Doomsday Ring Chapter 254

Fuck !

“I just want to go out. The whole process of my action is open and aboveboard.

I steal a hammer! Why do you say I am a thief?”

Lu Luo was a little unconvinced, but immediately the observer gave a prompt.

[If you insist, you stole food from 3 butchers on the first floor, and the ingredients that Linga gave to you were not approved by Nightmare.

Lei Guo is still in your ring. I don’t know if you plan to keep it for research or if you plan to give it to others.

On the 2nd floor, you stole the witch’s nether flame key, scary puppet.

You didn’t steal anything on the 3-4th floor, but you feel a pity in your heart…]

Stop, stop, stop talking!

After the observer said this, Lu Luo’s face looked a little ugly.

Did he steal so many things? No feeling!

And it just so happened that other people were looking at Lu Luo at this time.

The picture of him taking out a note from his mouth also surprised others.

“Is there a note in the bread?”

Some people are still hesitating, but some have already started to learn Lu Luo and ate the bread.

“There really is a note!”

The person who got the note complexion slightly changed, and then looked at the people around him with different expressions.

[Their expression changes, heartbeat breathing changes are very different.

Some people are horrified, some are proud, and some are afraid! So everyone’s note should be different. 】

It’s not only Lu Luo who discovered this, but other people also have their own minds.

Seeing that everyone had taken out the note, Kuding smiled and said:

“Then the second round of speaking, you can already start.”

Lu Luo is still the first one to stand up. Although he is a thief, the plan just now does not need to be changed.

The people here are not stupid. As long as they continue to stay strong, they are most likely to be voted out.

So, Lu Luo still showed a very plain appearance this time.

“I gave the information, and everyone read the note. The thief has a token on his body.

And I lost on the 1st floor, and then I went to the Second Layer late. No tokens.

My strength is so strong that there is no need to lie to you rookies.

So, the thief is definitely not me, and I don’t need anything else. Say more, please feel free.”

After Lu Luo finished his speech this time, the performance of others became a little weird, a strong one who wanted to kill everyone. Guys.

Is he a threat himself? So can they stand up together and vote for this person?

On the 2nd stand up, Lu Luo noticed that there was a holy splendor on this person, who should also be a member of Dawn Church.

Nightmare has found members of that many Dawn Church. It should be not just for their innate talent.

It should have other deeper meanings, but Lu Luo can’t guess this now.

What makes Lu Luo more happy is that as soon as this number 2 stood up, he started to target himself.

“No. 1 is right, but in the witch’s room, you are the last to leave, so your words are not untrustworthy.

Being strong does not mean you must It’s innocent. Maybe you got the token at the end!

And your threat is too high. Keep on saying says to kill us.

So, I think they It’s better to vote for this person together.”

Many people were stunned by the words of No.2. Many people have had this idea, but they still admire the fact that No.2 said it boldly. .

And this is a highly feasible solution.

Even if the vote fails, a random person will be punished.

But the person being punished is not necessarily himself!

There are still 13 people present. Without Lu Luo, there are still 12 left. There is a 1 in 12 chance. Who can tell?

After a round of speeches, Lu Luo already felt that these people’s spearheads had been directed at him.

[They are really hostile to you, human heart, really interesting. 】

Lu Luo pursed his lips, hiding his smile.

“This is called the over-limit effect!”

Kuding on the side glanced at Lu Luo thoughtfully.

“The second round of speeches is over, then, let’s start a new round of voting!”

Lu Luo knew that he would be voted out this round, so he smiled , Waiting for the result of the vote.

Number 1.

Number 1.

Number 1.

Everyone voted unanimously, even Siegfried is no exception.

Lu Luo is too dangerous. At this time, it is the best chance to solve Lu Luo. If he can be killed, no one will refuse.

Lu Luo pulled up his chair and smiled at the others.

“Thank you, we, we will meet again!”

After that, Lu Luo was caught by a Void Portal.

Thanks? What do you mean?

But his words are still printed in everyone’s hearts. Will this guy really come back? Is he so sure?

After everyone voted, they waited quietly for the reward of random punishment.

After a long time, the random punishment they expected did not appear, which is strange.

Until Kuding walked forward with a smile.

“The eyesight and analytical abilities of the candidates are really strong. They caught the thief only in the second round. It’s amazing.”

Kuding’s words made everyone stunned and caught. Thief?

Lu Luo? He is really a thief, he is so strong and still pretends for a long time? Is this man too dog? Fortunately, he was voted out.

“Catch the thief, can the game be over?”

Kuding shook his head.

“It’s true that you caught the thief, but I never said that there is only one thief!

So the game must continue!”

< p> ……

The voting in the main hall is round after round.

Kuding gave them new clues and hints, but they never found the second thief.

10 people, 8 people, 6 people.

The time is approaching 12 o’clock, and the remaining 6 people will have a round of voting!

There is only doubt in everyone’s eyes, and everyone’s breath is a little crazy!

After Lu Luo left, the information given by Kuding had no way to tell who was the thief.

Everyone’s speeches became more and more hostile and chaotic.

Maybe when Lu Luo is here, they still have a chance to find the thief, but at this time, it is basically impossible!

After the last round of speeches, Kuding stood up.

“Well, everyone, the last round of voting, let’s begin!”

Siegfried took the lead in voting for Chen Mo.

“Although I don’t know if the thief is Chen Mo, I am now ready to vote for Chen Mo.

The reason is the same as that of Lu Luo before. Chen Mo is too strong.

We are all Tier 3, only he is Tier 4, and his strength will only affect the rules here!

So I think we need to cast Chen Mo out.”

After Siegfried spoke, others also nodded.

But when they really raised their cards, everyone chose Siegfried!

“You?” Siegfried stood up, some wondering when they joined together.

Chen Mo’s face was as deep as water, but he still gave the answer.

“I am weak now, because in the battle with Lu Luo, I used the light of divine resurrection.

After coming back, I also used holy splendor to reshape myself Arms and legs.

In this situation, you will not be able to recover in a few days.

Compared to me, Siegfried, you are the real dangerous person.< /p>

They just made the right choice that’s all.”

Siegfried raised his eyebrows.

“Hehe! Interesting, Chen Mo, I didn’t expect Lu Luo to win this time, not more, but you!”

Chen Mo was very calm.

He has always been silent, and only in front of Lu Luo will he lose his mind.

“Win? If you don’t go to the end, who dares to say that you win.”

Seeing Qi Jifei being dragged away by the Force of Void, Chen Mo laughed.

The result was rather unexpected. This time was the same as Lu Luo’s. They were not punished.

“Unexpectedly, the second thief is Siegfried! Everyone pretends to look alike!”

Lu Luo is gone, Siegfried is also gone, although I don’t know if they will dead.

But as Siegfried said, the winner of this game is ultimately him!

This is the second time he has won!

When the time came to 12 o’clock, Kuding slowly walked in front of the remaining five people.

“You have caught all the thieves, and everyone will get a token.

And there are 5 boxes here, which is what the Master has carefully equipped for you.< /p>

Each of you will get one.

It may be the power of the Master or the token of the groom.

What the specific result is, it depends on the result.

Your luck.

The area above the 5th floor has been opened.

So now, you can find your bride again.

Oh, I I forgot to tell you.

In any case, before the evening ceremony, you have to return to this place.

Don’t miss it!”

Chen Mo Without saying anything, he grabbed a box and left. He didn’t rush to open it here, but immediately left here and left this dangerous area.

He is Tier 4, and the other 4 people are Tier 3.

And he is very weak, so after these people react, it is very likely that they will join forces to deal with him.

Going immediately is the best choice.

Chen Mo walked upstairs again, although he was limping and his body was very weak.

But no one dares to stop Chen Mo at this time.

a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse, everyone understands this truth! So everyone is unwilling to be the first bird.

After returning to the 4th floor, Chen Mo saw the stairs leading to the 5th floor!

“Finally I can go to the 5th floor!”

When he stepped onto the first step on the 5th floor, the stairs behind Chen Mo had already begun to disappear.

Chen Mo looked back at the stairs that disappeared behind him, his eyes calm, and he continued to walk up calmly.

After arriving on the 5th floor, Chen Mo stopped and opened the box.

Inside the box is a dress!

Counting his 2 tokens, at this time, he also has a attire of a groom.

Chen Mo collected the things and moved towards the depths of the 5th floor.

This place is a garden, which is different from the red and white in other parts of the Red Bai City Fort. The garden is full of white and yellow flowers.

Noble, elegant, full of healing breath.

And in the middle of the garden, a woman wearing a white mask is standing there.

Feeling the arrival of Chen Mo, the woman slowly turned her head.

Even when wearing a mask, Chen Mo can feel the delicacy and tenderness of the other party.

The woman said to Chen Mo very gently:

“My name is Tong Yan, are you my groom?”

Chen Mo’s lips moved Although he wanted to say yes, he still chose not to speak after hesitating.

Because when he looked at the bride in front of him, what came to his mind was Han Shiyu who had been cultivating with him.

Tong Yan walked slowly in front of Chen Mo and dragged Chen Mo’s already exhausted body with her hands.

“It seems that my groom is very tired! Do you need a rest?”

“I… don’t need it!”

Chen Mo pushed away Tong Yan’s fingers were about to turn around and leave.

But Tong Yan is only slightly smiled, lifted her mask, revealing a beautiful and pure face.

Then he pulled Chen Mo back and stared closely at Chen Mo’s eyes.

“My bridegroom has another woman in his heart! But I see despair in the bridegroom’s eyes.

Is it because my bridegroom has no chance?”< /p>

Chen Mo stared at Tong Yan, somewhat amazed by the beauty of this woman, but Master Chen’s mind was still very firm.

Han Shiyu is the lover of his dream, and Tong Yan is not Han Shiyu, no matter how beautiful she is.

“I am a Light Admirer, and every Light Admirer has a firm belief in his heart. This will never change.

In the world, there are too many things that can be pursued. Too much, too much pursuit, and often forget what I wanted in the first place!

So, keep reminding myself that all I want is her!”

Listen With Chen Moyi’s stern words, Tong Yan’s eyes showed a look of worship.

“People who have faith are really admirable!”

A beautiful woman looks at herself with admiring eyes, and she still wants to dedicate herself to herself Look like.

How many people can resist this situation?

I have to say that this kind of look is extremely lethal to a man.

Although Chen Mo is a Light Admirer, although he is a person with beliefs and ideals, it is undeniable that he is also a man.

The temptation of beauty is just the most superficial trap, tenderness and admiration are the things that make a man kneel.

Tong Yan’s delicate beauty, and her admiring eyes, short-circuited Chen Mo’s thinking.

What is the role of the bride?

Why did Nightmare choose them?

Does it have any deeper purpose?

These thoughts passed through Chen Mo’s mind one by one, and then they were all forgotten by him!

Looking at Tong Yan’s appearance, Chen Mo said in confusion:

“I, Chen Mo, I only love Han Shiyu in my life!”

Tong Yan hugs again Chen Mo was tight, but this time, Chen Mo did not refuse.

“My bridegroom is called Chen Mo?”


“You have a favorite woman named Han Shiyu, but that woman I don’t like you, do you?”


Tong Yan is nodded charmingly.

“Chen Mo, it seems that we are the same people!”

This statement by Tong Yan surprised Chen Mo.

Are they really the same type of people? That’s really pity for the same disease!

Chen Mo looked at Tong Yan curiously.

“Who is the person you like?”

“The person I like is of course my bridegroom, which is you!”

Chen Mo With a look of astonishment and unbelief, how could there be someone who would like it as soon as they meet.

Tong Yan opened the mouth and said:

“Of course there will be people who will like it as soon as we meet. It’s not the first time you met Han Shiyu, you like it Is she?”

Chen Mo was even more surprised. How did she know that the first time she saw Han Shiyu, she fell in love at first sight?


Tong Yan covered Chen Mo’s lips.

“My bridegroom, do you know what is the difference between you and your lover?

It’s power. You don’t have enough power, so you can’t get what you want Love!

Only with enough power can you control everything you want.

Do you understand?

Think about your pursuit, think about you What did you come here for?”

The power of the nightmare began to gradually affect Chen Mo’s mind. His mind was in chaos, but some thoughts began to become clearer.

“I strive to become a Light Admirer, so that one day I can stand by your side.

I have given everything and lost everything, but the gap between me and Lu Luo But it’s getting bigger and bigger!

Tong Yan is right!

I need strength.”

Chen Mo’s pupils gradually began to distort and change color, he Gradually hugged Tong Yan in front of her.

But after the two wanted to use it, Tong Yan actually stretched out a white tail and entangled the two of them.

“Yes, my bridegroom, the power you need, the power of my lord!”


Siegfried lying in a dark room Here, even if there are some lights in the room, it still feels like you can’t see your fingers.

Siegfried is a little flustered, it’s too dark, UU reading www. The darkness of disturbed him.

He is a member of the church, he prefers light to darkness.

And he doesn’t know what he will face next.

But he always feels that some inexplicable danger is approaching him.

“So you got 3 tokens too!

My bridegroom is a cute thief!”

A somewhat sharp voice appeared Beside Siegfried.

Siegfried felt his body was impossible to move, and he couldn’t see what was in front of him.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Tong Yu!”

In the dark, Tong Yu showed his eyes. It was a pair of cats. s eyes.

In the dark environment, green rays of light are exuding.

Her slender beard has touched Siegfried’s face, rubbing it back and forth!

This action made Siegfried feel a little frightened!

What was that just now? Beard?

“What are you doing?”

“Of course it is something that should be done between the groom and the bride, my Husband!”

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