Doomsday Ring Chapter 272

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“Murder, assist in the investigation? He he he, Interesting.”

Lu Luo looked towards the official, and the observer also gave the other party’s information.

[A human, level 5 transcender, unknown ability

attribute: strength 15, agility 12, physique 4. 】

“With the hunter, the summoners sent by the inner ring are actually Tier 5.

How distrustful of the hunter system, or in other words, the inner ring Can’t control the hunter anymore?

Already nervous to this point?”

Lu Luo knows very well that if the inner ring still has the ability to order the hunter, then they will definitely not send Highly capable officials.

Now sending such a strong official, that can only show one problem.

The relationship between the inner ring and the outer ring has reached the freezing point, and even has some meaning to break, the inner ring is completely unable to command hunters.

The official was Liu Wei. After he spoke, the people in Ring Studio immediately stopped their movements and looked at Lu Luo.

Although they are facing investigating officials in the inner ring, although this person is a Tier 5 expert.

Although the investigative team members are all senior transcenders!

But Lu Luo is their leader! And now the Fourth Ring is not the previous Fourth Ring anymore.

The faces of these employees in the inner ring have lost awe.

On the contrary, they have a feeling of being eager to have a try.

Lu Luo raised his head slightly and made an intriguing expression. Will the investigation of the inner ring follow the rules?

They shouldn’t be able to break the inner ring with the Fourth Ring. After all, the population of Fourth Ring is still very rich.

If it were not for the change in the level of dark energy, the previous exploitation policies in the inner ring really didn’t have any problems.

They have the strength to resist the calamity of the 8th rank, and the life in the inner ring is also extremely generous.

With Fruit of Life, lifespan can be greatly extended and so on.

As for Fourth Ring, although the population is large, there is no way for high-end power and inner ring to mention on equal terms.

If the intensity of the dark energy were not changed, the exploited state of the inner ring and the outer ring might continue.

For a hundred years, even hundreds of years!

Become not just in name only, but also in reality, Heavenly Dragon!

But it’s a pity that the current inner ring people are not good at speaking in Fourth Ring.

The question is, should he go back and assist in the investigation?

If you go back to assist in the investigation, will you be treated unfairly?

But if you don’t go, if you slap this person in the face here, can you still go to the inner ring?

Should Luo Family’s invitation and the church’s invitation be agreed or declined?

There are a lot of things to consider, and Lu Luo can’t make a decision in a short time.

He did not respond to the words of the officials in the inner ring, but put him aside and looked towards Zhang Anran.

Compared with the officials in the inner ring, Lu Luo thinks Zhang Anran, the hunter, is more trustworthy.

Although he and Zhang Anran are not familiar, at least they are more familiar than those in the inner ring.

“First of all, I want to clarify that I did not kill Li Kaizhe.”

Zhang Anran frowned slightly. Lu Luo’s non-cooperation was something they had anticipated long ago. I just don’t know what Lu Luo will do next.

In fact, they never doubted Lu Luo at all, because Lu Luo’s ability is very outstanding.

Now he has his own power again, and the future is bright.

They also secretly investigated, Lu Luo is indeed busy with the base for some time.

At this time, the leaders of the various forces must be vigorously developing themselves, and Lu Luo is naturally the same.

As long as there is nothing wrong with the brain, who would go to the Office of the Security Bureau and kill the Director of the Security Bureau? Isn’t this sick?

But they hope Lu Luo can assist in the investigation, because the Fourth Ring now takes time.

“Although we are willing to trust you, the people in the inner circle don’t think so.

Lu Luo, I think this matter does need to be investigated in detail, don’t worry,< /p>We will give you a fair environment.

I also know your ability. If you want to obtain evidence or have any ideas of your own, you can implement it at any time.

You just need to agree to ours People just follow you.”

Zhang Anran’s posture is very low. Lu Luo can see that the hunter seems to have some meaning of delaying time.

The reason for this is unknown.

“Captain Zhang, where did your so-called assistance investigation take place?”

“In the Security Bureau.”

Zhang Anran is afraid of Lu Luo I didn’t agree, and I quickly added it.

“Don’t worry, now the Security Bureau is all our people.”

Lu Luo is nodded.

“Well then, let me go with you.”

“Thank you for your cooperation, Lu Luo.”

Zhang Anran is very happy, Because of Lu Luo’s ability, he has heard Yang Liya say.

This time, Lu Luo was invited to assist in the investigation. The people in the inner ring regarded Lu Luo as a suspect.

On the hunter side, Lu Luo is regarded as a detective.

“Don’t say anything polite, and solve it as soon as possible. I also hope that Fourth Ring will really stabilize.”

The conversation between the two did not evade Liu Wei, an official in the inner ring. It made his face a little ugly, but Liu Wei did not speak.

He felt powerful and dangerous from Lu Luo.

Although Lu Luo is very young, if he really fights, he is not sure at all.

Furthermore, this is the Fourth Ring, and it is Lu Luo’s personal territory, which is why he has no strong actions to catch people.

When they were about to leave with Lu Luo, Bai Yuetong and Zhou Kai walked out.

“Lu Luo! What’s the matter?”

Lu Luo turned his head and gestured to them with no problem.

“It’s okay, wait for me at home.”

After the arrangement, Lu Luo followed Zhang Anran and Liu Wei to the hunter base.


On the way, Lu Luo asked about the details of the incident.

“What is the level of Li Kaizhe’s strength?”

“Accurately, he has reached the top of Tier 4, but his combat ability is not very strong.

They also have a bit of advantage in the cultivation technique, but the strength and ability are thin, and there is no blood energy.

The people in the inner ring are almost the same. Except for the stronger people from the church, everyone else is average, including the gendarmerie. “

When Zhang Anran said this, Liu Wei next to him gave him an angry look, but he didn’t say a word, and it can be regarded as acquiescence to what Zhang Anran said.

Lu Luo also feels right. He fought against the gendarmerie and the church.

The people in the church are really strong!

It can be said that in many ways, the strength of the church is unreasonable.

Be able to resist, fight, and heal, with excellent physical fitness and superb skills.

Although the gendarmerie and hunter have the same reputation as the church, in reality, the church is definitely the strongest and much stronger.

“4th-order battle strength, if the 6th-order Wang Jie’s Captain shoots, it can indeed cause the effect of a spike, how about the battle traces on the scene?”

“The battle traces on the scene There are a lot of them, and they don’t look like fake battle traces.

The battle between the two should have lasted a long time before it ended.”

Lu Luo heard this, suddenly felt Something is wrong.

“At Tier 6 and Tier 4, it’s impossible to fight for a long time, right?

If you fight for a long time, don’t your people even notice it? This is too outrageous.”

Not only Lu Luo, Zhang Anran himself felt outrageous, he happened to be in the game that day, and he himself didn’t hear any fighting movement.

So this thing is very evil!

“I really didn’t hear it.”

“Forget it, wait until later.”

The conversation between the two made Liu Wei feel weird. Lu Luo is obviously a suspect, OK?

Bring him back to assist in the investigation, but now…

Suddenly, such a suspect as Lu Luo really turned into an assisting investigator.

Liu Wei is not quite clear Lu Luo’s ability, but he is not stupid.

Since Zhang Anran trusts him so much, there must be something unique about him. Let’s talk to the Security Bureau.

The entire group came to the security bureau. Lu Luo stopped as soon as he got out of the car and walked towards the gate.

[Someone is watching you on the opposite building. The distance is too far to determine your identity. 】

Lu Luo turned his head and looked towards the bell tower opposite, suddenly violent, he was about to chase.

But Liu Wei behind him stretched out four chains to entangle his calf and forcibly dragged Lu Luo down.

[Detecting sequence particles, sequence C-77, chain LV3: Create up to four chains of clouds to trap the enemy. 】

“Fuck! This person’s ability is quite annoying.”

Lu Luo was a little helpless, he knew Liu Wei was worried about running away.

But he couldn’t resist with all his strength. Liu Wei’s strength knew that if he pulled with all his strength, he might even tear Liu Wei’s body.

Although Liu Wei is Tier 5, his physique is really not good.

Lu Luo is here to solve problems, not to create problems.

I rushed to kill a Tier 5 Inner Ring official or investigating official. It definitely hit the entire Inner Ring in the face.

This kind of thing that is not in line with interests cannot be done.

Unfortunately, these people obviously did not find the watcher in the opposite building, and now there is no hope of chasing the past.

Even if I explain it, it seems pale and weak.

Liu Wei’s face was solemn. While staring at Lu Luo, several colleagues next to him had already taken out their pistols and aimed at Lu Luo.

“Lu Luo, you better not run away! You are still the first suspect in the Li Kaizhe case.”

Zhang Anran stood up at this time and blocked Lu Luo’s gun. .

“Lu Luo, what happened just now?”

“Nothing, just someone on the other side is watching us.”


Several people looked towards the opposite building, Zhang Anran immediately ordered his subordinates.

“You guys will check it out in the past.”

Although he was completely unaware of the so-called surveillance, he still used his actions to support Lu Luo.

This makes Lu Luo less uncomfortable, he is shrugged.

“Forget it, it’s too late to go now, let’s go.”

Several officials in the inner ring looked at Lu Luo suspiciously, and finally put down their hands. firearms.

“deliberately mystifying.” Some people were whispering, but Lu Luo didn’t care.

Among them, only Liu Wei did not speak, and these people looked towards Liu Wei deliberately.

“Team Liu, what are you looking at? Let’s go.”


Liu Wei is nodded, and disperses his chain of cloud.

His hesitation was due to the strength that Lu Luo showed just now.

Lu Luo’s physical strength is comparable to a lord!

I just tore it lightly just now, and his fingers have all broken skin and blood.

Lu Luo’s power can completely drag him away, even torn off his arm, but Lu Luo didn’t do that just now.

“Did this kid show mercy? is it possible that I still want to thank him?”

Liu Wei is a bit speechless, and Lu Luo’s senses are more complicated .


But in the building opposite to the security bureau, Qin Wanyu is talking with Lu Xiaotian.

“Master, did you…design him on purpose?”

Lu Xiaotian frowned slightly. Although Qin Wanyu’s innate talent is very good, she really cares about Lu. Luo now.

This is very bad, it easily affects their purpose and Qin Wanyu’s growth rate.

“What is my purpose, you should be very clear? Why do you ask?”

“Sorry, master, I shouldn’t question you, but this matter is really Lu Luo is implicated.”

Qin Wanyu knew that she should not question her master, but she couldn’t help it.

Lu Xiaotian shook her head, women who are in love are too troublesome.

If even this little thing cannot be solved, then Lu Luo is not Lu Luo.

“This thing is to blame. Lu Luo can only be blamed for learning Dust Demon.

It happens that there is another very special guy in the investigation team in the inner ring.< /p>

But don’t worry, Lu Luo’s personal ability is very strong, he can solve such a small matter by himself.”

Qin Wanyu really thinks that Lu Xiaotian is very good and is worth relying on. The presence.

In the alien world, she questioned the leader so many times that she should have been killed long ago.

But Lu Xiaotian would never do this, she really was too rude herself.

“Master, I always question you, won’t you be angry?”

“Of course you are angry.”

“Then why don’t you punish me? “

Lu Xiaotian laughed.

“Because of being angry, complaining, questioning, I feel like a real person!”


As soon as he came to the security bureau, Lu Luo I saw Rosen who was covered in injuries.

After Lu Di’s death, Rosen’s character was more silent than before.

He was just silent before, but Rosen now feels gloomy.

Fighting is even more desperate, just like now, a clean-up mission can also hurt yourself like this.

“How did it hurt like this?”

Lu Luo took the initiative to say hello to Rosen. After seeing Lu Luo, the injured Rosen stood up and tore off the bandage on his arm.

“Don’t care about these details! Are you here to investigate the affairs of the chief?”

“Well, yes, come to assist in the investigation.”

“Assist Fart, let me say, just kill all these people, it’s this step anyway.”

Rosen’s words made the whole scene completely stiff.

Liu Wei’s face was very ugly, and the other inner circle investigators also looked wary, with their hands in their arms, ready to draw their guns at any time.

Although everyone didn’t deal with it before, at least they still gave each other a little face and bottom line.

But Rosen’s attitude is different. He is really hostile and even killing intent.

Rosen’s hostility towards the inner ring is complicated, but it is mainly because of this change.

Although he has been monitoring Lu Di according to Yang Liya’s request, Rosen’s monitoring is the same as Yang Liya’s protection.

He and Lu Di are very good friends.

The death of Lu Di and the destruction of Fourth Ring both dealt a big blow to Rosen.

So now he is the unwavering breakup of Fourth Ring, and he has no intention of hiding his attitude at all.

What’s more terrifying is that after Rosen said this sentence.

Many of the hunters of the Security Bureau moved their buttocks, tightened their muscles, and made the appearance of a begin to stir.

They did not have a clear language to express their position, but their physical actions have already explained many problems.

People who think like Rosen are definitely not one or two.

“Rosen, why are you crazy?”

A clear female voice came from the door of the security bureau. Team 2 Captain, which is the actual leader of the hunter, Yang Liya, finally appeared .

When I met Lu Luo, Yang Liya was only lightly nodded and did not show any extra attitude.

But when she walked quickly to Rosen’s front, she suddenly shot.


A heavy punch hit Rosen directly into the ground, and then pulled Rosen out at will.

The strength gap between the two sides is clearly visible.

“Calm down?”

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