Doomsday Ring Chapter 282

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The current situation is a bit complicated, and the reminder given by the observer is.

After the Fusion is upgraded, [Witch’s Poisonous Candy] may be of special use.

For example, after the transformation, it has a different effect.

Although the observer is often unreliable, but more often, it is very useful.

Such prompts, generally speaking, are meaningful.

So for the upgrade of the Fusion, Lu Luo feels that he can look forward to it.

“My master, can I still trust you?”

There is no doubt that Rowling, the witch who has been severely injured before her, can no longer speak of loyalty this thing.

Even if there is loyalty, there is only one thing left.

But Lu Luo doesn’t care much about the loyalty of a witch.

The witch’s candy he needs, even the poisonous candy, may be usable in the future.

“Rowling, I said I gave you 20-50 years of opportunity, and I will definitely give it.”

“You can also let me make candy until I die.”< /p>

Luo Lin was right. Lu Luo decided to tell her the truth.

“Rowling, you are too weak. Although it is a lord-level alien, it is still very weak.

In the wasteland world, your abilities are extremely valuable.


But if you are weak and small, you will only bring yourself trouble, endless trouble.

And you have no choice now. In addition to trusting me, you Is there a better choice?”

Lu Luo’s words were a little overbearing, and Luo Lin’s eyes flickered for a while.

“My master, besides obeying, I can also choose to die.”

“You won’t, I will let Qi Xinzhu heal you and take a good rest.”


Lu Luo didn’t give Rowling too much time to think. In fact, it was his intention.

Those who think too long will only think wildly.

Give the other party the result directly, without giving her the process, so that the other party can reduce the time for thinking.

Once the time for thinking is reduced, it will reduce a lot of trouble.

This is the result of first telling employees what they need when doing things with many companies in the previous life.

Then slowly constructing the process, this is the same truth.

Lu Luo picked up those poisonous candies, these things Interesting, he needs to study it carefully.

“Qi Xinzhu, Brother Gu, continue to look at her, I will take these candies first.”


Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi’s strength has improved a lot recently.

The two of them work together to steadily suppress Rowling the Witch.

This relieved Lu Luo a lot.

After all, it is a lord-level alien, and it is still a bit dangerous.

The top priority is to solve the problem of upgrading the fusion and observers.

In the process of upgrading, Lu Luo needs a relatively stable and safe environment.

There must be no accident on the witch’s side.

Not to mention the observer, the basis of information and intelligence, Lu Luo can reach today’s most important ability.

The combat performance of the Fusion is slightly flat.

However, the function of optimizing the cultivation technique and realm is very good.

It is also one of the reasons why Lu Luo has the current strength.

Because Six Paths qi fuse itself is weaker than holy splendor, only after optimization, its energy intensity can be equal to the strong energy of holy splendor.

However, Lu Luo still hopes that the upgraded Fusion can be stronger than before.

At least there must be something outstanding!

The current fusionists, compared to the observer and the Devourer, are really a bit weaker.

“This time I have gained something from Dumao. If it goes well.

Before we go to the inner ring, there should be a big improvement.”


“A big improvement? Do you mean candy?”

Both Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi already know the effect of candy.

It is very powerful, but it requires the cooperation of the witch at all costs.

If Rowling the Witch is not cooperative enough, there is no way to implement this matter.

“It’s candy, but it’s not entirely a candy problem. There are also my own problems.”

Qi Xinzhu nodded, I thought of Lu Luo just mentioned going to the inner ring thing.

“Where to go to the inner ring? When the time comes, are we together?”

A surprise rays of light flashed in Qi Xinzhu’s eyes.

Speaking of which, she has not been home for a long time.

If you can go back with Lu Luo, you can take Lu Luo to see your parents.

“See the parents…”

Qi Xinzhu has already started to fill in the content of the parents.

Lu Luo is also smiling and nodded here.

“Sure, I’m not familiar with the inner ring.

Without your two shield to show me the way, I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat in the inner ring.”

Lu Luo said that as it should be by rights, look at him like that.

If he could eat soft rice, he would have eaten it.

But Qi Xinzhu heard some information in Lu Lu’s words, such as:

“Two shields, do they mean me and…Bai Yuetong?”


Qi Xinzhu hesitated for a moment, and Gu Fangyi on the side blinked.

Said in a tone that I don’t know how to describe:

“So I didn’t take me there.”

After speaking, Brother Gu twisted Overdone.

[The pretty boy turned his head, what should I do? ]


Lu Luo is a little helpless. Brother Gu, how old you are, how can you get angry about this kind of thing!

Lu Luo immediately understands his emotions and moves them to reason.

“Guo, this time it’s really not that I don’t want to take you there. You have to understand the current situation of Fourth Ring.

If the main force of the ring followed me to the inner ring .

What about the defense of the Fourth Ring and the defense of the base?

If there are more powerful alien species, do you expect Brother Kai to defend?”

【Brother Kai, what’s wrong, you just talk ill of others secretly like this? 】

It’s really inappropriate to speak badly about people secretly.

However, Gu Fangyi heard Lu Luo say this, but he felt that it did make sense.

“Indeed, Brother Kai’s strength is a little bit too weak.”

Gu Fangyi feels that he can stay in order to protect the base of the ring. This is a kind of recognition.

Well, Brother Kai is too good, nothing wrong.

“That’s right, Brother Gu, this time I will go to the inner ring.

Although it is not nine deaths and still alive, it is dangerous step by step.

There are too many experts in the ring, and I will definitely be distracted with you.

But Qi Xinzhu is different from Dumao. Both of them are Great Family people in the inner ring.< /p>

Qi Xinzhu herself is a member of the church, and she can be said to be the home court in the inner ring.

Bai Yuetong’s parents are in high positions, and it is basically unlikely that there will be problems.< /p>

After going to the inner ring, their family power can protect them.

Of course, you can also protect me by the way.

This will save me A lot of energy, used to do something more useful.

This is probably the case, Gu Ge, do you understand it?”

Gu Fangyi’s eyes widened, then Isn’t it just eating soft rice?

But he took a look at Qi Xinzhu, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

“If Luo brother eats soft rice, Qi Xinzhu and Bai Yuetong should be very happy.

Unfortunately, Luo brother is still too strong and too masculine.

Always insist on self-development, and don’t use the power of women to develop and grow yourself.

This World that many soft rice men, few can compare with Luo Ge.

But Brother Luo has not fallen. He always sticks to his heart. He does not eat soft food with such good conditions. This kind of person is really worthy of admiration.

No, we have to work hard, and train tonight. The amount is super doubled.”

Lu Luo didn’t expect to say so, and Gu Fangyi would take care of that many things on his own.

And after Gu Fangyi made up his mind automatically, he nodded Lu Luo heavily.

“Don’t worry, Brother Luo! After you go to the inner ring, I will also be optimistic about Fourth Ring.”

“That line, I will go to Brother Kai first and solve me Your own problem.

You two, be careful here.”


Farewell to Gu Fangyi and Qi Xinzhu, Lu Luo heads to Brother Kai’s office.

Because the financial aspect has always been managed by Brother Kai, it is necessary to extract resources such as Dark Spirit Stone in large quantities, which must be approved by Brother Kai.

Otherwise, even if he is the leader of the base, the company boss, he can’t control it arbitrarily.

This is the company’s rules. When the studio was young, it was not necessary to follow the rules.

But now the company has begun to take shape.

Indiscriminate adjustment of animal assets will only lead to the collapse of the company as a whole.

So even if Lu Luo is the boss of the studio, when resources need to be mobilized, he also needs to arrange Zhou Kai’s integration.

When I came to the financial room, Lu Luo said straight to the point:

“Brother Kai, I need a batch of Dark Spirit Stone.”

“Dark Spirit Stone? Your three experiments at the bottom of the base have already transferred nearly 6kg of Dark Spirit Stone.

Isn’t that enough? What are you going to do?”

6kg Dark Spirit Stone, according to the previous price, that is 3.6-3.8 million!

For the previous Ring Studio, it was an astronomical figure.

But today’s ring is already a large-scale East Fourth Ring gathering point with nearly 50,000 people.

Already have its own food and light industry factories, and even the water source can produce part of it by itself.

Even if it is no longer making money to deal with different kinds of things, the speed of the studio’s money collection is still dozens of times faster than before.

So the number of 3.6 million is really not so outrageous for Ring Studio today.

To put it simply and bluntly, the ring nowadays is wider and not bad for the money.

Lu Luo is a bit twisted and nodded.

“Yes, Brother Kai, we have spent a lot of money recently, but these all are valuable.

After this is done, the company’s high-end battle strength will There is a very obvious improvement.

In terms of the current situation of Fourth Ring, this is a very valuable thing.

You also know that the company’s Captain-level battle strength is actually Just me.

If this is successful, then the company’s Captain-level battle strength will increase by 1-3.”

Zhou Kai is slightly frowned, and the Captain-level battle strength will increase. 1-3?

He knows that the Captain level mentioned by Lu Luo is the battle strength of the hunter Captain level.

Generally speaking, the battle strengths of this level are all level 5 standards.

Qi Xinzhu 3rd order peak Light Admirer, if it is enhanced a little bit.

Relying on the particularity and sequence, it is indeed possible to break the wrist with the 5th order.

There is also ring shooter Gu Ge, his basic strength is much worse than Qi Xinzhu.

But now it has the ability to alienate.

In addition to being more diligent, it is indeed possible to become a Captain.

If Qi Xinzhu counts one steadily and Gu Fangyi counts one with a high probability, who else is it?

It’s not him, right? Did Brother Luo really value himself so much?

What Zhou Kai does not know is that the three Captain levels Lu Luo said are Han Shiyu, Qi Xinzhu, and Gu Fangyi.

He is not counted at all, but people like to make up for themselves.

“Brother Luo, you also know my level.

You count me, is this burden a bit heavier?

I’m just an accountant, don’t do that?”

[Brother Kai’s speed is absolutely okay. 】

“Brother Kai, what are you talking about? Everyone knows your strength.

You don’t really think that I will leave you the matter of fighting. .”


After the two embarrassed each other for a while, Lu Luo got his wish and got 1000 grams of Dark Spirit Stone.

After all, it is a matter that directly benefits the entire company, so it should be considered as R&D funding.


Back to his room, Lu Luo took out the Dark Spirit Stone that Zhou Kai gave him!

Call up the materials needed for your own upgrade sequence.

[Devourer LV4: 50000 energy + physique 100 + sequence value 1000 + swallow 1000 1000 energy matter + 1 Lord’s Pride. 】

In terms of Devourer, except that 50,000 energy is not enough.

The sequence value is 1000, the swallowing is complete, and Lu Luo, the pride of the lord, has it.

The pride of the lord is the most proud part of the lord.

It may be a weapon organ, or a core component.

He now has the pride of the lord, the witch’s brain, the rotten snake, and the fetal sac.

It is a pity that the lords in the Nightmare Castle either had no time to swallow them, or they had no time to collect them, which wasted a lot of the lord’s organs.

There is also the nightmare centipede Zhuang Yashan, which was also burned out by the dark fire at that time.

The pride of these lords, Lu Luo, was originally intended to be collected and promoted to the unbelievers.

But Lu Luo’s current lord pride is still far away from 22.

The unbelievers need 22, and the upgrade of Devourer only needs one. It must be the priority to upgrade the Devourer.

Devourer can consider upgrading, but it is not the first priority.

At present, his energy reserve is not enough, and he only has a guaranteed consumption of more than 30,000 energy.

The energy of 30,000 yuan guarantee is the energy he needs to summon out Zhuang Yanshan anytime and anywhere.

This energy is usually immobile.

It is also Lu Luo’s first hole card besides spinning the disc.

Compared with Devourer, which consumes a lot of resources, the consumption of L3 fusion and observer is much smaller.

For the current Lu Luo, he even feels close to the people.

[The Fusion LV3: 5000 Energy + Tier 3 Occupation + Sequence Value 200 + Dark Spirit Stone 500g + Sharp Weapon. ]

[Observer LV3: 5000 energy + 3rd class occupation + sequence value 200 + Dark Spirit Stone 300 grams + elite eyeballs. ]

The upgrade of the two sequences adds up to only 10,000 energy.

Sequence value of 400, Dark Spirit Stone 800, and 2 limbs of Tier 4 elite alien species.

Lu Luo, the material of Tier 4 elite alien species, has itself, and before these things can be sold for money.

Now the economic collapse of Fourth Ring, these things have been stored by Lu Luo.

With the current ability and financial resources of Lu Luo, such consumption can be fully supported, and there will be no great pressure.

The point in time to go to the inner ring has gradually approached.

At this time, it is the most reasonable choice for Lu Luo to improve his own strength as much as possible.

Attribute, sequence, qi fuse, are all part of the strength.

Lu Luo has always been very tight on attributes and qi fuse.

But the sequence has always been lacking, UU reading should really improve it.

“Ready to upgrade the sequence, upgrade the observer.”

[The great Sequence S-11 observer is finally going to stand up? It’s not easy to work hard for several years. ]

[I am strengthening S-11 observers, need: 5000 energy + sequence value 200 + 3rd class occupation + Dark Spirit Stone 300 grams + elite eyeballs]

【Sequence S-11-Observer is advanced to LV3, and the basic effect of the observer is fully improved. ]

[Your observer can currently insight into the other party’s basic attributes, energy attributes, and ability characteristics.

[Your overclocking mode has been enhanced. ]

[Your imitation effect turns into a copy. 】

【You get complete observer linkage ability, item information retrieval. ]

Effect 1-Information: Give hints.

Effect 2-Copy: In overclocking mode, you can directly copy the other party’s ability.

Effect 3-item information retrieval: Your observers have a high probability of retrieving the item advanced direction and blender formula

Introduction: Eyes of insight into everything.

[Well, the great observer sequence can finally be at the same level as Devourer! 】

“Don’t worry, it will be very high in the future, it will be especially high!”

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