Doomsday Ring Chapter 255

On the other side, in Tongmeng’s room!

Gu Fangyi opened his eyes slightly, and the woman next to him was the alien peacock-Tong Meng.

Although they have a real relationship, Gu Fangyi’s expression is still very indifferent.

Well, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s relentless.

He stood up and was about to leave, but Tong Meng stopped him.

“Is this going to go now?”

“Yes, going to go!”

After Gu Fangyi finished speaking, it felt a bit too ruthless. , I added another sentence.

“My brother is still waiting for me.”

The three previous groom tokens have disappeared, but these are not important anymore.

He clearly felt the increase in his own strength, and it was the kind that had increased a lot!

He is 3rd order! And there are some weird changes, the details of which are unknown.

Although I don’t know why it’s Tier 3 when riding a bike, but it’s Tier 3 indeed, and the span is huge!

There is no way to persuade the current Tong Meng for the reason of looking for a brother.

“You are going to find your brother now, so you leave your wife here?

Gu Fangyi, we were very happy just now. You got everything, just Dump me?

Is this a bit too much?”

Gu Fangyi didn’t expect that he would have a scumbag one day, but he has to leave now.

And the child dreams in front of me are not really good men and women!

Gu Fangyi is very clear that the relationship between the two of them is not as simple as the physical relationship between men and women.

Tong Meng has done some things on himself, but he still can’t find these things that’s all!

“I am a human, you are a different species, we are originally different creatures.

I achieved my goal, you also achieved your goal, so we are over “

Gu Fangyi’s words made Tong Meng a little bit astonished. He was really unsympathetic?

“Gu Fangyi, you shouldn’t do this to me!

Come back, you will regret it if you go!”

Gu Fangyi hesitated for a while, Tong Meng Thought he regretted it.

What didn’t expect is that Gu Fangyi took out his wallet, ordered it carefully, and put 800 yuan on the table.

“I am a relatively honest person, and everyone says that about me.

So, I have never tried anything above 150, this time I will give you 800, and I will do my best.”< /p>

After speaking, Gu Fangyi carried his pants and left.

Only the child dream of looking at 800 yuan on the table with a look of stunned expression.

Tong Meng Chiguo stood up and stopped Gu Fangyi again.

“Hey, Gu Fangyi, the real fascination is about to begin.

Lu Luo, they will definitely be there, do you want to miss it?”

This time, Gu Fangyi finally stopped.

“You said, the real fascination?”

Although many people have found their own brides,

some people don’t.

For example, Mr. Lu Luo a few hours ago.

After Lu Luo experienced, the space shuttled through the void, and the surrounding space gradually became constant.

He slowly got up, and after a rough glance, he confirmed his position.

The black and white chess room.

But this room is different from the last time I saw it.

Here, there are sons!

But here, only Baizi, and this room can’t see the end, and the Baizi in front of him can’t see the end!

The shortest soldier is more than 2 meters in height, and the tallest chess piece is even 4-5 meters in height.

Lu Luo glanced at the attributes of these chess pieces.

[Baizi-soldier, Tier 3 omnic species. Strength 30, Agility 30, Physique 30]

[White-Car, Tier 3 genre. Strength 65, Agility 30, physique 55]

[White-horse, Tier 4 omnic species. Strength 60, Agility 90, physique 60]

[Baizi-xiang, 4th-level elite genre. Strength 120, Agility 70, Physique 110]

“All of them are omnivores? Is there a way to count the number?”

[There are a total of chess pieces in your field of vision 193, the farther ones have been blocked, and the specific conditions are invisible. 】

Are there 193 alien species above level 3? I have to say that this lineup is very luxurious.

But now Lu Luo is no longer what it used to be, and his strength and physical strength have made great progress.

Especially after the Tier 4 restrictions were lifted, his attributes are now very close to these Tier 5 Lord-level alien species.

Unless it is a very powerful and special Lord-level alien, otherwise, Lu Luo has no advantage in attributes.

And his strong point is that the steam gear can greatly increase his speed and strength.

Physique also has armor characteristics to make up for its defense.

The attribute value of strength has far exceeded that of ordinary lord.

So this time, Lu Luo also wants to test his level!

“This is it?”

The breath of Versailles assaults the senses.

[How? Do you want someone to reward you with a Tier 6? ]

“Turn on overclocking mode!”

[Overclocking mode is turned on. 】

Lu Luo drew a short blade from Fenrir, holding a big sword in one hand, and a short blade in the other. The vigorous qi fuse began to appear around him!

The second steam gear, Qi Slash.

qi fuse cleared the way, and the 3rd-order soldier chess piece could not stop Lu Luo at this time.

Although Lu Luo’s body is still so thin, but at this time he is like a meat grinder tank, running rampant.

The power of the second steam block has given him the power to suppress the elite Tier 4 and compete with the ordinary Tier 5 lords.

What’s even more outrageous is that while Lu Luo is powerful, his speed also drops a bit.

This is the benefit of all-round development!

The short blade of the left hand slashed across ordinary soldiers! The Tier 3 omnic species was split into two by Lu Luo’s sword.

If it is Qi Slash, it can even kill 2-3 Tier 3 with one sword.

Even a chess piece of Tier 4-a horse, can’t compete with Lu Luo’s current power, and with no difficulty is dismembered by a sword.

Only the elite 4th-order heterogeneous chess piece-Bishop can slightly contend with Lu Luo in terms of strength and physique.

But it’s just a little contend.

The seemingly sturdy body of the chess piece was quickly broken by Lu Luo’s shaking qi fuse.

Penetratingly shattered their torso, and gear-like cores were scattered on the ground, completely scrapped.

Lu Luo fighting intent, who killed more than 30 omnic species in a row, was expensive.

The right hand Fenrir is divided into five, and the steel wire drags the sword blade to mess around him like five electric fans.

Kill all the chess pieces blocking the road in an instant!

All the blades were one, Lu Luo split a chess piece blocking the way with one sword, and shook all the chess pieces in front of him.

After killing nearly a hundred different species, Lu Luo finally saw the scene behind these giant chess pieces.

There are kings and queens!

[White chess piece-queen, 5th rank elite, unknown ability.

attribute: strength 150, agility 130, physique 150]

[White chess piece-King, a Tier 5 lord genre, unknown ability.

Attribute: Strength 90, Physique 90, Agility 50]

The Queen’s attribute is much stronger than the King! It seems that the queen is biased towards fighting, and the king should be biased towards ability!

Now that the information has been confirmed, Lu Luo doesn’t want to delay time here.

He pulled out Fenrir’s left and right blades, bit them in his mouth, and covered them with his left hand. The right hand held the main sword alone!

Fenrir’s Great Sword vibrated slightly, and Lu Luo’s current strength can already maximize the advantages of the giant sword.

At this moment, he really understands the meaning of Qiao Xing’s words.

When one’s own power is strong enough, the destructive power and convenience caused by the double-edged giant sword when swung in the hand is really amazing.

The fourth steam gear, the blade storm!

“Even though there are many enemies, they can be cut with one blow.”

Lu Luo’s steam urged to the extreme, and his body formed a tornado in an instant.

The violent sword qi swept the audience along with the violent wind, and both Tier 3 and Tier 4 alien species died in front of him.

The white pawns couldn’t get close to Lu Luo at all. It didn’t take long for Lu Luo to kill the king and queen.

When the queen suddenly shot, she also had the same double-edged sword in her hand.

And Lu Luo also put away the blade of his mouth and left hand, Fenrir reunited.

Steam fourth gear, Rachel!


Lu Luo did not eat the Lei Guo before.

Because he is hesitant to eat this Lei Guo for himself or his companions, such as Qi Xinzhu!

To be honest, his Thunder Attribute is enough for now.

Every time the qi fuse is strengthened, the Devourer is strengthened, and the Seed of Thunder will be strengthened.

If Lei Guo can only be strengthened, it is definitely not as good as giving it to others and letting others appear a lightning ability or lightning sequence to be effective.

“Wait a second, I haven’t tried my best after the breakthrough! Try it.”


The familiar core shock appeared. Lu Luo once thought it was a heartbeat, but later he realized that he had no heart for a long time.

Well, although he has no heart, it does not prevent him from continuing to be a good man.

Holding Fenrir firmly again, Lu Luo’s eyes lit up with white lightning.

Fenrir’s sword is also covered with thunder, facing the queen’s double-edged sword, he rushes forward and draws the sword instantly!

The breath of thunder flashes.

The queen of chess pieces was instantly turned into two by Lu Luo.


This is a real spike in Lu Luo, and it is a Tier 5 elite alien.

It’s a pity that there is no Doomsday Factor in Elite Level 5.

Lu Luo stared at the last passing, using Devourer to clean the battlefield with his back.

[You swallowed the 5th-order elite alien white chess piece-the queen, and gained 3500 energy. ]

[You swallowed the 4th-level elite alien white chess piece-elephant, and gained 2000 energy. 】

His time is very tight, so it is the best thing to save some time.

The king did not move, so he did not move!

After a short rest, Lu Luo’s state was restored to its best. This was due to his perverted physique.

But when Lu Luo stabs the king with a sword, the king lifted his palm.


The position of the king’s chess piece can actually block Lu Luo’s attack. This is the fourth-block attack of Steam!

“Really strong defensive power!”

Fortunately, Lu Luo is very good at breaking defenses.

Sword Heart One Type-Spiral Sword.

Lu Luo’s spiral sword qi point was in the center of Baizi, and the dark energy on the defensive formation began to erupt like a tide.

This force can even counter the power of Lu Luo and shake off Lu Luo’s spiral sword.

“It’s impossible, isn’t it?”

Although King Baizi doesn’t seem to have any battle strength, its defensive power is too amazing.

Four-speed spiral sword, it didn’t even move.

Lu Luo observed all around, there is no door, and besides a chess piece, there are no other monsters.

If you want to go out, it seems that you can only start with the white king in front of you.

The spiral sword qi can increase the penetration of the stab to the extreme, plus the sharpening and penetration attributes of thunder and lightning.

If this blow can’t penetrate Baizi’s defense, then he can only use Doomsday Disc.


The thunder and lightning are on again, and Lu Luo feels the state of the union of the blade and the fleshy body.

“The imposing manner can be transformed into an offensive in an instant, and the concentrated will can penetrate the stubborn stone!”

The sword heart is one type, spiral sword-thunderstorm.


The tip of the sword hit the Formation in front of King Baizi, and the strong dark energy opposes Lu Luo’s sword qi.

Then it became a violent space turbulence.

[Host, Formation is going to be broken, I feel something is wrong! 】

“Now you are reminding, there is a fart!

Said Nico, a lot of alien corpses was wasted!”


The space collapsed, and Lu Luo was dragged into it by the broken turbulence and swept to the other side of the chessboard.

Black and white mirror world.

In Lu Luo’s field of vision, he saw Qi Xinzhu, and Qi Xinzhu was also in the black and white chess room on the 3rd floor.

However, it is Sunspot who is entangled with Qi Xinzhu, which is the opposite of Lu Luo.

Qi Xinzhu has killed too many black chess pieces.

Unlike Lu Luo’s total annihilation, Qi Xinzhu is here, killing one by one!

The continuous fighting has exhausted her physically and mentally, but fortunately, her strength has also improved a lot during this period, and she has not suffered any serious injuries.

But if she continues to drag, she might be dragged to death by the chess pieces here.

Lu Luo didn’t know what kind of state he was in, but when he tried to touch Qi Xinzhu with his hands.

Qi Xinzhu gave an obvious response.

“Uh? What is it?”

Qi Xinzhu moved towards with a sword just now. Lu Luo hurriedly avoided, while still beating in his heart.

“I can actually meet? Then am I…cough cough!

I am a gentleman, and there is no need, she will be my woman immediately, really It’s unnecessary.”

Lu Luo grabbed Qi Xinzhu’s hand again, but this time he didn’t let go.

At the same time, Sunspot’s attack had arrived. Lu Luo pulled Qi Xinzhu and pulled her out of Heizi’s attack range.

This scene made Qi Xinzhu a little puzzled.

“Someone is holding my hand? Is it a pervert?”

Lu Luo wants to use Qi Xinzhu’s iron sword to write a few words on the ground to show his identity. You can try After I tried it, I found that I couldn’t write it.

The only thing he can touch is Qi Xinzhu and the iron sword in her hand.

“This is not simple yet?”

Lu Luo immediately wrote on Qi Xinzhu’s hand with his finger, I am Lu Luo.

Qi Xinzhu felt a little itchy, but she did not resist this time.

After Lu Luo finished writing, she said embarrassedly:

“There are too many strokes, I don’t know what you are writing.”

[Too difficult. 】

“Lu Luo?” Qi Xinzhu asked suddenly.

Lu Luo held Qi Xinzhu’s hand and nodded.

Qi Xinzhu squeezed the Broken Sword in his hand. Although he is not sure whether the other party is Lu Luo or not, at least for now, the other party can help her.

“Then help me solve these sunspots!”

Qi fuse began to appear along Qi Xinzhu’s dagger. This violent force, even if she is experienced and knowledgeable, Can’t help but feel a little frightened.

“Is this qi fuse really Lu Luo? He has already broken through?”

With Lu Luo’s help, Qi Xinzhu’s sword qi became unmatched.

The fourth-order chess piece that originally needed to be entangled for a long time, now she only needs 2-3 swords to solve it.

The battle method of the two people worked together more and more smoothly, and it didn’t take much effort to kill the elite queen of Tier 5.

Until they came to the front of King Heizi.

With Baizi’s experience, Lu Luo naturally knew that he wanted to get out of here and break the formation of King Heizi.

Lu Luo turned Qi Xinzhu’s arm, and Qi Xinzhu quickly understood Lu Luo’s meaning.

“You mean the spiral sword?”

Qi Xinzhu is a little nervous, she is not particularly skilled in the use of the spiral sword.

But since Lu Luo said to use the spiral sword at this time, she can only try brace oneself!

“Then try it!”


An identical Qi Xinzhu appeared in Lu Luo’s field of vision.

He held the hands of two Qi Xinzhu and passed his qi fuse and thunder and lightning over!

The two Qi Xinzhu’s spiral sword qi are equipped with Lu Luo’s lightning and qi fuse.

But the strong thunder and lightning still made her fingers stiff a little.

Obviously, this force is too strong, and now Qi Xinzhu can’t accept it.

“It’s going to go!”

“It’s going to go!”

Although the two are not in the same space, they say in unison.

Sword Heart One Type-Spiral Sword.


The cusps of the two swords point on Heizi’s Formation.

holy splendor impact, qi fuse rotation, thunder and lightning breakthrough!

Black and white realm, UU reading www. Shattered again!

Lu Luo’s figure appeared in front of Qi Xinzhu’s eyes. Unlike last time, Lu Luo directly hugged Qi Xinzhu.

“This time, absolutely don’t let go.”

He doesn’t believe it anymore, the nightmare is really so excessive!

And Qi Xinzhu also hugged Lu Luo tightly.

“Me too!”

But this time, Qi Xinzhu and Lu Luo’s world are twisted together.

During the scene change, Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu came to the top of the castle, which is the area where both Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu once visited.

[It seems safe! 】

This time, Lu Luo didn’t even observe all around habitually, so he first went to Qi Xinzhu.

Lu Luo extend the hand and wanted to pick up Qi Xinzhu, but this time he was stopped by Qi Xinzhu.

Great Qi’s palm is pressed on Lu Luo’s chest!

“Wait! I know you have some weird ideas now!

But before you want to do too much to me, can you clean it up?”


Lu Luo raised his eyebrows!

“Of course!”


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