Doomsday Ring Chapter 264

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Yang Liya’s quality is still very high, she was relieved soon after she did not come up with an answer.

Treat the wounded, resettle the people, and other things are important. It is better not to think about those things now.

“Okay! Everyone is ready to take in the wounded and the people.

The wounded will be given priority to arrange treatment. Others will register and concentrate first, and then arrange production and construction.”



Yang Liya and the hunters were busy together. The people began to gather, register, and evacuate in an orderly manner under the arrangement of the security bureau guards.

The expressions of these civilians after seeing the guards are also sighed in relief.

hunter is also trustworthy in their hearts.

Especially on the city wall, the scene where the powerful hunter defeated the nightmare has been carved into the hearts of many people.

hunter has become a real Fourth Ring Guardian in a sense.

They are more trustworthy than the church, Parliament!

The work of admitting and treating refugees has lasted a long time, and Yang Liya is also very tired.

She wants to take a good rest, but now with Fourth Ring, there is no way for her to rest.

When passing the crowd, Yang Liya’s eyes suddenly stopped on a little girl.

This little girl is about 7-8 years old, her eyes dodged a little when she looked at her, she was shiver coldly all over, and she looked cold.

She was holding a nightmare doll in her hand, her hair was soaked in mist, and she looked a little embarrassed.

The reason Yang Liya stopped is very simple. This girl looks so much like Lu Di.

Not only like Lu Di, but also like her old teammate, Qiu Guling!

She doesn’t even need to ask, she can be sure that this girl is the daughter of Lu Di and Qiu Guling!

When I see this girl, Yang Liya always feels some heartache inexplicably.

She walked slowly in front of the girl, squatted down on one knee, and fiddled with the girl’s hair.

“little sister, what’s your name?”

“My name is Lu Xiaotian.”

Yang Liya’s pupils shrunk slightly, and she suddenly felt sorry.

I regret why I did not fight alongside Lu Di when Lu Di was the most desperate.

Why do I always follow the rules!

Is it true that all the rules I follow are correct?

If the rules you follow are all right, then why is Fourth Ring now like this?

Where is the church? What about Parliament?

The two most powerful organizations do not take action. Why should they face a Tier 8 disaster!

Yang Liya couldn’t understand why the church and Parliament would work together to target an abandoned person.

Lu Di is already on the fringe of the Fourth Ring, why should he die?

Yang Liya, who had always believed in the alliance, was shaken again.

She slowly hugged Lu Xiaotian, trying to give her some warmth as much as possible.

“Lu Xiaotian, where is your father mother? Do you know the names of your parents?”

Lu Xiaotian pushed Yang Liya away, frowning slightly.

“My father… is called Lu Di, and my mother is called Qiu Guling.

No need to be hypocritical, I know you killed them, the alliance killed them I lost them.”

Lu Xiaotian’s tone was full of firmness and courage. This answer made Yang Liya a little surprised and very heartbroken.

A 7-8 year old girl can already understand the meaning of hatred!

Lu Xiaotian hates the alliance, she is not surprised.

And this time, Yang Liya even thought that this kind of hatred was originally as it should be by rights.

What surprised her more is that Qiu Guling should have become a different species, then how did Lu Xiaotian grow up?

“Lu Xiaotian, where did you grow up?”

“I grew up in the nightmare castle!” Lu Xiaotian said fiercely fiercely.

But as soon as she finished speaking, Yang Liya covered her mouth.

“Xiaotian, Aunt is your father mother’s friend. Aunt will not hurt you, but Aunt has one thing to tell you.

That is from today, no matter who Ask you, you have to say, you grew up in the Fourth Ring Orphanage, do you understand?”

Lu Xiaotian is still unconvinced:

“Why should I say that? I am obviously…wu wu!”

Lu Xiaotian was covered in her mouth again, and Yang Liya’s eyes became a little harsh.

Lu Xiaotian calmed down in fear.

“Okay, listen to you, but they like to call me sweet.”

“Datian, let’s do this, you can follow us from today!”

Yang Liya invited Lu Xiaotian, but Lu Xiaotian didn’t agree, she took her nightmare toy back a few steps.

“The hunter is the henchman of the alliance, why should I trust you?”

Yang Liya’s lips moved, and the seed in her heart seemed to be touched again, and it sprouted again.

She doesn’t quite understand why when she talks to Da Tian, ​​her emotions always fluctuate.

It seems that the little girl in front of me has a special power that touches people’s hearts.

It may be the guilt of Lu Di and Qiu Guling!

“Your father is also a hunter, and a very difficult to deal with hunter.

I can teach you your father’s past ability. After you have the ability, I can take revenge for my father!”

Yang Liya didn’t say anything like forgetting her hatred and getting a new life. That’s too fake.

Lu Xiaotian in front of her does not look stupid, so the most practical behavior can impress her.

After listening to Yang Liya’s words, Lu Xiaotian was really moved.

“Do you really teach me?”

“Of course!”

“Well, I will go with you! I want revenge.”


Yang Liya touched Lu Xiaotian’s head and smiled happily!

“Okay, I will avenge you.”

After Yang Liya smiled, Da Tian smiled too.

But no one knows what her smile means.


On the other side, the convergent civilians were placed in the slum area by Lu Luo.

There are many dilapidated houses here, and you can move in after renovation, which is enough to temporarily resettle these people.

“Brother Luo, more than 2,000 people! This is no longer the number we can control. Are you sure you want to continue?”

“Of course! Fourth Ring is required to be stable Not only them, but we are the same.”

Lu Luo’s strategic vision may not reach the level of many powerful leaders, but the general direction is still not wrong.

Because of the broad information horizon of the previous life, he is too clear about what a stable environment means.

If the Fourth Ring is chaotic, then Ring Studio will have a very hard time.

When Lu Luo was about to go back to arrange work, a member of the studio suddenly walked over.

“Brother Luo, there is a man named Luo Feng, who came to you with a vote.”

“Luo Feng? No impression!”

Lu Luo hesitated for a moment. He is very busy now, so naturally it is not everyone who wants to see him.

After thinking about it, Lu Luo decided to reject the opponent directly.

“If you are gone, tell him I will go out to do something.”

As soon as Lu Luo finished speaking, a few people pushed open the guard at the door and broke in.

The person headed by Lu Luo doesn’t know him, but the guy next to him, Lu Luo, still knows very well.

Jin Chen, like Jin Chen of Bai Yuetong!

Then this person in front of me should be Luo Feng, whose surname is Luo, and is he from the family of Mao Mao?

Compared between Luo Feng and Luo Shan, Luo Feng is less calm and more dull.

But it’s normal to think about it. After all, Luo Shan is a figure who has entered the military system and is the first heir.

Compared with this Luo Feng, there is indeed a big gap, whether it is strength or appearance.

“You are so big here, but the environment is relatively ordinary.”

Luo Feng wiped his fingers with a handkerchief, as if he was pushing away just now. It got dirty while on guard.

He glanced at the first floor of the base, his eyes finally staying on Zhou Kai and Lu Luo.

“I have seen your picture, Lu Luo, right?”

[Luo Feng, level 3 transcender, ability unknown.

attribute: Strength 12, Agility 7, physique 9]

Luo Feng’s attitude is not very good, and his tone is also very provocative. This kind of strength and attitude makes Lu Luo very puzzled .

Because of Luo Family’s Eldest Young Master Luo Shan, he is already angry with him.

Speaking from a certain perspective, he has been partially recognized by Luo Family.

Bai Yuetong can work in Ring Studio for a long time, and both parties should be tacitly aware.

As long as Luo Family is a normal-minded family, he should not send someone over to do such a meaningless provocation. What is the point of this person coming here?

“Tentative? Or something else?

What can affect the relationship between Bai Yuetong and me, Qi Xinzhu?”

Lu Luo I immediately realized that it may be the relationship between myself and Qi Xinzhu, which may have attracted some people’s attention.

Although the matter between him and Qi Xinzhu has not been announced, the two have been too close since they came back.

This kind of intimacy is a signal in itself.

Also, since Luo Family can find out that there is something wrong between him and Qi Xinzhu, then the church must be able to find out too.

Although Qi Xinzhu is the Light Admirer of Pope Lineage.

But she is also Saintess in the hearts of most church members.

In most sense, Saintess wants to be pure. Now that I slept with Saintess, what would the church members think?

Lu Luo doesn’t know, and it is certain that he will not give him a good face.

Since the people of Luo Family are here, the people of the church may not be far away!

Lu Luo’s thoughts drifted far, but in front of Luo Feng, it seemed rather cold.

They came here to ask questions, is this Lu Luo really don’t give face?

The atmosphere between the two gradually became depressed.

But this depressing environment didn’t last long before it was broken.

Jin Chen pointed at Lu Luo, loudly said:

“Luo’s second child, he is Lu Luo. I can recognize him ashes.”

Jin Chen’s identification made the atmosphere between them suddenly changed from rigid to funny. This student Xiao Jin hasn’t made any progress for so long.

How did people like this enter their second-generation circle?

Luo Feng’s face is also ugly. The name Luo’s second child is his most taboo.

Now Jin Chen is calling him Luo’s second child in front of Lu Luo, where is his face?

“Jin Chen, just shut up if you can’t speak, no one will treat you as a dumb!”

“Hey, you guy, I kindly come to accompany you to find a younger sister, Why are you still standing sideways with me.”

“Can you shut up? I don’t know if you are twisting around in your heart?

I’m a trash like you Can younger sisters look good? This is a brain-dead that only blinds them every day.”

Luo Feng’s scolding is fierce, Jin Chen also not to be outdone.

“You can pull down Luo Feng, you can also pretend to be in front of others, do you pretend to be an egg in front of me?

You are only at level 3 when you are 26. Is it the same as a waste? Really a frog in well.”

“I am a frog in well? Then what are you? Toad? That’s right, toad lusting after a swan’s flesh, you are indeed a toad. !”

Lu Luo and Zhou Kai looked at each other and carefully confirmed that the two people on the opposite side really did not seem to be cracking a joke and acting, but really quarreled.

“Brother Luo, do you have any thoughts on toads and frogs?”

Lu Luo pondered for a while and started talking.

“Frog viewing the sky from the bottom of a well, thinking feudal, is negative energy.

And toad lusting after a swan’s flesh, thinking avant-garde, is positive with great ambition Energy.

So the frog became a dish in ancient times, and the toad was called Golden Cicada.

It indirectly shows that being ugly is not terrifying. The key is to be beautiful. “

Zhou Kai’s eyes shined, admiringly said:

“Brother Miaoah Luo, there is reason and evidence, and it is convincing.”

Looking at the quarrel Suddenly Zhou Kai felt that these inner circle people were nothing great, they were all two legs and one mouth.

“Brother Luo, I feel boring, I’m busy, you can watch it.”

[Good guy, Brother Kai feels boring anymore, or let’s go too. 】

Lu Luo shook his head subconsciously. The two men were very arrogant just now, and they pushed a handful of the ring’s goalkeeper.

If it was before, Lu Luo would like to be a calmer peacemaker.

But it is different now. The situation of Fourth Ring requires him to become a strong enough leader.

If he is not tough enough, then these people gathered by himself will soon fall apart.

So in front of the members of the circle, Lu Luo has to show his minimum attitude.

“Hey, you two, the person who moved me just now, apologize!”

Jin Chen and Luo Feng who were still arguing finally stopped.

Although the two are still despising each other, Lu Luo’s words make them feel even more ridiculous.

Apologize? Apologize to a Fourth Ring janitor?

What a joke, they are the elites of the inner ring, the son of a councillor, how could they apologize to the Fourth Ring people.

Even if it is an apology, at least it is the identity of Qiao Xing. Other Fourth Ring people are not worthy!

Luo Feng laughed nonchalantly, took out his cigarette case, and put a cigarette on his mouth.

I took out the exquisite manual energy lighter with the inner ring from my pocket, and I wanted to light it on myself.

But just when he was about to start a fire!

The lighter is gone!


Luo Feng, who was about to lower his head to light a cigarette, looked up towards the front. Lu Luo was holding his lighter and placed it next to his mouth, his eyes were cordial:

“second Brother smokes too! It’s still this kind of exquisite hand-made cigarette, which is very expensive at first glance.

You ordered this cigarette, so, can I apologize to my staff?”


At this time, some staff members of Ring Studio have stopped their movements and looked towards Lu Luo.

No one will refuse the Boss’s appearance for employees!

Because this will give them a strong sense of belonging, Lu Luo knows this very well.

So even because of Luo Feng’s identity, he showed a relatively friendly attitude.

But apology is still necessary!

Luo Feng’s fingers trembled a little. Not only did he not see how Lu Luo came here, but he didn’t even see how his lighter was missing.

He looked at Lu Luo stiffly, and Luo Feng didn’t know what to do for a while.

I want to say something hard, but the opponent’s strength seems a bit unexpected. What if I get beaten?

This speed, even the boss Luo Shan, I am afraid it can’t match.

“This cigarette, I won’t smoke!”

Luo Feng put away his cigarette, but after he put away the cigarette, he found that Lu Luo did not put down what he was holding. lighter.

But he took out a pack of cigarettes from his arms, the kind of cigarettes that have grown moldy.

He took out a cigarette and placed it on Luo Feng’s mouth.

Under close observation, Luo Feng found that this cigarette was also moldy!

His body is stiffer, UU reading because it doesn’t feel very good to be stared at by Lu Luo, if you describe it carefully, it is similar to being stared at by a humanoid high-level alien.

“Lu Luo, your cigarette… is moldy.”

“Cough cough, the people in the village are poor, second brother take care of it!”

! The lighter was lit, and the moldy cigarette was lit by Lu Luo.

Luo Feng brace oneself took a sip. Some choking musty smell filled his mouth, which was really uncomfortable.

“Okay, second brother, I have smoked, can I apologize?”

Lu Luo is still smiling.

But Jin Chen on the side has already reacted at this time, and he will push Lu Luo with his hands.

“Lu Luo, right, I wanted to teach you a long time ago!”

When Jin Chen pushed onto Lu Luo’s chest, Lu Luo felt a wave from his chest Very strong impact.

It should be some kind of impulse equipment, the attack effect is very good, can reach the standard of Tier 4.

So, Lu Luo didn’t move.

【You have received an energy pulse attack, your physique + armor characteristics make you immune to this attack. 】

Lu Luo is a bit speechless, how do you say this Jin Chen.

I’m quite old, so naive!

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