Doomsday Ring Chapter 266

At this time, Eastern Ring University has also become a very large gathering point for civilians.

And Han Shiyu has completely given up teaching and became a full-time doctor who treats the wounded.

Han Shiyu was originally allowed to leave, but she did not do so. Treating the wounded is what a church member should do.

Light Admirer is fully capable of serving as a priest, and Han Shiyu’s own medical skills are brilliant.

There were too many wounded, and after the environment broke down, the public health and medical system also collapsed somewhat.

In addition, Han Shiyu’s own strength is very strong.

So she chose to stay here, as far as possible to converge the surrounding students and civilians, to protect the safety of these people to the greatest extent.

The church gave up Fourth Ring, but many people in the church did not give up.

Han Shiyu is one of them.

Although she has experienced some abuse and ridicule the past few days, she did not argue.

She also knew that this time, the church really lost the hearts of the Fourth Ring.

As a Light Admirer, all she can do is to silently pay and make some remedies as much as possible.

But even if Han Shiyu worked very hard to treat the wounded, some things will gradually get worse.

She did not become the leader of the innate talent. When the school population increased, she had already encountered some troubles.

Such as the conflict between students and other civilians, food is in short supply, but I can barely persist.

The most important thing is the pure water. There have been problems, and there are really no problems.

Eastern Ring University is very far away from the security bureau. In their area, the security bureau may take a long time to arrive.

The dissociated alien species can also create chaos. In short, the current Eastern Ring University has already made Han Shiyu scorched!

“Professor Han, my daughter is ill.”

“I said that your daughter is only dehydrated. Keep resting and wait for the person who collects the supplies to get water.”


“Why are you so irresponsible?”

“I didn’t!”

Han Shiyu was a little hysterical, but when the picture changed, she came again A new area.

“Professor Han, when my husband was out just now, he was bitten by a different species.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to run around? Why didn’t you listen?

Although the alien species on the campus have been cleaned up almost, there are still many alien species outside the school.”

“We are also forced to do nothing, there is no water!”

< p> “Professor Han!”

“Professor Han! You will not leave us alone?”

“Professor Han?”

“Professor Han… “

More and more people are asking for help, more and more people are pestering her, she really can’t hold on.

Han Shiyu woke up suddenly, only to realize that the scene just now was just a dream!

But it’s not exactly a dream, these things are indeed the things that happened in the past few days.

The entire school assembly point is already on the verge of collapse without looting and looting.

Because it is a school area, there is no food manufacturing factory nearby.

Relying solely on collection, the pressure is too great.

If you are a well-trained transcender, your mood will not change even if you don’t eat or drink for a few days and nights.

But ordinary people are different. The weaker the people, the more likely to be chaotic, because they don’t have a basic sense of security.

Compared with transcender, ordinary person needs more food and clothing!

If food and clothing can’t be solved, then they will create chaos.

“In this case, neither the church nor the Parliament came out to clean up the mess. It seems that the teacher is really dying!”

Han Shiyu laughed to herself, her teacher is teaching Zong.

As a Light Admirer who has been in contact with the inner core of the church, Han Shiyu knows very well that the Fourth Ring is so bad that the church still does not appear.

Then there is only one reason,

the pope is dying.

The people of the church are waiting for the death of the pope!

In their eyes, nothing is more important than the death of the pope!

Han Shiyu sat up on the bed in the office, trying to pour himself a glass of water.

But as soon as she picked up the water bottle, she put it down because she remembered that she had no water to drink either.

“Hey!” Han Shiyu sighed slightly.

“Is it hard to resist?”

Lu Luo’s voice suddenly sounded from behind, and a bottle of water was also placed on the table.

Han Shiyu was taken aback for a moment, but he couldn’t believe it.

What she can’t believe is that not only Lu Luo will appear here at this time, but also because Lu Luo’s infiltration, she was not aware of it!

How did this guy do it?

“When did you come?”

“Drink water first!”

Han Shiyu opened the water bottle and drank the water inside. It finally relieved his already dry throat.

She took a deep breath. I don’t know what happened. After Lu Luo came, she felt at ease.

It seems that Lu Luo, this guy, can help her solve all the things and worries.

“Let’s talk, when did you come?”

“I’ve been here for a while. Seeing you sleep soundly, I didn’t disturb you.”

Lu Luo was kind, but Han Shiyu at this time didn’t appreciate it.

“Lu Luo, do you also know that this is an extraordinary period? Next time, if there is something, just call me.

We all have our own responsibilities, everyone’s time They are all precious.

My time is precious, but your time is also precious.

Speak up, why are you looking for me?”

Han Shiyu said in a tranquil voice, Lu Luo nodded, did not refute her at this time.

Han Shiyu is right. At this juncture, everyone’s time is precious.

An inattentive, a big riot, I am afraid that thousands of people will die.

In this environment, it’s better to put things like sweetness and sweetness for men and women later, and do things and talk directly.

Lu Luo did not immediately answer Han Shiyu’s question, but turned to ask:

“How many people are there now?”

“About 1 There are more than 6,000, most of them are students, but now there are some civilians.”

“How is the situation, is the base stable?”

“The situation is rather chaotic. The college students here are pretty good, because they have a higher level of education.

They can understand many instructions, and the number of transcender awakenings is correct, so they are more resistant to hunger.

But ordinary The public is not good, they are more panic than college students, especially those with children.

When a child cries, the parents will definitely be unable to sit still and become confused.”

Han Shiyu briefly talked to Lu Luo about the current school situation. Lu Luo can understand what she said.

But for the solution, there are only sufficient resources, or take these people away.

“To gather that many people in the school area, it will be really chaotic.

Han Shiyu, you are not Savior, so it is too hard to resist.”

Lu Luo’s words had some comforting meaning, but Han Shiyu directly ignored him.

“The other problems are okay. If you don’t have enough food, you can hungry and don’t eat.

The main problem is pure water. We don’t have a reasonable water purification device. Purify the water, then there is no way to treat others.

There is also a safety issue. Although the previous 4th ring can be changed darkly, the basic social order can still be maintained.

But now it is high The wall has been broken, and alien species may sneak in at any time.

The news from the wall guard and hunter is that they have not rested for 2 days and 2 nights, and they have no support.

The situation in all aspects is very bad now, so we can only resist here.”

It can be seen that Han Shiyu has made great progress in leadership in the past few days.

Although Lu Luo often yells from Han teachers and Professor Han, Han Shiyu is actually in his 20s.

Let such a youngster set up a stronghold of 16,000 people, no one can bear it.

“Thanks for your hard work, leave it to me for the next stronghold!”

Hearing Lu Luo’s promise, Han Shiyu finally relaxed.

Although I don’t know where Lu Luo will place these people, this man is absolutely trustworthy in her eyes.

“Hey, I know it’s handed over to you! I’m exhausted these days.”

Han Shiyu stood up, trying to put on his clothes.

Although the office is very dark now, she still feels a little uncomfortable in front of Lu Luo wearing only underwear.

Logically speaking, you should not be able to see clearly in the dark, but Han Shiyu always feels that Lu Luo is looking at her figure up and down.

Actually, Han Shiyu feels right, because Lu Luo has observers.

Lu Luo didn’t give her a chance to put on clothes, so he pulled Han Shiyu over!

“Lu Luo, what do you want to do?”

In the dark, Han Shiyu’s voice is somewhat resisting, but the observer in the dark can see clearly.

In addition to resisting, Han Shiyu’s eyes may have something to expect.

Lu Luo could feel the explosive figure of Han Shiyu by being close to the body. The three-dimensional effect is too strong, and he can’t stand it anymore.

“Han Shiyu, my nightmare castle and Qi Xinzhu…”

“Why are you talking about this, originally I asked Qi Xinzhu to find you? What happened between you No need to report to me.”

Han Shiyu was a little angry, this kid came here very late at night just to talk about this?

Isn’t he here to piss her off? Can this person speak!

Han Shiyu has turned his head and obviously does not want to continue this topic with Lu Luo.

Lu Luo naturally understood Han Shiyu’s attitude at this time. His original idea was to talk about business first.

But the way Han Shiyu is now, it’s obvious that he doesn’t want to talk to him about business, that’s too simple!

Just go directly to the physical communication link.

Of course, the physical communication here is serious.

“I know you are tired the past few days, let me give you a massage, just like you did for me last time.”

Hear Lu Luo’s words , Han Shiyu’s face turned red all of a sudden, last time…

But she did not refuse, how could the pious Light Admirer refuse Dawn!


Han Shiyu sat on the chair, Lu Luo put his hand on her temple.

The qi fuse formed a circle of ripples, and the shock was very stable, which greatly relieved Han Shiyu’s mental pressure!

“How do you feel?”

“It’s quite comfortable.”

After Lu Luo pressed Han Shiyu’s head for a while, he put his palm on On her shoulders, well, began to rub shoulders.

“Does the beauty want to apply for a card?”


“What about tens of thousands of dollars?”

“Let’s do it for 50,000!”

The two laughed at the same time after teasing each other.

The laughter brought some relief to their depressed nerves.

Han Shiyu originally thought that Lu Luo would take the initiative to give her a massage, but he would have some strange thoughts.

During the whole massage process, Lu Luo has been very serious and skillful, and it is indeed very comfortable.

“Get down, I’ll press your back and waist.”


Han Shiyu does not hesitate and lie down very obediently on the bed.

Because of her figure, she usually doesn’t like this sleeping position.

But now Lu Luo wants to massage her back, then she had to do it first, and she was also looking forward to something happening in her heart.

“Your technique is quite skilled, who did you learn it from?”

“When a person’s ability to control the body reaches the limit, massage techniques or something will naturally be fine I’m self-taught.”

“I’ll blow!”

Lu Luo laughed, qi fuse interlaced with the Strength Path of the fingers, constantly soothing Han Shiyu’s already very stiff back muscles .


The Strength Path that happened to be suitable made Han Shiyu groan comfortably.

At this time, Han Shiyu only wore simple underwear. Every time Lu Luo’s fingers reached his back, they would be put under the underwear.

When Lu Luo’s fingers left again, Han Shiyu directly extended the hand, unbuttoned his back, and pulled off his underwear very boldly.

Fuck! Lu Luo was a little shocked!

But Han Shiyu doesn’t really care.

“Okay, so it won’t get in the way.”

The massage is still going on, but at this time Lu Luo is a little distracted.

Because after he has no underwear, he will always think about what it looks like in front of him?

Is it big? Is it round? pei pei pei, Lu Luo, what are you thinking about?

Han Shiyu’s strength is very strong, so I can naturally feel that Lu Luo is absent at this time. UU Reading

“Lu Luo, what’s the matter with you? Has the 50,000 card been dealt with for nothing!”

Lu Luo was taken aback and immediately calmed down. , Converge your emotions.

“Cough cough, I’m sorry, I’m a little distracted.”

“Let’s talk about it, what happened in the Red Bai City Fort?”

Listen When Han Shiyu took the initiative to ask, Lu Luo simply told her what had happened between him and Qi Xinzhu, and said it in great detail.

In Fourth Ring, originally Lu Luo could consult Lu Di and Qiao Xing.

These two people have excellent experience, strength and vision.

They will give Lu Luo the most correct advice, but it is different now. Lu Di has died in battle and Qiao Xing has disappeared.

Han Shiyu is the only one he can consult and discuss in name.

In fact, Lu Luo is no longer inferior to Han Shiyu in strength, but there are some things that always need to be talked and discussed.

Han Shiyu’s vision is fairly broad, and she is also more sensible than Qi Xinzhu and Bai Yuetong.

In many cases, Han Shiyu can provide him with some useful suggestions for many things. This is one of the reasons why Lu Luo came to her.

After Han Shiyu heard what happened to Lu Luo at the Red Bai City Fort, she was silent for a while.

“You are finally together, this is a good thing.”

Although Lu Luo knows that he shouldn’t praise another woman in front of Han Shiyu, Qi Xinzhu is really different .

“Yes, Qi Xinzhu is indeed a very good girl. She is also very good to me. I will cherish it.”

“No, I am not referring to you. .

Lu Luo, Xiaozhu being with you is a good thing for her herself.”



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