Doomsday Ring Chapter 263

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[He is a big brother after all, can you respect him? 】

When the three of Lu Luo spoke, they were either “hehe he” or “gē gē gē”.

I didn’t mean to respect the local big brother at all. It made my big brother’s face blue and red, which was really embarrassing.

Furthermore, three people face hundreds of people like this.

Still confident, this is what made the big brother drum up in his heart.

Those who have just experienced a different kind of baptism, those who have survived have already experienced a wave of screening.

At this time, the people who can become leaders and gang leaders are basically human beings.

Their strength may not be strong enough, and the level 2 level is almost entirely due to the Fourth Ring mutation and the accumulation of dark energy over a long period of time.

This level 2 has no good cultivation technique, and no combat skill.

Just like the second-order Wanderer and the second-order hunter, there is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

It’s pretty good that they are upgraded to level 2 without distortion!

Although the strength gap may be large, the brain gap is not so obvious.

After seeing that the three of Lu Luo felt confident, the big brother immediately realized that they might not be able to deal with them.

So, this big brother changed a coping strategy, and the crowd was engulfed.

“The three of you are not very good. We are also a group of homeless brothers here to keep warm.

We are not strong, but not weak, you three If you do, it’s a bit of a disparagement to everyone.

They are all coming out, and here are ordinary people who want to live a stable life.

In the chaotic knot of Fourth Ring You are not doing the right thing, at least it is not moral.”

“It is okay to tag me!”

Lu Luo suppressed his smile and glanced at the people here.

Through the observer’s powerful intelligence gathering ability, he discovered that these gathered people are not as kind as the big brother said.

Here, men are the majority and women are only a minority.

Even if there are women, these women are more fierce, either holding weapons or having a strong body.

The number of women in the wasteland far exceeds that of men, so these people can’t even talk about ordinary people.

These people should all be thugs.

If they are united, then the high probability event that will occur may be a gang vendetta and mutual looting of supplies.

Most of the women who were looted then will be reduced to their playthings in a very primordial situation.

This is something Lu Luo doesn’t want to see, and it’s also something Lu Di doesn’t want to see.

Lu Luo always believes that wasteland is wasteland, and the end times are the end times.

The current alliance is the wasteland era, not the end-time era.

Apocalyptic era represents chaos, disorder, and the struggle of people’s hopes, killing each other for a little bit of survival resources.

But the wasteland era is different. The wasteland is a new order that has been established, and productivity is gradually restored.

The wasteland itself symbolizes that the disaster has passed and the new hope.

If the leaders of the inner ring are a bit like individuals, the wasteland era will be a thriving era.

Although there are different kinds of external pressure and little living space, the Wasteland Alliance has inherited many things from the previous generation in terms of productivity.

For example, in terms of food, even though the population is under great pressure, the alliance’s food has always been abundant.

The missing aspect is clean water.

Lu Luo is not Saint and cannot save the world.

But he also didn’t want to see Fourth Ring degenerate directly from the wasteland era to the apocalyptic era.

So at this time, he has already made a seemingly stupid decision!

He wants to restrain as many refugees as possible in the wasteland.

Maybe he can’t establish a new order, but he hopes that the Fourth Ring people can maintain the original order.

Thinking of this, Lu Luo sighed slightly.

“It is incumbent on us to restore the glory of the Fourth Ring!”

The big brother on the opposite side was taken aback,

he didn’t quite understand what Lu Luo’s sudden emotion meant. .

Just when he thought that Lu Luo was threatened by his number.

Lu Luo has strode towards him, and Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai are following him.

“This friend…ooh!”

“Sit down.”

The big brother was pushed aside by Lu Luo and directly sat on the chair on.

The immense power of the thin man in front of him gave him a sense of fear.

I can’t resist! It’s not a level at all.

It was too easy for Lu Luo to kill him.

At this time, Lu Luo, standing in the middle of the crowd, began to speak.

“Hello everyone, my name is Lu Luo.

I know I am a little younger in the hearts of many of you.

Isn’t it a wasteland era? It’s strength, not age.

I also know that the current Fourth Ring environment, alien species, and other humans around make you feel threatened.

Having power, and power, will make you think of destruction, looting, and killing.

But I don’t want this, Fourth Ring is your home.

These thoughts will not make Fourth Ring better and better, it will only get worse.

Frankly speaking, your strength is very weak. I can kill all of you on the scene alone. Light, but I won’t do it either.

Because Fourth Ring is also my home, I want to make my home better.

So, let’s not talk about building something beautiful Time and other empty talk.

At least I hope that we can maintain the original Fourth Ring order together.

You won’t get more, but at least, you can Maintain the original family and no longer suffer looting and coercion.

Don’t worry about your wives and daughters being in danger, don’t worry about temperature saturation medical treatment.

This is my Lu Luo can give you The promise, this promise, will last until the hunter re-establishes the Fourth Ring order.

In my territory, you are safe!”

Lu Luo’s words, calm and It is powerful, and it also makes many people show their heartbeat look.

After all, there are many people who don’t want to live the life of licking blood.

They have their own families, wives and children, and joining the gang is purely to protect their family and property.

Because if you don’t join a gang, they will be looted by other gangs, so they can only join the gang, and they must join the gang.

But some people laughed at Lu Luo in a low voice. The nature of this kind of person is more complicated.

Many of them are people who are dissatisfied with the original society. There are all kinds of special personnel.

They want order to be broken, they want to release their desires.

Burn, kill, loot, rape and pillage, these all are things they hope they can do.

Especially after awakening transcender aptitude and some sequences, the desires in these people’s minds become stronger.

For this situation, Lu Luo’s solution is also very simple!

That is to use violence to control violence with violence.

Of course, before using violence, he needs to find out some of these unstable elements.

After all, the gun shot out.

“Okay, I’m finished. If you have any comments, you can put it forward!

Let’s discuss it carefully.”

No one knows What does Lu Luo mean by negotiation, but these people see Lu Luo insisting on peaceful negotiations.

Some people can’t help but move their mouths.

“How old are you? We have more than 100 people in our gang. Counting the women in the base, we already have more than 300 people.

We have 1 level 2, 10 A Tier 1, what can’t this power grab?

Women? Materials? These all are wealth, what do you know?

On the strength of our gang, why should we? Listen to you?”

[In every era, in every history, there are such people, who are ignorant and pathetic.

And the final result is very tragic! 】

Lu Luo sighed slightly in his heart upon hearing this person’s speech.

This kind of gang organization that shows primordial desire is the most harmful to society.

Their appearance and behavior will completely destroy the stable social structure.

They may even have done some extraordinary things and have received benefits, so they are so unscrupulous and greedy.

Therefore, Lu Luo really wants to persevere to the end.

Lu Luo tilted his head and winked at Gu Fangyi on the side.

“Brother Gu.”

Gu Fangyi immediately nodded and took out the pistol directly from his arms.


The person who was speaking was headshot on the spot. Several members of their gang were taken aback for a moment, and then immediately reacted, wanting to fight back against Gu Fangyi.

But as Lu Luo said before, a frog in well will always be a frog.

They don’t understand how huge the power gap between transcenders is!

Trash 2nd, Wanderer 2nd, Mercenary 2nd, Hunter 2nd, Gendarmerie 2nd, Knight 2nd, Light Admirer 2nd, Lu Luo 2nd.

The approximate level is Heyang, even if everyone is at level 2, there are huge divisions.

So before these people fired, Gu Fangyi and Zhou Kai had already taken the first shot.

They are faster, stronger, and more accurate.

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~!

All those who raised their guns in that area were killed by the two of Gu Kai.

They didn’t have any hesitation or retention, nor any question.

Special period, thunderous method.

This is the tone that Lu Luo had set before he came.

But their actions like this naturally caused panic and anxiety among others.

Lu Luo has already prepared for this situation!

He stood a little higher, the steam on his body suddenly rose, and the core jumped violently.


The beating made everyone present calm down.

Then, a violent wave of air erupted from Lu Luo.

Boom! All the glass in the entire stronghold shattered in an instant, and the refugees looked at Lu Luo with a little horror. For them, this kind of power is really too strong!

Lu Luo put away the imposing manner and said very peacefully:

“Okay, everyone, now follow us.”

“You do this , Is there any difference from those gangs?”

That big brother is not dead yet! Even because he was not reconciled, at this time he still dared to fight with Lu Luo on the basis of reason.

“Of course there is a difference. My requirements are work, pay, construction, and harvest.

And they are just looting, and my military force is enough to protect you from harm.

As for the choice after restoring the social order of Fourth Ring, I have no interest!”

In this way, under the coercion and lure of Lu Luo, this gang gathering of more than 800 people is unfathomable mystery was broken up.

And their family team is as many as 2,000!

With the grandiose team, Lu Luo returned to the slum area base.


Outside the Fourth Ring Wasteland Security Bureau, the hunter’s team is working.

The main task of the hunter is to clean up the alien species, especially the treacherous and scattered alien species. It is really a headache to deal with.

Moreover, there is no way to hide a lot of alien species, after all, they have too few manpower.

We can only clean up the alien species while restraining the people.

As for restoring order, there is no talk about it now.

“Head! There was a woman in front who killed a lot of alien species, and restrained many civilians.

Such people should be well-intentioned. Should we come in contact now?”

Yang Liya frowned slightly, then shook the head.

As a woman, she knows very well that women in this period are very sensitive.

Women are more likely to be bullied when they are in chaos.

If a male fighting team approaches, conflicts are likely to break out.

So the right choice should be her own past.

“Forget it, I’ll do it myself, you guys keep up.”


Yang Liya walked to this house and it was destroyed. Very serious shop.

A woman with long narrow eyes, green pupils and peacock feathers on her head is standing there.

She is a child dream!

The appearance of Yang Liya put a lot of pressure on Tong Meng.

“This woman, really strong, speaking from a certain perspective.

She has reached the level of Master Qiu Guling.”

In When Tong Meng was observing Yang Liya, Yang Liya was also observing Tong Meng.

As soon as they met, Yang Liya raised her hand to express her goodwill.

“Hello, madam, I am Captain Yang Liya of Hunter 2 Team.

We are now consolidating the people, arranging the wounded, medical care, and Fourth Ring construction and restoration work.


Thank you very much for your help to these people, you are safe now, can you trust me?”

“This woman is Yang Liya!”

For some Hunter’s information, Tong Meng is still very clear, because Nightmare had already let them read it in detail before.

Yang Liya is not only a former member of Lu Di, but also a teammate of Qiu Guling.

She is still a very strong and independent woman, she has a unique way of doing things and has her own personal style.

The original plan was to find a chance to contact Yang Liya. Didn’t expect met directly here.

It saves a lot of effort and time.

The plan of contact with the hunter has been carried out normally, so the next step is how to integrate them.

Looking at Yang Liya, Tong Meng made some hesitant expressions.

“Hello Yang Liya Captain, can you show me your credentials?”

Hearing this request, Yang Liya’s eyebrows loosened, and she felt relieved in her heart.

Because of this requirement, the people of Fourth Ring still trust the hunter. UU Reading

“Of course!”

Yang Liya took out her ID, and Tong Meng carefully checked the ID before putting away her own. alert.

She said tiredly:

“You are finally here.”

“Yes, we are late.”

Yang Liya is also a bit sad. For the first time, she felt that Fourth Ring should have her own will.

They should not continue to be manipulated by the inner ring.

It was the Fourth Ring people who defeated the nightmare, the Fourth Ring people who cleaned up the mess, and the Fourth Ring people who rebuilt it.

Why are the Fourth Ring people doing everything, and the Fourth Ring people have to follow the orders of the people in the inner ring?

With the current dark energy level of the Fourth Ring, as long as it stabilizes, do I still need to follow the commands of the inner ring?

This question, like a seed, took root in Yang Liya’s heart.

In fact, Yang Liya is exhausted physically and mentally now, but she knows she can’t stop.

It’s not just her, all the hunters can’t stop, because they see the opportunity, the opportunity to get out of the inner ring!

In this situation before them, they no longer need to follow the inner ring’s orders, they only need to implement their own will.

But, do you really want to break away from the inner ring?

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