Doomsday Ring Chapter 278

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【Nightmare! ]

“I know!”

Lu Xiaotian slowly walked out of the darkness.

As Lu Luo said before, she likes to wear a black and purple floral skirt.

This seems to belong to the exclusive color of nightmare, she likes to wear it very much.

Her appearance did not make Lu Luo feel surprised. Her existence and her purpose have never been so simple.

Lu Luo once thought about what these level 8 disasters really want.

Destroying mankind? Dawn Disc?

It is undeniable that the strength of the 8th rank calamity is very strong, but today’s human beings are no longer soft persimmons. The above two things are actually very difficult to do.

After 100 years of peace, alien species and humans have their own development.

And Lu Xiaotian, who inherited the dual will of humans and alien species, must have a different purpose than ordinary alien species.

She tried her best to become a human being, to join the human society, and to become a part of humanity.

Also absolutely impossible is to live in Fourth Ring obediently and honestly so simple!

Her strength does not allow her to be so mediocre.

“Lu Luo, Yang Aunt, hello!”

Lu Luo twitched his lips and said nothing, Lu Xiaotian made such a deal, which is a blessing to him. Dependent.

Although he was plotted against by others, it also let him know that in the current inner ring, someone was targeting him.

From the enemy’s darkness, I am light, and the enemy is light and I am dark. This is indeed a good thing for Lu Luo.

Compared to Lu Luo seeing Lu Xiaotian’s indifferent, Yang Liya on the side can’t do it.

The appearance of Lu Xiaotian at this time made her feel extremely strange.

When Lu Luo told her that these things were done by Lu Xiaotian, Yang Liya was unwilling to believe it.

But now Lu Xiaotian appears on her own initiative, even if she doesn’t want to believe it, she has to believe it.

“Datian, what exactly are you now?”

Although Yang Liya has some guesses about Lu Xiaotian’s identity.

But she still couldn’t believe the result of that kind of speculation.

How can an 8-year-old child be a nightmare?

“Why should Yang Aunt care about those meaningless things.

Now we should focus more on meaningful things.”

“What is it? Is it a meaningful thing?”

“For example, how to build a new order, which belongs to our own order in East Fourth Ring.”

“Own order!”


Lu Xiaotian took small steps and walked to Yang Liya. She took the initiative to press Yang Liya on the chair, and then began to rub her shoulders for Yang Liya.

Like a well-behaved youngest daughter, cute and clingy.

“Yes, we need our own order.”

At this time, Yang Liya looked at Lu Xiaotian, not knowing what to say, so she could only lower her head in silence.

Lu Luo on the side doesn’t have that many emotions. He, Lu Xiaotian, and Nightmare have already had too much contact.

Although the relationship between Nightmare and Lu Di, their communication, cooperation, and plan, Lu Luo still can’t understand it.

But after so long, he has figured out some of the key things.

Ignoring all the conditions attached, Lu Di and Nightmare’s biggest common goal is only one.

That’s what Lu Xiaotian said just now.

Create a new Fourth Ring!

This goal sounds simple, but it is very difficult to do it.

The first thing Fourth Ring needs to face is the pressure of the inner ring, domination, and unequal military force.

However, all of this suddenly changed after the dark energy level changed.

Everything that happened after that was as if they were arranged by two people. Lu Di was abandoned by the people in the inner ring and died in battle for Fourth Ring.

He saved Fourth Ring, defeated disasters, and became a hero.

Lu Di doing this can wake up the will of the Fourth Ring people, but this is only the 1st Step they planned.

There is also a 2nd Step in this plan.

That is the nightmare Lu Xiaotian. If Lu Xiaotian survives, she will inherit Lu Di’s will.

In other words, she will become the new king of hunters, as a human being.

“Am I being cheated by you?”

Lu Xiaotian looked towards Lu Luo and waved her hand helplessly.

“This incident is an episode. I didn’t intend to let you participate in this incident.”

“I know, I also know that this incident was arranged by you, so Let these people go along with the water.”

“Lu Luo, working with you is always so satisfying. You will always do things beautifully and make me feel comfortable. “

Lu Xiaotian’s praise did not resonate with Lu Luo, he twitched his lips.

“I am also in the East Fourth Ring now. Your current behavior is equivalent to dragging the entire East Fourth Ring into the water.

If the inner ring wants to clean the Fourth Ring, my I’m afraid I can’t run away from the small door.

So sweet, are you really ready to fight the inner ring?

How sure? 90% of 5? It’s still 90%.”

Lu Xiaotian is a bit speechless, Lu Luo is good at everything, he has enough brains, is strong, and can keep up with his progress.

But his shortcoming is also obvious, that is, he is too courageous.

“How can there be 100% things, if such things are 90% sure.

Then I don’t need to design that many things, or even give up my Red Bai City Fort. “

“You are not even 90% sure? Isn’t that the same as sending death?

Okay, we’ll meet again some day, goodbye!”


Lu Luo said he was leaving!

The inner circle is thinking, the hunter is thinking, Lu Xiaotian is thinking, and Lu Luo himself needs to think.

If a civil war really breaks out, what is the probability that the Fourth Ring will stick to it?

[According to probability and statistics, as well as the number of experts that may appear in the inner ring, the probability is about zero! 】

The observer is right, and Lu Luo thinks too.

If the inner ring really takes a shot against the East Fourth Ring, the probability that the East Fourth Ring will be safely retained is almost zero.

Even if Lu Xiaotian is a nightmare, even if she is a Tier 8 calamity, the probability is still zero.

The gap between the inner ring and the fourth ring cannot be made up by one or two people.

In addition to the top battle strength, today’s Fourth Ring wants to be independent, but other conditions are needed.

Reasonable economic system, political system, and military force system.

The only thing that Fourth Ring can take out now is the military force system.

So as soon as this incident came out, if Lu Xiaotian had no reasonable plan, then Lu Luo would probably lead the whole family away.

Even if I am reluctant to bear the current circle, the whole family still has to run away.

When Lu Luo was about to leave, Lu Xiaotian stopped him.

“Lu Luo, wait a minute.”

“What else?”

“You don’t think you are running with a ring Is there any difference between what you do and what we do?”

Lu Luo slightly frowned, what did he do?

“I’m a good citizen. Don’t just frame me and tell you. The one who framed me just now has been cured by me.

If you frame me again, I’ll sue You slander, do you understand?”

[You imposing manner, I feel that if you could beat it, you would have done it a long time ago. 】

For Lu Luo’s strong reaction, Lu Xiaotian is just laughed.

“Have you forgotten what Lu Di told you?”

“Lu Di? What’s the matter?”

“If you are really a The little boss of Fourth Ring can really stay out of the matter, but you are not!

You slept with the church Saintess, and you have to sleep with the presiding judge and the congressman’s daughter.

Do you think the inner ring is true? Will he let you go?”

[The crime committed by Niuzi, why should the host bear it? Cut it off. 】

What’s the point of farting and cutting off Niuzi’s life?

However, Lu Luo really sat down obediently and honestly this time. Lu Xiaotian was right. He is not a big problem, but his own woman is too big.

It’s all to blame for cutting.

“Then tell me, what do you do now?”

“Lu Luo, in fact, the inner ring is not as stable and powerful as you think, although I have never been to the inner ring .

But my people have been to the inner ring, and they revealed to me information about the inner ring.

So I am pretty sure that the inner ring is not what we imagined It’s as powerful as in.

You can believe me or not, but this matter will come out soon.”

Lu Luo probably guessed Lu Xiao What is the result sweet said.

“Will the Inner Ring send Tier 7 here?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“You are confident!”

Lu Luo said if he had something to say, but this time, Lu Xiaotian’s eyes showed a different look.

“It was Lu Di who gave me confidence. He let me know where the 7th-order humans are strong, and also let me know the flaws of the alien species.”

“So, you Cultivation of Dust Demon in a human form?”

When it comes to Lu Di’s Dust Demon secret technique, Lu Xiaotian has a rare interest in it.

Her power is too strong, and she is usually not interested in power other than herself.

Only Dust Demon, the secret technique left by Lu Di, Lu Xiaotian cares very much, and she is also practicing hard.

“Yes, Lu Luo, I know your Dust Demon is very special, it is the kind you have improved yourself.

My Dust Demon has also been improved, and I am still fused I have gained some of my own abilities.

If we have the opportunity, we can communicate with each other, maybe we will have some different experiences.”

“This little girl doesn’t want to Learn my secret skills secretly?” Lu Luo suddenly came up with this idea.

[She is level 8, you are level 4. Why do you have such a good-for-nothing idea? 】

Lu Luo shut up, but he still did not agree to Lu Xiaotian’s offer to exchange his cultivation experience.

Dust Demon’s 3rd Stage he hasn’t practiced yet, let’s talk about it after practice.

“The Dust Demon thing, I’ll talk about it later!

As for the inner ring, you told me so much, there should be something for me to do?”

Lu Xiaotian laughed.

“Talking to smart people is to save effort. My request is very simple. Help me take a look at the Dawn Disc!”

After Lu Xiaotian finished speaking, he put his palm on He touched Lu Luo’s chest.

Lu Luo originally wanted to avoid it, but after thinking about it, he gave it up. It was unnecessary and meaningless.

[The source of fire is being strengthened. 】

Lu Xiaotian conducts a familiar energy of Lu Luo into his body. This is the nether flame that Lu Luo once took away.

“This is the nether flame that I took away from you last time. They were raised by me.

Now I will give it back to you, just as an advance payment.

Lu Luo help me see what’s in the inner ring, whether there are alien species, and how many alien species there are.

Of course, the most important thing is to help me see the dawn disc “

Lu Luo nodded, Lu Xiaotian’s request is not particularly excessive, and he will do these things even if Lu Xiaotian doesn’t say anything.

“I can do these things for you.

If there is nothing else, then I will go.”

Lu Luo is true this time It’s going to be gone, Yuan is ditched and pandolading

Although the interrogation of this woman who has no battle strength and is very fragile is very troublesome.

But he has a priest. Both Qi Xinzhu and Han Shiyu have the ability to heal.

If I can’t fight, I’ll fight and treat at the same time. It’s not a big problem.

“Hey, Lu Luo, the time for sending people to the inner ring should be within 3 days. If you have ideas, you can come and see.”

Lu Xiaotian The reminder made Lu Luo hesitate.

“Are you fighting above level 7? Don’t worry, I will definitely go and watch it.”

After Lu Luo left, Lu Xiaotian sat next to Yang Liya again.

“Aunt, Lu Luo is gone.”

Yang Liya, who has been silent, said:

“Da Tian, ​​you are really Lu Di’s daughter Is it?”

“I am Lu Di’s daughter and a nightmare. This is something that can be determined.

This is the end of the matter, there is nothing to hide.”


Yang Liya was nodded, she couldn’t say some words when Lu Luo was here.

Now that Lu Luo passed away, she can show her softest and most vulnerable side.

“In his eyes, am I very useless? Are we very useless?”

Before Lu Luo’s words were harsh and made Yang Liya feel that many Years’ persistence seems meaningless.

But Lu Xiaotian didn’t say so, she took the initiative to hug Yang Liya.

“Yang Aunt needn’t say that, my father’s philosophy is indeed different from yours.

But in his eyes, you are still trusted companions.< /p>

What you have done is never wrong. You are also working hard to live and fight, and you are also working hard to protect the safety of Fourth Ring.

There are only some things, and they are step by step. It’s not feasible.”

I don’t know if Lu Xiaotian’s words are a kind of comfort.

But after listening to her, Yang Liya felt a little more comfortable in her heart.

“I know.”

“Aunt doesn’t blame me?”

“What’s to blame on you?”

“After all I lied to you.”

“You did not lie to me. You want revenge. You are Lu Di’s daughter. Everything is true.

I also want to I want to change the Fourth Ring, but as Lu Luo said, my ability is not enough!”

Lu Xiaotian is slightly nodded, so it’s not wrong to say that.

“Yang Aunt has fought the alien species for a lifetime, will you feel uncomfortable with a alien leader like me?”

“Da Tian, ​​you are no longer alien species now Now, you are Lu Di’s daughter and his will.

The Fourth Ring needs your power now. You will lead the Fourth Ring to create a new order. This is enough.

The people in the inner ring have been killed. What we have to do now is to reorganize the military.”

Yang Liya has always been a very real person. After she understood the situation, she Will choose what she thinks is the most sensible way.

So it doesn’t matter whether she has any grudges in her heart, even if she does, she has to say no.

If the inner ring must send someone over, then the Fourth Ring does need the power of a nightmare.

Lu Xiaotian is slightly nodded, so far things are going well.

Next, it depends on what level 7 will be sent in the inner ring.

In other words, there are a few 7 steps.


Lu Luo walked out of Yang Liya’s office, and under the gaze of everyone, he walked to Yuanba to compete with each other

“Okay, Yuan Killed〗 Conflict in raising apples, screaming at the umbrella!

“Okay. “

The word okay, seems to have become the enunciation of Yuan Barium Eyes

When Lu Luo was about to leave, Wang Jie was the first to stop him.

” Boy, how about Yang Liya and them? “

“Well, women always need some emotional release, leaving them a little private space is the best choice now. “

When Lu Luo said this, Wang Jie lost the interest in looking for Yang Liya.

He looked towards Lu Luo and spoke slowly after struggling for a long time.

“Hey, boy, I heard them all this time.

Thank you! “

“Don’t thank you, even if I don’t help you, she won’t let you get into trouble.

After all, the current East Fourth Ring needs your strength. “

Wang Jie laughed, is 2.30 meters tall and shows off his muscles to Lu Luo, which is quite shocking!

However, when Lu Luo walked beside Rosen, the atmosphere of the two It’s strange.

Both of them are Lu Di’s friends, but after Lu Di died, the two took a completely different path. U U Reading

Rosen doesn’t care much about being injured by Lu Luo.

Compared with his injuries, he actually cares about the survival of Fourth Ring, just like Lu Di and Yang Liya.

< p>“Lu Luo, what will happen to the Fourth Ring in the future? “

“I am not Savior, what do you ask me to do? “

Lu Luo shrugged, now that the hunter has been taken over by Lu Xiaotian, he naturally has nothing to miss.

It’s just the former Ring Hunter studio. It’s time to give up the word hunter completely.

Starting today, hunter is hunter, and ring is ring!

“Savior?” Maybe you are!” Rosen cracking a joke said as if.

“I’m a fart! I took the people away, and you will see your real Savior soon. “

Lu Luo left, Rosen did not continue to stay.

The relationship between them has been unable to return to the state of cooperation.

Of course. Originally, their relationship was not very good.

But Rosen and Lu Di both met Lu Luo in the 404 exhibition hall.

I have to say, know people. In terms of talent, Lu Di is much better than Rosen, very much.

The hunters watched Lu Luo leave, and now Fourth Ring will enter a new chapter.

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