Doomsday Ring Chapter 280

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Run? Are you preparing to come back? Lu Luo physique is not very good, why is he panting so hard?

Bai Yuetong looked at the phone with some confusion, but she didn’t think too much.

“Okay, then you come back early after running, I have something to tell you.”

“Hi~Oh! Okay, I will be back as soon as possible!”

Lu Luo didn’t ask Bai Yuetong what was going on, so he hung up.

No way, the fairy Han Shiyu is too much, can’t stand it anymore, looking at Han Shiyu angrily.

“Her evildoer, I want to show my true shape!”

Han Shiyu lifts the head quietly, with a crystal clear mouth.

“Then you come!”


After a long time, Lu Luo and Han Shiyu finally walked out of the house.

Looking at the Yuanbao dumplings lying on the chair who had collapsed and said that they wanted to add weapons to the frame

“What’s the matter with this guy? There is still a pool of water? Isn’t it? Are we too loud?”

Lu Luo asked uncertainly, but Han Shiyu firmly denied it.

“No, it’s this guy’s physique too weak. It must be so stunned by our voice.”

Han Shiyu has indeed changed a lot this time from before. He is very active. .

Perhaps because he is much older than Lu Luo, but also much older than Qi Xinzhu and Bai Yuetong.

She always has an inexplicable sense of crisis when she is in front of Lu Luo.

In order to deal with this inexplicable sense of crisis, Han Shiyu let go of all his reservations.

Lu Luo can feel this change, but he cannot speak.

Because telling this matter will cause an invisible harm to Han Shiyu, no woman cares about her age.

All he can do is to come twice more!

Yeah! That’s right, I’ll come twice more, take the initiative to Han Shiyu, and express affection and love with practical actions, which is more useful than any kind of love words.

As for the actual action, it depends on how many postures you master.

The two looked at Yuan Barium Neon Baking ∏ a little bit of Pu Pu Xuan’s selection

She looked at Lu Luo, her expression was very unnatural, and she started to scan up and down, but she looked at Lu Luo. With Han Shiyu, I don’t know what to do.

Yuanbi Jingyuan’s shepherd dipped in the local currency, dipped in the local currency, and dipped in the local currency.

“I’m sorry! Please don’t punish me like this in the future.< /p>

I know you guys are very difficult to deal with, I’m sorry.”

Yuan Shimu Award 叨圆黄穑穑鵜浜bald 瓯砬槎ji苻 limit the danger and squeeze around The prey stalks the caries, so he can wash away the midges and drop the copy

He took the initiative to hug Han Shiyu, patted Han Shiyu’s back.

“Ignore it, she will stay with you first, and you will help me watch her for a while.

As for when you want to go back, just…”


Lu Luo whispered some tips between lovers in Han Shiyu’s ear, which made Professor Han’s ears red.

“I know! Go busy.”

“Then I’m going.”

Lu Luo slightly nodded, turned and left Han Shiyu’s residence .

After he left, Han Shiyu silently looked at his back, in addition to the look of happiness, there were some regrets in his eyes.

“Han, Han Young Lady! Wouldn’t you be a Light Admirer?”

The Yuanshi locust who has opened his eyes. Hui Ding

“Yeah, I am Light Admirer, is there any problem?”

Yuanbei Shuozheng Tuan is hotter than bad milk.

Is there no problem with Light Admirer and a man under broad daylight?

“You are a Light Admirer, don’t you want to serve the dawn all your life in Light Admirer?

Although I am not quite clear the specific requirements of the church Light Admirer, according to me As you know, Light Admirer is not getting married.”

So it’s entangled with this? Han Shiyu shook his head at this time.

“The church has never asked Light Admirer not to marry, or that it has never restricted Light Admirer from doing anything other than against the doctrine.

The meaning of Light Admirer in the church, in fact Just like an ordinary believer.

Everything, serving, restraining, and no love, is done voluntarily by Light Admirer.

Serving the dawn, I have been doing Ah, it’s just that there’s some deviation in our understanding that’s all.”

After listening to Han Shiyu’s words, Yuanbei talked about Hu Chu

“Han Young Lady likes Lu Luo very much. Is it?”

“Yes, I like it very much.”

Han Shiyu admits that he likes someone so generously, let Yuanbeiyou press forgiveness

“Lian It’s amazing that a Light Admirer can boldly admit someone he likes.

Compared to you, I’m really bad enough!”

“What is Light Admirer, Yuan Killing】The old Biantuo weapon, Yan Yan, has raked in the bag again!

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean it. “

Yuan was quietly knocked on this to play ㄐ⑴Orange ⑴Green 郏郏郏郏郏郏郏郏郏郏郏郏猓蠩蠩蠩跽頩頩蠩跽頩砩蠩跽頩頩蠩跽頩頩蠩蠩跽 also bad Because she didn’t have the courage, she didn’t even dare to say out who she liked.

“Han Young Lady is older than Lu Luo, right? You are from the inner ring, he is from the Fourth Ring, how did you get together? “

Han Shiyu saw it, Yuan Shiyu would not pay attention to it.”

If it was before, Han Shiyu would not care about it. Such a person.

Well, now she is satisfied, so please talk to her compassionately.

“When you are still thinking about your identity, status, and position, When you struggle with age, you have already lost your courage.

Liking is just simply liking, there is no limit to that many.

It’s such a simple thing to like him to tell him, and then let it be together.

There is no that many entanglements between Lu Luo and I.

I like him very much, and I am willing to express my love. This is enough. “

Han Shiyu seems to be telling Yuanbao to suffocate and steal. Fortunately, Huaiwu will live in an acre of dry land.

The chair that was originally wet has gradually dried out. After thinking about it, I didn’t expect to refute Han Shiyu’s reason.

Because she is a loser herself.

“Han Young Lady, maybe what you said is right. “

Lu Luo returned to the base. The base’s guards saluted and opened the gate.

Bai Yuetong happened to be waiting on the first floor of the base. He.

“Lu Luo, are you free now? “

“Well, let’s talk to you.” “

The two came to Bai Yuetong’s office together. As soon as they entered the door, Daomao took the initiative to close the door.

“Lu Luo, there is one thing I haven’t told you. . “

Bai Yuetong behaved a little bit twisted, his gaze dodges and dare not look at Lu Luo.

But Lu Luo sees the appearance of Daomao, but eyes shined. Is it okay? Is it time to hold a bowl of water level?

Aiya, although I have consumed a lot of energy just now, it is still possible to hold a bowl of water level.

Although he doesn’t have wealth and supreme power.

But he has an inexhaustible Xiong Jin!

“The first time you took the initiative like this, I was a little flattered. .

Actually, I should show this kind of thing. Come on, I’m fine. “

Bai Yuetong’s expression is confused and strange at first, and then fly into a rage out of humiliation.

“Lu Luo, you mental illness, right? I want to tell you business! “

[Isn’t she talking about that?]

The way Lu Luo saw Bai Yuetong was really not about this, and he immediately became embarrassed.

“Um, I’m sorry, what’s the matter? “

Bai Yuetong was a little unhappy sitting on the steps, hugging his knees.

Lu Luo glanced roughly, Bai Yuetong is at this level, even if he is holding himself I can’t squeeze my knees out.

“Hey, you are too difficult! “

Bai Yuetong is a little dissatisfied with Lu Luo. She always feels that today’s Lu Luo is a little bit ridiculous.

“What is it difficult for me?” what are you saying? “

“Nothing is nothing, you can tell, what’s the matter? “

“Lu Luo, you should know that I and the ordinary person are a little different. “

Lu Luo slightly frowned, Bai Yuetong is indeed somewhat different from the ordinary person. This is what Lu Luo knew when she joined the circle.

Although she is also an ordinary person Her level of strength and no transcender innate talent, but her own existence is very special.

First of all, her IQ is very high, this kind of high is the kind with actual research performance.

< p>Then Bai Yuetong is an ordinary person.

When we first met, we could see Lu Mengna who neither Zhou Kai nor Gu Fangyi could detect.

Lu Mengna is a third-order ghost species. If she is unwilling to show up, it is difficult for Lu Luo to detect it.

But Bai Yuetong is different. Not only can she see Lu Mengna, she can also Communicate with Lu Mengna normally.

This is a particularity in itself.

“I know you are special, smart, and able to communicate with different species. Is there any problem with this? ? “

Bai Yuetong hesitated a bit.

“On the day of Dark Tide, I saw the battle between Lu Di Captain and Nightmare. “

Lu Luo was slightly startled. What happened between Lu Di and Nightmare was not quite clear even for him.

“Why didn’t you say it before?” “

Lu Luo’s opening brought a little bit of blame.

However, he soon realized that there was something wrong with his tone and quickly changed his words.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean that, Lu Di and the nightmare matter are really important.

Bai Yuetong, what did you see that night? “

Bai Yuetong looked at Lu Luo a little entangled, and said embarrassingly:

“You and Qi Xinzhu are too close, I am very upset, so I didn’t say anything. .

And you seem to be farther and farther away from me now. If you have nothing to do at night, you will run to Qi Xinzhu. “

[The host also wants to run to you, but there is no chance!]

Lu Luo touched Daomao’s hair, letting Daomao lean in his arms .

Since Dumao broke up with Lu Luo on Noah’s beach, they haven’t made such an intimate action for a long time.

Many times, the relationship between the two is seen. It seems to be very close, but in fact it has always been invisible.

Until this time, the distance between the two of them returned to what they should be between lovers.

” , We are very close now, can you tell me? “

Dai Mao arched Lu Luo’s chest with her hair, and then smelled it again.

The brows suddenly shrank!

“Lu Luo, I smell the smell of other women in you, how can you smell the smell of other people? “

Lu Luo was a little helpless, why did he recite it like this?

He explained with a serious face:

“When I went to the Security Bureau, There was a battle with the people in the inner ring.

And caught a woman in the inner ring, called Yuan Bo

We had some physical contact during the whole battle.

The smell you mentioned may be from that time. “

Bai Yuetong looked at Lu Luo’s face with rigorous words, not as if he was telling lies, it was nodded.

“You have a conflict with Neihuan? What to do then? “

“It’s okay, it’s all a misunderstanding, now it’s solved.

Those things are not important, let’s talk about the things between Nightmare and Lu Di. “

Lu Luo urged, Bai Yuetong returned to the previous topic.

“When the Dark Tide happened before, Nightmare and Lu Di were fighting. The battle over the sun.

But I also saw Lu Di and a little girl sitting on the roof of the Red Bai City Fort at the same time, watching the battle. “

Lu Luo slightly frowned, little girl? Is it Lu Xiaotian?

“Can your eyesight see so far? “

“It’s not a problem of eyesight, but when I looked towards that place, the picture between them came to me.

At that time, Lu Di and the little girl greeted me. “

Lu Di and Lu Xiaotian found Bai Yuetong, and they greeted her?

“What is that little girl like?” “

“At the time, she was wearing a purple black dress, about 7-8 years old.

She leaned against Lu Di Captain’s arms, just like our present pose.

But there was a moon back then, not now! hehe. “

Bai Yuetong is still immersed in the beauty between himself and Lu Luo, but Lu Luo has completely lost his mind at this time.

Between Lu Xiaotian and Lu Di, it really happened. I knew each other before the battle.

That’s why Lu Xiaotian would always hold Lu Di during the evening ceremony! Just like a youngest daughter.

“They What else happened in between? “

Bai Yuetong did not take the initiative to answer this time, but bowed his head and muttered for a while:

“Lu Luo, that little girl, is she a nightmare, right?” “

Looking at the dull hair in his arms, Lu Luo really has no way to lie to her at this time.

“Yes, that little girl is a nightmare. “

“Meaning, Nightmare is Lord Lu Di’s daughter? It’s incredible!

Don’t worry, I don’t need you to tell me that this matter is serious, and I won’t talk nonsense.

Master Lu Di died for the alliance.

He is the hero of Fourth Ring and the hero of the entire Wasteland Alliance.

I will never put a hero to shame. “

Bai Yuetong is usually a little wrong in the three views.

But at this time, her three views and cognition actually have a feeling that makes Lu Luo admire.

Sure enough, people will grow up!

Lu Luo touched Dumao’s head.

“It’s good if you have this kind of thought, then what about , What happened between them afterwards? “

“After that, their behavior became strange, mainly because Lu Di Captain was strange.

He pointed his finger at the moon, and as his fingers moved, the moon began to produce some of the same patterns.

Well, it can’t be said that it is a pattern, it is more like a kind of rune than a pattern.

but also not alchemy rune, I haven’t seen it anyway. “

Lu Luo was stunned. As Lu Di’s fingers moved, rune would appear on the moon?

He immediately urged Bai Yuetong to Bai Yuetong.

“What do those runes look like, do you remember? “

Speaking of which, Bai Yuetong secretly kissed Lu Luo on the cheek.

Although she was very angry with Lu Luo because of Qi Xinzhu’s affairs.

< p>But I have always been thinking about Lu Luo in my heart.

Besides, Bai Yuetong’s mind is always sober. She knows when to be arrogant and when to be serious.

< p>Otherwise, it is impossible to evacuate all the people in the circle safely.

She knows very well that the matter between Lu Di and Nightmare may be very important to Lu Luo.


So after seeing the rune on the moon, I immediately wrote it down and redrawn it with white paper.

But at this time, she still wanted to tease Lu Luo.

“Of course I don’t remember! “

“I don’t remember! “Lu Luo has some regrets.

“Yes, it’s been a long time, although I have a good memory.

But those runes are too complicated, I definitely can’t remember UU reading “

I have already blamed Dumao once before. At this time, Lu Luo couldn’t speak any more.

He could only put Dumao into his arms.< /p>

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember! “

Looking at Lu Luo disappointed, Da Mao laughed suddenly.

“But although I can’t remember, I drew them, hehe!”< /p>

Lu Luo only discovered that it was Mao Mao who was teasing him, and his husband was not upright!

“Dead girl, I’m so courageous!” “

Lu Luo pressed Bai Yuetong and forcibly pressed it to the ground. The two were lying together ambiguously.

The distance is very close, but because Because Bai Yuetong’s chest is too small, Lu Luo didn’t even feel it, so he was embarrassed.

Bai Yuetong blushed and pushed Lu Luo away, whispered:

“Do you want more Those things? “

Lu Luo forcibly took a deep breath and pulled Bai Yuetong up.

“How did you remember to draw those things?

Do you know those things are useful? “

“I don’t know the use of these symbols In Literature there is, but I guess you might be useful.

At that time, I was afraid that I would forget these runes, so I drew them with paper.

Things are here, you come with me. ”

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