Doomsday Ring Chapter 262

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On the other side, the inner ring, the platinum courtyard.

This is the core of the inner circle of the alliance. Most of the policies of the Wasteland Alliance are discussed and produced in this place.

For example, the most basic wasteland constitution.

In addition to the most basic administrative functions, the Platinum Courtyard is also the largest private gathering center for the 13-person Parliament.

Yes, the highest authority in the Wasteland is a blatant private assembly center.

Most of the high-level commercial benefit exchange in Wasteland is actually carried out here.

Of course, in order to prevent scandals and strange things.

There is no seafood project in the Platinum Courtyard.

Most of the entertainment activities here are cards, chess, or some simple combat sports, etc.

In the Conference Hall of 13Parliament, two bridegroom candidates were summoned.

The two candidates respectively told their own experiences and the scene where they saw Lu Di and the nightmare battle.

“Lu Di did indeed have a decisive battle with Nightmare in the end, but the final result is not clear to us.

The environment at the time was too dangerous and we could not stay.

But according to my personal judgment, they should be dead!

Because after the red pillar solidified, all the alien species faded away.

The nightmare is not dead. If you don’t, those alien species will never retreat. This has been recorded in the previous Dark Tide war.”

The groom candidate said while other staff handed it to the councillors. The report.

The 13-member Parliament is silently watching the report handed over by its subordinates.

Some of them showed happy expressions.

“The nightmare is dead, and Lu Di is also dead. There should be nothing more happier than this, right?”

The congressman who spoke was called Jia Hu, and he finished. After speaking, I found that no one was taking care of me, so I lost the interest to continue talking.

Some other congressmen have gradually begun to speak in low voices.

The reason for not supporting Fourth Ring East is mainly due to the peculiarities of Lu Di. They can’t let a 7th-level expert go out of control. In that case, it would be too dangerous.

They never thought that Lu Di could really defeat Nightmare. They originally planned to use Nightmare to kill Lu Di.

But he actually did it, Lu Di killed the nightmare, and it was perish together.

In a sense, this is indeed a good thing.

But now Fourth Ring has appeared an uncontrollable situation, for them, this is a relatively bad situation.

Speaker Shi Haoxuan tapped the table continuously with his fingers.

da da da! da da da!

With his beating, the meeting fell silent again.

Until Shi Haoxuan turned around and looked towards the other members of Parliament.

“Although the nightmare is dead and Lu Di is dead, you seem to have forgotten. There is also Qiao Xing in Eastern Ring!

He is also an uncontrollable factor. No Do you know what you are proud of?

And have you ever thought that the next Fourth Ring will be controlled by the inner ring?”

The Congresswoman Jin Lu stood up .

“Qiao Xing’s current location is in Southern Ring. He hasn’t come out since he entered Noah’s playground.

So I think he may not be that threatening.< /p>

And even if Qiao Xing comes out, solving him is a matter of the church, and it has nothing to do with us.

It’s like Lu Di this time.”

Shi Haoxuan glanced at Jin Lu. He really didn’t have any good feelings about this big breasted woman.

But there is no way. It is now in the period of transformation of the wasteland. The 13-member Parliament still needs to maintain the minimum stability and collaboration.

He no longer looked at the Golden Deer, but instead turned his gaze to a gentle middle-aged man with glasses.

This elegant middle-aged person is Bai Yuetong’s biological father, Luo Xuemin.

Luo Xuemin glanced at Shi Haoxuan. After the two had nodded each other, he began to repeat some information.

“Since you currently do not have an accurate understanding of the overview of Fourth Ring,

I will analyze it for you from the data level.

Currently, there are changes to Fourth Ring. You are still stuck in the previous concept.

I think that even if the Fourth Ring is messed up, the military force will suppress it again and re-conquer it.

But after my careful investigation, I found out that it’s not It’s not that simple.

Fourth Ring’s dark energy level has increased by about 4.53 times in these 2 months.

One month of registered transcender in the past It’s 15 times higher than before.

Listen well, the number of registered people is 15 times the total number of people in the past.

Under normal circumstances, many people don’t know I have awakened an extraordinary innate talent, sequence.

So most people, are not registered.

According to the inaccurate investigation, the probability of Fourth Ring becoming a transcender has exceeded the inner Ring, reaching a staggering 25.7%.

Moreover, this number is still continuously improving. Many people are at a loss because of their strength growth.

Power makes them confident.

They have begun to expand unrestrictedly. They have become selfish and out of control.

Speaking of that many data, my personal conclusion is also very simple.

In terms of the situation, the inner ring will soon lose control of the Fourth Ring.

As for whether it will be lost permanently, it depends on our next decision in the inner ring and whether the Fourth Ring is there. A person who can determine the future development has appeared.”

Luo Xuemin’s speech was well-founded, and after his speech, the others became silent again.

Parliament members are not fools. Everyone knows the cost of losing the Fourth Ring.

They just gave up Eastern Ring, and now they are going to clean up the mess, I am afraid it is not so easy.

Shi Haoxuan looked at the other members of Parliament, and gradually smiled.

Although there is no research result, at least the attitude of Parliament has been unified at this time, that is, it cannot give up the control of Fourth Ring.

“Old Luo, prepare for the press conference!”

“Got it.”


December 21 In the morning, Mr. Luo Xuemin, Minister of Civil Affairs and Aries Councillor, delivered an important speech.

“Today, I will mainly talk about two issues.

First, I deeply regret what happened in the fourth Eastern Ring recently. For the dead people, I personally deeply Condolences.

I always feel that the people of the Fourth Ring and the people of the inner ring have always been one.

We will not be afraid of hardships and difficulties, stick to our efforts, and work together to build a new Fourth Ring.

Repair high walls and keep alien species out of the wall.

Secondly, Parliament continues to pay close attention to the abnormal changes of Fourth Ring’s dark energy.

< p>I hereby appeal and suggest that people who have awakened their extraordinary abilities or innate talents should go to the security bureau to register in time.

This is very important, not just a kind of respect for others, but also For your own safety.

Although I am an ordinary person, Luo Xuemin, I am well aware of the danger of dark energy.

If there is no reasonable way to absorb dark energy indiscriminately, it will There is a great risk of distortion.

So, everyone, if you respect your life, please be sure to register with the Security Bureau.

There, you can at least understand the basics Cultivation method!

Here, I also hope that the entire Wasteland Alliance can be in peace forever.”

After finishing his speech, Luo Xuemin walked towards the work peacefully. Backstage.

After returning to his workshop, he narrowed his smile, showing a somewhat rare indifference.

“Boss, Luo Shan Young Master just called.”

Luo Xuemin did not reply immediately, instead poured himself a glass of spirits and lit a cigar.

Lying on the sofa a little tired, Fiercely took a cigar and let the smoke cover her face, then slowly opened the mouth and said:

“Boss What did you say?”

“Luo Shan Young Master said, Young Lady has grown up, and the relationship between the two is not good, so he won’t touch this mold.”

“The relationship is not good? If the relationship is not good, can I still steal money from the family to buy mecha?

When the relationship is not good, can I fight and muddy together when I was young?

When did the boss become so oily?

What did he learn in the gendarmerie?”

Luo Xuemin’s glasses are a bit reflective, and the people in front of him and the public That good husband is a little different.

The subordinate next to him was afraid to speak in front of Luo Xuemin, even if he was already a Tier 4 expert.

In front of Luo Xuemin, he will still feel fear.

After being silent for a while, Luo Xuemin spoke again:

“How is Hitomi recently?”

“Young Lady, she has been in the Eastern Ring In the Ring Studio, he served as a studio weapon designer.

And he was divided into 5% of the company’s technical liability shares, and now he is one of the company’s shareholders.”

“That Lu What about Luo? It’s the one that Tongtong likes.”

“Just now I received the news that Boss Lu Luo of Ring Studio has returned to the studio and brought back to the church Saintess Qi Xinzhu.

< p>The relationship between the two is quite close, and it seems that there has been breakthrough progress.”

When this subordinate spoke, he had already started to peek at Luo Xuemin’s expression.

Sure enough, after he said that Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu are very close, Luo Xuemin’s fingers suddenly tightened.

The alloy wine glass was squashed with one hand! And no energy is used.

The subordinate swallowed unnaturally.

Don’t say anything else, just Luo Xuemin’s power and the reaction ability demonstrated in previous assassinations.

He has completely crushed his Tier 4 cronies.

But no one knows how much Luo Xuemin’s true strength is.

This man is definitely not as wretched as he is said to be outside.

Luo Xuemin is a person who knows how to constrain. There are not many things that can make him angry, but Bai Yuetong’s thing is definitely one.

“A congressman’s daughter, go and post a Fourth Ring kid!

It’s so self-willed to fall!”

The subordinates know Luo Xuemin’s temper, this At that time, Luo Xuemin needed a step, that is, he needed to answer the call by himself.

Although I am afraid of being hammered, if I do not speak, I will not use it tomorrow.

“But you said last time that this Lu Luo has great potential. If you train it well, it is really a good match for Young Lady!”

“Fart, when did I say that In this case?”

The subordinates bowed their heads conscientiously.

“Probably, it was yesterday!”

“Have you really said it?”

“I really said it.”

“Even if I have said this, this kid is too bothered, he clearly has pupils, he is still hooking up and out.”

“Uh, Boss, Lu Luo knows Qi Xinzhu better than I met Young Lady early!”

“As a man, I shouldn’t be so bothered. Isn’t my daughter not beautiful enough?”

“But you said that career For successful men, three wives and four concubines are normal!

In the eyes of many youngsters in the inner ring, Qi Xinzhu Young Lady is not tight and beautiful, she has a good body and a better personality, so ……”

Speaking of this, the subordinates are already a little panicked.

At this time, Boss should have borrowed a donkey to go downhill, but what happened today?

If these words continue, he feels that the others will be gone.

“Okay, let the second child and Jin Chen go over and talk to Hitomi, and also, you won’t use it for work tomorrow.”

“Boss? I…”< /p>

“Go with them.”

“Huh? Thank you Boss!”


2nd day, in the Blue Heavens base , Lu Luo looked at the blind studio members with a smile.

Keeping this base may be the most correct choice he has recently made.

Although this base is not really his own right now, he has no plans to release this base.

Nonsense, how could it be possible to spit out something in his hand?

Qi Xinzhu is taking some female members of the studio outside to treat the wounded around him for free.

This is not a Holy Mother, but a strategic behavior.

Even in the tribal era, everyone understands the role of an excellent healer. Most of the healers will become the tribal Witch Doctor, Elder, not to mention the Wasteland Era.

Qi Xinzhu, who healed the wounded for free, with guaranteed techniques and curative effects, soon gained the support of the surrounding people.

They themselves have become the first wall of the base.

Qi Xinzhu can even select innate talents and good conduct for the studio during the process of healing and negotiation.

This is a matter of one move, two gains.

Bai Yuetong is tidying up her machinery room. The space here is obviously much larger than the previous warehouse.

Especially the bottom area, which can even accommodate giant petri dishes tens of meters high.

Now it has all been contracted by Bai Yuetong and transformed into a huge comprehensive workshop.

She has only one requirement for her office area, which is to be large and large enough!

Small enough to place heavy weapons, machinery, and mecha!

Then it is the money issue, although Lu Luo has no money.

But judging from the current situation of Fourth Ring, it is not certain whether the economic system will collapse or not.

So no money may be a good thing in a sense.

Fourth Ring will not return to the inner ring in the future. There is no fixed number for the time being. If it really does not return to the inner ring.

The monetary system may have to be re-established!

And since Bai Yuetong came back, he has never mentioned the relationship between Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu.

This is what makes Lu Luo most satisfied!

Well, everyone is in harmony and loves each other in the family, how nice it is!

[All the old-fashioned critics think so. 】

“Again, I am not old.”

Just when Lu Luo was lustful, Zhou Kai walked in and interrupted him.

“Brother Luo, there are several gangs in the north that have organized a regional security rally. They specially invited us, do you want to go?”

A regional security rally? This kind of gang thing was useless before, but it is different now.

Many ordinary persons have to rely on gangs, otherwise they will not survive.

No way, the high wall has not been repaired now, and alien species may come in at any time.

Although the Security Bureau has only cleaned up the mess, but it was impossible to clean up so quickly, it must have been moving forward in layers.

Moreover, they have to send a large number of hunters to help guard the gap in the high wall. Lu Luo knows that they are too busy at this time.

So it’s better to go there.

“How’s their attitude?”

“The people who came here are more modest, but Brother Luo, should we not be afraid of hostility?”

【Brother Kai is starting to swell! 】

Listening to Zhou Kai’s swelling tone, Lu Luo immediately grew more focused.

“Brother Kai! The stronger we are, the more we must keep a low profile.

At this time, the situation of Fourth Ring is unknown. It is the most correct way to hide our strength as much as possible. Understand?”

“Then let’s not go?”

Lu Luo touched his nose. How could he not go for this chance of acting?

“Of course I want to go. If I don’t go this time, I’m afraid I will have trouble finding the door!”


“You and Gu Brother, prepare, and the three of us will go there together.”



After giving a simple order, Lu Luo took Gu with him. Fangyi and Zhou Kai came to a gang stronghold not far north of the base.

This was originally a railway train station. After being destroyed by a different species, it was temporarily established as a gang stronghold.

When the three of Lu Luo entered, they found that their meeting had already begun.

A second-order transcender is ranting there.

“What Fourth Ring needs most now is a new order. Only a strong team can bring a new order.

And a team, think To become a strong team, you must have these five kinds of people.

The tiger of Zhenshan,

The eagle of vision,

The wolf of good fighting,


Agile leopard,

Faithful dog!”

When this transcender said this, the three of Lu Luo happened to come in. This person just took advantage of the situation and looked towards three people.

“A few more friends are here, a few, what kind of role do you think you can become in the team?”

Zhou Kai frowned and looked at Lu Luo, then waved his branch arm.

“The grass on the wall?”

Lu Luo thought for a while, and immediately remembered his appetite:

“The bucket of rice?”

Zhou Kai: “Horse of the sea group?”

Lu Luo: “The stick that stirs shit?”

The more they talked, the more excited they were, and they looked away together To Gu Fangyi.

Gu Fangyi refused to speak, turned his head, but was pulled back by Lu Luo.

“Brother Gu, this big brother is asking, why don’t you give your big brother face?”

Gu Fangyi, don’t let Lu Luo and Zhou Kai laugh out loud. , Amusing a group of Caiji, is it really that happy?

He was forced to speak helplessly:

“If conditions permit, I want to be a man.”

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