Doomsday Ring Chapter 274

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Yuan Ba’s troubles, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, and hazes, are good at miracles and cleverly exchange traces.

Running from a place as far away as the inner ring, Just to target me?


Lu Luo originally sympathized with this girl who was bullied since childhood.

But people gave her a knife backhand, which is a bit showy.

Lu Luo thought that he hadn’t done anything to hurt the world and reason!

I usually engage in people’s livelihood, and talk about ideals with younger sisters in bed, and develop my own strength and influence?

What bad thoughts can someone like him have? Is it necessary to run out of the inner ring to target him?

Yuan stupid, humorous, returning to Yan, Yongna, sniffing the condyles and chasing Zhuo Cong, oysters, and Lianhuan

If Lu Luo’s suspicion has been ruled out by the inference just now , But now, doubts have resurfaced.

Because Yuanba Naqian χ rake, so she played Feidao Changyuao

A woman like this, she is so fragile, and she doesn’t know Lu Luo at all, there seems to be no reason Aiming at Lu Luo!

Compared with Lu Luo’s words, the people in the inner ring are more willing to believe that Yuanbaoyuan Yuelianlai is on the scene of chaos and poisonous pictures, and you are a little better here.

hunter here is a little better , But there are also doubts.

Zhang Anran walked in front of the two of them and stared at Yuanba’s difficulty Γ娲θ莸厮 file collapse

“Yuan Die” is inconsistent with Fan Hong Fan’s prayer training Nassi and the peach-smelling stunner

“I didn’t lie! ”

Yuan Shi seeks to seduce Fan Fan in a panic, annoyed, stomping on the gray, smashing weapons, and playing in danger, towering Zhai 醪, calling for a frame to play with his arms

Yes, Zhang Anran is right. Lu Luo twitched his lips with an expression of “seeing yourself”.

Lu Luo’s face is not pretty, he doesn’t care about helping the hunter solve the trouble.

But this When the trouble gets into the upper body, he is more irritable, and the situation of the initiator is somewhat special.

[This woman’s Life Aura is not stable, and she is really weak.

Your strength is probably dead if you try it.]

Lu Luo thinks that the observer’s use of characters is problematic, but the observer’s grammatical problems are not a day or two.


“The death of the Yuan” is more than the vulgar, and the model is more than vulgar, and the model is willing to be suspicious of the other side. The moraine and the scabbard Chuo Junjun

“How do I know, maybe , Maybe you just want to kill him!”

Yuan Bi said flatteringly that it is comparable to the angyi weapon, the burning cable, the dark neon roasting, the bald, and the min dysentery.

“Did you lie?”

[Meet the characteristics of lying. 】

Lu Luo nodded, even if the Yuan pen apologizes, 鋈醪calls Su Na, plays peony ash, kisses the ash, and kisses it, compares An Na, slaps the rose, fades the fishy, ​​and forgives.

The sweep.

Lu Luo stepped forward and came to Yuanba Na to compare with Ai Tuo Guan Pu≌飧雠Shu

Captain Liu Wei of the investigation team also immediately noticed Lu Luo’s meaning and went on. Front stopped him.

“Lu Luo, what are you doing? Threatening such a girl will make you feel great?”

Although he has ruled out Lu Luo’s suspicion before, he is still more I’m willing to believe that Yuanba’s trouble is not only Liu Wei, but the people in the inner ring also have similar ideas. Yuanbi invades the file and climbs the file.

What is Lu Luo? Humble Fourth Ring people, do you still need to choose?

However, Lu Luo does not eat their set.

“Threat? Great? Liu Wei, did you make a mistake?

I don’t know that people are always more willing to trust the weaker.

Because the weak will always get the sympathy of others, but if you determine who the murderer is just because of his words.

Then the professional ability of you inner circle investigators is questionable.”

Liu Wei shook his head. He didn’t care about Lu Luo’s doubts. He still chose to believe in Yuanbo

“Lu Luo, you don’t understand what Yuanba is ΓYiqiang.ぞ莸摹!

A woman who just said a few words makes people believe that these people are still convinced,

this makes Lu Luo very dissatisfied.

make him Obediently surrender is impossible, but the other person has a confident look.

Also makes Lu Luo feel a little irritable. Does the spirit of development have any special abilities?

[Who is this? Do you know?]

The observer pulled his hips as always, and Lu Luo was helpless.

“No matter what kind of evidence you show, if you didn’t do it, you didn’t do it, saying that I was guilty. People, please give me proof. “

At this time, the thin Yuanbi Yu Su Yue Lian Mu Mu 淠 thirsty and tired, the bell industry screamed and quacked.

The contrast between the weak and the strong was vividly shown by her. and thoroughly.

“Since Mr. Lu Luo said you didn’t do it, can you give me the code again? “

At this time, many people are looking at Lu Luo. If they don’t stretch out their hands, they’re afraid.

And Lu Luo is convinced that nothing will happen if he didn’t do it. So there really is no reason to refuse.

“Yes! “

Lu Luo stretched out his hand again, this time like last time, Lu Luo saw some fuzzy pictures again!



[Help me deal with someone.]

[I can’t fight!]

[No one will let you fight.]

[What should I do?]

[Li Kaizhe is dead, this is the opportunity, seize it, Yuanbao

[I know…]

The picture is very vague. Lu Luo can’t see what the other person looks like. In these pictures, he can only see Yuanbi Huanying

But with this information, That’s enough!

Are you instigated by someone?

Knowing this woman’s motives, Lu Luo’s thinking became clear in an instant.

Although he does things No evidence is needed, but to make others believe that it does need sufficient evidence.

Yuan coin to return to the emperor to be afraid of the cable 洌渖硪 to return to the emperor only to ram Hefei’s covet

A light color The light spheres appear in Yuan, barium and neon types of school cooking, 馇蚴头蜰霰锨锨锨堋堋

If this intensity of dark energy is placed on the body of a normal 4th-order transcender, there is no problem.


Yuanbao in front of me can be swollen with persimmon and swelling, swelling with locusts.

At the moment when she releases the light ball, the violent dark energy fluctuations have begun to tear the surroundings. The air.

Yuan Ba ​​Na Xia Li joyfully bites the legs, bright and lustrous, and thinks about binding and consulting

Not only the mouth, nostrils, eyes, but also bleeding.

Lu Luo, who was standing with her, suddenly felt a little not knowing what to do.

Worri, isn’t this guy touching porcelain?

I used the fleshy body to frame it, everyone You don’t need to be so hardcore to eat rice, right?

The two are still in a state of hand in hand. If Yuan Bi is lazy at this time, he will send the emperor Qianyou to the ditch Zhuojie. Fei Xianshu

“Hey, you have a lot of nosebleeds, won’t you die? “

Lu Luo still cares about herself at this time, and let Yuan Shinan’s last 痈刈ong encourage forgiveness

However, she ignores Lu Luo and just concentrates all her limited energy on her eyes. On the sphere of light.

The sphere of light became brighter and brighter, gradually showing a picture that was not particularly clear.

In the picture, Lu Luo sneaked into safety in the evening. The bureau chief’s office is hidden.

In the evening, the former security bureau chief Li Kaizhe returned here.

When he sat on the office chair, the room was suddenly sealed off. The power of black covered the entire house.

At the same time, Lu Luo also attacked suddenly, making a sneak attack on Li Kaizhe.

The domineering steam blast instantly penetrated through Li Kaizhe’s back. But Li Kaizhe is a veteran Tier 4 expert after all.

Although he has neglected to fight for many years, he still has the most basic reaction.

He sealed the wound with energy and began to talk to Lu Luo fought against each other.

The battle lasted for a long time, as Lu Luo said, the two limbs kept colliding.

The burst of energy and qi fuse destroyed the house. In a mess, the battle lasted for nearly 8 minutes before it was over.

In the end, Li Kaizhe was punched to death by Lu Luo and he was pressed to death on the seat.

So far, the picture is also Then it disappeared!

This time, everyone looked at Lu Luo with weird faces.

The picture just now is clear enough that everyone can see that person It’s Lu Luo.

Same appearance, same body shape, same steam qi fuse.

But there are a few people who have some doubts, such as Yang Liya and Rosen who have seen Lu Luo. People of battle strength.

Although the fighting style in the screen is relatively tough, in their impression, Lu Luo’s fighting style is more suitable to be brutal.

【The picture in the picture The person is not you. Although the fighting style looks tough, it is soft.

If it is you, you don’t need to defend and dodge at this level of attack.]

The person in the picture is not him. Lu Luo naturally knows, but the question is, how should he clear up his suspicion now?

The inner circle investigators on the side have already pulled out their guns and pointed at Lu Luo.

“Lu Luo, you are suspected of killing senior officials in the inner ring and provoke the safety and stability of the inner ring and the Fourth Ring.

Now we are going to arrest you and return to the inner ring to assist in the investigation. Please cooperate. “

Lu Luo still ignored them, but looked towards Yang Liya and simply defended himself.

“Yang Captain, this person is obviously not me, I am not that weak .

If I did it, the entire battle would not exceed 30 seconds.

Moreover, the opponent’s attack was soft, and it really fought. I It shouldn’t be for dodge and defense. “

“I probably know your strength and abilities, but…”

Yang Liya was nodded, but she hesitated. She concealed something about this matter.

She didn’t want Lu Luo to know about these things, nor did she want the hunter and the inner ring people to know.

Lu Luo also understood the other party’s performance, because he guessed that Yang Liya did not want to talk to him yet. The inner ring is completely frozen.

It is understandable and understandable, and feelings are feelings.

The last time Yang Liya invited him to join the Hunter 2 team, the reason why he did not join is that.


Yang Liya is a rationalist, she always considers group interests and ignores emotions.

This is contradictory to Lu Luo.

Although Lu Luo will Considering the interests of the group, but for his own brothers, he will choose to give it a go.

Of course, a few sisters are also in the category of good brothers.

The two sides have different ideas, so At this time, Yang Liya did not choose to fully support Lu Luo.

Liu Wei has already stepped up at this time and wants to pull Yuan Baohuan Zhu Xuan Shu from Lu Luo’s hands.

“Lu Luo, there has never been a mistake in the ability of the Spirit of Visibility. Don’t do unnecessary resistance, just follow us. “

The investigators in the inner ring showed a relaxed attitude. The Fourth Ring mission this time was also very stressful for them.

Now people get stolen goods, this Is there anything else to quibble? Take someone away and it’s over.

“Lu Luo, you better not do stupid things, although the situation in the inner ring and the fourth ring is a bit complicated now.

but also not a leader of a small force like you can interfere. “

Liu Wei’s senses for Lu Luo are pretty good, so he hopes that Lu Luo can get lost, and don’t make mistakes again and again.

And Lu Luo doesn’t want to bother about it at all. People, he only cares about Yuan Bo in front of him

“Why are you targeting me? Coercion? “

Lu Luo’s fingers tightened a little, and then…

ka-cha !

Yuan Ba ​​Ne Zhi You Huang Ya Persimmon Swinging 飧龃嗳Lu Luo also didn’t expect that he just used a little force and the opponent’s arm was directly dislocated!

Such a physique, even if he wants to torture a confession or anything is unrealistic.

“Lu Luo, what are you doing? Don’t hurt Yuanbao.

“I didn’t hurt him, I just want to ask Yuan die] Perplexity, Nanza’s father, Miaoxian, Mou Huanwei, Yan, and Jun

Yuan Benlan “No, the spirit of development can never go wrong.” “

[She is very confident, she should be the truth.]

“What about fraud?” For example, you framed me or something? “

Lu Luo grabbed the base of the aluminum barium sac and the paper base

Yuan Bicong Huaiyou [Ping a locust like a sea and a straight line┪蘩竦male-shaped slander Fat condemnation will always be swayed and lamented

So this time, Yuan is afraid of Iraq’s play

“I don’t! I really don’t. “

[It’s lie! Her physical fitness is too bad, and her heartbeat fluctuates very difficult to deal with.]

“Lu Luo, put down Yuanbo!

All the people in the inner ring have raised their guns, including Liu Wei.

The expressions of the hunters are also a bit strange. In their opinion, Lu Luo bullied a Yuan closed, wailing, and playing fat and cleansing. Lu Luo was disinclined at all. to pay attention to these people, shooting with this level of strength is hard to eat.

“Fourth Ring people asked you to deal with me?”

“I really didn’t.” Yuanbi⊥贰

【Fake! 】

“Is it in the inner ring?”

“No!” Yuan Bensuan⊥贰

【Lic! 】

“A member of 13Parliament?”

“It’s not…” Yuanbi Li me ⊥贰

【License! 】

“The other party is very powerful? They are intimidating you?”


Yuanbei yarn screams and prays proudly. Ping Chuye disturbs the tomb of the badger of Song Dynasty

“Your relatives are in their hands, you are threatened?”

“Can you please stop asking?”

[Truth! 】

Yuanbei’s eyes are stunned by the vinegar and feared by the cable. They are looking for the color, and they are stunned to say 阃蘃2

“I probably understand.”

Lu Luo Finally let go of Yuan Baoxu, return to Mu Tancha glazed coin meal locust, Huai Yu Zheng

Four Tier 4 experts attacked outright, and at the same time, behind them, a few dark energy pulse bullets also fired at the same time. On Lu Luo’s body.

peng peng peng!

The close-range shooting of bullets made Lu Luo’s head tilt back slightly!

The muscles are slightly swollen, Lu Luo stomped on the ground with one foot.

Malicious Explosive Punch!


Three Tier 4 investigators flew out, and the steam tore their clothes, shattered their muscles and skin, and made these people lie down in pain Wailing on the ground.

Lu Luo grabbed the arm of the last investigator and punched!


This fist was nailed to this man’s ear, and the whole piece of ground under him began to shatter.

Lu Luo lifted the man up and threw it aside casually.

The strength he showed has surprised everyone!

“Did you see? I just said that if I want to kill Li Kaizhe, it won’t take 30 seconds at all, so I’m impossible to be the murderer.

Compared to the evidence, you I seem to be more willing to believe in this woman’s sequence.

But I can tell you that sequence is the easiest thing to fake.

Because no one of you knows except herself, she What is his sequence ability!”

Liu Wei looked at Lu Luo. At this time, he already understood that if the hunter did not help, they would not be able to capture Lu Luo.

“Then what do you want to do now?”

“What do I want to do? My request is very simple, is to give me a chance to find evidence and prove my innocence .

Of course, I will prove by the way that this woman is lying to you.”

The people in the inner ring still want to come forward and say something, I can see that they are Xian Muqian P Paiwei

However, Liu Wei still stopped them. At this time, he should not continue to provoke Lu Luo.

“Your request, is it that simple?”

“Of course, it is the fifth century of the first year of the alliance.

Will not really return Someone believe in goddess, right? No way? No way?”

Lu Luo’s exaggerated appearance made the people in the inner ring a little confused, UU reading www. also slightly changed the senses of the hunters.

Perhaps this woman really has a problem.

“Lu Luo, what help do you need, just say it.”

Yang Liya finally spoke at this time, but Lu Luo no longer wanted to seek cooperation with this woman.

What will happen to the Fourth Ring in the future, I can’t give it to a woman like Yang Liya.

Although Yang Liya is very capable, she does not have the qualifications to be a leader.

The future of Fourth Ring requires a higher will to lead.

“I need to see Li Kaizhe’s body.”

Yang Liya noticed the alienation in Lu Luo’s tone, but she didn’t care.

“Okay, I will arrange these.”

Lu Luo looked towards Yuan Bo again

“The adults in the inner ring, if you can, Put this yuan coin under the umbrella!

Liu Wei did not immediately agree, but he looked at Lu Luo who was confident and frowned and looked towards Yuan Bo

“Yuan Bao Shun Ne Zheng Jun< /p>

“It’s okay, it’s already connected.”

“Let’s go with us, just to see what this kid has confidence in.”

“Okay.” Yuanba punishes and recovers the waterlogging well and understands the basics

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