Doomsday Ring Chapter 253

The first floor of the Red Bai City Fort.

Lu Luo sat in position 1 with a frosty face, staring at the bridegroom candidate passing by one by one, his eyes full of murderous aura.

He was a little angry, he had already caught Qi Xinzhu, and Qi Xinzhu was about to become his wife!

I’m about to hold my sister Return of the King!

I didn’t expect to be taken away at the critical moment. The bastard Nightmare is too much.

There is also that Lu Xiaotian, it is her thing that not only hacked herself in front of Qi Xinzhu, but also exploded Han Shiyu’s material.

If it weren’t for her special status, such a Brat, Lu Luo would see a hammer and beat him until he cried!

[When can the host stand up and hammer the 8th level calamity, I look angry at this sequence! Damn it! 】

Originally, Lu Luo was only angry, but after the observer popped up such a line, his anger became depressed.

“I can’t beat others, don’t I need to emphasize it?

But you reminded me that with my current strength, can I lift the table?”

Lu Luo looked at Kuding, and then at the guards on the first floor of the castle. There are really a lot of them!

Many of the eagle-body Banshee are Tier 4, and Kuding is a Tier 5 lord who is bottomless.

If you really fight with them, the safest way is to summon Zhuang Yanshan.

But summon Zhuang Yanshan is already his final trump card.

After thinking for a while, Lu Luo gave up his plan to do it at this time.

It is certainly not Kuding who can pull him here in an instant, but a nightmare.

Now he does not have the power to resist the nightmare, even if it is Summon Zhuang Yanshan, I am afraid it will not work!

“Follow the rules here and wait for the time to come back!”

Lu Luo’s murderous aura eyes made others feel a little hairy.

Siegfried like this, when passing by Lu Luo, he dared not speak at all.

Chen Mo also appeared, although his hands and feet have grown out with holy splendor.

But also look pale, limping.

His own strength and mobility are greatly restricted.

He is not quite clear Lu Luo is angry because of something, but at this time, it is better not to provoke Lu Luo.

The game is still going on, there is no need to fight Lu Luo to the end!

The person who can live to the end is the real winner.

The bridegroom candidates appeared one after another, and after calming down, Lu Luo’s first reaction was to look for the trace of Gu Fangyi.

Because during this period of time, he never found any trace of Gu Fangyi, which made him a little worried.

“Why isn’t Brother Gu here? There are only 15 people in total. Did he really have an accident?”

The look of Lu Luo looking around caught Kuding’s attention.

“What is Mr. Lu Luo looking at? Are you looking for Mr. Gu Fangyi?”

“Does Mr. Kuding know where he is?”

Lu Luo’s sentence is a bit of a pun, even if Kuding doesn’t tell him, it doesn’t matter.

Even if Kuding doesn’t say where Gu Fangyi is, it means he didn’t die, and there is a chance if he doesn’t die!

Kuding laughed, seems to see Lu Luo’s mind.

And this time, it directly gave the answer Lu Luo wanted.

“Mr. Lu Luo, if you are really looking for Mr. Gu Fangyi, then I can tell you, you don’t have to.”

Hearing Gu Fangyi is okay, Lu Luo hangs I finally let go, and said curiously:


“Gu Fangyi was the first person to find all the tokens and was the first to be selected by the bride , Become the bridegroom.

The current Mr. Gu Fangyi is lying in the land of warmth and tenderness!”

“The first bridegroom? Brother Gu, he is progressing so fast That’s…”

Lu Luo was a little bit astonished. He hasn’t found anyone on his side yet, and Brother Gu is already on the subject?

This is too fast! And don’t know what the bridegroom’s reward will be.

Kuding pointed to the lamps in the lobby on the first floor, and one of the green lamps was already on.

“This bride is called Tong Meng. In the course of your competition, the brides will take the initiative to choose you.

Mr. Gu Fangyi is the best performer among the candidates for the groom One.

His performance can naturally win the bride’s favor. You must know that these brides are carefully selected by the Master.

Now I’m in Tongmeng’s place, as for what I shouldn’t do. Did I elaborate?

So, come on, Mr. Lu Luo, I also look forward to your performance!”

After listening to Kuding’s explanation, Lu Luo nodded.

The old Lizardmen is not bad, at least he hasn’t pitted him, nor has he done anything excessive.

If you really fight in the future, maybe you will let it go!

“Many thanks, Mr. Kuding.”

“You are welcome, Mr. Lu Luo, you are special, I always remember it.”

Kuding Is it because of the special care of Nightmare?

Lu Luo retracted his gaze and focused his attention on other people. At this time, the dining table has been replaced by a round table.

There are 16 seats on the round table, and as it happens, there are 15 bridegroom candidates left!

Adding to Kuding himself, it happens to be full of 16 seats.

“Well, now there are 15 candidates left for the groom.

In the midnight process, some people have gained, but some people don’t.< /p>

Those who have gained are very happy, but those who have not gained, don’t be discouraged.

You still have a chance! A chance to be a groom and a chance to gain strength!

< p> Originally this was just a simple breakfast time.

But just now, the servants of the castle told me that someone had stolen my lord’s things, and it was a very important thing.

All the alien species in the castle are servants of our lord. They will certainly not steal.

So the thief can only be candidates like you, because in the castle, only you are outsiders. ”

Listening to old steward’s story, Lu Luo immediately realized that this might be the second round game of the round table on the first floor.

The others were not stupid, their bodies immediately became tense, and they sat up straight, waiting for Kuding’s questions.

And when they look at the eyes of other people, they gradually become wary.

There is no way, Kuding said this at this time, it means that everyone is likely to be a thief.

“The time now is 9:14, and the morning tea at 9:30 is officially started.

The snack time is 30 minutes once and lasts until 12 o’clock.

What you need to do is to find the thieves in the castle before 12 o’clock.

Every time you eat snacks, you will give a hint, clue, and information to the thieves.

After each snack, you can have a round of speeches, you can defend yourself, or identify others.

After you finish speaking, you must start voting from the 1st position, regardless of the person who gets the most votes. Punishment will be done regardless.

If the opponent is a thief, others will get a reward.

If the opponent is not a thief and die after being punished, then the others will be random Choose one person for the same punishment.

The thief is not a loser, and the punishment does not necessarily die!

So, if the thief can survive the punishment, they will There is a chance to come again!

But the innocent still has to catch the thief and prove himself innocent for you.

Now, the first round reminds that the thief is a male.


Think carefully about the meaning of this reminder. The reminder may be useful, but it may not be useful. Enjoy your breakfast.”

“Is this a reminder?” Many people will Think so.

But Lu Luo didn’t think so, because the bride is a woman, and Qi Xinzhu should also be an outsider.

So the general function of this reminder is to tell these people that it is not the bride who stole the things.

Lu Luo’s seat is on the innermost side, which is next to the main seat, so the first speaker is himself.

[The game is probably sleek rules, the thief may not necessarily die, but may be punished more strongly.

If you need to prove your innocence, you can start from the chronological order, because you are the last to go upstairs…]

While the observer is recording and analyzing the rules of the game, Lu Luo interrupted it directly.

“Why do you have to prove your innocence? Is there a way to get them to vote me out?”

【Yang Sector stayed enough? ]

Lu Luo shook his head.

“According to the normal rules of the game, voting and analysis will continue until 12 noon. I don’t want to wait that long.

So, if they can vote for me, I Can I move around freely?

With my strength, whether it is the punishment of intelligence or military force, as long as it is smooth in nature, I should not be afraid of it.

And if the military force punishment is to send many alien species to attack me.

I can even collect a wave of energy to prepare for the next battle!

So, think of a way Being voted by them is the most reasonable choice for me!”

[After you analyze it like this, I actually feel that this act of death makes sense. 】

“So the question is, how can I let them cast me out?”

At this time, Kuding has already looked towards Lu Luo beside him.

“Mr. Lu Luo, you are number 1, it’s time for you to speak.”

Lu Luo raised his eyebrows, he had already thought of a way for these people to cast himself out , Stood up somewhat arrogantly.

His speech is very simple and very reasonable.

“Because my strength is the strongest among you, I don’t need to steal, nor bother to steal.

My idea is to kill you all.

As long as people are killed, when the time comes, there will be no groom.

Since there is no groom, no one will compete with me.

Everything here I can get rewards, including the bride, slowly.”

[If you say that, they won’t vote for you, right? 】

“Don’t worry, when they react, they should vote for me!”

Although Lu Luo’s speech is very domineering, many people are naturally nodded.

Many people saw Lu Luo and Chen Mo fighting in the corridor on the 4th floor.

They came down from other channels. Although they have never confronted Lu Luo head-on, they still know the strength that Chen Mo showed on the 3rd floor.

Chen Mo is already a top expert in front of them, but Chen Mo can only lie flat in Lu Luo’s hands.

Let Lu Luo beat him to death with a few punches, which is obviously not equal strength.

So although Lu Luo said that it is good to pretend to be B, it is too much, but everyone agrees.

After Lu Luo’s speech, several other people were also nodded.

“This person should be fine.”

The 15 candidates spoke one after another.

“I was in the black and white chess room…”

“I was being beaten by the guy named Gu Fangyi…”

“I and Chen Mo were in Together…”

Each has its own reasons, and these reasons are normal and I can’t tell what’s wrong.

Until the last candidate stood up, his eyes dodge a little.

His dodge makes other people even more suspicious, because they have never seen this person much.

“The route I took before was the machine room, but the task of the machine room was too difficult, so I gave up.

Then I turned my head and went to the library on the second floor.

But there is a monster in the library that releases a poisonous one.

I can’t make it through, so I found a place to hide.”

Several other people looked at each other, and they already had a certain look of confirmation in their hearts.

Because in their hearts, they clearly remember that the second floor of the library is the place of the witch Ally.

There is no description of the witch, but a monster is made up, which is not reasonable!

But only Lu Luo knows that what this person said is true.

After a round of speeches, Kuding smiled and stood up.

“Well, everyone has heard what the other party said, so let’s vote now!

Who do you think is the thief?”

Number 15!

Number 15!

Number 15!

Almost half of the people voted for the 15th. As a result, the 15th was immediately ruled out.

“It’s not me, I really am not!”

When No. 15 yelled, a Void Portal appeared behind No. 15 and instantly dragged him in.

The whole process was silent and silent. After only 3 seconds, Kuding said blankly:

“No. 15 is not a thief, and he is dead.

So, the person who just said that 15th is a thief will be punished immediately.”

When these people were still in shock, one of them was dragged into it by the sudden appearance of Void Portal. There is no sound.

In one round, 2 people died, and 13 candidates were left.

Because of the lack of information, no one can continue to judge.

Can only wait for the second round of morning tea!

As Lu Luo thought, the wait is very long.

He is a little worried about Qi Xinzhu, Qi Xinzhu’s character is very persistent, he will carry out what he looks for.

He left without a chance to talk to Qi Xinzhu just now.

Without her own detailed arrangements, according to Qi Xinzhu’s personality, she will definitely come to her.

So he must leave as soon as possible, so as to save a lot of time and go to Qi Xinzhu proactively.

Reasonable use of rules is the best way to leave!

“Mr. Kuding, it’s 10 o’clock.”

Kuding checked the time, confirmed that it was 10 o’clock, and spoke again.

“It seems that our candidates guessed wrong first round, but it doesn’t matter, intelligence and information will be more and more.

Next, the thief must have nowhere to hide.

Then, the second message I give is that there is a token in the hands of the thief.”

The second The prompt is much more precise and useful than the first one!

There are not many people who have received tokens. Duo Ran, Siegfried, Chen Mo, Gu Fangyi, and one other person.

This is the owner of the token on the first 3 floors. UU Reading www.uuká

But on the 4th floor, because everyone is in a separate room, each does not know whether the other party has gotten a token.

So in this round, we still need someone else to speak before we can determine the specific situation.

At this moment, the envoys of the eagle-body Banshee served an early meal.

A bread, and everyone has it.

Kuding spread his hands.

“Since it is breakfast, of course there must be something to eat, please take your time.”

No one of these people dare to eat the bread in front of them, because no one knows this bread. ,

Will it be like those poisonous foods in the first round game?

It will be distorted if eaten.

But Lu Luo doesn’t care. No matter what kind of food, the difference is not big to him.

He put the bread directly in his mouth, and as soon as he bit down, he felt something was wrong.

The bread is just ordinary bread, but there is a note in the bread!

Lu Luo took out the note quietly, but he did not let others see the contents of the note.

[You are a thief. 】


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