Doomsday Ring Chapter 273

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Rosen can be horizontal in front of others, but in front of Yang Liya, it is no different from a cat.

One is because Yang Liya’s strength is very strong, very strong.

This can be seen from the fact that she killed Zhuang Yanshan many times in the battle with Zhuang Yanshan.

If it weren’t for Zhuang Yanshan’s nightmare back and super regeneration with the Life Power brought by the nether flame, it would have been hammered into flesh by Yang Liya.

Secondly, Yang Liya has strong leadership skills. She always leads the hunters to make the most correct choice.

Rosen was once a member of Yang Liya’s team, so he was very convinced of Yang Liya.

“Uh, calm down.”

Seeing Rosen was honest, Yang Liya stopped looking at him and looked towards Lu Luo instead.

“Let’s go, I will take you to the crime scene.”

Yang Liya is swift and decisive as always.

Zhang Anran shiver coldly did not dare to speak on the side. Although they were all hunter Captains, he only had rank 5 and Yang Liya was rank 6.

No matter whether it is strength or status, the gap between the two is very large.

Now that Yang Liya wants to take over this matter personally, Zhang Anran naturally dare not put a fart.

Entering the topic, Lu Luo will naturally not have any opinions.

“Let’s go then.”


In the office of Li Kaizhe, Director of the Security Bureau, Lu Luo has turned on the overclocking mode. Perform a scan.

【The scope of the battle extends from the chief’s office to the private toilets and bedrooms. There are traces of fighting.

The method of fighting is unarmed combat, where both sides are unarmed, one is the main attacker, and the other passively defends.

The process was very intense. There were 193 cracks in the wall, fist marks, and collisions. 】

Lu Luo nodded, the crime scene has obviously been cleared, and it may be more than once.

Lu Luo wandered around for a long time, so that the people of the Security Bureau had begun to be a little impatient.

“Hey, you are here to assist in the investigation. At this time, we should cooperate with us to ask questions to comply with the rules, right?”

Lu Luo has not yet spoken to say something, Yang Liya on the side It has already stopped these people first.

“This is my site. You are talking about your rules on my chassis? Why?”

Yang Liya’s reaction made Lu Luo a little surprised, in his impression , Yang Liya should be a talented person who abides by the rules.

What has Yang Liya experienced during this time?

Is it because Lu Di’s death changed her character?

This reason is not sufficient. If Yang Liya is really so easy to change, she will be able to step by step to where she is today.

Also impossible to become the main officer of the Security Bureau to monitor Lu Di.

These people from the Security Bureau were also more surprised, and Yang Liya’s strength made them a little embarrassed.

But their purpose is not to come here to make trouble, Liu Wei took a step forward.

“Yang Captain is a little bit of a suspicion for doing this!”

“I’m seriously investigating. If you really want to know the truth of this matter, you’d better give it to me Shut up.”

The medicinal smell on Yang Liya’s body is too strong, and people from the Security Bureau dared not speak any more, and everyone turned their eyes to Lu Luo again.

“According to the site survey, I obtained some useful information.

During the incident, there were battles between the two sides, causing 193 signs of damage.

This is only an obvious visible trace of destruction, and there are many battle collisions, which should have occurred in the air.

This shows a problem. This is a very long-lasting battle, and it is a very long-lasting battle. An evenly matched battle.

Keep the high-intensity collision at least for more than 7 minutes.”

Yang Liya frowned. This battle time is too long for the transcender.

“7 minutes? Is this inference accurate?”

Lu Luo nodded, the observer’s analysis must be accurate.

“From the traces of the scene, there will only be more, not less.”

Yang Liya looked towards Zhang Anran, and Zhang Anran responded immediately.

“I was always in the game at the time, and our team’s area was very close to the office.

I can be sure that I didn’t hear any fighting sounds. The 7-minute battle was in progress. It’s not short anymore.

If there is a movement, even if I can’t hear it, my other team members won’t be able to hear it.

So there is…”

Zhang Anran did not say that Lu Luo was an inference error, but the traces on the scene did not look like a lie, so there can only be one reason.


“The murderer and Li Kaizhe were shielded by some force during the battle.

This shielding power is very strong, exceeding the perception limit of the hunter Captain level, so Zhang Anran and the others Nothing found.”

This is Yang Liya’s analysis, which makes sense.

Furthermore, when she said this, it was tantamount to taking out Lu Luo completely.

After all, although Lu Luo’s strength is very strong, his fighting style has a record in the Security Bureau.

The kind that prefers close combat, is more reckless, daring to rush and fight.

The main cultivation technique is Six Paths qi fuse, with excellent physical fitness and strong Path level.

In Lu Luo’s battle record, he has never used Formation and other abilities, and he himself has not reached the level of Tier 5.

So Lu Luo’s suspicion was cleared up all at once.

Liu Wei stepped forward, and after taking a look at Lu Luo, he turned his head and looked towards Yang Liya.

“Yang Captain’s analysis is well-founded, but if the murderer was not Lu Luo, who would it be?

The creator of the steam power is Lu Di Captain. Now Lu Di Captain has died in battle.

Although there are several of his descendants, only Lu Luo and Ding Peng are alive.

If neither of these two people, then Yang Liya Can Captain tell me the real murderer, is it really Captain Wang Jie?”

Wang Jie is a veteran Tier 6 hunter, he is more important than Lu Luo in most hunters’ minds, of course he is It’s impossible to let it out.

The expression in Yang Liya’s eyes was also puzzled.

Because of the steam qi fuse, it is also the secret of Dust Demon, and there is a fourth person meeting.

Not long ago, she passed the steam qi fuse to Lu Xiaotian.

But Lu Xiaotian has just been cultivation, and it has been more than two months.

Can anyone really be so genius? From zero basis in 2 months, to killing an old-fashioned Tier 4 expert?

Is the murderer an 8-year-old child? How is this possible?

If she tells this matter, don’t talk about people in the inner ring, even her subordinates, or even herself, don’t believe it.

“Is it really sweet?”

[Yang Liya has hesitation in her eyes, she may know something. 】

Lu Luo squinted slightly. The relationship between Yang Liya and Lu Di is a bit vague, if Yang Yali would also be steaming.

Then the death of the Director of the Security Bureau is somewhat unclear.

“Yang Captain? What are you thinking? Is there any clue.”

Lu Luo’s eyes seem to penetrate people’s hearts, but the experienced Yang Liya remained unmoved at all.

It is too difficult to get useful information from her eyes.

“Nothing, just thinking about who the murderer might be.”

Yang Liya turned to Liu Wei and said:

“The person who killed Director Li Kaizhe is still being hunted. Liu Wei Captain can rest for a while in the outer ring.

When we investigate this matter clearly, we will naturally tell you.”

Yang Liya’s attitude is very tough, although not thorough Rejected, but did not cooperate with Liu Wei and the others.

Seeing her like this, Lu Luo wondered if Yang Liya was ready to completely break with the inner ring.

“Yang Liya Captain is a bit inappropriate to do this? Anyway, we are all here on behalf of the Inner Ring.

And Director Li Kaizhe is also sent by the Inner Ring to oversee the development of Fourth Ring. An important talent in China.

No matter what you say, you should give an explanation to the inner ring.”

Yang Liya squinted her phoenix eyes.

“Explain, what kind of explanation do you want?”

“We don’t need your assistance in the investigation, we can investigate by ourselves.

Our current requirements It’s very simple, just don’t interfere with our investigation and evidence collection.”

In the face of Yang Liya, Liu Wei withstood the pressure.

At this moment, he represents the inner circle investigation team.

The task of the investigation team is not only to investigate the cause of Li Kaizhe’s death and arrest the criminals.

The more important point is to ascertain the current attitude of the East Fourth Ring and show the current attitude of the inner ring.

The inner ring is not afraid of fighting, but the current inner ring is waiting for the death of a great character.

If the East Fourth Ring is really impossible to tell good from bad, perhaps the civil war of mankind, once again, will be reopened!

Yang Liya felt Liu Wei’s tough attitude, but she was also hesitating whether to break with the inner ring.

Only relying on Fourth Ring’s own strength now, is it really possible to live a good life in the wasteland world?

Yang Liya subconsciously looked towards Lu Luo, but Lu Luo was nodded to her.

Lu Luo saw Yang Liya’s hesitation, his idea is very simple, if Yang Liya is not ready, the hunter is not ready.

Then it makes no sense for the rest of Eastern Ring to resist.

Since they are not ready, it is better to sell the people in the inner ring to save their face and let them continue to investigate.

Neither hunter nor Lu Luo are famous, and they can be delayed for a while.

The thing that Fourth Ring needs now is time!

“What kind of investigation are you going to conduct, if conditions permit, I can have someone cooperate with you.”

“We don’t need your evidence and cooperation.

As for the investigation, we have professional talents, so I just hope you don’t interfere.”

Yang Liya raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Okay, just let me see the so-called inner circle professionals.”

When Liu Wei heard Yang Liya agree, his face suddenly showed a smug look. It’s as if the winner is in hand.

“Let Yuan exhaust the foundation!

“Yes! “

Lu Luo looked towards Zhang Anran next to him with some doubts. The meaning in his eyes is very obvious. This Yuanbi pry is not stupid. Zhang Anran is not stupid, and he understands quickly. The meaning of Lu Luo.

“Yuanbao faded away quietly and apologized for the chiseled crotch swaddle and raised a scoop

Her sequence can channel spirits and create images, which she confirmed before. The person who killed Li Kaizhe used steam qi fuse. “

[According to the other party’s description, the other party’s sequence has a great probability of being.

Sequence B-the spirit of development: through the medium and sacrifice, the situation that the target has happened .]

Lu Luo slightly nodded, if there is such a sequence, then it is indeed a very powerful criminal investigation ability.

You can show what happened through the media. , Which means that you can find something on the corpse, and you can know what happened to the corpse.

This ability is almost infallible and has almost 100% accuracy.

In the not-so-long waiting, the people in the inner circle helped a weak girl to walk in front of everyone.

Skinny, withered, without luster, even the most basic nutrition is lacking .

This is how the girl in front of everyone feels.

“This person is Yuan Zongrong’s hammer core and it’s hard to print!

[Unknown life, level 4 transcender, suspected sequence B-spirit of development.

attribute: Strength 0.25, physique 0.17, Agility 0.11.

The goal is chronic malnutrition. As a transcender, I don’t have the most basic physique of a transcender.

The intensity of the fourth-order dark energy has already begun to erode her body.

In this state, her lifespan will get shorter and shorter, until death. 】

To be honest, the value of a transcender attribute is lower than that of an ordinary person, or even much lower.

This is the first time Lu Luo has seen this situation.

As the observer suggested, such a weak body cannot accept the fourth-order energy to invade the body.

Even if it doesn’t cultivate the physical fitness, the transcender will have a further strengthening of the physical fitness as the level increases.

This enhancement will make the transcender who doesn’t cultivate a physique, and the body is far beyond ordinary people.

In this physical condition, Lu Luo can’t imagine how she usually absorbs dark energy.

Even if the Dark Spirit Stone is used, or the dark energy of the inner ring is relatively mild, the hands that can break through the stage position, dark energy is absolutely violent.

This physical quality is enough to die 100 times at the breakthrough level 4.

How did you survive?

Yuan Bi fanning Shuoqiu, Pan Ne, Zheng Huan, and Deng, has already slapped Xin Yan in appearance.

It’s just that the body is too dry.

Yuan was urged by the fat ship to play with the shovel of the sacred boat, 馗揖揖揖揖氪氪氪施喽喽喽喽嘀”I am the Yuan Baodian, who yong the nao. Attached Otter!

The expressions of the hunters are a little weird, some of them have already seen Yuanba Naqian α Forgiveness

Even if they have not seen it, they are all from the mouths of their colleagues. I’ve heard of her ability.

But with such a body, using only a sequence of extremely strong dark energy, will it really speed up death?

Liu Wei walked to Yuan Shina Member Luga Suga Lhuahuan

“This person is called Lu Luo. He is the last person who can use steam qi fuse. Do you need to check it out? “

Yuan stupid vinegar is afraid that the cable will succumb to the benevolence and will slowly squeeze and restrain it.

She took small steps and walked to Lu Luo’s face and stretched out to Lu Luo. Out of my very thin palm.

“Mr. Lu Luo, can you show me your hand? “

Lu Luo hesitated for a while, and the observer quickly gave a hint.

[What is the advanced ability of the developing spirit, the observer has not recorded it, so you Judge for yourself!]

Lu Luo nodded, there are so many people at this time, and I definitely can’t refuse Yuan Barium Gum

Yuan Biyu is playing badly. Wielding a small

Even Lu Luo, it is difficult to link such a person to the enemy.

He is even a little afraid that he will accidentally touch her, and this person will fall directly. Dead.

“Yes. “

Lu Luo stretched out his hand, UU read and the Yuanpi League paper 艚艚粑Zhao×Temple Lianzhu thumb frame

and then…

Her eyes suddenly turned black and her pupils became white. During the process of looking at Lu Luo, Lu Luo saw a scene that made him a little surprised.

┘Qie Bang convex

[Yuan Baoluo lean against the gluttonous egg mulberry Couchangao knocking spring mang


【Yuanbao隳Knocked words in the realm of Yuan Huan four times knocked on the cooking sangkao ν Ren Yi am sorry!


[Yuan Baoming lining knocks on the foolish 骱檱 Hurry Huan’ai!


A certain cabin of the Huang Shun Huang 鸬 撸Zai Wei Na Rui Yi Yi Junjun


[Yuan Baojuan 飧黾plays a hurried decision to cut Wei Jun



[I don’t have it.]

[Yuanbao Yonglaiwei’s traces, gray salaries faded, Diyixixiaijisi Junjun


[Yuan Baoying knocks Chuiyu knocks Aiyihuang Xinyan Ω Fu Na, Dang Falcon Chujun


【Yuanbao≡bao ≡ Guarantee ≡ Guarantee ≡ Guarantee ≡ Thin

[Okay, I will do it now…]

Lu Luo and Yuan Zhu are dazzled by each other, where are they willing?


“Yuanbao Weijun

“Report, I saw that Mr. Lu Luo is the murderer.”

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