Doomsday Ring Chapter 252

Lu Xiaotian !

Hearing this name, Lu Luo felt a kind of cardiac arrest.

Well, he doesn’t have a heart. Anyway, he doesn’t breathe smoothly.

Her surname is Lu, her name is Xiao Tian, ​​and she lives in a nightmare castle!

Lu Luo has a lot of questions in his mind, about Lu Xiaotian’s identity, about her life experience, about the nightmare, about Qiu Guling and Lu Di.

Also, Lu Luo’s mind flashed through the scene of the conversation between him and Nightmare on the top floor of the Red Bai City Fort.

[Nightmare, you feel that the heart is full of bitter people, his heart, how much sweetness it needs to fill it up! 】

[You are wrong, Lu Luo, people who are full of bitterness, as long as there is a trace of sweetness, they can fill everything. 】

“People who are full of bitterness in their hearts, as long as there is a trace of sweetness, can they really fill everything?”

Lu Luo asked subconsciously, but Lu Xiao Tian looked at him strangely.

“What nonsense are you talking about? People who feel bitter, at least drink three bowls of sugar water!”


Lu Luo looked deeply Lu Xiaotian, wanting to see something carefully from her eyes and movements.

But he really can’t see that Datian’s movements, behaviors, every moment and every second are so natural, and there is no artificial meaning at all.

This time language probing, I don’t know if it is a success or a failure.

Lu Luo can’t determine the relationship between Lu Xiaotian and Nightmare, or even the relationship between her and Lu Di.

But with this name and her age, how does Lu Luo feel so scary?

“Who do you mean by them?”

Lu Xiaotian showed a strange expression.

“People, how can there be people in the castle of the nightmare?

Oh, it seems that some people have come in recently. For example, candidates for grooms like you, you are the new guests of the castle.


But they didn’t exist before. Of course they refer to alien species.

Such as Lao Kuding, Linga, Io, Tong Meng, Tong Yan, Ai Li These.”

Lu Luo slightly nodded, Lu Xiaotian said they refer to the lord of the castle.

“If you are a human, can you get along with them?”

“Of course, have you seen them take the initiative to attack you?

Although the lords in the nightmare castle look fierce, they are actually quite talkative.

They rarely attack humans without meeting certain conditions.”

“Specific conditions!”

At this point, Lu Luo did admit that the lord-level alien species in the castle did not have the intention of actively attacking.

They all perform their duties, and seem to have special uses.

For humans, there seems to be no very clear hostility.

The attack of Ellie the Witch was also caused by her own use of the observer’s observation and intelligence gathering ability to rush the candy.

Looking at Lu Luo looking thoughtful, Lu Xiaotian spread her hands.

“Looking at what you look like, you should already understand what I’m talking about.

Also, it is normal for you to be an outsider and don’t know much about this place.”

Her expression was a little smug, but how could it be said that she was Brat, a little deserves a beating.

What’s more, after speaking with Lu Luo, Lu Xiaotian took out a cigarette from the cigarette case next to Lu Luo and prepared to put it on his mouth.


But her cigarette hand was immediately hit by Lu Luo.

“Little child, what kind of cigarette do you smoke?”

Looking at Lu Xiaotian, Lu Luo didn’t know what happened, so he consciously brought in the identity of Uncle, um, it was Uncle.

Da Tian looked at Lu Luo in a bit of astonishment.

“You hit me? You hit me?”

“What’s wrong? If you are not honest, I can even spank you.”

Lu Luo’s expression was fiercely fiercely, and Lu Xiaotian suddenly felt like flying into a rage out of humiliation.

“I’ve grown up so no one has beaten me, so you beat me?”

“What about hitting you? Anyway, the little child can’t smoke.

< p>If you are not obedient, spanking is indispensable.”

Lu Luo grabbed the cigarette in Da Tian’s hand, and then put it back into the cigarette case.

Lu Xiaotian moved her mouth, wanting to refute Lu Luo, but she felt a bit poor in terms of words, and she didn’t say anything.

You can’t fight Lu Luo just because of a cigarette, right?

“If you don’t smoke, you don’t smoke. I’m just wondering what the thing is like, why would anyone like this kind of thing that burns in their mouths.”

Lu Luo squinted again After a glance, Lu Xiaotian said something burning in her mouth!

The meaning is obvious. She has seen other people smoke. Is this the bridegroom candidate here?

Still, Lu Di?

“Cigarette is a tool for men to solve problems. When a man is under a lot of stress, a cigarette can solve most of the stress.

Although smoking is harmful to health, many At that time, the usefulness of cigarettes was ignored by others.”

Lu Xiaotian looked at Lu Luo faintly.

“Using cigarettes to relieve stress?”

“Yes! Many people just saw the harm of cigarettes and said they got lung cancer and lived 20 years less.


But no one has ever thought that a social animal will have to face his wife and child after going home after 996 every day.

Work and life leave them with almost no time for entertainment.

< p> 5 minutes in the toilet, 5 minutes in the car, 5 minutes at the top of the stairs, are their only time.”

Looking at Lu Luo swallowing clouds, Lu Xiaotian gave a kick Kicked over.

“You are so young! Where is your child?”

Lu Luo really wants to beat Lu Xiaotian, but after thinking about it, he still counts. Up.

Let’s not talk about the identity of the other party, just in case…

[If you can’t beat a 7-8 year old child, it would be too embarrassing. 】


The most urgent thing is to find Qi Xinzhu. If there is no exit on the 4th floor, will Lu Xiaotian know where the passage to a higher place is?

“Lu Xiaotian, do you know how to get to a higher place in this castle?”

“Are you looking for a bride?”

< p> “Uh, yes.”

“That won’t work. It’s not time to faint. The 4th floor and above is a restricted area. I can’t make it through.”

? so what to do now?

Lu Luo looked at Lu Xiaotian, and now it seems that the only probability of going upstairs lies with Lu Xiaotian.

[This kid is so spooky, detour! 】

Well, it makes sense!

Of course, Lu Luo can’t let go of such information channels. If some important information can be obtained, it will be very useful.

“Lu Xiaotian.”

“What are you doing?”

“I have candy here, would you like it?”

Lu Luo took out the witch Ai Li’s candies. He had eaten all of them. This is what happened to him.

But Lu Xiaotian just twitched his lips.

“I have lived here for that many years, don’t you think I haven’t even eaten Ellie’s candy?

You act like a hillbilly.”

[Hillboy? Very suitable adjective. 】

Lu Luo is a bit speechless. Why is this little girl so oily and salty? Is she really going to give her a cigarette?

No, it’s inappropriate.

Roundabout! roundabout!

“Lu Xiaotian, what is your father mother’s name?

If you tell me, I will see if I recognize it.”

“Lu Luo, Your method of deceiving a child is too low-level, right?”

Lu Xiaotian still has a look of contempt, which makes Lu Luo feel that he is indeed very mentally handicapped.

How can a child who can live in a heterogeneous world and live well be a simple role.

“Then why are you looking for me?”

“Who is looking for you, but there is movement here, I will come and see that’s all, who knows that you will see it as soon as you come in You are killing people.”

Lu Xiaotian said casually about the process of Lu Luo’s killing, as if he didn’t care at all.

This makes Lu Luo more certain. This little child is indeed a bit abnormal.

“Then, let me tell you a story. In exchange, how about you tell me your parents’ names?”

Lu Xiaotian thought for a while, but did not immediately promise.

“You tell me first, what is the name of the story you are telling?”

Lu Luo raised his eyebrows.

“Sun Wukong fights gourd little Vajra. In my hometown, this is a very interesting story.”

Who is Sun Wukong? What is Hulu Little Vajra? Human and alien names?

Although Lu Xiaotian has heard many human stories, epic stories, fairy tales, social stories, and fiction stories.

But she has never heard of the name Sun Wukong vs. Vajra.

Maybe it’s an epic story of humans fighting alien species! Let’s talk about it after listening.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaotian is nodded.

“Then tell it!”

“On a dark night…

This, this, and then this.

The story ends here.”

Based on Journey to the West and Huluwa, Lu Luo reluctantly composes a fairly logical and self-consistent story. Lu Xiaotian said it in a daze. .

“So in the end Sun Wukong and the calabash little Vajra perish together?”

Lu Xiaotian looked suspicious, the story Lu Luo told, the result, she somewhat accepted Can’t.

But Lu Luo was definitely nodded because it was almost 9 o’clock.

Although he is interested in Lu Xiaotian’s identity and background, the story must end here.

“Yes, the final result is like this!

I have finished telling the story. Can you tell me how to get to the 5th floor?”

“Lu Luo, what kind of shit story are you telling, you are called a rotten tail, and a person with a rotten tail can’t grow a tincture.”

Lu Xiaotian some fly into a rage out of humiliation, take a look Looks like, she knew she didn’t plan to tell Lu Luo how to get to the 5th floor.

Lu Luo suddenly got angry when he heard it.

“Hey, you girl, renege on a debt, right?”

“You said what you said just now, I didn’t promise you.”

< p> “The little girl film, I have to force me to use force.”

Lu Luo stretched out his hand and moved towards Lu Xiaotian, but when he didn’t expect, Lu Xiaotian just hid gently, Avoiding Lu Luo’s fingers.

And no matter how fast Lu Luo speeds up, there is no way to touch her.

“Lu Luo, you are so silly, you can’t touch me at all!

It’s almost 9 o’clock, and you still have the mind to play games with me! Lu Luo, you really have a big heart “

Hearing Lu Xiaotian’s ridicule, Lu Luo felt very angry, but there was nothing he could do at this time.

He really couldn’t catch Lu Xiaotian.

“Forget it, I have something to do now, I will treat you later!”

Lu Luo looked at the time and it was indeed almost 9 o’clock.

He turned around and walked towards the direction of the downstairs. At the moment he just went downstairs, a staircase suddenly appeared at the end of the 4th floor.

Qi Xinzhu happened to run down the stairs.

The blood stains of the soldiers made her red gauze even more red because of the rush.

Qi Xinzhu didn’t even have time to use a healer to disperse the stains on his body.

As soon as he went downstairs, Qi Xinzhu saw the big sweetness floating on the 4th floor.

“Datian? What are you doing here?”

Lu Xiaotian glanced at Qi Xinzhu awkwardly. What did this guy eat?

That many guards upstairs can kill so fast?

“Uh, I am here to listen to the story.”

“Listen to the story? Who will tell the story here?” Qi Xinzhu asked a little strangely. .

“Well, a guy with white hair.”

“White hair? That should be an old man. If it is a candidate for the groom, it shouldn’t be an old man, right?”< /p>

Qi Xinzhu has some doubts. In her concept, people with white hair must be veterans.

However, Lu Xiaotian glanced at the downward staircase and confirmed that Lu Luo had gone, once again opened the mouth and said:

“That person does not look old, He is probably in his early 20s, but he is indeed white-haired.”

“In his early 20s, he is indeed white-haired? What happened here just now?”

Lu Xiaotian made a look of thinking, and then said in a manner:

“The man with white hair just told me that his name is Lu Luo, but I don’t know if he is what you are looking for. The Lu Luo of the old man.”

“Datian, what did you say?”

Qi Xinzhu grabbed Datian’s wrist, but Datian frowned.

“Dazhu, you hurt me. He is indeed called Lu Luo. He had a fight with a guy who called himself Light Admirer before.

After winning, He also said aloud, and I was very impressed.”

A very impressive word? Seeing Da Tian’s harboring malicious intentions, Qi Xinzhu suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.

“What did Lu Luo say?”

“He said Han Shiyu is his woman, and they even thought of the child’s name.”

Qi Xinzhu’s fingers trembled slightly after listening, her expression was a little weird.

Happy for Lu Luo’s arrival? Or is it sad because of what Lu Luo said?

“Did something really happen between Lu Luo and Senior Sister?”

Qi Xinzhu bit his lip, his body twitching unnaturally.

After taking a few deep breaths, she relied on her excellent psychological qualities to restore her emotions.

Seeing is real, hearing is fictitious, what Datian said is likely to be true, but in the end, it is better to ask yourself.

Maybe, everything here is just a nightmare trap.

When Lu Xiaotian saw that Qi Xinzhu could calm down after hearing this kind of news, she was a little anxious, so she added.

“Qi Xinzhu, are you okay? Although I heard Lu Luo say that Han Shiyu is beautiful, I don’t think you really need to care about this kind of thing…”

Lu Xiao Tian stopped abruptly in the middle of speaking, because she felt a strong murderous aura behind her.


“Lu Xiaotian, Brat like you should be beaten to death by your parents!”

Lu Luo came in one by one Behind Lu Xiaotian.

Although his speed is very fast, Lu Xiaotian is faster! It’s even much faster.

“Da Zhu, he is going to hit me!”

Lu Xiaotian has been hiding behind Qi Xinzhu’s butt, and Qi Xinzhu didn’t care about her at all, just straightened desperately. Run towards Lu Luo.

The two embraced tightly!

Qi Xinzhu’s tears are like drops of water, sliding down one after another.

After hugging Lu Luo tightly for a while, Qi Xinzhu raised his head slightly and gradually stared at Lu Luo’s eyes.

There is no language, only actions.

When the two get closer and closer, when the lips are about to touch each other.

It’s 9 o’clock!

Lu Luo’s body was pulled out by an impossible resistance force. In just two or three breaths, it had disappeared before Qi Xinzhu’s eyes.

“Lu Luo? Lu Luo?”

The residual temperature in his arms is real, and the touch just now is also real, although I don’t know why Lu Luo turned into white hair.

But Qi Xinzhu is pretty sure that the person just now is Lu Luo, and she and Lu Luo really hugged each other just now.


Qi Xinzhu knelt on the ground and did not speak for a long time.

Lu Xiaotian didn’t know how to persuade her at this time, so she could only ask cautiously:

“Qi Xinzhu, are you okay?”

Qi Xinzhu took a deep breath, lifts the head.

Although the tears have already dazzled the eye makeup that was carefully embellished before, at this time, there is light in her eyes.

“It’s okay, where is he going now?”

Seeing Qi Xinzhu, Lu Xiaotian quickly adjusted her mentality and couldn’t help but glance at her again.

“Now those bridegroom candidates should be undergoing some nightmare tests.

As they said before, 9 o’clock should be the time for morning tea.

It should be on the first floor, but if you want to go to the first floor, it’s more troublesome!” Qi Xinzhu took a look at Lu Xiaotian, although it was just an ordinary glance, she could see Lu Xiaotian. somewhat guilty.

“What are you doing looking at me?”

“Datian, what story did Lu Luo tell you just now?”

“Um, Sun Wukong vs. Calabash Little Vajra.”

When Lu Xiaotian said this name, he always felt a little inexplicable shame.

Qi Xinzhu also laughed profoundly when he heard the name, and Lu Xiaotian’s smile made her feel hairy.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing, thank you for being sweet, thank you for staying with me until now.”

After that, Qi Xinzhu Just move towards the direction of the stairs downstairs.

Lu Xiaotian stood floating in the air and did not speak. She didn’t quite understand what Qi Xinzhu meant just now.

But when two people hold each other, it does give her some different feelings.

“Hey, I really want to fulfill them…”

Lu Xiaotian floated a distance again, and stopped with her palms in front of Gu Fangyi and Tong Meng’s room.

She put her finger on the door of the room and drew a circle of purple black circles.

While thinking about the appearance of Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu just now, he whispered in a low voice:

“So, should I fulfill them?”

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