Doomsday Ring Chapter 256

Qi Xinzhu gave Lu Luo a sweet smile.

Then he waved his hand, the rays of light of the healer lit up, and the power of dispersing began to clean Qi Xinzhu’s stains.

The ability of the healer is indeed very useful!

Not only can heal injuries, but also dispel fear, stabilize the mind, and clean up filth.

It is a magical skill for home travel and murder.

It didn’t take long for Qi Xinzhu’s body to be cleaned of filth.

After cleaning himself, Qi Xinzhu even cleaned Lu Luo. The significance of this move is even greater!

The brand-new Qi Xinzhu turned around in front of Lu Luo and showed off his clothes seriously.

Although the face makeup was crying, but the makeup can’t cover her dazzling eyes.

The bride’s red gauze perfectly highlights Qi Xinzhu’s figure, and the headdress and pearl hairpin on her head also give her a little more classical charm.

Qi Xinzhu saw that Lu Luo was fascinated, and began to dance on this silent walkway.

She can’t dance, but she knows that Lu Luo at this time wants to watch her dance.

After the dance, Qi Xinzhu smiles like fireworks.

“I wear bridal clothes, do you look good?”

Qi Xinzhu’s eyebrows are more expectant and playful. This is the second time Lu Luo has watched Qi Xinzhu seriously Look like.

“It looks good.”

Qi Xinzhu shook his skirt.

“I don’t think your reaction is so obvious, is it really good-looking?”

“Really, beautiful!”

Although her wedding dress The dress has also been wrinkled and damaged.

But at this time, Lu Luo doesn’t care about these at all. What he said is not against his will. The previous Qi Xinzhu didn’t wear makeup at all.

This woman has fulfilled all his expectations.

The heart throbbing caused by the long-lost reunion also made Lu Luo confirm one thing, that is, he really should have a woman.

Lu Luo opened his arms again,

and this time, Qi Xinzhu did not refuse him.

The two hug each other tightly.

Qi Xinzhu carefully rubbed Lu Luo’s neck with his face, making a sound that only two people can hear:

“Lu Luo!”


“I really like it, I like you so much!”

[Don’t kill, don’t kill, I took the initiative to apply to enter the sleep mode. 】

At this moment, Qi Xinzhu didn’t mention holy light, dawn, and light admirer’s pursuit and obligation, just simply expressing his likes.

She likes Lu Luo, she really likes it, the kind she likes so much.

Qi Xinzhu is a relatively simple and straightforward person.

This kind of like should have been said in the simplest and most straightforward way.

She is ready to express her likes and love to Lu Luo.

So, she confessed!

“Qi Xinzhu…”

Lu Luo looked a little bit surprised, but he quickly reacted.

He is not quite clear when did his relationship with Qi Xinzhu come to this step, but those are not important anymore.

The Wasteland Alliance is indeed a woman who confessed to a man a lot, but Lu Luo is still a little unable to adapt, Qi Xinzhu confessed to him.

Although he has traveled for more than a year, Lu Luo still feels that it is the memory of his previous life.

confessed that it is more reasonable for men to do things like courtship.

Qi Xinzhu is beautiful, virtuous, gentle, considerate, and obedient. Such a woman is the perfect representative of many people.

Even Lu Luo himself feels that such a woman confessed to herself that something is wrong, at least it shouldn’t!

So Lu Luo also responded with actions.

He took out the brass ring Kuding gave him. This ring is very special. It was given to him by Kuding at first.

It was also the only token he got in this evening gift.

Female wedding ring!

He lifted the ring under one-knee kneels and stretched it in front of Qi Xinzhu.

This move is very rare in the Wasteland League, because most of the time, the person who proposes is a woman.

Even the brides in the Nightmare Castle, Tong Yan, Tong Meng, and Tong Yu.

They are all active parties.

Qi Xinzhu was also ready to propose, but he did not expect that Lu Luo would do this before her.

Qi Xinzhu, who has received a good wasteland education, always feels that marriage proposals should be done by a woman.

Looking at Lu Luo on one-knee kneels, Qi Xinzhu covered his mouth with excitement.

In the empty corridor, only Lu Luo’s calm and determined voice.

“Qi Xinzhu, marry me!”

Qi Xinzhu finally couldn’t help it, she ran again in tears.

But this time it is not sadness, but happiness and excitement!

She was nodded, forgetting the responsibility of the church and her own identity.

At this moment, she didn’t want to think about the worldly things at all.

Chasing the dawn, believing in holy light or something, let’s talk about it later, she just wants to promise Lu Luo now.

“I, yes!”

No one celebrates or applauds them in the deserted corridor.

However, Lu Luo still laughed. He had a lot of women in his previous life, but even if he became the son-in-law of the underworld boss, he did not make a proposal of marriage.

According to Lu Luo’s previous statement, why give up the entire forest for a tree?

But it’s different now, his tree.

There is such a big (^o^)/~

There are countless secrets waiting for him to discover on this tree. There is no need to care about whether it is a small forest or something.

Lu Luo put the ring on Qi Xinzhu’s ring finger, and then slowly stood up.

Qi Xinzhu, who was originally gentle and quiet, is already enthusiastic by this time.

She took the initiative to pounce on Lu Luo, hugged him tightly, raised her head, and moved her delicate lips, the meaning of which was self-evident.

Lu Luo hugged Qi Xinzhu and kissed it directly. It took a long time for the two to slowly separate their lips.

This time, Lu Luo finally faced his heart.

He said a love word that he never wanted to admit.

“Qi Xinzhu, I love you too!

From the moment you walk into my heart, no one can compare with you.”

< p> Upon hearing Lu Luo’s affirmative reply, Qi Xinzhu secretly let out a “hehe” laugh.

But not long after she laughed, she was hugged by Lu Luo directly.

He has been here, and he is quite familiar with the environment here.

Qi Xinzhu seemed to know what was going to happen next, but she didn’t mean to refuse. She just buried her head in Lu Luo’s arms and pointed her finger in the other direction.

“Go over there, over there, it’s my room!”

After saying that, Qi Xinzhu hugged Lu Luo again and stopped talking.

Lu Luo felt a fire in his heart. He held Qi Xinzhu and walked quietly to her bedroom where she lived for more than a month.

Closing the door, Lu Luo put Qi Xinzhu on the bed.

Looking at the beauty close at hand, Lu Luo hesitated at this moment instead.

His reaction began to become dull, and even felt a little clumsy.

Qi Xinzhu saw Lu Luo’s hesitation, she smiled, extending the hand, holding Lu Luo’s wide hand, and actively placing it on her chest.

“Lu Luo, this is my inner voice.”

Lu Luo’s mind is dumbfounded, this… is too impactful.

He can’t feel any inner voice at all, all he can feel is soft and loud.

Lu Luo’s breathing was a bit short, although he was already a middle-aged veteran, but at this time he was actually a little nervous.

“Qi Xinzhu!”

“Love me so much!”

Like the first two unsuccessful, this time, it is still Qi Xinzhu proactive!

The clothes are gradually unraveling, and there is no previous connotation. At this time, Qi Xinzhu is only enthusiastic and unrestrained.


With a low groan, Lu Luo finally has a brand new tricycle of his own!


Lu Luo’s physique is amazing, and Qi Xinzhu’s physique is also very strong, coupled with the healer, with Lu Luo, there is no problem.

The blend of love and affection lasted a long, long time for the two of them.

It took a few hours before it was over.

Qi Xinzhu of charming eyes were like silk, rubbing his nose on Lu Luo’s arm back and forth.

Then he stopped rubbing and put his face on Lu Luo’s neck.

Sucked very hard.

Qi Xinzhu originally wanted to suck a strawberry print and declare his sovereignty. Starting today, this man is hers.

But Lu Luo’s expression on this side is rather strange, because he received such a prompt.

[You have suffered an attack, and your armor characteristics make you immune to this attack. 】

Uh! This is more embarrassing!

“Why can’t I suck it out!”

Qi Xinzhu asked strangely, but Lu Luo responded to her with more practical actions.

“Don’t care about the details!”

After the second battle, Qi Xinzhu pushed him away.

“Lu Luo, we don’t seem to be out of danger yet, this is the castle of nightmare!”

“Uh, this kind of thing, I know.”

Lu Luo scratched his head and glanced at the time quietly.

Fuck! It’s almost 4 in the afternoon!

Fallen, fallen!

But when he turned his head and looked towards Qi Xinzhu, he suddenly felt something.

“The king is not going to court early, let’s take a rest for my beloved concubine!”

If we can continue to fall like this, it seems not bad, anyway, he won’t object.

Qi Xinzhu felt Lu Luo’s gaze, but at this time she did not have the enthusiasm and unrestrainedness as before, and even a little shy.

She wanted to pull out the pillow to block her in front of her, but found that the pillow under her was soaked.

Holding the wet pillow, Qi Xinzhu doesn’t even know where to put it. With this, her face turns red!

“Don’t look at it, get up quickly!”


Lu Luo did not continue to be intimate with Qi Xinzhu, and quickly packed up.

In fact, Qi Xinzhu is right. The situation is still not clear. They are still in the castle of nightmare, and they are far from being safe.

Especially the surrounding environment does not allow them to continue to kiss me and kiss me here.

The two quickly packed their luggage, and Lu Luo pulled Qi Xinzhu’s hand.

“Wife!” Lu Luo said quietly.

“Husband!” Qi Xinzhu also quietly replied.

Looking at each other and smiling, the two left this room with many memories.

But soon, Lu Luo slipped back quietly, put away the new red embellished bed sheet, and stuffed it into his ring.

“Cough cough! Go away!”

Returning to the corridor, Qi Xinzhu’s face was a little red. She knew what Lu Luo was doing, but she didn’t stop it.

And she felt that Lu Luo wanted to keep him as a memento. Why should we stop this kind of thing?

Standing in the corridor, Lu Luo observed all around, and after confirming the position at this time, Lu Luo already had the direction of action.

This is indeed the top of the corridor that I once came to, but now here, there are not many guards like last time.

The cold and cheerless ones are very different from when they came last time.

“Lu Luo, what shall we do now?”

“Come with me.”

Lu Luo took Qi Xinzhu’s hand and went straight forward Go.


On the wall of the watchmen in the Eastern Ring, Bai Yuetong embraced his hands and looked at the fragmented Fourth Ring, his eyes blurred.

Zhou Kai carried a rocket launcher in his hand. The barrel was still hot. It should have been launched not long ago.

He also looked at the remains of Fourth Ring, slightly unspeakable.

“The Fourth Ring is really bad this time! The fourth wall is also broken. That castle should be the Red Bai City Fort of Nightmare!”

In the field of vision, the Red Bai City Fort of Nightmare was already on the broken fourth wall, and endless alien species hovered around the castle.

No one knows how the Red Bai City Fort appeared, it is like a dream.

After the fog of Lu Di’s fight with the nightmare dissipated, it was already on the fourth tallest wall.

What kind of power is this?

Everyone is waiting for the outcome of the battle between Lu Di and Nightmare.

They don’t know where Lu Di and Nightmare are, but they saw Nightmare and Lu Di both fall into the castle.

Except Bai Yuetong!

The picture she saw was a little different from the others. The battle between Lu Di and Nightmare was not that simple.

But she did not say it, because Bai Yuetong knew that even if she said it, no one would believe it.

“Xiaobai, the church and the Parliament, did they really give up the Fourth Ring?”

Zhou Kai suddenly asked, for the Fourth Ring today, he is still very Regrettably.

After all, growing up in Fourth Ring since childhood, Zhou Kai still wants Fourth Ring to get better from the bottom of his heart.

“I should give up.”

“Will the Fourth Ring be shattered?”

Bai Yuetong glanced at the frontline of the Fourth Ring and the alien species Fighting hunters, shook the head.

“If it was before, the Fourth Ring would definitely be shattered, but it is different now.”


“Because the Fourth Ring now, There are already new spiritual leaders and new watchmen.

After the disaster, Fourth Ring will surely be reborn.”

Bai Yuetong’s eyes flashed with a different kind of brilliance, This surprised Zhou Kai.

Such a serious look is a bit different from her usual!

“You said this as if you knew what was going to happen next.”

Bai Yuetong didn’t want to explain to Zhou Kai what he saw. This kind of thing is understandable. Maybe only Lu Luo!

“The new wave is almost here, get ready.”

She jumped onto her mecha, and the bullets in the cannon were almost finished.

Next, I can only use melee weapons.

Bai Yuetong does not know martial skill, so she can only chop at this time!

Layers of black dots gradually approach the third wall, and these black dots are getting bigger and bigger. UU Reading

You can only see their appearance after they are close enough, they are different species of different shapes.

The ring-shaped high wall that can’t see the end is full of soldiers, the gendarmerie, church members, and everyone has taken up their own weapons.

The wall guards set up concussion cannons and machine guns, as well as a large number of missile equipment.

When Dark Tide happens, no one will be an exception. This is no longer a battle between who and who.

It is a war between humans and alien species! Dark Tide war.

The alien species in the sky swooped down and attacked the third wall.

The general of the gendarmerie drew out his command sword.

“For the alliance!”

Without any rehearsal, everyone on the high wall said in unison.

“For the alliance!”

The fire is all over the sky, and a new round of high-wall fights begins again.

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