Doomsday Ring Chapter 277

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On the other side, Wang Jie has rushed towards Lu Luo like a bull.

Behind Lu Luo is Yuan Baohuang Qianshu

But continue to drop the strontium fertilizer next to Yuanyao. Nashua⌒Nangyao Miaojiao’s footmen slammed and retreated ⑸Xin


Wang Jie’s forehead rested on Lu Luo’s fist!


Wang Jie’s forehead rested on Lu Luo’s fist!

The 6th-order qi fuse is mixed with power, and it collides with Lu Luo’s fourth gear evenly matched!

However, Wang Jie’s violent state made him even more irritable after discovering that his attack was ineffective.

He slammed a fist at Lu Luo without any rules. The huge hammer-like fist was blocked by Lu Luo with one hand.

Malicious Explosive Punch is instantly printed on Wang Jie’s abdomen!


Wang Jie spit out a big mouthful of blood in his mouth, but his figure is completely motionless.

It can be seen how outrageous his standing ability and defensive power are!

“The 250 physique can already achieve this effect!

It seems to be hard to eat!”

Lu Luo tone barely fell, Wang Jie’s cannon punch had already hit his waist.

Lu Luo flew out like a cannonball.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

But shortly after he flew out, a few steel wires at his fingertips dragged his body.

These steel wires are all wrapped in steam qi fuse, so they are very strong, and even the strength of the 6th-order expert has not dragged them off.

Lu Luo pulled the wire, turned over and returned, spitting out a mouthful of blood.


Such a scene shocked the guard’s hunter.

Lu Luo’s seemingly fragile body, how could it be possible to take Wang Jie’s punch and stand up like a okay person?


Only Yang Liya’s gaze condensed slightly. In her opinion, Lu Luo should be able to avoid Wang Jie’s unruly attacks.

But why didn’t he hide?

Wang Jie’s power is indeed very strong, but Lu Luo deliberately hardwired it.

This is not a lot of opportunities to compete with the sixth-order transcender. Lu Luo cherishes such opportunities.

He needs to confirm his defensive ability through actual combat.

If you encounter an expert in the future, what kind of attacks can be hard-wired and what kinds of attacks need to be avoided, these all are require practical experience.

“Okay! Let’s start again!”

Lu Luo shook his finger, and his body suddenly accelerated.

Wang Jie’s fist swept along the tip of his nose, and the tapered qi fuse was punched out with the palm of his hand and printed on Wang Jie’s back.


However, this is not over yet.

Every time Wang Jie’s attack, Lu Luo will almost perfectly evade, and the distance gap between each attack is controlled within 1 cm.

Lu Luo’s miniature steam shock kept hitting Wang Jie’s body.

Wang Jie never met Lu Luo once!

This is genuine [overclocking mode]!

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ Bang!

This kind of battle lasted for a full 2 ​​minutes, and Wang Jie no longer knew how many hands Lu Luo had hit.

At this time, his muzzle was already full of blood, and he even choked himself occasionally.

However, Wang Jie’s mind at this time seems to be unwieldy. With his hands already free, it is a bit stupid not to know how to pull the muzzle off.

This kind of battle makes Lu Luo gradually feel boring.

He drew a distance from Wang Jie!

Then ~pa!

Lu Luo snapped his fingers.


At the moment when the sound was pointed, Wang Jie’s body exploded countless blood holes, all of which were steam qi fuse left by Lu Luo’s previous palm hits. .

this move, named Qi burst!

It is a move that Lu Luo imitated based on the poison explosion, which is mainly used to combat enemies with extremely high defensive power.

But at present, it seems that formidable power is not very good, and it is still much worse than poisonous explosion.

Wang Jie’s eyes are a little loose. Lu Luo took this opportunity to slap Wang Jie’s chest with a palm


The nether flame disappeared in a flash, and Sisi Mingyin was pulled away from Wang Jie’s body.

Although Lu Luo has very few nether flames, it is still the seed of the source. Although the amount is small, the level is still high enough.


After pulling away from Mingyin, Wang Jie’s huge body was knocked out by Lu Luo with a palm and fell heavily to the ground.

What makes Lu Luo more surprised is that Wang Jie, who was so badly injured, woke up like a okay person!

He held his head and slowly stood up.

“wu wu……?”


Wang Jie tore off the muzzle from his mouth and looked at everyone with a fierce face.

“Damn it, I was beaten so badly, who did it?”

Wang Jie’s temper is not good, but his strength is too strong, so he usually No one in the hunter dared to refute him.

At this time, when he asked, almost all the hunters turned their eyes on Lu Luo.

Wang Jie also just followed the eyes of these people and looked towards Lu Luo at the end.

“He? This kid? Are you kidding me?”

[He is here! 】

“I know.”

Wang Jie is not as rough as he showed. The moment he spoke, his body muscles were already tense.

The body bursts out instantly!


The huge fist and Lu Luo strikes together, and Lu Luo found out that Wang Jie’s fist flashed with a hint of metal.

It feels a bit like brass.

At this time, Wang Jie’s strength is far more powerful than before.

Lu Luo’s fourth gear Malicious Explosive Punch was invincible and flew out directly.

The steam qi fuse on the legs erupted, which slowed down the impact for Lu Luo, but after rolling a few laps, he steadily stepped on the wall.

Wang Jie stayed in place and shook his finger.

“There are indeed two brushes, they can actually block my punch.”

Wang Jie stepped on the ground with his bare forehead showing the color of metal.

Lu Luo looked solemn and pulled out his Fenrir Six Form.

Sword out, that’s serious!


The jet belt matched the impact of qi fuse, allowing Lu Luo’s speed to reach the peak in an instant, and he slashed towards Wang Jie.

Wang Jie also slammed directly at Lu Luo with his head hammer.

Just when the two were about to meet, Yang Liya’s figure appeared instantly.

The two slender arms instantly grabbed the two of them, rotated a few times, and after releasing the strength of both sides, they threw them out at the same time.

When Lu Luo and Wang Jie stood up again, their expressions gradually became more subtle, Yang Liya was actually pulling sideways!

[Can’t beat it, right? Fortunately, this woman helped you. 】

Lu Luo nodded, under normal circumstances, even if he is very strong now, he is also impossible to be a Tier 6 top hunter opponent.

Wang Jie’s strength is very powerful, powerful qi fuse, powerful physical attribute.

And the metallic bald head and fists! All made Lu Luo really feel the strength of a top level 6 expert.

It is indeed a monster that can fight against the 7th-order alien species.

Such a character is definitely not his opponent.

“What’s the matter with that metallic body?”

[The high probability is that he will cultivation success Weapon Path through certain parts of his body in some way. 】

Lu Luo was a little surprised. He took his own body cultivation success Weapon Path? This sounds a bit outrageous!

However, the opponent is the Captain of Team 1 after all, and it is normal to know some secret skills.

Like Lu Di’s Dust Demon, everyone is Qi Path qi fuse, but Dust Demon’s formidable power is far greater than ordinary Qi Path.

“Stop it, this kind of battle is totally meaningless.”

Yang Liya opened her mouth, Lu Luo definitely can’t stretch her head and get beaten at this time, just borrowing a donkey to go downhill. , Put away the weapon.

But Wang Jie is more unconvinced over there.

“Xiaoya, what do you mean, I was beaten by someone, you just treated me like this?”

Wang Jie called very cordially, although in his tone Some dissatisfaction meant, but I did not continue to do it.

“Wang Jie, Lu Luo saved you. You should thank him instead of fighting him here.”

“This kid saved me? What are you kidding me? What?”

Wang Jie looked disbelief, but Yang Liya said in a very positive tone this time:

“Do you remember what happened before?”< /p>

“What happened before? I…”

Wang Jie looked puzzled. He remembered that he returned to the base to rest, and then in his sleep, it seemed that something had sneaked into him. Bedroom.

He found the opponent, punched it and was easily caught by the opponent.

Then he fainted as soon as the other party pointed on his eyebrows.

This process is rather embarrassing. He was dignified a 6th-level expert and was fainted by someone with no difficulty.

If someone else knows, where will he put his old face?

This matter, absolutely cannot be said.

“Uh, what happened before, I really can’t remember.”

Yang Liya saw Wang Jie’s hesitation and knew that he might have concealed some things, but those things are all It doesn’t matter anymore.

“Wang Jie, you confessed something personally before.”

“What’s the matter?”

“You killed Li Kaizhe.”


“Kaizhe Li? Which Kaizhe Li?”

“Besides the chief, is there anyone called Li Kaizhe?”

“How could it be that I didn’t?”

Wang Jie was a little panicked this time, he looked around for a while.

He found that the hunters around him all had weird expressions, and his heart was even more utterly unpredictable.

“Although I look at that old man particularly unpleasant, I really didn’t want to kill him.

You said before, and now it’s not time to start, I It’s even more impossible to do it.

Now that Li Kaizhe is dead, did the inner ring send someone to investigate? If this is not handled well, I am afraid it will be a fight!”

Wang Jie said At this point, the expressions of the people around became even more weird, Yang Liya spoke up:

“You were controlled by someone before, and you generously admitted that you are the murderer.

When other people arrested you, you also injured a few brothers.

Fortunately, the people in the inner ring came to help you clear the suspicion. It was the man named Yuanba” Meiyun!

Wang Jie looked at the Yuanbaoli School Meteorite Court that Yang Liya was referring to was sentenced to Mu Shue.

“I have cleared my suspicion? What about the other members of the Inner Ring Investigation Team? Will this little girl come alone?”

After Wang Jie finished speaking, he looked at the panic-faced Yuan Baogong who was in trouble with the equipment: 恍恍┱Jiao returned to dusk!

Some bad premonitions suddenly rose in my heart.

“You won’t fight with the people in the inner ring anymore, will you?”

“There is a fight, but I have killed all of them.” Yang Liya said calmly.

“Uh! Are we going to fight the inner ring?”

Yang Liya didn’t answer Wang Jie’s question, she pointed to Lu Luo.

“Lu Luo, let them watch Yuanbao stunned in a hurry!

Although the two sides have been pitting each other before, at this time the people in the inner ring are already dead. After that, Lu Luo has no reason to continue to refuse.

even more how, he really wants to have a good talk with Yang Liya.

“Okay! “


The two came to Yang Liya’s private office one after the other. Yang Liya made herself a cup of tea and looked towards Lu Luo:

“What to drink? Tea, coffee, or water? “

“Coffee bar, when Lu Di met me for the last time, he drank coffee. I miss it. “

When Lu Luo mentioned Lu Di, Yang Liya’s expression was slightly sad.

“Am I really not suitable to be a leader?” “

[There is one to say, indeed.]

“Yes, you are not suitable. “

Lu Luo’s affirmative tone made Yang Liya a little helpless.

“Why are you so sure that I am not suitable to be the leader of the East Fourth Ring?” My strength shouldn’t be considered weak, right? “

Lu Luo shook his head.

“You don’t have the courage to lead the people into the future.

You are too strict with rules, but these rules actually originate from the inner ring.

It is not ruled out that some rules are good rules, but there are also many rules established for the purpose of domination and exploitation.

The change is to break the original rules. “

Lu Luo only talked about some very simple reform ideas, but even such simple things.

There is no record in any books in the Wasteland Alliance.

Lu Luo knows that this is because the inner ring specializes in such books, so this concept is somewhat novel to the native alliance members.

“Reform requires breaking the original rules! “

Yang Liya repeated her eyes deeply, then turned her head and asked Lu Luo:

“Then Lu Luo, how much do you know about Lu Xiaotian?” “

“Lu Xiaotian and I are good friends who talk about everything. I know her far more than you think. “

Yang Liya was nodded, and asked curiously:

“What exactly is Lu Xiaotian’s identity?” “

“Yang Captain, should I have said this before?” In fact, you already have the answer in your heart. “

Yang Liya is nodded again. She knows the identities of Lu Di and Qiu Guling, and she has some guesses about the identity of Nightmare.

What she doesn’t know is the one above the red pillar. What happened in the final battle?

Why did Lu Di must die? Isn’t it OK if he doesn’t die?

“Lu Di must die? “Yang Liya is still a little unwilling.

But Lu Luo is relieved at this time.

Although Lu Di is his friend, mentor, and guide to this World.< /p>

But when he died, he was complete.

“I used to have the same doubts as you, but then I figured it out.

Lu Di has his own ideals. In order to realize his ideals, he must die. “

Yang Liya is nodded.

“Then the entire process of development this time, can you tell me about it? I probably guessed some, but some places are not quite clear. “

Lu Luo nodded.

“As I said, the murderer of this incident, Lu Di’s daughter, Lu Xiaotian.

She should have learned steam qi fuse from your hands.

Then defeated Li Kaizhe head-on with a complete human cultivation form!

There is no doubt that Lu Xiaotian is definitely a genius among geniuses, the ultimate genius in terms of talents!

No one can deny this. “

When Yang Liya heard the words “human cultivation form” in Lu Luo’s words, her mood became even more complicated.

“And what? “

“Lu Xiaotian originally meant to use Wang Jie, the Captain of the 1st team, to force you to break with the inner ring.

However, during this period, some episodes occurred. “

“You mean Yuan Bo!

“Yes, if there is no Yuan Barium Screen Aid Value Tomb, Wang Jie will definitely have to recite it. After all, he pleaded guilty.

East Fourth Ring will not give up on Wang Jie now, so you must break.

The dispute between the inner ring and the East Fourth Ring will begin.

It’s just a coincidence, the inner ring. Someone wanted to deal with me, and sent Yuan Bo

Yuanbei Oyster Temple √ 鸬recruits the apples to get points to drive the cricket Song Yao

and then I came to help This scene of the investigation.”

After listening to Lu Luo’s explanation, Yang Liya only sorted out the entire process of development at this time.

“So you mean, whether you are involved in this matter or not, the break between the inner ring and the Fourth Ring is inevitable?”

“No Wrong, the break between the inner ring and the East Fourth Ring is inevitable.

This is Lu Xiaotian’s will and Lu Di’s last wish.

He wants to create a new Fourth Ring, he wants Fourth Ring people to live a real life.

So, we must change.”


Just when Yang Liya’s eyes were wandering, a little girl’s voice came from the dark.

“That’s great, Lu Luo, I said that you are very capable and can solve this problem.

In this way, it saves me the effort of doing it myself. !”

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