Doomsday Ring Chapter 259

Lu Di did not give Lu Luo a chance to refuse. He has risen to the sky and stopped in front of the nightmare.

Looking at the determined Lu Di, Lu Luo lowered his head.

It was not until Qi Xinzhu put his palm on Lu Luo’s shoulder that he slowly nodded.

“I got it.”


The red mist and nether flame collided in the sky, the zenith of the red Bai City fort burst, red clouds and nether The flame is mixed together to form an energy vortex, which rushes straight to the sky.

Everything around is being absorbed by this vortex and burned out!

The few candidates who came to participate in the faint ceremony hurriedly escaped from the castle, looked at the towering fourth tallest wall, and then looked at the desperate red Bai City Fort behind them.

“Let’s go, one can run one.”

“Yes, Lu Luo, you go too. Although it was an enemy just now, there are more opportunities for multiple people at this time. !”

“Let’s go, if you don’t go, you really can’t go.”

After these people comforted Lu Luo, they moved towards the edge of the high wall and ran away. Then jump straight down.

Their strength is very strong, and there is a high probability that they will not die if they jump.

But if you stay on the high wall all the time, at the current burning speed of the nether flame,

Lu Luo stood up again looking at the burning castle.

There are already too many people behind him, he can’t stop, at least not because of Lu Di.

Lu Di is right, he will continue to run forward until there is nothing to stop him!

Lu Luo cheered up and grabbed Qi Xinzhu.

“Qi Xinzhu!”

“I am here!”

“Take Lu Xiaotian with us, let’s go!”


Qi Xinzhu’s movements are also very numb, because at this time Lu Xiaotian is still staring at the Nightmare Castle.

Qi Xinzhu picked her up, but Da Tian did not resist.

On the other side, Lu Luo looked towards Gu Fangyi and several people.

“Brother Gu!”

“Come on!”

The tacit understanding between the two people has long needed not much words, just a look, They understood each other’s meaning!

Gu Fangyi shook off Tong Meng’s hand, and ran towards Lu Luo without a trace of nostalgia!

“Gu Fangyi!”

Tong dreams of catching Gu Fangyi, because Gu Fangyi is of great use to them.

But Gu Fangyi’s reaction is also very real, he stretched out two middle fingers.


Lu Luo picked up Qi Xinzhu, Qi Xinzhu was holding Da Tian, ​​and then Lu Luo took Gu Fangyi’s arm, and also moved towards the Red Bai City Fort Go behind!

Standing at the top of the high wall, Lu Luo was stopped again!

It’s Chen Mo! This guy is really annoying!

“Lu Luo, the matter between us is not over yet!”

Qi Xinzhu looked at each other strangely. This person seems to be Chen Senior Brother Mo.

“Chen Senior Brother Mo?”

Chen Mo looked towards Qi Xinzhu. Only among Light Admirers will they be called senior and junior brothers.

Chen Mo was puzzled first, then unwilling and angry.

Qi Xinzhu is the church’s default Saintess, he certainly knows Qi Xinzhu’s identity.

The hesitation is also because Qi Xinzhu is wearing a red outfit at this time, and his face is like a spring breeze, which is completely different from usual.

“Lu Luo, you already have Lord Saintess, why bother to provoke Han Shiyu!

You guy, don’t know what love is!”

< p> [This person says you don’t understand love. ]

“I know.”

[Qi Xinzhu is peeking at you. 】

“I know too, but I can’t explain it now.”

Lu Luo slowly backed away, nodded to Gu Fangyi on the side.

“Brother Gu, you go first!”

“I see.”

Just finished speaking, Gu Fangyi actually jumped directly in front of Lu Luo Go down.

Just as Lu Luo was surprised, a strand of feather appeared behind Gu Fangyi, gradually turning into a pair of green wings.

“Brother Gu’s alien form! It feels like a normal person in the few of us.”

“Lu Luo, do you need me to leave? I can take it with me Da Tian will go first.”

Qi Xinzhu asked actively, usually, Lu Luo would definitely let her go, but I don’t know why this time, he didn’t.

“No need, men will grow up, they can’t always let their women run away!

And this guy in front of me will not let me spend too much time, you Say yes, Lu Xiaotian!”

Lu Luo looked towards Lu Xiaotian, but at this time, Lu Xiaotian did not have the lively mentality before.

Her eyes are a bit hollow and confused, I don’t know if it is because of Qiu Guling or Lu Di!

Yes, not only Nightmare and Lu Di, Qiu Guling also did not come out in the dark fire.

Facing Lu Luo’s question, Lu Xiaotian dullly lifts the head.


“Datian, are you okay?”

Seeing Lu Xiaotian like this, Qi Xinzhu didn’t know what to say Great.

Lu Xiaotian’s identity and handling methods are determined by Lu Luo.

But the two have been together for so long after all, and after a long time together, there will always be feelings.


“Qi Xinzhu, look after her, I will be back soon!”

The opposite Chen Mo has lowered his body , A few tails stretched out from behind him.

When Lu Luo looked towards Chen Mo again, his personal attributes had completely changed.

[Chen Mo, Tier 4 Light Admirer, Tier 4 animal species-Firefox, ability holy splendor, sequence A-Wind Lord.

Attribute: Strength 60, Agility 125, Physique 44]

“It is indeed much stronger than before, but this is the reason why you dare to fight with me?”

< p> “Lu Luo, you don’t know how much power there will be after the combination of human and alien power.

I won’t let you go back to Han Shiyu again!”

Fang, sharp claw, Chen Mo at this time is indeed like a combination of animal species and human.

But regarding the combination of human and alien power, isn’t it an attribute + cultivation technique?

Looking at Chen Mo, who was leaping towards him, Lu Luo’s expression was a little weird.

Time is running out, this time he won’t have any retention or hesitation, so he directly withdrew Fenrir.

Steam and thunder and lightning began to interweave rapidly.

Thunder’s breath, flash!

Pu chi!

Chen Mo looked at his bald arms in horror, and his palms were still spinning in midair!

He didn’t understand why he had become alienated, his strength increased that many, and he was still defeated by Lu Luo.

And the defeat was so thorough, so miserable!

“Why? Why?”

“Just because I am Lu Luo!”

Lu Luo is holding the giant sword, wanting to vent completely In his own emotions, when he killed Chen Mo, countless black blades stopped in front of him.

ding ding ding ding~!

When Lu Luo took a closer look, he realized that it was not a black blade at all, but countless hairs!

Lu Luo did not stop because of the sudden appearance of the hair, the blade is still sharp, and there is no disadvantage!

One thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand!

But in the end, Lu Luo’s sword stopped in front of the opponent.

Countless hairs have completely entangled the blade, even if Lu Luo’s power at this time, it was actually stalemate!

Looking at the long black hair here, Lu Luo showed a solemn expression.

“The Black Witch-Qin Wanyu!”

At this time, Qin Wanyu was wearing a black and red evening dress. This costume was originally meant to come to attend the ceremony. Right.

Unfortunately, she did not come!

In the original plan, she was Lu Luo’s bride!

But I don’t know why. At the last moment, the owner suddenly changed his mind, and Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu were fulfilled.

Qin Wanyu is very dissatisfied with this matter, but she is not qualified to question it either.

“Long time no see, Brother Luo.”

The sword in Lu Luo’s hand gradually tightened, and he did not continue to speak for a while.

[It was Xiao Qi who was caught by this woman in front of me! You wouldn’t just let her go because she is your old stubborn hook, would you? 】

“You do it, I feel a little problematic!”

Fenrir split suddenly, Lu Luo bit the right edge, and the left edge with his left hand!

Three swords turn together, big vortex.

Qin Wanyu’s hair is broken one after another, this kind of entangled enemy, the multi-blade effect is definitely better than the one-handed sword!

Qin Wanyu is very surprised. Lu Luo once was so weak, but now Lu Luo is so strong.

This is her favorite Lu Luo brother!

Qin Wanyu looked at Lu Luo a little confused and couldn’t help but speak:

“Lu Luo, if I didn’t become a different species that day, would we be together?”



Lu Luo’s voice is decisive, the enemy is the enemy, maybe there are many ifs between him and Qin Wanyu.

But it is different now. Qi Xinzhu is already his woman. Protecting his own woman is what a man should do.

Qin Wanyu hurt Qi Xinzhu, this is something Lu Luo will never forgive!

Whatever the cause, injury is injury!


With three blades waving at once, Lu Luo shattered the hair around him, and three whirlwinds issued at the same time!

Through sword qi and fly directly to Qin Wanyu, there is really no hesitation!

Qin Wanyu’s expression is a little hopeless.

But soon, her despair turned into a cold smile.

“It seems that I really have no chance!”

Ding! Ding Ding!

Lu Luo’s sword qi was killed by two black men The cat’s claw is easily blocked, and it is one of the three children, the black cat-Tong Yu.

At this time, Tong Yuan stretched out his barbed tongue and licked his cat’s paw.

The look in her eyes towards Lu Luo was like looking at a prey.

“I wanted to compete with you a long time ago, Lu Luo!”

Lu Luo looked at the child resentment, his eyes gradually became more serious, the strength of this cat demon is unknown, but In terms of attributes, especially strength and agility, it is definitely comparable to Tier 6.

Even if compared with yourself, it is still a crushing level!

He turned on 4th gear, plus thunder, the opponent might not come fast and strong.

It’s a rival!

What’s more terrifying is that in addition to Tong Yu, Tong Meng and Tong Yan also appeared in front of Qin Wanyu, and the three women stopped Lu Luo from going forward.

“Black cat, green peacock, and white fox! You really have a wide variety of species!”

Lu Luo teased each other while observing the ability of the other three.

The attributes of Tong Meng and Tong Yan cannot be seen, they should have the ability to hide part of their information.

Judging from the combined position of the three women, the black cat is the first, the green peacock is second, and the white fox is last.

Basically, the melee combat abilities of these three female lords can also be determined.

Although the four lords are very powerful, Lu Luo did not retreat at this time.

Many times, he no longer needs to retreat!

The opponent is strong, and he has a lot of cards! at worst summon nightmare centipede and nightmare waiter have a hard time.

Steam, fourth gear!

The steam from Lu Luo messed up the hair around him. With one enemy and four, the battle between the two sides is about to start!

At this moment, a huge castle pillar fell from a height.


The pillar fell between Lu Luo and Tong Yu, and the nether flame burning on it burned all the hair around.

nether flame this thing is indeed the best weapon for hair. Lu Luo only remembered at this time. In fact, he also has nether flame, but the amount is not enough that’s all.

However, the broken stone pillar and nether flame have completely isolated the two sides.

Neither this distance nor the current environment allow both sides to continue fighting.

At this time, the nether flame is already in a violent state, and the floating red mist has gradually begun to become weird.

Tong Yuan put away his claws, and Lu Luo put away his sword as well.

The two sides looked at each other in the air, and neither of them extended the battle.

Lu Luo turned his head and said to Qi Xinzhu:

“Let’s go, if we don’t go, something really happened.”


Another rubble fell beside them, and the splashing nether flame and mud even burned Qi Xinzhu’s clothes.

Fortunately, Lu Luo can absorb the scattered nether flame and keep him and Qi Xinzhu safe.

“Lu Xiaotian, anyway, I promised Lu Di to take care of you.

So, come with me!”

Lu Xiaotian Nodded in silence, she glanced at the Red Bai City Fort behind her for the last time.

In a very inexplicable tone of voice whispered:

“Finally left this place, next, I will live a good life!”

After speaking quietly, Lu Xiaotian jumped on Lu Luo’s back and took the initiative to strangle Lu Luo’s neck.

“You carry me, Lu Luo!”

“Let’s go! Qi Xinzhu is gone.”


< p> Lu Luo hugged Qi Xinzhu, carrying Lu Xiaotian on his back, and jumped off the fourth tallest wall!

Lu Luo could already run on sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces on his own. Now his rank and attributes have been greatly improved.

So even if the walls of the high wall are very slippery, he still carries two people, one big and one small, which has no effect.

And when it comes to landing, he can also cushion with a jet belt and qi fuse.

For Lu Luo now, height is no longer a threat!


On the other side, the building of the castle is constantly collapsing, and the power of the nether flame has sucked away all the vitality here, even the vitality of the rock is no exception.

The stone that has lost its vitality is no longer strong, like gray sand, cracked and shattered.

The original magnificent Red Bai City Fort was also shattered!

Tong Yan, Tong Meng, and Tong Yuan stood at the gate of the castle, quietly watching the scene in front of them.

In their eyes, something called reluctance was revealed.

For the Red Bai City Fort, the three of them have extraordinary feelings.

Even if the emotions of alien species are not as rich as humans, they already have some emotions that humans should have when they reach the lord level.

Tong Meng turned his head and looked towards Qin Wanyu.

“Let’s go, there is no meaning to stay here.”

Qin Wanyu’s gaze retracted from the direction Lu Luo left, and then put away his hair.

With some emotion, I looked at everything in front of me, and then turned to look towards Fourth Ring.

“Unexpectedly, I will return to Fourth Ring on this day. Fate, this thing, is really elusive!

Let’s go, the master’s task is still Not finished.

Next, we need to live in the Fourth Ring with a reasonable identity!”



< p> Lu Luo fell heavily on the ground.

Without pausing, he ran directly with Qi Xinzhu and Lu Xiaotian.

The high wall behind him has begun to shatter. Fortunately, Lu Luo’s speed is fast enough to avoid the collapsed city wall.

After reaching a slightly safer place, UU reading Lu Luo turned his head and found that there were hunters and alien corpses around.

It seems that Fourth Ring has really experienced many desperate battles.

Look at the sky again.

In the vortex straight Heavenspan where nether flame and red mist converge, more and more creatures are torn and swallowed by this force!

Looking at the vortex of energy, Lu Luo always has an inexplicable taste in his heart.

“Lu Luo, don’t look.”

Lu Xiaotian is talking.

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Luo is a little strange.

“Don’t look, I have something for you!”



Lu Xiaotian said, and took out a black…heart from her pocket!

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