Doomsday Ring Chapter 281

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Bai Yuetong stood up and Lu Luo looked at her slender waist.

Suddenly there was a feeling of simply taking a few women away.

“Hey! I obviously have several beautiful women, but the identities of these women are too complicated and special.

When will the Fourth Ring people stand up?

When will you be able to fall in love freely and equally?”

[Even if you are in an equal relationship, you will not be allowed to marry 3 wives, so let’s make a revolution!]

” Lu Luo, why are you in a daze there? Don’t come here quickly.”

“Here is here!”

Lu Luo waved his hand and quickly followed along.

Bai Yuetong took Lu Luo and walked to the private tool room, which is usually a place to store some precision instruments and blueprints.

Bai Yuetong opened a drawer and pulled out a dozen hand-drawn drawings from the bottom of a pile of blueprints.

When Lu Luo first saw these hand-drawn runes, he felt familiar.

[Don’t feel it, this rune is the talisman seal of the power of sequence, and there are many such talisman seals on your Doomsday Disc.

All of the talisman seals she drew were not recorded on the Doomsday Disc. 】

Lu Luo picked up these blueprints in shock and surprise. He looked through them one by one and looked carefully.

Even with the assistance of observers, he wants to keep all these talisman seals in mind.

Soon, Lu Luo finished reading these dozen blueprints.

Then Lu Luo quickly made a bold idea. He soaked these blueprints with water.

Then rearrange each blueprint and overlap each other.

When these talisman seals are all arranged correctly, the pattern in front of you is a new disc!

【Sequence information detected, disc sequence information is being re-recorded. ]

“This…turn on overclocking mode.”

[Enter overclocking mode. 】

Lu Luo immediately turned on the state of thinking palace after entering the overclocking mode.

In the state of thinking palace, Lu Luo can see the state of blueprint integration more completely.

This is not a disc, but a part of the disc pattern. This part does not belong to Lu Luo’s Doomsday Disc.

But after Lu Luo saw these discs of the talisman seal, his own observers would also record this part of the talisman seal.

[Your sequence particle information has been improved…]

[Your sequence particle information has been improved…]

[Your sequence particle information has been improved The message has been improved…]

The same message prompt appeared 13 times, and after that, cracks began to appear in Lu Luo’s doomsday consummation.

These cracks gradually expanded, the eyes and 13 sequence marks reappeared.

The imprints of these sequences make up for the part of Lu Luo’s own flaws.

Of course, he didn’t know what he was missing before.

But this compensation is like completing his genes, making his doomsday more complete and making his consciousness more complete.

【Detected new sequence information, your Doomsday Disc sequence particles have been gradually improved. ]

[Your sequence S-02Devourer has the information to be upgraded to LV4. ]

[Your Sequence S-04 Fusion has the information to upgrade to LV3. ]

[Your sequence S-11 observer has the information to upgrade to LV3. 】

【Devourer LV4: 50000 energy + physique 100 + sequence value 1000 + swallow 1000 1000 energy matter + 1 Lord’s Pride. ]

[Melger LV3: 5000 Energy + Tier 3 Occupation + Sequence Value 200 + Dark Spirit Stone 500g + Sharp Weapon for Elites. ]

[Observer LV3: 5000 energy + 3rd class occupation + sequence value 200 + Dark Spirit Stone 300 grams + elite eyeballs. 】

The improvement of the disc information can actually enable Lu Luo to restart the upgrade. This is a result that Lu Luo completely unexpected.

Leave aside Devourer,

the consumption of fusion and observers is currently acceptable!

Even the consumption of Devourer is acceptable.

It’s just that now he, if he upgrades Devourer, the resource pressure will be great.

If you want to upgrade, it is also the priority to upgrade observers and fusions.

“No wonder there was no higher sequence upgrade information before, but there was disc information.

With my current resources, it is possible to upgrade the Fusion and Observer. Click.”

Lu Luo, who was originally immersed in the joy of upgrading, suddenly had a meal.

“Wait, this information was given to Nightmare by Lu Di!

That is to say, the sequence information on the disc is useful for monsters of this level in Nightmare. Yes?

They may not be able to use the disc, but they can use the content on the disc?

How did Lu Di know these 13 sequence patterns?”

A lot of information flashed in Lu Luo’s mind. Seeing that he had been in a daze on the side, Bai Yuetong couldn’t help pulling Lu Luo’s finger.

“Lu Luo? Lu Luo? Are you okay?”

Lu Luo woke up suddenly, then hugged Bai Yuetong’s thin body.

Then “What?”, I kissed Bai Yuetong fiercely.

“I love you so much!”

The reason why Bai Yuetong was kissed by Lu Luo is unknown.

But she still let Lu Luo’s long-unshaved beard rub against her white face.

She took the initiative to hug Lu Luo and cautiously said:

“It’s good if you feel useful.”

“Useful, so useful!”

Lu Luo hugged Bai Yuetong and put her down for a while.

Four eyes are facing each other, and the atmosphere between the two people has gradually become ambiguous.

The real kiss is not the beginning until this time!

Lu Luo and Bai Yuetong were immersed in the romantic couple’s world, and the breathing range and movement gradually began to increase.

Lu Luo’s big hands are walking around Bai Yuetong’s body. This time it is not the one in the sea!

So the behavior between the two is more unrestrained.

Lu Luo’s progress is very fast. When the two are still kissing, his palm has already reached the peak.

Well, Bai Yuetong’s is really not a peak!

So Lu Luo’s fingers also stopped.

At this time, Bai Yuetong suddenly pushed Lu Luo away, a little bit of Qi:

“Do you think I am young?”

“No no , Absolutely not!”

[I was seen through all of a sudden. 】

“Duplicate man.”

The two were about to continue, Lu Luo’s phone rang again.

After the two looked at each other, Lu Luo finally took out the phone.

“Qi Xinzhu called.”

“Will you answer her phone when you are with me?”

【Just now When Little Lu was running, she also answered your call. Women are all old double labels. 】

Compared with the superficial prompt of the observer, Lu Luo has a more reasonable response plan.

“This call must be answered, because Qi Xinzhu and Brother Gu are now guarding the witch Rowling, the one you have seen before.”

“The ugly one?”

“Yes, it’s her. Rowling the Witch has a very huge resource value, but her loyalty cannot be guaranteed.

So I can only let Gu Ge and Qi Xinzhu Watch her together.

If there is no change, Qi Xinzhu is impossible to call me.”

“Then you can pick it up.”

“Hey , I’m Lu Luo.”

“Lu Luo, the witch has made 93 pieces of candies, but her state is getting more and more unstable.

And she sees us The look in his eyes is a bit wrong. If you come back, you’d better come and take a look.”

Lu Luo immediately realized the seriousness of this matter.

Witch Rowling, I am afraid that she is going to betray!

“Bai Yuetong, there is a real problem this time, I am afraid I will go there.”

Bai Yuetong frowned. Although she is arrogant, she is very sensible.

I know more about Lu Luo’s affairs.

This is why Lu Luo likes her very much.

She performed better than Qi Xinzhu, because Lu Luo taught Qi Xinzhu, but not Daomao.

You can carry it clearly, but you still have to continue to get angry.

Daimao snatched Lu Luo’s mobile phone, threw it on him, and said angrily:

“This communication system might as well not be repaired!


“I went? I did.”

“Go, go, business matters.”

Lu Luo fiercely kissed Bai Yuetong, then turned and left her mechanical workshop.

After Lu Luo left, Bai Yuetong sighed.

“You can follow my call and run with others, why can’t you answer Qi Xinzhu’s call and run with me!”


Soon , Lu Luo came to the bottom of the base, which is where Rowling the Witch was blocked.

However, Lu Luo did not enter immediately, but stood at the door and dialed Qi Xinzhu again.

“I’m here, how is the situation now?”

“Don’t come in, Gu Fangyi and I will try her strength.”

Qi Xinzhu This request made Lu Luo a little surprised.

“Battle test?”

“Well, I want to try how far I am from Tier 4.”

Qi Xinzhu’s Naturally, Lu Luo had to agree to this request.

“Well, you and Gu Ge be careful, besides, don’t kill Rowling.”

“Got it.”

In the room, Qi Xinzhu And Gu Fangyi glanced at each other.

Both of them are members of the Lu Luo trio, and the tacit understanding and experience of fighting are sufficient.

Now that their respective strengths have been greatly improved, this time, it is indeed time for a test.

Rowling, who was sitting in the middle of the room, became more and more ferocious, just as she picked up some Dark Spirit Stones for condensing.

Suddenly he threw the refined candy in his hand at Qi Xinzhu, trying to attract Qi Xinzhu’s attention.

Then her body rushed towards Gu Fangyi.

However, Qi Xinzhu didn’t even go to see the candy she threw over. Although Lu Luo told them that the candy is very important, Lu Luo has repeatedly emphasized it.

Things are things, and things are never important to anyone.

So, the strong holy splendor has gathered on Qi Xinzhu’s fist.


The Malicious Explosive Punch version of the holy splendor does not have the explosive impact of Lu Luo, but the energy intensity of the holy splendor itself is large enough.

The big head of the witch Rowling was directly blasted out of a pit under this fist.

She fell heavily to the ground, got up with a resentful face, and stared at Qi Xinzhu firmly.

“You are depriving me of my life, you have no intention of letting me go!”

Qi Xinzhu slightly frowned, what the witch Rowling said is actually fine, Lu Luo There was no intention to let her go.

So Qi Xinzhu can only face the witch Rowling nodded.

“There is one thing to say, indeed.”


The witch’s tongue suddenly stretched out, Qi Xinzhu’s movements are not slow, she directly charged Out of the alloy Broken Sword that I have always carried with me, I injected a holy splendor, and greeted me.

Pu chi!

The sharp blade wrapped in holy splendor directly cuts off the curly tongue of the witch Rowling.

The sharpness of this weapon is really beyond Qi Xinzhu’s imagination.

“The sword that Daomao gave me is really easy to use.”

Qi Xinzhu admired, and rushed towards Rowling!


Qi Xinzhu divided into two, when Rowling was surprised, one of Qi Xinzhu had already chopped off one of her feet.

“In an evenly matched battle, as long as the opponent’s mobility can be destroyed, then there is an absolute advantage.

This is what Lu Luo taught me. If you can’t kill others, then cut your feet!” Qi Xinzhu’s speed was very fast, stabbing Rosen more than a dozen swords, and then he was swept away by Rowling with a tongue.

Qi Xinzhu, who fell heavily on the wall, spat out blood, but her injuries quickly recovered in a short time.

Sequence S-05 Healer is gradually showing its strength in battle.

Like Lu Luo previously envisioned it.

If one day, Qi Xinzhu’s physique can reach his level.

Though Qi Xinzhu is impossible with his defensive power.

But relying on the healer, Qi Xinzhu can also kill 99% of his opponents.

Shuangjian Huazhang!

Sword Heart Two Form, Overturning Rain sword.

ding ding ding ding~!

Countless holy splendor sword qi fell like a torrential rain. These sword qi kept piercing Rowling’s within the body, trapping her to the ground.

Qi Xinzhu took advantage of this opportunity and quickly looked towards Gu Fangyi on the side.

I saw that Gu Fangyi’s back was lit up with many peacock wings like eyes.

The energy in these peacock wings gradually flows into the sniper rifle in his hand.

Qi Xinzhu felt the danger of Gu Fangyi’s blow, and she hurriedly said:

“Don’t kill her!”

Then, Gu Fangyi was right Qi Xinzhu made a “no problem” gesture.


The penetrating blow completely shattered Rowling’s body.

She was like a piece of meat drifting in the wind, falling heavily to the ground.

After hearing this violent blow, Lu Luo guessed that the battle between the two and Rowling had ended, and then pushed the door in.

Seeing the witch Rowling lying on the ground, Lu Luo relaxed slightly.

Although Gu Fangyi and Qi Xinzhu may have a chance to beat Rowling, Lu Luo is still a little worried.

After all, Rowling is a Tier 5 lord, even if it is a bad Tier 5 non-combat lord, there is no domain, but she is still a Tier 5 lord.

“Good game!”

This sentence is a summary of Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi’s performance.

Both of them now have their own battle method. Qi Xinzhu and Lu Luo are quite similar, and Lu Luo can give some pointers.

Gu Fangyi has completely embarked on a different path from Lu Luo, and can only rely on his own efforts and development.

After Lu Luo came, Gu Fangyi and Qi Xinzhu naturally stepped aside.

Lu Luo walked slowly in front of the witch Ai Li, sighed slightly.

“Why bother?”

“You didn’t want me to live at all.”

“When you showed the ability of witches to make candy At that time, no one will let you live well.”

Rolin was taken aback for a moment, and then she became silent.

Actually, Lu Luo did not lie. When the witch Ai Li was in the nightmare, she was already very old. UU Reading

It is very likely that Nightmare himself has eaten 99 witches’ candies.

Then dispatched the witch Ally to collect knowledge for herself.

At that time, Lu Luo got 99 candies from the witch Ellie, plus the candies from other people.

According to this calculation, the lifespan of the witch has been reduced for more than 200 years.

Witches are exploited in Lu Luo’s hands, and in the hands of others, they are also exploited. There is no difference.

When the witch was silent, Lu Luo raised his head slightly, pinching a special candy, looking thoughtful.

“The production of candy is suspended, and I will improve some of my personal abilities next.

If you can cooperate with me, I can leave you with 20-50 years lifespan.

It’s up to you how much you leave!”

“Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

Witch Rowling is a little bit unhappy I believe Lu Luo too much.

And Lu Luo’s eyes have all been focused on the candy in front of him.

“Just consider me to be merciful!”

[Witch’s Poisonous Candy]

Class: Rare

Effect: After taking poison, reduce the attribute by 2 points, and then increase the attribute by one point.

Introduction: If your fusion can be upgraded, things may be able to be transformed.

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