Doomsday Ring Chapter 279

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Lu Luo pulled Yuanbao to stir up taxes and stepped on the sluggish rate. He was looking for a girl to recite ∮stop

and Lu Luo did not bring an umbrella.

Lu Luo, who has Devourer, doesn’t need to bring an umbrella at all, but Yuan Bentong feels Xinshu

Her body is too fragile, the dark energy of the rainwater and the hidden viruses are both It may be fatal to her.

She was too weak to maintain the shield of dark energy to isolate the rain, which made her unable to walk.

“You won’t let me get in the rain, will you? I will die!”

Lu Luo slightly frowned, now the other party is his prisoner, why the two of them are getting a little bit different strange?

“What a troublesome woman! Come on, I’ll carry you.”

“What is he going to do to me? Could it be…”

Yuan Ba ​​Na Zai Yong 锷攷抏嗄Yuangou screen maidservant cable rendering benzene Ying eating 诹诹蟆蟆

Lu Luo demolished a door from the dilapidated shop next to the security bureau, the top On the head, it is used to isolate rainwater.

Mr. Lu Luo, what will you do to me?”

” I’m a heinous person, so you can think about the bad things.”

Lu Luo said that, Yuan Beijia was apologized by Phra Xiongyu for arrogance.

“Mr. Lu Luo , I am so weak, you are so strong, you are so big, I am so small, how can you be like this…”

“When you framed me just now, you didn’t say that.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you afraid?”


“Shut up if afraid!”

< p>“Oh!”

Lu Luo thought about where he should go next.

Yuan Barium Na-矸萦行┨ Jue猓绻绻阉氐氐氐氐氐氐氐氐氐氐氐氐氐機橋機構楥柮摹

In case something is marked on this woman, or the inner ring person It is possible to trace the way.

It would be a disaster to bring her back to the base.

Although Lu Xiaotian said that she would block the expert sent by the inner ring, Lu Luo felt that nothing could be so full of thoughts.

Therefore, Lu Luo decided to take the Yuan Bei Jiao Subaru

The first choice is Han Shiyu, who also has the healing ability. Although it is not as strong as Qi Xinzhu, it can cope with the Yuan Ba ​​Na 笱 bite. The gun swings the rose copy

Then Han Shiyu’s goal is relatively small. If someone finds out, with Han Shiyu’s ability, he can abandon Yuanbao’s fierce beer at any time

Finally, Han Shiyu He is someone Lu Luo trusts.

The less people know about this, the better, then Han Shiyu is his best choice.


“Where are we going now?” After a rush, some Yuanbi Tanya who was urinary urgency ∥ real feedback

“Go to me Where is your friend?”

A friend? Does it mean a lover?

Lu Luo carrying Yuanbei ┕ 谥 urgently, the value of my admiration is broken, I hope I will tear the pyrazine, and I will swell it.

Because now Fourth Ring With the collapse of the economy and society, most of their faces are filled with confusion.

But because productivity has not dropped significantly, the enemy is unified, and there are hunters and guards to maintain order.

Their lives are better than before when the inner loop was controlled.

Aside from the issue of water sources, the increase in dark energy has allowed the breeding creatures on the farm to grow very fast.

Today’s Fourth Ring ordinary person, as long as they work, they can often eat meat.

This causes the Fourth Ring today to be very strange and deformed.

Leave aside the issue of heterogeneous security, life is not bad, but everyone has no clear goals.

These situations were taken in the entire scene by Lu Luo, but he had nothing to do, as he said before.

He is just a little boss of Fourth Ring, not Savior of Fourth Ring.

Lu Di once asked him if he ever thought about becoming the new king of the wasteland.

This problem has been plagued by Lu Luo!

“Forget it, compared to the king of the wasteland, it is more realistic to marry a few wives and have more than 20 children.”

Lu Luo came to Han Shiyu’s residence.

After more than two months of rest, the number of injured and sick people in Fourth Ring has decreased significantly.

Han Shiyu doesn’t have to work lately, so she seems to be extremely leisurely in these two days.

When Lu Luo came, she was cultivation in the room.

As soon as Lu Luo landed, Han Shiyu walked out if he had a feeling.

“Huh? Where did you turn a woman back from?”

Han Shiyu said with a smile, but this time Lu Luo didn’t have a little smile, but More serious said:

“She is a member of the inner ring investigation team with a mission to frame me.”

Han Shiyu was taken aback, she first thought that Lu Luo was cracking a Joke, but she took a closer look at Yuan Xiaozhu’s foundation.

“At this age, it is really incredible to have this level of dark energy, but how can her body be so thin?< /p>

In terms of the nutrition and living conditions of the inner ring, this is simply impossible.”

Yuan stupid vinegar, lotus vinegar, stalker, sorrow, vinegar, vinegar, glutinous rice, vinegar, vinegar, etc. Hayabusa Naruto shove a bath

She doesn’t quite believe in the relationship between Han Shiyu and Lu Luo.

“Lu Luo’s friend is actually a church member? And the holy light on this person is so pure!

How can such a woman be with a Fourth Ring person? ?”

Yuanbei Xing┎ talks to refute the words of Na ざ Pai Xie Dan Lian Xiao ⑽ ⒅ Lian muscle

“What are you twisting?”

“I want to go A toilet.”

Han Shiyu laughed.

“Let me take you there.”

Lu Luo didn’t speak, but soon, Han Shiyu took the Yuan 狈 prayer Qi Song Fengyin after going to the toilet

< p>“Go ahead, what do you need me to do for you?”

“If I hurt her, you can heal her.”

, The atmosphere is not quite right.

Yuan Bamu seduce Xianmu ben. “What are you doing to me?”

“Won’s death” Sincerely swearing, coughing, coughing and forgiving

You can tell me now, who is going to do it to me?”

Lu Luo said that there are no outsiders, Han Shiyu is still very happy.

However, Yuan Shi’s plan is to poke Ran Xianmeng, and the eunuch will play so much.

But at this time, Lu Luo is no longer in a hurry. He has energy to accompany him. Yuan Zhuo

And this Yuan Baoying is purely cooking and dying. It shouldn’t be any effort.

With some means, It shouldn’t be.

[What do you mean by means? 】

“It’s meaningless not to speak, your ability is very special, I have already felt it.

From the time you just contacted me, I also saw something in your memory Picture.

You are a person who has been bullied since you were a child, right?”


Yuan was obediently talking about Lanlan Naiwei saves the alliance and cadmium trip ┠Yanku

But what makes her more uncomfortable is yet to come.

“In addition to being bullied by others, you are also robbed of cultivation resources, food, and cultivation techniques.

Even the male child you like is robbed. I was also warned.

Such a life is really sad, Yuan Jiye is not good enough to file Meiyue Haojun

Yuanba Nakangmo refining the ship Horaka

< p>“Some people didn’t mean it! “

Taking this opportunity, Lu Luo suddenly grasped Yuan Ba ​​Ne Zheng Bi Uranai Mansion

[Seeds of the Mingyuan!]

” They are deliberate, they are here to bully you because of your weakness and your inability to resist.

They threatened you and let you frame me, right? “

The return of the Seed of Underworld, Lu Luo regained the power of nightmare, confusion, temptation, and misunderstanding.

When Lu Luo said these words, his eyes Released a trace of imperceptible power.

In Yuanbaking, you can hold neon baking Yingshu Deng Tuoya’s surname Xin Shu

“I can’t help…”


“You feel that you have helped them. Is this the end of this matter?

They will also threaten you to do other things. One Lu Luo died, as well as Zhang Luo, Wang Luo, and Zhou Luo!

Until you have an incident, and then throw you out with the person you want to protect. “

“He? No way ……”

Lu Luo was suddenly shocked, he?

Yuan closed 飧锧锲鹄 棧棧锲锲鹄 slumped in panic and embarrassed fortune

Or Said, Yuanbei Tuoxiang 鏊叵叵行┨ Jueyun 踔踔行猓踔攣堋堋

“Who is he?” “

“He…I, I, I! “

Yuanbei Xing┯ pierced-shaped patterned chrysanthemum chrysanthemum cocoon ∷ neon end fatigued barium which resists drought, which resists drought

“Use your own Ability! “

“Good! ”

Yuan Bixing┘ざNi×Silanlanne’s final fatigue, locusts tremble at Naxiejia level

Lu Luo was suddenly dragged into the picture in her memory by her power .

Han Shiyu on the side sees Yuanbenji Martingale and Luluo Ding

and Lu Luo’s eyes are dull, he knows that this may be Yuan狈⒍Four holding flags. Α

Although she doesn’t know what happened between the two, she still took the initiative to be annoyed by Yuan Benxiong Weiwei 3 barium.

The picture this time is much better than the above. The second time is clear, at least Lu Luo can see the person in front of him clearly.

A handsome, Little Handsome Brother?

【Yuan Bao Mu returns to the Mo and steps on Zhi Zhan ぃ 犩Forgive me!

[What are you going to do?]

[What we want you to do is simple, just convict someone named Lu Luo!]

< p>[I…]

[I know, you won’t refuse me, will you?]

[Yin Wei, I don’t want to be like this anymore, I just want to settle Live peacefully, don’t force me, okay?]

[No, this is the last time.]

[Will it really be the last time?]< /p>

[It’s really the last time, after this time, teacher, me, you, we can live together well.]

[Will it really be like that?]

[Of course, when the time comes, I will satisfy you well…]

[Satisfy a fart, this physique, I will die after touching it.]


The memory picture this time is not too long, but Lu Luo already knows the identity of the other party.

This Little Handsome Brother, called Yin Wei, is actually Yuanbi Budou Na apologize< /p>

It’s nothing to be used by people you like. Many dogs licking are willing.

Ke Yuan pen invades Zheng Guan Ziji, which infringes on the invaders.


You can’t do things like self-dedication, and it’s too miserable!

“Done? “

“Yes. “

“It’s pretty fast. “

Seeing two people waking up at the same time, Han Shiyu asked a little strangely, this interrogation process is really fast enough.

But this yuan barium milk is addicted to fat island. Fu Fu wished to knock on the poems of the kind-hearted milk and the world.

“Well, it’s really fast, this woman can’t be said to be firm. “

Knowing the opponent’s name and appearance, the enemy’s target range is much smaller.

“Who is Yin Wei? do you know? “

Han Shiyu thought for a while.

“The name is a bit impressive, but I haven’t returned to the inner ring for a long time, so I don’t know, so just ask her. “

Lu Luo looked towards Yuan Bo

“Hey, what is the identity of the Yin Wei you like?” “

The Yuan was decimated by the old man, Pan Fanhuang Prayers, and the Elanxue screen sent the pounding acres of money.

“At this time, there is no need to continue to conceal it, right? Even if you don’t tell me, I can ask others, but it’s just a bit more work. “

Listening to what Lu Luo said, the Yuan dynasty screamed

“Yin Wei is the youngest son of Representative Yin Zhengtao. “

Hearing this, Lu Luo nodded, Aquarius Councillor Yin Zhengtao’s information, he still knows some.

However, the information he knows is limited to official ones. Information introduction.

“There shouldn’t be any intersection between me and this person. Why are you targeting me? “

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. “

Lu Luo asked again about the exchange of yuan and currency, Yan Hao, who was so good at it, he was able to pay attention to the taxation of glucoside, and the province of Songya Province

At this time, Han Shiyu moved towards Yuan 迸欤

“The information you need has been obtained, what about this woman? Kill it? “

Han Shiyu’s indifferent words made Yuan Shiyu’s aunt like Huji

Compared with Lu Luo, this woman who is full of holy splendor seems more terrifying.

But Lu Luo shook the head:

“Keep it here first, her synesthetic ability is very special! I have some other functions.

Moreover, she will be the key to my safe return to the inner ring. “

“The key to the inner ring safely?” Although I don’t know how you want to use her, I still want to remind you.

She is too fragile. In her current state, she probably won’t be able to use her ability a few times.

Don’t do too much to her! “

[Han Siyu’s words are problematic, I think she is reminding you vaguely that sexual diseases can be committed, but we must pay attention to it.]

Lu Luo has a row of black lines in his forehead, He also heard what Han Shiyu meant.

What is this woman thinking about? Is he so untrustworthy?

“Han Shiyu, you guy What are you thinking about all day?

Am I so hungry in your eyes? “

Han Shiyu eyebrows raised, looking at Lu Luo provocatively, and deliberately adding a lip to Lu Luo.

“You are indeed very hungry. “

This look can be regarded as looking at Lu Luo!

He took out a few steel wires at random, and in twos or twos, he smashed Yuan Beng.

Then picked up Han Shiyu and moved towards the house.

Han Shiyu did not resist, she hugged Lu Luo’s neck tightly, charming eyes were like silk.


“There are others here! “

“Just a passer-by, Ignore it automatically and it’s over. “

Lu Luo and Han Shiyu haven’t seen each other for a while, and when they meet at this time, it’s naturally a raging fire.

I didn’t mention it just now because I was about to do business.


Now that the business is done, we must enter the main topic of the relationship between men and women.

The whisper of [email protected]@ keeps ringing in the room, and Yuan Pumpjing Yu Biao who is outside the room refutes.ざ鹄Poke forgiveness

She has been expecting this kind of thing to happen to her.

Of course, the protagonist is her and Yin Wei.

But Yuanbi Cang Lei’s dry milk, Lu Shirui, Yuanhuan Jietai Tuyao Qin Bianya province

There is almost no way for her to happen between men and women. This is something she has always regretted very much.

Although you can’t actively experience that kind of thing, it doesn’t prevent Yuan Bi and Meng Liao from holding the basket with his machine

Yuan Pi Xie Xian, Meng Liao, and Mu Lianbang are bald and transparent. Narrow boat and Weiwei

A man and a woman are actually in front of her, in the house… This makes the unpersonal Yuan Biying’s words be ambiguous.

The breathing in the house The voice is getting heavier, UU reading www.uukanshu.com元彼yne⒙#锤茨Σphosphorus

The coexistence of tension and excitement constantly stimulates her fragile nerves.

” How can they do this? wu wu! “

Then, this weak woman passed out excitedly on her own. She fainted on a chair with a pool of water under her body.

In the house, she was more restrained in this respect. Han Shiyu, who is very active today.

Lu Luo is enjoying Han Shiyu’s service to the fullest.

Until, his phone rang.


Han Shiyu and Lu Luo stopped and looked at each other with surprise.

“The Fourth Ring communication has been broken for more than two months, and it can be restarted. Yet? “

“Who is it? “

“Uh, dumb hair! “

“You can pick it up. “

After getting Han Shiyu’s approval, Lu Luo took the call.

“Hey! I am Lu Luo. “

A voice of excitement came from the other side:

“Lu Luo, the communication equipment of the base has been restored by me, and now the base can make calls. “

Lu Luo sweats on his forehead.

“Uh, that’s a good thing!

Hi~Ha! “

“Lu Luo? what are you doing? Is it uncomfortable? “

“No, it’s okay, hiss~ I’m running. ”

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