Doomsday Ring Chapter 269

Chapter 269 of Doomsday Ring’s main text volume. The opportunity to break the inner ring back to the base, Lu Luo began to formally arrange the work of the people he contained.

His commanding thinking is very simple, that is, everyone has to work, must work, and there is no reason to refuse.

According to the strength of the inmates, Lu Luo roughly divided these people into three categories, and they were unified as workers.

Warrior-type workers with combat and transcender innate talents.

These people will be led by Gu Fangyi to clean up the surrounding alien species, cultivation, security, etc., and organize battles.

This group of people has the highest treatment and can be promoted to become a member of the circle.

Then there are those who have the ability or labor, but are very bad at fighting, or are unwilling to fight.

Lu Luo assigns them all kinds of labor work.

For example, Lu Luo asked Gu Fangyi to drag back an energy bar assembly line from the food factory, and they needed a lot of seeds.

All these need to be done by laborers.

Those who are unwilling to fight can only be laborers, at least to provide physical strength.

In addition to combatants and laborers, there are many old, weak, sick and disabled.

There is almost no promotion channel for such personnel, but Lu Luo still arranges jobs for them.

Public health, cleaning, tidying up, moving.

It can be inefficient, but it must be done without any exceptions.

These people work for Lu Luo, create value, and maintain order and stability.

In return, Lu Luo brought them a safe environment, food, water, and most importantly medical care.

This is the most basic form of social balance.

Although some people have complaints, Lu Luo deals with those who have complaints in a very simple way.

The ones who did not commit a crime were kicked out and fend for themselves.

As for the offender, Gu Fangyi will solve it!

In addition to these three worker positions, the more important administrative positions are all held by Ring Studio members.

The people in the circle have gone through the most basic screening after all, and they can be trusted to lead the administration.

Zhou Kai is solely responsible for this!

Qi Xinzhu is still in charge of medical treatment, while Bai Yuetong is still in charge of research and weapon manufacturing.

However, under the strong request of Lu Luo, Bai Yuetong has recently repaired some food machines that were pulled back, as well as various assembly lines.

With machines and assembly lines, workers will have something to do.

After arrangements and distribution of everything, order and development proceed in an orderly manner.

Although I experienced many problems and twists during this period, this kind of overall growth is a very obvious feeling.

Especially for members in combat, Lu Luo directly teaches them hunter Six Paths.

Give the hunter secret skills unreservedly to these people who are not even full members. Lu Luo has been opposed by many people, even the incompetent Bai Yuetong is against it.

This is really crazy, but Lu Luo did it anyway.

What you get in exchange for this is the stability of the entire combat group for a period of time.

With Hunter Six Paths, the probability of malignant distortion has been greatly reduced.

However, because of the lack of confidentiality work, Six Paths will also circulate along with the dictation of some people.

Lu Luo doesn’t care about this. He also wants Hunter Six Paths to spread well, because the Fourth Ring now has a strong enough foundation.

It is Lu Di’s wish to make the entire Fourth Ring stronger, and it is also Lu Luo’s wish.

Although Six Paths is not the highest cultivation technique, it is more comprehensive.

At this time to promote Six Paths, it is naturally twice the results for half the effort.

Although Lu Luo’s behavior has aroused the resistance of many gang leaders, it has also been recognized by more people who desire peace.

Especially some technical talents who are not transcenders,

have begun to join Lu Luo’s group.

With the circle base as the center, we started to build some simple food factories and daily necessities factories.

In the next period of time, Lu Luo personally felt the development and changes of Ring Studio.

This change has restored the slum area to the form of a small society.


Late at night, when the hunter was shooting at the shooting range, Lu Xiaotian was holding a pistol much larger than her palm for shooting practice.

peng peng peng!

Every bullet will fall behind the previous bullet. Her shooting accuracy is simply more ridiculous than Gu Fangyi, who has an eagle eye.

Although Gu Fangyi has strong vision, his fingers still have a trace of instability.

Unlike Lu Xiaotian, when she fired, her arm was completely motionless, or it could be said to be frozen.

Putting down the pistol, Lu Xiaotian looked at the weapon in his hand with great satisfaction.

Although she also learned a lot of human knowledge when she was in Nightmare Castle.

But this is the first time for her to have such a systematic and extremely complete contact with the human combat system and establish the cognition of the human knowledge system.

“This thing about firearms is really outrageous, even an ordinary person can launch a 2-3 level attack!

It is said that there are more powerful weapons and equipment in the inner ring, some It can even strike through the lord’s body with one blow, which is really amazing.”

Tong Yan aside did not quite understand the significance of Lu Xiaotian’s research!

“With your strength, you don’t need these things for a long time, right?”

Lu Xiaotian shook his head.

“You don’t understand, these things and a complete knowledge system are exactly what I need!

Just like Noah, although he has also developed a lot of omnivores to build a paradise , But he has never stopped the research and development of human weapons.

What he lacks now is emotion and human information.

What I lack is cognition, wisdom, and system.< /p>

We are all learning, and we have never stopped!”

Tong Yan is nodded, anyway, Lu Xiaotian is Master, she is a subordinate, and the master says everything is right. Obey yourself That’s it.

“Someone is coming!”

Lu Xiaotian’s face regained the appearance of a child, just a snap of his fingers, and the positions of the bullet holes on the target have been redistributed.

And Yang Liya walked in at the same moment.

“Datian, did you shoot this target?”

Yang Liya pointed to the target, and her shooting results this time were exaggerated.

10 bullets all hit the target. Although the bullets are not evenly distributed, it is the first time that Lu Xiaotian shot!

“Of course, but unfortunately not all hit the bullseye!”

Seeing Lu Xiaotian as it should be by rights, Yang Liya didn’t know what to say for a while.

Maybe this is the innate talent, Lu Xiaotian perfectly inherited the innate talent of Lu Di and Qiu Guling.

In a sense, Lu Xiaotian’s future may be stronger than Lu Di.

During this time of contact, Yang Liya has a relatively full understanding of Lu Xiaotian.

She has a lively personality, but she doesn’t like to play with peers like children, and is even a little out of place.

Usually only play with Tong Yan and Tong Meng who have saved many people.

Yang Liya is not very strange at this point, after all, Tong Yan and the others are Lu Xiaotian’s life saving benefactors.

What makes Yang Liya strange is the innate talent of Lu Xiaotian.

Although she is only 8 years old, her body already has signs of natural absorption of dark energy.

This is what makes Yang Liya feel incredible.

Generally speaking, these signs appear in the body only when approaching adulthood.

Lu Xiaotian’s physique is so special!

Yang Liya didn’t know if this was the innate talent bestowed on Lu Xiaotian or Lu Di’s last wish.

But one thing that is certain now is that the 8-year-old Lu Xiaotian is already cultivated.

So, do you want to teach her cultivation?

Lu Xiaotian is only 8 years old. If you start cultivation at this time, it will definitely be a huge advantage compared to others.

But because she is only 8 years old, she is far from mature and full of hatred.

At this time of cultivation, it is very likely that Lu Xiaotian will go on an evil path.

But if she doesn’t teach her cultivation, then Lu Xiaotian’s excellent innate talent will be wasted.

Lu Xiaotian is Lu Di’s child, and Yang Liya feels that she has an obligation to guide Lu Xiaotian.

To teach her that cultivation is to guide, and to prevent her from going down the wrong path is also to guide.

She can’t waste her innate talent just because she is afraid that Lu Xiaotian will go into an evil way. This is not fair to Lu Xiaotian, nor is it fair to Lu Di.

So, Yang Liya, who had been struggling for a long time, finally opened her mouth to Lu Xiaotian.

“Datian, do you want to cultivation?”

Lu Xiaotian was a little surprised, as if he didn’t understand the meaning of Yang Liya’s words.

“Am I not everyday all in cultivation? The past few days I have learned a lot of fighting knowledge.

Don’t worry, Yang Aunt, wait for me after successfully cultivating it. I will avenge myself.”

Lu Xiaotian’s firm look made Yang Liya a little dazed.

Can she say that Lu Xiaotian is wrong? No, because the matter of revenge has existed since ancient times.

Don’t persuade others to be kind without others’ suffering. If you experience others’ suffering, you may not have her kindness.

No one is qualified to persuade an avenger.

So this time, Yang Liya strengthened her determination to teach Lu Xiaotian.

“Datian, the cultivation I was talking about is not shooting, but also gymnastics and martial arts.”

“What is that?”

“Your father’s secret skill, Six Paths qi fuse -Dust Demon.”

Yang Liya also has a set of Dust Demon in her hands, but it is the first generation!

When Lu Xiaotian heard that Dust Demon was Lu Di’s secret skill, eyes shined.

“Father! I want to learn your Dust Demon, please bless me!”


A few days later, Lu Xiaotian stood by On the fourth tallest wall, watching Lu Di condense into a red pillar when he was in a decisive battle with himself.

The red pillar that connects to Heavenspan is proof of the power of Lu Di, and it has become a symbol of the new world of Fourth Ring!

The hunter of Fourth Ring took the initiative to carve a monument for Lu Di beside the red pillar.

[The king of hunter-Lu Di, kill the 8th-order calamity nightmare here. 】

Under the drizzle, Lu Xiaotian put a bunch of little white flowers on the monument of Lu Di.

“I will do everything you want to do for you. Take a good rest in heaven.”

Lu Xiaotian bowed to Hong Zhu.

Although she and Lu Di couldn’t talk about deep impressions and feelings, she really felt the last missed nostalgia.

Lu Xiaotian will not stop her footsteps, but she will always remember the existence of Lu Di.

“Will there really be heaven?”

Qin Wanyu walked out of the rain, came behind Lu Xiaotian, and asked a question that made herself a little confused.

Lu Xiaotian grinned.

“There will really be heaven, because where we are now is hell!

As long as we can escape from hell, isn’t it heaven?”

Qin Wanyu was nodded, and began to talk about his work.

“The federation’s affairs have been arranged almost, and the hunter has already had a lot of contradictions with the inner ring.

We are also constantly causing new inner and outer ring contradictions. The situation is moving towards a good direction.”

The rain in the sky suddenly became heavy. Neither Lu Xiaotian nor Qin Wanyu took the action to hide from the rain, nor did they use energy to isolate them.

After pondering for a while, Lu Xiaotian slowly said:

“Qin Wanyu, you are not the same as them, you grew up in the human world, many You see things more thoroughly than we see.

What do you think is missing if we want to establish a new organization or even a regime?”

Qin Wanyu thought about it carefully. .

“What we are missing is a real break!”

“Well, let us think about how to make the Fourth Ring and the inner ring happen. A real break in the field.”


Two months later, below the city wall.

Quan Pu, smoking a cigarette, stood not far from the gap in the fourth tallest wall.

His broken eyeball has now been replaced with a red mechanical electronic eye.

The arms and feet have also been replaced with mechanical prostheses, which looks powerful and even feels like cyber technology.

It can be seen from the exquisite craftsmanship that these are all masterpieces of Bai Yuetong.

In order to keep Quan Pu in a relatively intact state, Lu Luo has spent a lot of effort.

After all, Quanpu is a real talent, and such talent should not be wasted.

Quanpu stood under the awning, giving orders to the staff.

“One point on the right, one point on the right, concrete is used for repairing, not to let you pour cement in it!”

“Boss Quan Pu, I used alchemy to repair walls in the past. Concrete, the strength of ordinary concrete is not enough.”

“There is still a fart of alchemical concrete, which is about to break with the inner ring.”

As soon as the chat box opened, these The laborers began to give pointers.

Keyboard Man is a product of every era, because it is really cool to discuss politics and the country.

“Boss Quanpu, will our side really break with the alliance?”

“Who knows this kind of thing!”

Quanpu He showed his yellow teeth again. After regaining his confidence, Quan Pu started to suck again.

And it’s not just smoking, eating, drinking, and betting on almost everything.

He reads from a sharp trader, UU www.uukanshu. com has become a superintendent full of shortcomings and by fair means or foul.

Many people have reported various evil deeds of Quan Pu in front of Lu Luo, such as gathering crowds for gambling, gathering crowds xx and so on.

But Lu Luo didn’t seem to care about this kind of thing at all, and he still gave Quan Pu a lot of power to work.

Because he knew that Quan Pu was smearing himself.

Quan Pu did not associate with any power, and offended many people.

The final result is also very simple, he can only rely on Lu Luo, if one day Lu Luo gives up on him, then he will be bad.

This is a very risky but very smart approach.

Let Quanpu from a circle of Outer Member, soon became the core of power.

His work is solely connected to Lu Luo, and Lu Luo’s requirements for him are in addition to normal labor supervision and supervision.

There is another important point.

Disseminate independent thought among the people.

For example, now is the best time for him to work.

“Boss Quan Pu doesn’t know? I don’t believe it. Several brothers say that your news is the best. Now that you are so stiff with the wall, the boss must have some exclusive news.”

< p> The person who spoke was Quan Pu’s confidant, and he was also someone he used to provoke topics.

After he said these words, many people seemed indifferent, but they all slowed down their movements.

They pricked their ears, wanting to hear some exclusive news from Quanpu.

“It’s not a secret, right? The Inner Ring Security Bureau sent two people before and wanted to take over the Fourth Ring Security Bureau again, but they were rejected by the hunter.

Moreover, Captain Wang Jie of Hunter 1 team killed the former head of the Security Bureau the night before.”


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