Doomsday Ring Chapter 275

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Soon, under the arrangement of Yang Liya, Lu Luo came to the morgue where Li Kaizhe’s body was stored.

“Can you give me some scalpels and autopsy tools?”

“Do you want to dissect? Do you know this?”

“I’m from the Department of Biology The high-achieving student of, knows this, isn’t that as it should be by rights thing?”

Yang Liya narrowed her eyes.

“I have investigated you. Your time at Eastern Ring University has been recorded for just over a month.

And you have been in most of the class Sleep, who did you learn the dissect from?”

“This is not mention on equal terms with mortals. This is called perception.

And these things are for Yang Liya Captain, It doesn’t matter, right?”

“Okay! Rosen, give him something.”

Lu Luo took the scalpel from Rosen’s hand and opened the corpse of Li Kaizhe. Plastic sleeve.

At the first glance at the corpse, Lu Luo can be sure, stable!

[The deceased was 179 in height, weighed about 80kg, and was about 50 years old…]

“The deceased was 179 in height, weighed about 80kg, and was about 50 years old.

The main cause of death was that the heart was pierced and shattered by the shock wave and a large amount of internal hemorrhage led to death.”

Lu Luo’s fingers were very flexible, and he quickly cut Li Kaizhe’s skin to show others the state of the deceased’s subcutaneous muscles. .

“Leave aside the main cause of death, let’s now look at the injuries suffered by the deceased during the battle.

There is a penetrating wound on the right side of the chest, passing through the lungs. This move completely smashed the ribs.

This move is indeed a trick in Dust Demon’s secret technique, but I have improved it and called it Malicious Explosive Punch.

It’s what you just saw. The trick that arrived.

How about? Is the formidable power big, not powerful? No Niu Jun

Lu Luo’s proud look is quite speechless, but His Malicious Explosive Punch just now is really powerful and impressive.

Lu Luo continues.

“If I were a murderer, I would have punched him long ago. I’m dead, I don’t need to spend that many time and energy at all, my time is very precious. “

“This reason is not sufficient, right? Maybe you have hidden your strength? “

“Wow, you can see my hidden strength. In fact, I only need 3 seconds to kill this person. I say 30 seconds. I’m afraid you are too surprised.

Of course, there is no proof. It is better to use evidence to identify the murderer. “

Lu Luo said, he cut away the deceased’s arm again, because the corpse was well preserved, so many traces have not been destroyed.

Lu Luo peeled off the skin, Pointing at one of the muscles with a scalpel and said:

“According to the state of the previous office, the deceased had fought fiercely with the murderer, so his arm would have been bumped many times.

From the shape of the muscle damage, the murderer’s steam qi fuse is very small.

When I say small, I don’t mean that the qi fuse is weak, but that the murderer’s fist is so small that the area covered by the same qi fuse is very concentrated.

This has caused the tearing effect of such a shape! “

When Lu Luo said here, Yang Liya’s eyes flickered slightly.

“What does this mean? “

Lu Luo looked at Yang Liya curiously. He previously guessed that if someone questioned his own reasoning, it was most likely that the inner circle people would question it.

But now he is the first to say It is Yang Liya who is in doubt.

This shrewd woman definitely knows something. She may even know the identity of the murderer.

But Lu Luo did not say anything, he Just point out a few similar places very pragmatically.

“It means that the diameter of the murderer’s fist is only 9 cm in the case of the qi fuse.

For example, here, here, and here, if you look closely at the muscle marks inside, you can easily see that this is the mark of a fist.

The qi fuse package is only 9 cm long. This should be obvious evidence, right?

My hand is not very big, but it should be about 13 cm in diameter.

Even if I don’t use qi fuse, the trace left should be 13 cm.

It should be very difficult for me to shrink my fist to 9 cm in battle!

People can talk, but the corpse can’t lie. What do you think? “

Liu Wei and several other members of the investigation team took a closer look, and it was exactly what Lu Luo said.

Li Kaizhe’s battle traces are very obvious, the fist marks The size is really about 9 cm.

Lu Luo looked at them and shrugged.

“In addition to the fist prints, there are several very obvious footprints. This footprint is very obvious. It’s a little child.

There is also the location of the rib fracture. This depression should be an elbow blow, and the skeleton is relatively small.

Because I can’t determine the thickness of the other party’s qi fuse, so I can’t determine the specific age of the other party.

If it is not a small child, it is a dwarfism patient with abnormal physical development. “

[There is only one truth!]

After explaining, Lu Luo put down his scalpel and gloves, looked at the investigators in the inner ring, and Yuan standing aside. Bo

“Therefore, this Yuan dying is a peculiar judge hurriedly prays to Ya Wujun.

Lu Luo’s aura is very strong, when he walks towards Yuan barium neon roasting, the roasting is evenly broken. Mutuji tears up

“Don’t come here!”

Although Liu Wei has already begun to suspect that Yuan Bao’s family members are close to each other at this time. /p>

That is to stop Lu Luo.

“Hey, Lu Luo, even if Yuan Bijiao┑menpan⒂-shaped servant 猓阋塓顓點楊業mu glaze edge tiles forgive me!

“che, maybe this Did you forge it on the spot? “

An investigation team member said unconvincingly.

But when he opened his mouth, the hunter and other investigation team members looked towards him, as if looking at a mentally handicapped.

[5 years of compulsory education a fish that escaped the net!]

Is the compulsory education in the inner ring for 5 years? Lu Luo has not been there, and I am very curious.

“As long as there is no pit in your head, you will not say such a thing.

Okay, my suspicion has been cleared, and I have already remembered your slander against me.

Especially you, the death of the Yuan Dynasty will be a disaster

But this does not prevent me from getting the news I want from your mouth. “

Lu Luo’s eyes suddenly changed. Liu Wei and Yang Liya standing beside him felt murderous intention.

“Lu Luo, what do you want to do?” Now that you have nothing to do with you, just leave by yourself. There is no need to do this, right? “

Yang Liya’s expression is a bit ugly. The hunter does not deal with the inner ring now, but it hasn’t been completely torn apart.

So she doesn’t want Lu Luo to break out here.

But Yang Liya’s attitude can be regarded as a smile for Lu Luo.

When it was still useful just now, it seemed to see Xiao Tiantian in his eyes.

< p>But now that I have touched Yang Liya’s interests, even hidden things, this woman will change her face quickly, just like last time.

If it was before, Lu Luo was in this dense hunter environment. I’m really scared when I download.

But now, it’s different.

at worst summon Zhuang Yanshan and Yang Liya fight together, the others can’t stop themselves!


With the strength, Lu Luo naturally has the confidence to speak frankly.

Yang Liya may have something to do with Lu Di, but Lu Di does not believe in hunter at all. I can see.

This kind of relationship has always been wishful thinking.

“Captain Yang’s attitude has become so fast. I just wanted me to investigate it, but now He changed his face.

What do you mean? Could it be that Yang Captain knows something, or what do you want to hide? ”

Lu Luo’s sudden turn of speech made the hunter and the investigation team in the inner ring a little astonished.

Originally they thought that Lu Luo seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, this time they would Ring people take revenge.

But what didn’t expect is that he actually pointed the finger at Yang Liya, what does this kid mean?

Especially the investigators in the inner ring They have already seen Lu Luo’s ability.

At this time, Lu Luo targeted Yang Liya and said these non-marginal words, which is very intriguing.

Is it true that Yang Liya? Is it related to the murderer?

“Lu Luo, what do you mean by that? “

Liu Wei said all the points, but his gaze never looked away from Yang Liya.

The other players are similar, even the hunters, at this time. I looked at Yang Liya strangely.

If you really don’t want to conflict with the inner ring and find the real murderer, shouldn’t it be right?

Why is Yang Captain’s attitude like this? Strange?

Yang Liya did not speak, while Lu Luo returned to the corpse, put on his gloves again, and removed a rib directly.

“Li Kaizhe’s bones There are many fine cracks on the surface. The appearance of such cracks should be caused by multiple collisions of the body in a short period of time.

In terms of the density of cracks, the number of collisions should be a lot.

This shows that the strength of the murderer, or the strength displayed by the murderer, is not particularly powerful!

According to my analysis, the murderer should be a very special child.

She obtained the cultivation method of Dust Demon from a certain channel, and in a short time, she was cultivated to the point where she could compete with a Tier 4 expert. “

When Lu Luo said this, Yang Liya’s face had become a little gloomy.

“Lu Luo, don’t talk about it. “

But this time, Lu Luo ignored Yang Liya.

“I’m sure the murderer is the child, not the dwarf. The reason is also very simple, the probability is too small.

In the environment of the Wasteland Alliance, there is a high probability that people with defects will be abandoned.

If the murderer is a dwarf, then he has to go through a long period of growth and not be abandoned by society, and then he has to awaken to the extraordinary.

Then become a hunter, and even become the core of the hunter, which is too difficult!

And Dust Demon’s secret skill can be said to be Lu Di Captain’s stunt.

There are very few people who have the opportunity to learn this stunt. Such people must be Lu Di’s cronies or hunter core members.

So, in the face of many difficulties, the probability that the murderer is a dwarf can basically be ruled out. “

When talking about this, Lu Luo paused. She looked at Yang Yali, and wanted to see if Yang Liya had any intentions to take action!

But unfortunately, this woman actually Still forbearing.

“Since it is not a dwarf, then only the child is eligible for attack.

Many people will say that a child is impossible cultivation because the body is not fully developed.

Cultivation rashly will only increase the probability of distortion. This is not wrong. In the past Fourth Ring, the body cannot be cultivation without development.

But that was the past. The recent Fourth Ring has changed a lot.

In addition to the drastic changes in the level of dark energy, the red pillar of Lu Di Captain and the nightmare body is also shining on this land.

People who stay in the East Fourth Ring should all feel the power of the red pillar, right?

he he he, that’s really powerful!

Under the dual influence of dark energy and red pillars, today’s Fourth Ring can no longer be judged according to the laws of the past.

Some people are already very special!

I will not be surprised by the appearance of a special gifted child.

According to the skeleton and the shape of the fist attack, this child has a high probability of being a girl, and the qi fuse wraps around 9 cm in length.

Then her age should be about 8 years old?

I guess she must be a very beautiful girl, who likes to wear purple skirts or black skirts?

Am I right? Yang Liya Captain. “

[Yes, the murderer is Nightmare-Lu Xiaotian.]

When Lu Luo said here, many people had already looked at Yang Liya with surprised eyes.

The description of Lu Luo just now is very obvious, and Yang Liya seems to have adopted a little girl during this time.

Many people have seen that girl, but Yang Liya protected her It’s very good. It never shows up in front of everyone.

Even the hunter’s colleagues don’t know it, so that these people don’t know what the girl’s name is.

Although I don’t know the name of the little girl, knowing that there is such a person is actually enough.

Yang Liya’s face has become very gloomy, and Lu Luo’s analytical ability is very clear to her.

Now Lu Luo has said so, so the person who killed Li Kaizhe is almost certainly Lu Xiaotian.

It is not surprising that Lu Xiaotian killed Li Kaizhe and Yang Liya.

Because Li Kaizhe is an official in the inner ring, Yang Liya thinks.

In Lu Xiaotian’s thinking, an official like Li Kaizhe in the inner ring is the culprit who killed her parents.

Yes The first enemy of her bloody feud.

So when Lu Luo speculated that the murderer was Lu Xiaotian, Yang Liya did not blame Lu Xiaotian, but thought about how to conceal this matter.< /p>

Yang Liya understands the hidden meaning of Lu Luo’s behavior.

Although he doesn’t know how Lu Luo got the specific information, he already knows the existence of Lu Xiaotian with a high probability. .

I even knew that he wanted to protect Lu Xiaotian.

So Lu Luo used his own attitude to protect Lu Xiaotian and forced her.

Lu Luo himself did not want to offend the inner circle, but he didn’t want to let go of that Yuan Bo

so he forced himself to do something with the inner circle.

Because he had already Guessed, I was absolutely impossible because of these people, exposing Lu Xiaotian.

The relationship between the inner ring and the Fourth Ring has reached the point it is now.

If it really wants to break. , Then break it!

“Lu Luo, I originally thought I was high enough to look at you, but I didn’t expect that I still underestimated you.

And underestimated that many! How did you guess it? “

At this time, Yang Liya said such things, UU reading already represents a lot of meaning!

“Let’s go. “

“Captain? “

“Go now. “

The experienced Liu Wei immediately wanted to turn around and escape, but the hunters around had already surrounded them.

The headed Rosen looked at Liu Wei indifferently. He never hides any of his emotions anymore, killing intent is pervasive.

Even Zhang Anran, who has been welcoming with a smile on his face, has a cold expression.

When he shouldn’t shoot.

, He is a good man.

But at this step, no hunter will say a word.

Because Lu Di is dead, the king of the hunter can go generously Death, then what’s the matter with hunters like them?

The face of Liu Wei who is surrounded is very ugly.

“What do you mean? Yang Liya, what are you going to do? We are the investigative team members of the inner ring. “

Yang Liya’s response was also very simple, she suddenly broke out!

With more than 300 agility and Strength Path’s force method, her speed is as fast as Lu Luo even if she turns on the 4th gear. I can’t keep up.

When Yang Liya’s figure appeared again, her palm had penetrated Liu Wei’s chest.

“There are things that need to be hidden, so I’m sorry, Liu Wei Captain! ”

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