Doomsday Ring Chapter 260

Lu Luo looked at the heart in Lu Xiaotian’s hands, and was obviously taken aback.

He took the heart directly.

[Nightmare Heart]

Class: Legend

Effect: Unknown

Introduction 1: Pain, resentment, dream, infatuation, Extravagant desire, the heart of intertwined emotions.

Introduction 2: The Heart of Disaster.

Introduction 3: This thing is polluting.


The energy of black penetrates into Lu Luo’s within the body like silk threads, but Lu Luo does not feel any specific negative effects of this thing.

He has no influence and is well understood, because the current armor characteristics and superstition effects are strong enough to be immune to these negative effects.

But Lu Xiaotian in front of her took this thing directly out of her pocket.

This matter itself has a big problem!

“You keep this thing in your pocket?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

“This thing is dangerous, don’t you know ?”

“I know! What’s the matter?”


Lu Luo didn’t know how to continue the topic and thought about it Think about it.

Lu Xiaotian’s identity and circumstances are not the time to go deeper.

“Lu Luo, look at the top!”


A wandering alien was killed with a sword, and Lu Luo took the heart of nightmare into it Inside the ring, he moved his gaze to the direction Qi Xinzhu pointed out.

“The battle, is it finally over!”

In the Red Bai City Fort, Lu Di and Nightmare stood face to face.

The original feeling of with swords drawn and bows bent is gone between the two.

Moreover, the nightmare at this time makes people feel like an empty body.

Lu Di grabbed the body of the nightmare and took the bride Qiu Guling into the sky!

In the sky vortex, Qiu Guling and Lu Di hugged each other, and tears that the bride could hardly keep were also slowly falling at this time.



“We are finally together!”

“Yes! We finally Together.” Lu Di is also slightly nodded with a smile.

The nightmare in front of me has been burned into coke by the red inflammation of the two forces, and gradually shattered.


The vortex formed by nether flame and red mist has completely obscured the sky.

Looking from a distance, the torso of the giant red mist and the nightmare are constantly shattering, entangled, and condensed in the sky.

This is the battle between the king of mankind and the king of alien species!

In this scene, all the Fourth Ring people can see clearly, even the gendarmerie, the church, and the civilians on the third wall can also see it.

Only Bai Yuetong’s expression is a little different. In addition to shock, she is also surprised.

“Is this what he wanted?”

Bai Yuetong still didn’t tell other people what he saw. Maybe only tell Lu Luo about this!

The hunters who were still fighting around the Eastern Ring lowered their heads and looked at the vortex in the sky with slightly red eyes.

Yang Liya of Hunter 2 team wiped her eye sockets and her expression returned to cold.

“Everyone, salute!”


All the hunters salute together, whether they are members of the second team or not.

The act of salute is spreading, whether it is hunters, guards, mercenaries, or even ordinary persons.

They salute one after another, and express their true respect for the king of the hunter of the Fourth Ring Eastern Ring!

Even the bridegroom candidates who escaped from the Nightmare Castle, although they are not Fourth Ring people.

But at this time, I also expressed my regret for Lu Di’s death.

Lu Di is a hero, the real hero of the Fourth Ring people.

And the king of hunter also defended the Fourth Ring with his own death.

Nightmare, finally defeated!

Hongyan burns everything on the high wall, and the burnt rocks and debris gradually condense with the vortex and lead to the sky.

It forms a ring of red sky that is difficult to reach.

After the red column condensed, the Dark Tide war of Fourth Ring seemed to gradually subsided.

The alien species retreat like a tide,

they seem to have a tacit understanding.

The moment the red pillar was formed, the battle seemed to lose its meaning.

A lot of blood energy, energy, and unknown particles began to drift into the Fourth Ring.

Everyone who fought in Fourth Ring felt this power.

No one knows what this power means, only Lu Luo feels the obvious hint through the observer.

[The overall level of sequence particles has been greatly improved, and many indescribable things are improving, most of which are beneficial.

This is probably Lu Di’s final blessing to Fourth Ring! 】

“He is too tired, it’s time to rest.”

Lu Luo embraced Qi Xinzhu and hugged her into his arms.

In addition to them, there are many people hugging and crying at this time.

Because of this short and hurried war, it suddenly started and suddenly ended.

Living people are rejoicing, but at the same time rejoicing, they are also sad for their dead companions.

But the only thing to be thankful for is that the war is really over!

People started cheering, and the members of Ring Studio, led by Bai Yuetong and Zhou Kai, immediately went down the wall.

During the descent of the elevator, Bai Yuetong received a call from Lu Luo.


Bai Yuetong’s nose is sore just after answering the phone, she usually experiences these things!

This one day, one night battle, command, made her mentally and physically exhausted!

But at this time, she still chose a more gentle attitude, because she knew that Lu Luo must have experienced various situations there.

“Just come back!”

“Is it Brother Luo? Why didn’t Aiya call me first? It’s too much!”

< p>Just as Zhou Kai was muttering, his phone rang.

Not Lu Luo, but Gu Fangyi!

“Guo, it’s okay if you are okay? You have hairy? What do you mean? You don’t need to tell me about hairy…”

Zhou Kai hung up the phone and turned to look. towards Bai Yuetong.

“Xiaobai, everyone is back! Let’s go to the entertainment street and relax.”

“There is still a fart entertainment street.”


“Let’s go and find them.”

The two waves of people finally converge in the ruins of the Eastern Ring, here is the former Ring Studio.

As soon as we met, Bai Yuetong saw Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu’s hands together.

At this time, Qi Xinzhu is still in a red dress, slightly red on his face, and his eyes dodge a little.

Lu Luo is somewhat indifferent and apologetic.

No ordinary person can see anything, but Bai Yuetong is not a different person, and she cares about the situation of Qi Xinzhu and Lu Luo.

So the relationship between the two can be seen at a glance, I am afraid that there has been a fundamental change!

“you two…”

Although Bai Yuetong had a lot of ups and downs before, she was still stretched.

But now, she really can’t stand it anymore.

The tears fell like a column of water.

Just as she was preparing to have a fight with Lu Luo.

When I ran away from home at the beginning, I never came back again.

She saw Lu Xiaotian with her head sticking out from behind Lu Luo!

Bai Yuetong’s pupil suddenly shrink!

This little girl…this little girl…Lu Luo!

“Lu Luo, you!”

Bai Yuetong raised his hand, but Lu Luo had already stepped up to her and pressed her finger.

Lu Luo has an observer, he is stronger than Gu Fangyi in terms of the acuity of observation.

Naturally, I saw Bai Yuetong’s eyes and movements just now.

Daimao must have discovered something, but this time, it is not the time to say it!

Because even he is not sure to deal with Lu Xiaotian, and he is completely uncertain!

“Bai Yuetong, everyone finally got together again. Don’t say anything you are not happy about!”

Lu Luo’s words have some warnings, Bai Yuetong’s reaction quickly.

I immediately realized some problems, so she nodded and calmed down her emotions.

“Now that Fourth Ring looks like this, what should we do?”

“Fourth Ring needs to be rebuilt, but we don’t need it anymore. I have prepared a suitable place for everyone .

From today, our base will be moved there.”

Lu Luo is talking about the Blue Heavens base in the Eastern Ring slum area, where there are his summon objects. guard!

Bai Yuetong glanced at Lu Xiaotian quietly, before hesitating, Qi Xinzhu actually took her hand.

“Xiaobai, let’s go!”

“Qi Xinzhu, what are you doing? I don’t know you so well! Hey, don’t drag me!”

< p>Qi Xinzhu took Bai Yuetong away and glanced at Lu Luo before leaving. Lu Luo also nodded to her.

Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai also left with the others.

Everyone left Lu Luo and Lu Xiaotian tacitly in place.

“Why, Lu Luo, are you going to hit a child?”

Lu Xiaotian spoke to Lu Luo in a provocative tone, but Lu Luo just shook Shook his head.

At this time there are only two of them left, there is no need to hide anything.

“Lu Xiaotian, are you a nightmare?”

Lu Xiaotian slipped off Lu Luo’s back.

“Isn’t the nightmare dead? Why do you ask.”

“Do you think I’m stupid, or you think I’m so cute, now there are only two of us, you Does it make sense to say this?

I promised Lu Di to take care of you, but I hope you give me an answer.”

In Lu Luo’s heart, although Lu Xiaotian It is Lu Di’s daughter, and he also promised Lu Di to take care of Lu Xiaotian.

But before taking care of each other, he also needs to consider the safety of others in Ring Studio.

Many people in the circle are very ordinary, and maybe the change of Fourth Ring will make these people no longer ordinary in the future.

But at least for now, Lu Luo doesn’t want them to fall into the vortex of nightmare!

Nightmare is a real monster, Lu Luo always thinks so.

After listening to Lu Luo’s words, Lu Xiaotian laughed directly.

“You also said that there are only two of us left here.

You think I am a human, then you still ask me what the nightmare is doing?”


For Lu Xiaotian, Lu Luo’s senses are also more complicated. He has no way to confirm Lu Xiaotian’s information through observers, which is his biggest anxiety.

Bai Yuetong should have discovered something just now, but now he can’t ask!

“Lu Xiaotian, you are too dangerous! If we can’t be honest with each other, my team will not be able to accept you.”

Lu at this time Xiao Tian suddenly changed her previous ignorant little girl’s appearance.

She floats slowly in the air, like the state in a nightmare castle.

“Accepted? Your team?

Lu Luo, did you make a mistake? I never seem to say that I should always follow you!”

“Then what is Lu Di? What are you?”

Lu Luo is really not sure what to do with Lu Xiaotian now.

“Lu Di is naturally my father and the hero who leads the Fourth Ring to the light.

And I, the orphan of the hero of nature! I am the successor of the will of the king of hunter.


Lu Luo, your growth rate is not bad, but not fast enough!

The wave of Fourth Ring is about to rise!

You better think about it What should I do next, what should your companions do next!” After Lu Xiaotian finished speaking, she drifted slowly.

Just when she was about to leave, she suddenly stopped in midair and turned to look towards Lu Luo again.

“Lu Luo, I know that in your heart, you always have an idea for me.

Now I give you a chance, come on!”

Lu Luo’s eyes narrowed instantly, and the temperature between him and Lu Xiaotian seemed to have dropped a lot.

[Host, I think it’s better for you to calm down! 】

Lu Luo has always been calm, most of the time, he can do his best to benefit.

But this time, he couldn’t do it.

Lu Luo has already taken out Fenrir, naturally the other party has spoken, then he naturally has nothing to keep!

Fourth steam gear, Rachel!

The electric current wanders around Lu Luo.

Looking at Lu Luo in this form, Lu Xiaotian showed a fascinating smile.

“Come on!”

Lu Luo knows that Lu Xiaotian is very fast, so he is going to use his fastest this move.

Steam qi fuse, jet belt, and the activation of thunder and lightning are accelerated!

The physical and energy have been exerted to the extreme, and Lu Luo slashed in an instant!

Thunder’s breath, flash!


The violent air current burst on the tip of Lu Luo’s sword!

It was Lu Luo’s strongest sword, but it was actually grabbed by Lu Xiaotian with one hand.

Fenrir’s huge sword is held in a small hand, which always feels a bit strange!

But Lu Luo wanted to force Fenrir out, but he couldn’t do it at all. The opponent surpassed him not only in speed, but also in strength.

Even the power gap between the two sides is as large as his own strength of more than 140 + steam four gears + dual-handed swords, which is not comparable to Lu Xiaotian’s hand.

In addition to shocking, Lu Luo’s heart is more unbelievable!

Although he did anticipate this result, when it happened, many people couldn’t accept it.

Lu Luo at this time is not good either.

His fist is gathering momentum, UU reading nether flame mixed with qi fuse on the fist.

But at this time, Lu Xiaotian’s expression became very playful, or from the smile just now, it became a little cold.

“Lu Luo, I just said, let you try it once.

One time has passed. You use two tricks, but you are breaking the rules!”

< p>Lu Luo did not pause.

Malicious Explosive Punch -nether flame burst!


With a full punch, he blasted directly at Lu Xiaotian’s face, but was caught by the opponent’s small palm and couldn’t go further.

The power gap Lu Luo has long been mentally prepared.

But what surprised him more is that all his nether flames are circulating to Lu Xiaotian!

The power of the Mingyuan Fire Seed was almost completely pulled away, leaving only a little ignition heart, not extinguished!

This scene is enough to prove Lu Xiaotian’s identity.

No words are needed at all.

The only person who can truly master the source of the underworld and control life and death is nightmare!

“You are really a nightmare!”

Lu Luo, who was drawn away from Mingyuan, was stiff, just at this time.

Tong Yan, Tong Meng, Tong Yuan, and Qin Wanyu all fell around Lu Xiaotian.

“Master.” The four women said in unison.

Lu Xiaotian slightly nodded, but sighed again.

“Lu Luo, the person you should be most grateful to is me.

It is precisely because you helped me fulfill my father’s wish, so I helped you complete yours Wish.

Let you and Qi Xinzhu really be together.

The lingering taste is wonderful, right? Hehe, but pressure will follow!

< p>Today’s Fourth Ring is bad enough, but tomorrow’s Fourth Ring will be better, and the day after tomorrow Fourth Ring will be better!

So, have a good dream with the heart of nightmare, I Companion.

Because tomorrow, the church and Parliament should be coming soon!”

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