Doomsday Ring Chapter 257


the top of Nightmare Castle, Lu Di stands on the roof with some emotion.

Like Zhou Kai Bai Yuetong and others, Lu Di at this time is also looking at the Fourth Ring that has become a ruin.

Like Zhou Kai, this is where he grew up and the hometown he guards.

His eyes moved, and a red shadow appeared behind him.

Lu Di turned and looked at the other person. After moving his fingers, Qiu Guling had already walked over and hugged him.

Although it was a passionate kiss, all Lu Di felt was cold!

This is the chill radiating from Qiu Guling’s body.

Yes, she has become a different species! The cold ghost species!

He held Qiu Guling sadly, and Qiu Guling also held Lu Di tightly.

“For many years.” Qiu Guling said suddenly.

“Yes, in a blink of an eye, we are all grown-ups.”

He once asked Lu Luo what he needed to do if he wanted to compensate.

Lu Luo told him to put aside the man’s face and give the girl a hug and a kiss.

Then prepare a ring and make a serious proposal, and the girl will forgive him.

Lu Di thinks that Lu Luo is more reliable, so he did.

Lu Di took out the Dark Spirit Stone ring he had already prepared. This is a very beautiful transparent Dark Spirit Stone.

Because the wasteland does not play with such useless things as diamonds, their engagement rings are generally Dark Spirit Stone rings.

This Dark Spirit Stone is not very big, but it is very pure and beautifully carved.

Lu Di one-knee kneels and raised the ring.

He is not Lu Luo, he is a serious member of the Wasteland Alliance, who has undergone a complete education of the Wasteland Alliance, and a person of the male boxing social system baptism.

It is much more difficult for him to make such a move than Lu Luo.

However, Lu Di did not stand still at all, but looked at Qiu Guling quietly.

“My wife, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting so long.”

After speaking,

Lu Di laughed, and the corners of his mouth were full of blood.

cough cough!

The blood slid down Lu Di’s chest, and his body was in a trance.

Qiu Guling held Lu Di in a hand, and something inexplicable flashed in his miserable white eyes.

She wants to cry, but now she really can’t shed tears.

The tears of the bride may never appear again.

“It’s fine when you come back.”


Lu Luo took Qi Xinzhu all the way forward, passing through one after another door, Go to the farthest place on the top of the castle.

That is the room without walls in the nightmare!

That room is where the nightmare rests. If there is a control end of the castle, or some ways and clues to go out, this is the best choice.

Push the door open.

Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu’s footsteps trembled suddenly.

The scene in front of them made their bodies stiff.

The nightmare is here!

“Lu Luo!” Qi Xinzhu has firmly grasped Lu Luo’s hand.

“It’s okay, let’s go!”

Lu Luo did not choose to run away, because he knew that such a move had no meaning!

The calamity of Tier 8 is not something you can run if you want.

In their field, the 8th-order calamity can even master space, time, and arbitrarily shuttle.

The Red Bai City Fort is definitely part of the nightmare realm, so it was just futile to escape.

Lu Luo pulled Qi Xinzhu and moved towards the door openly, and stopped after walking behind the nightmare.

[It was seriously injured, even life-threatening. 】

The nightmare at this time, is lying quietly on his own collapse.

A large amount of black and purple blood, flowing down from the nightmare’s body, almost turned soft and black.

Feeling the arrival of Qi Xinzhu and Lu Luo, Nightmare slowly stood up from the collapse, turned his head and looked towards Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu.

“You are here! My friend.”

Qi Xinzhu was taken aback for a moment, and she quickly realized that Nightmare was not talking to her.

Turning his head and looking towards Lu Luo, Qi Xinzhu is even more surprised.

Are Lu Luo and Nightmare really friends? Shouldn’t they meet many times?

Lu Luo pointed to Qi Xinzhu and said to the nightmare:

“She has a S-05 healer, do you need to let her heal you?”

The nightmare blew out two nether flames, raised his head, and looked a little arrogant.

“You should be very smart, Lu Luo, this kind of meaningless words, it is better not to say!”

[The intensity of the dark energy of the nightmare is decreasing, and it is continuous To fall. 】

Lu Luo nodded, looking at the bruised nightmare, he didn’t understand for a while.

He guessed that Lu Di might break through level 7, and also guessed that they might fight.

But he still couldn’t understand why Nightmare had to die with Lu Di.

With its ability, why does it hurt like this.

And the nightmare of Dark Tide was activated, why did it appear in the Red Bai City Fort!

“Nightmare, what is the meaning of launching Dark Tide?

What is it that you are looking for?”

Lu Luo really doesn’t want to Understand why with the power of nightmare, it is necessary to go to this step now.

If it stays in the depths of the Eastern Ring obediently and honestly, with its strength, absolutely no one will actively disturb it. It will always be the king of nightmares.

Even like Noah, no one can manage 400-500 years of local tyrant!

The laughed of Nightmare, did not directly answer Lu Luo’s question.

“Lu Luo, I always think that you are a very special existence.

You are different from others, and we are the same!

< p>Wu En, Zhuang Yanshan, haven’t you understood the complexity of people’s hearts? My fellow traveler.”

Lu Luo froze for a moment. The name of fellow traveler…

paper Is the person on the opposite side really a nightmare? Lu Luo suddenly asked:

“Nightmare, who is Lu Xiaotian?”

Originally, Lu Luo thought it was a no-nonsense. The questions that should be asked, at least should not be asked in front of Qi Xinzhu.

But when he saw the nightmare in the Red Bai City Fort, he suddenly found that many of his previous ideas were wrong.

Qi Xinzhu on the side froze for a moment. Isn’t Lu Xiaotian just Datian?

Da Tian has never told Qi Xinzhu her name, but when she was in the corridor before, did she call it like Lu Luo?

The relationship between Da Tian and Nightmare…

She looked towards Lu Luo, but at this time Lu Luo has already locked her eyes on Nightmare.

Although there is no confirmation from Lu Luo, Qi Xinzhu already has seven or eight confirmations in his heart.

There is a deep connection between Da Tian and Nightmare.

Nightmare didn’t answer Lu Luo directly, a lot of nether flame appeared in his eyes.

“Lu Luo, this kind of question, you should have the answer in your mind for a long time?

Human beings are more complicated than you and I think, and so are alien species.

< p> No who is born to be special, and I am no exception. Don’t be misled by those words of Linga.

Lu Luo, as a fellow traveler, you should have your own judgment!”


Are you a companion again!

“I see.”

Lu Luo gave up his plan to continue to ask questions, but Nightmare didn’t mean to end the topic.

“If you want to be stronger, you need to see who you are now.

This is easy to do when you are weak, but when you are If you become a powerhouse in a certain way, you will be stunned by the short-lived power and stop moving.

The best way to see yourself clearly is to teach others.

It’s like giving yourself a mirror.

Use this mirror to see yourself all the time!”

[It seems to be telling you some truths that it has understood, But the age of Nightmare seems to be only 7-8 years old! 】

Lu Luo listening to the nightmare, looking thoughtful.

The nightmare’s very weak head was attached to Lu Luo’s body, rubbing it a few times like a harmless pony.

“Friend, thank you for everything you have done for me.”

“I didn’t do anything at all.” Lu Luo shook his head.

“No, you have done a good job, better than you think.

At least, you brought me Lu Di! This is more important than anything else. “

Lu Luo nodded, it seems that he was actually unwittingly used by the nightmare.

Is his purpose Lu Di? It should not be that simple.

“What will happen next?”

“I invited you to come here. I came to attend the ceremony!

You are because you found the bride I’m too happy to forget all the things I invited you to?”


“Hehe, cracking a joke, naturally the theme of this time?”


“Hehe, cracking a joke” , Faint ceremony!

Get ready, come and join Lu Di and my mother’s faint ceremony! Lu Luo.

The Red Bai City Fort has appeared on the Fourth Ring, Everyone will witness this moment.”

After the nightmare was finished, his eyes gradually became unsightly. Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu turned away from their eyes.

Soon, its body disappeared in front of Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu.

Qi Xinzhu still doesn’t quite understand what the dialogue between Lu Luo and Nightmare means.

But since the nightmare is gone, she must ask.

“Lu Luo, what is the situation between you and the nightmare?”

“I did have some contact with it, but it was not as deep as you thought. “

“Who the hell is Da Tian? Is she the child of Lu Di and Qiu Guling?”

Lu Luo did not answer Qi Xinzhu’s question because of this question. The answer, so far he has no way to determine.

Why does an 8th-order calamity have two forms?

Is it twin? Or is it one and two souls? Or is it two completely independent lifeforms?

Because of too little contact, Lu Luo has never seen Da Tian and Nightmare appear at the same time, so Lu Luo has no way to judge some things.

“Qi Xinzhu, when you came here, did you ever see Nightmare and Big Sweet appear at the same time?”

Qi Xinzhu was taken aback by Lu Luo’s question, and Lu Luo was suspicious. Big sweet is a nightmare?

“I have seen that when I first came, I came here once.

It happened that Da Tian brought me here. She called Nightmare Master.

So Lu Luo, Da Tian and Nightmare…”

Lu Luo shook his head, this piece of information is not enough, and the current information cannot tell if Lu Xiaotian is a nightmare.

But there is one thing that Lu Luo is basically certain about. Like Nightmare, she is the child of Lu Di and Qiu Guling.

“During this time, she has been with you?”

“Yes, Da Tian has been with me for a month. She has a weird temper. , Everything else is okay.

I haven’t hurt me, there is her, and no one will bother me!

In fact, in Nightmare Castle, there are some strange things except for the sweetness. Requirements, I’m basically cultivation.

The dark energy level here is very high. If you continue to cultivation here, the progress will be very fast!”

Lu Luo slightly nodded, nightmare for Qi Xinzhu should have had murderous intentions, right?

Fortunately, it didn’t shoot Qi Xinzhu, otherwise he would regret it for a lifetime, just like Lu Di.

If it wants to create another Lu Di, it may kill Qi Xinzhu.

But it didn’t do that in the end. What it chose was to make itself a peer, or a mirror in a sense?

“Qi Xinzhu, let’s go.”

“Go, where are we going now?”

“It’s almost 5 o’clock, go to the real fascination .”

The 17 o’clock bell rang in the lobby of the Red Bai City Fort.

Because there are no dark clouds in the sky, the brilliance of the setting sun shines through the window of the castle and it happens to be in the center of the hall.

The sunset is infinitely good, but it’s almost dusk.

The original tables and chairs have been emptied, and the hall at this time is just a few candidates for the groom standing bustlingly.

They are lucky, not dead, and each has gained something.

Lu Luo pulled Qi Xinzhu as soon as he arrived, and saw several other brides traveling in costumes, standing in several corners of the hall.

White dress Tong Yan, green dress Tong Meng, black dress Tong Yan.

[Tong Yan, a Tier 5 lord-level animal species-three-tailed fox, unknown ability, unknown attribute. ]

[Tong Meng, a Tier 5 lord-level animal species-Thousand Eyes, unknown ability, unknown attribute. ]

[Child resentment, Tier 5 lord-level animal species-death nail, unknown ability, power 290, agility 315, physique 100]

“These three brides are actually all Lord level! Two abilities that are biased, one is more melee?”

What surprised Lu Luo was the attribute of the child resentment. The attribute of the child resentment of level 5 is almost comparable to that of Yang Liya of level 6. !

This attribute value is even stronger than Kuding, the attribute value span of the 5th lord is really amazing!

Lu Luo saw the brides, and Qi Xinzhu naturally saw it too.

After seeing the bride on the opposite side holding the hands of various grooms, she also broke away from Lu Luo’s hand.

After simply combing his hair, Qi Xinzhu also grabbed Lu Luo and walked down with his head slightly raised.

Well, the opposite side is indeed very beautiful, but fortunately she is not bad!

Red, white, green and black, the four beauties gathered together, are naturally the best embellishment for this fascination.

Of course, in addition to the four brides, there are also three grooms besides Lu Luo, Siegfried, Chen Mo, and Gu Fangyi.

The expressions of the grooms are strange.

Lu Luo is the most normal one, he and Qi Xinzhu belong to the kind of mutual affection, where water flows, a canal is formed, naturally there is no difference.

But the expressions of Chen Mo, Siegfried and Gu Fangyi are quite special.

Chen Mo keep on saying that he only loves Han Shiyu, and only for Han Shiyu in his life.

Then he gave his backhand to love, and watched him collapse and Tong Yan’s face was flushed.

At first glance, it is the kind that has been dedicated many times.

Gu Fangyi is even more outrageous. He obviously paid the money, and didn’t expect to be brought over.

Getting involved with a different species makes the self-proclaimed innocent Gu Fangyi a little embarrassed.

He wants to explain to Lu Luo the relationship between him and Tong Meng, but let’s just think about it, and wait until Tong Meng is thrown away.

As for the last Siegfried, his eyes were dull, his fingers trembled, but he did not dare to let go of the child’s hand.

I don’t know what I have experienced in Tong Yu before, but it seems to be quite horrible.

The four bridegrooms looked at each other, but they said nothing.

Well, pretend that you don’t know each other.

Even Gu Fangyi did not take the initiative to speak to Lu Luo!

But Lu Luo’s eyes look strange when he sees Gu Fangyi.

[Gu Fangyi, Tier 3 malformation, Sequence B-Eagle Eye, Ability Shooting Specialization, Six Paths -qi fuse Dao, Shooter Path.

Attribute: Strength 20, Agility 22, Physique 8.5. 】

Good guy, UU reading It’s only a few hours, and the distortion is complete!

Okay, there are no more normal people around me.

Lu Luo can only pretend not to know!

Kuding changed a human appearance and walked to the center of the hall.

Although it changed its appearance, Lu Luo confirmed that it was an old lizardmen according to the observer’s prompt.

Kuding just stood quietly on the side and didn’t speak any more.

And when the castle gate opened, Qiu Guling in full costume walked in with Lu Di on his arm.

The faces of people and aliens have happy smiles.

After 7 years, they finally came together again.

And after they walked in, Lu Xiaotian, who was dressed up, suddenly stretched out her head from behind Lu Di, lay on Lu Di’s shoulder, and made a grimace at Lu Luo.


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