tell Chen Mo that nothing indescribable happened between himself and Han Shiyu.

But after thinking about it, he suddenly stopped what he wanted to say.

Why did he explain to Chen Mo?

Why did he explain this thing to a dying person?

And Han Shiyu…

Lu Luo slowly took out his Fenrir Six Form and pointed directly at Chen Mo with one hand.

“Chen Mo, Han Shiyu is my woman.

She and I have even thought about the child’s name!

So, you think too much! ”


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