Doomsday Ring Chapter 268

“The smell on my body? What smell on my body, you smell it!”

Lu Luo went to Han Shiyu a little bit mean I rubbed it next to me. As for what I was rubbing, I won’t describe it.

“mental illness, past!”

Han Shiyu glanced at Lu Luo, then turned and walked to the side.

Although Han Shiyu is shy and shy in front of Lu Luo, he still has to stay cold in front of others!

According to his strength and seniority, Han Shiyu is a real church Senior in front of Siegfried, so he should naturally pay attention to his identity.

As for what Siegfried said just now, the meaning is already obvious.

He knows that his life essence has become more heterogeneous, but he also knows that the essence of Lu Luo is similar to that of heterogeneity.

Everyone is the same, not much better, so the inner ring and the church will at most report each other.

No one with a brain will take the initiative to do this kind of thing. When the time comes, there is no good fruit!

“It’s so confident! Are you afraid that I will kill you here? Siegfried.”

Lu Luo’s body moved suddenly, and the amazing speed made Han Shiyu and Qi Jifeidu Did not react.

My finger was already in front of Siegfried’s eyes, and the steam slowly dissipated.

Just such a simple action has already made Siegfried understand the gap between him and Lu Luo.

However, the difference in strength does not mean anything. Behind him is still the huge monster of the church.

“Lu Luo, I am afraid you have made a mistake.

I came here today, and it was the order of Wan Jing, head of the Justice Knight regiment.

At this time, I represent Dawn Church. If you kill me, you will face Dawn Church’s investigation and liquidation.

This kind of thing is stupid, and I don’t think you will do it. “

[This person’s life characteristics are indeed a bit special, he is very similar to you, and he does not have the violent state of a different species.

This state is even more human-like than Brother Kai. 】

The observer’s prompt makes Lu Luo looking thoughtful. It seems that the fusion of humans and heterogeneous species is still very different!

There are big differences between him, Zhou Kai and Gu Fangyi.

So Lu Luo wanted to test Siegfried and get as much information about the church as possible.

“Siegfried, do you think your alien form can really be hidden from the eyes of the church?”

Lu Luo is really curious about this question.

Although their semi-alien state may be a bit special, shouldn’t it be impossible to discover a top power such as the church?

If Siegfried can’t hide it, then go to the inner ring by himself, is it also impossible to hide it?

In that case, wouldn’t it be walking right into a trap?

The inner ring is like a tiger! Can’t go!

Siegfried is quite calm about Lu Luo’s question.

“You can’t hide it, let alone the whole church, I have the alien ability, even our leader can’t hide it!

And she is just the leader of the four Great Knights The weakest one.

Can you rest assured of this result? Lu Luo.”

Siegfried’s answer surprised Lu Luo a little bit.

“If I can’t hide it, why can I go back to the inner ring with a swagger?”

Siegfried’s expression became religious.

“I have said before, I pursue strength, but I will not give up my faith.

From start to finish, I am a member of the Knights of Justice and a justice The official Knight of the Knight regiment.

My heart always believes in the dawn. This is something that has never changed.

The church feels the purity of my heart, so naturally, will it be right? I have doubts about my thinking and identity.”

[His words are a bit mysterious! 】

Siegfried’s words are indeed a bit mysterious, but Lu Luo can be considered to understand some of them.

Does the church have a different understanding of the concept of alien species?

In other words,

As long as you are loyal to the church, even if you are a foreign species, the church will accept it indifferently?

“Then what is the aberration of holy judgement for the church?”

“The aberration of holy judgement is distortion into a different species, and we are a fusion of the power of a different species, the essence of the two is different.

They feel that they have become a different species, but I always think of myself as a person.

Aren’t you the same? Lu Luo.”

Lu Luo nodded, These words of Siegfried were recognized by him.

He also from start to finish, he treats himself as a human being.

He also probably understood what Siegfried means, which means that as long as the church considers Siegfried to be his own, then even if Siegfried has some distortion, it will have no effect.

Speaking of distortion and fusion of different powers, Lu Luo put his eyes on Siegfried.

Siegfried in the form of a black cat gives a strange feeling!

This kind of weirdness has no other meaning, it is simply ugly!

The black cat form of child resentment is a typical cat girl, at least it is in line with the aesthetics of normal humans.

What the hell is that Siegfried’s black cat form? It’s not like tigers and leopards anyway.

[The robust man, the black cat close to 2 meters, is licking his paws, vomiting! ]

Well, that’s probably it!

But there is already a big difference between yourself and human beings, so is there any special form of yourself?

Lu Luo focused his attention on several of his own sequences, and there was no such thing as the ability to transform into a different species, which made him more regretful.

Han Shiyu felt Lu Luo’s mood swings, thinking that Lu Luo cared about whether he was a human or a different species.

He took the initiative to hold Lu Luo’s fingers and gave Lu Luo an encouraging look.

But in Lu Luo’s eyes, this look is pure seduction.

“Don’t make trouble, there are outsiders, and the others will talk about it when they leave.”

“Lu Luo, your mental illness! I just use my eyes to comfort you, where do you want to go? Now.”

[The host is just thinking about what every man thinks, is it wrong? 】

Lu Luo re-looked towards Siegfried.

“Let’s talk about it, what is the real purpose of finding me?”

“Lu Luo, the presiding judge wants to see you!”

Lu Luo’s The pupils shrink slightly, white and green cream? Just want to see me, but didn’t mention Bai Yuetong?

According to Bai Qingshuang’s past, she should care about Bai Yuetong very much.

What do you mean this time? Warn yourself? Or is it really wooed? Like Luo Xuemin?

Lu Luo looked at Han Shiyu, and Han Shiyu shook his head directly.

“Why are you looking at me? I haven’t been back to the inner ring for many years, and I basically don’t know anything about the current church.”

Let’s go!

“The presiding judge’s invitation, I know! After a while, I will go to the inner ring.”

“How long will it take?”

“Within 3 months.”


Seeing Lu Luo promised, Siegfried who completed the task showed a relaxed look

He and Lu Although Luo can’t talk about friends, they have attacked and hurt each other in the Nightmare Castle, but the relationship between the two is really deep.

“Lu Luo, I really didn’t expect that there would be such a relationship between us.

I should thank you, since the second time I lost to you , I came to realize that I need strength.

That’s why I desperately cultivation and even pursue the power of nightmare.

Now I have the power, and I can I feel that this force is growing rapidly.

All of this is due to you.”

“Thank you, no more, we are not familiar.”

Lu Luo twitched his lips, this kind of gratitude is the most boring.

Rather than such a meaningless gratitude, it is better to have something practical, such as giving money directly.

“Hehe, I know you may not have a good impression of the church, but based on my personal understanding of the church.

At present, whether it is the presiding judge or the church, it treats you It is full of kindness.

Otherwise, they won’t let me contact you.

As the groom, I also hope you can cherish this kindness. After all, we are of the same kind. People.

Okay, if there are no problems, let’s say so. In 3 months, the church can still wait.

I will wait for you in the inner ring, when the time comes to catch the wind for you.”

Siegfried left after speaking, leaving only Lu Luo and Han Shiyu.

Lu Luo rubbed himself in the middle of the night, and his hair grew a lot.

“The church and Parliament are sticking together, one family is more troublesome than the family!”

“It’s okay?”

“Hi, what can I do? , Let’s go.

The Fourth Ring’s matter is more important. If you delay it for a while, the people at the gathering point will be more stressed.”



In the afternoon after returning, Lu Luo took over the school with a large number of men.

With the assistance of Han Shiyu, this process is fairly smooth.

Only suffered a small amount of resistance!

In fact, Lu Luo does not want to conflict with these people. He values ​​these college students very much because he knows the power of knowledge.

And the college students of this World have more than just knowledge.

When the brain is more active and dark energy is sufficient, their malignant aberration probability is the smallest, and their awakening ability is the largest.

More than 10,000 college students, if they can absorb and filter, even if they only absorb part of them.

will make Lu Luo’s Ring Studio a very large and powerful organization.

When accepting personnel, Lu Luo can basically treat them equally.

But he will take the initiative to separate ordinary people from college students.

No way, the circle also needs to be developed. When Saint is such a thing, he really can’t do it.

Although ordinary persons do have talents, the probability of finding talents in a group of ordinary persons and college students cannot be mentioned on equal terms.

Those who can enter the university, let alone other, at least they have a strong learning ability and a certain amount of wisdom.

This is so important! Because it can save Lu Luo a lot of time.

Not only that, there are many special majors among these college students, and very outstanding talents.

Manufacturing, weapons, scientific research, medical treatment, biology, herbal medicine, etc.

All these things need professional system training to learn. This is the difference between college students and ordinary commoner.

While accepting these talents, Lu Luo also saw an old acquaintance.


“Brother Luo.”

At this time, Quanpu was blinded, and he did not continue to hold wine in his hand. .

The spirit of the past has long been disappeared, and he limped when he walked.

It can be seen that Quan Pu has been abolished, and he still has a look.

This should be done by Blue Heavens Pharmaceuticals! They completely abolished Quanpu.

Lu Luo wants to give Quan Pu a cigarette, and then chat for a while.

But after flipping through the pockets, I found that even the pack of moldy cigarettes was gone.

Quan Pu saw his intention from Lu Luo’s actions. He smiled and waved his hand, interrupting Lu Luo’s actions.

“Brother Luo, I quit smoking.”

Lu Luo nodded, there are many reasons why Quan Pu has fallen into this way, his greed, the cruelty of Blue Heavens, and There is the most fundamental point, that is Lu Luo’s batch of goods!

Although Quan Pu confessed Lu Luo and the others under the torture of Blue Heavens.

But this kind of thing, Lu Luo thinks is also such is human nature.

The relationship between him and Quanpu is just a simple trading relationship, and there is no need to spare one’s life for a trading partner.

And Quanpu himself has also suffered a huge price.

There are his own responsibilities, as well as Lu Luo’s responsibilities.

“What are you doing lately?”

Lu Luo didn’t ask Quan Pu if he was good, because you can tell by looking at the other person, you must have had a bad time recently.

“My hands and feet are useless, my eyesight is not good, I can only do some clerical work.

Help people do reports and statistics, other things I originally wanted to graduate.

But now that Eastern Ring University looks like it’s impossible to graduate.”

Quan Pu’s mentality looks good, and Lu Luo also appreciates this person’s abilities, and immediately sent out Invitation:

“Are you interested in coming over and doing things for me?”

“The way I am now, I am afraid I can’t run the business.”

Quan Puchai He opened his mouth and rejected Lu Luo.

I don’t know if it is because of not smoking, his teeth are much whiter at this time.

Once refused Lu Luo did not care, he continued to invite:

“I still have a little understanding of your abilities, courageous, careful, full of adventurous spirit.

People like you are natural negotiators and explorers. This should be the industry you like. If you give up, it would be a pity.

I dare not move because I am afraid of Blue Heavens medicine. Industry?”

Lu Luo was a bit aggressive, but Quan Pu admitted bluntly:

“Yes, Blue Heavens pharmaceutical industry is too big, UU reading www.uukanshu .com We are too small in front of such giants.

They have defeated my guts. I want to live well now, and I don’t want to participate in those things anymore.”


Lu Luo slightly frowned, is this Quan Pu really unconfident?

“There is also a difference in being alive, twisting and twisting like a maggot is also considered alive.

Standing upright like a person is also considered alive.

Living with dignity is meaningful.

The Blue Heavens Pharmaceutical Industry is gone now, and Blue Heavens Biotechnology’s hands can’t reach me.

So Quanpu, if you If you want to live with dignity, I am your chance.

The only chance, think about it.”

After Lu Luo finished speaking, he moved towards the front. But three.

He has invited Quanpu three times. If Quanpu still refuses, it can only show that they have no fate.

“Wait, Brother Luo!

Thank you for your attention. I feel that I should be able to help you with statistics.”

Lu Luo smiled Turned around.

“How to use you, I know in my heart, there are tens of thousands of college students here, there are too many statistics, really unnecessary.”

After recruiting Quanpu, Lu Luo Han Shiyu was placed in a residential building on the north side of the base.

With Han Shiyu’s strength, there is no need to consider security issues at all, so it doesn’t matter if you live alone.

The difference between the two ended in a short battle.

How short is it? About 20 minutes, this is the result of Han Shiyu’s hard work.

No way, now Lu Luo’s physique and physical strength are too strong.

This kind of negative-distance battle is almost impossible in humans to encounter opponents.

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